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RBh hormone

M Kafi, M Azari, O Chashnigir, S Gharibzadeh, Z Aghabozorgi, A Asaadi, M R Divar
The aims of the present study were to determine the effect of follicular fluid obtained from the ovulatory follicle of repeat breeder heifers on in vitro oocyte maturation (Experiment 1), fertilization (Experiment 2) and production of bovine embryos (Experiment 3). Holstein virgin heifers (VH, n = 5) with normal fertility or repeat breeder syndrome (RBH, n = 5) were used in the present study. Follicular fluid of VH and RBH was aspirated from ovulatory follicles and used as maturation medium. Bovine oocytes were aspirated from follicles of slaughterhouse ovaries and randomly allocated in three groups; in Group 1, oocytes cultured in TCM-199 supplemented with 10% heat-treated fetal calf serum and hormones (5 IU/mL hCG plus 0...
July 16, 2017: Theriogenology
C Warrington, R Faraj, M Willett
There is conflicting evidence in the published literature regarding the effects of clomiphene citrate (CC) on endometrial development and its impact on conception. CC is an anti-oestrogen that is commonly used in assisted reproduction to induce ovulation for a range of conditions. The setting was the Reproductive Medicine department at the Royal Blackburn Hospital (RBH). This retrospective cohort study set out to assess the relationship between endometrial thickness (EMT) as measured by trans-vaginal ultrasound scan and pregnancy rates in 81 sub-fertile women treated with CC and to review some of the current literature...
August 2008: Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology: the Journal of the Institute of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Bhupender Singh, Fernando Saravia, Renée Båge, Heriberto Rodríguez-Martínez
Hormonal asynchronies during oestrus, related to the presence of suprabasal plasma-progesterone (P4) concentrations and a delayed ovulation, interfere with the fertility of repeat-breeder heifers (RBH). Since tubal dysfunction can occur in connection with hormonal asynchronies and constrained availability of fertile spermatozoa at the time of ovulation, the present study tested the hypothesis that frequent sperm deposition from onset of oestrus to ovulation may improve pregnancy rates in RBH. Five RBH and five virgin heifers (VH; controls) were repeatedly artificially inseminated (AI) at 6 h intervals from onset of oestrus to spontaneous ovulation...
2005: Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica
Renée Båge, Sudsaijai Petyim, Birgitta Larsson, Triin Hallap, Ann-Sofi Bergqvist, Hans Gustafsson, Heriberto Rodríguez-Martínez
Repeat-breeder heifers (RBH) have been shown to present reproductive perturbations during spontaneous cyclicity, which affects oestrus and ovulation. Some of these disturbances (e.g. deviating hormone patterns) are also present during and after cycles of twice-weekly ovum pick-up (o.p.u.), performed according to an optimized schedule allowing normal oestrous cyclicity. In the present study, the effects of o.p.u. on oocyte competence in in vitro maturation (i.v.m.) and in vitro fertilization (i.v.f.) have been evaluated, as were the effects on expression of oestrus and fertility in five RBH (> or =4 artificial inseminations) and five virgin heifers (VH controls)...
2003: Reproduction, Fertility, and Development
Renée Båge, Britt Masironi, Lena Sahlin, Heriberto Rodríguez-Martínez
In the bovine reproductive tract, the uterine tube is the critical site for a series of events required for fertilization and early embryonic development. In previous studies, a defined category of subfertile heifers, repeat-breeder heifers (RBH), has presented peri-oestrual disturbances (deviating hormone patterns and follicular dynamics) and uterine maternal-embryonic asynchrony. The present study aimed to investigate if tubal function was also affected, by determination of differences in the morphology of the tubal lining epithelium of RBH (n = 4) in comparison to controls (n = 6) during standing oestrus, studied by light and electron microscopy (SEM/TEM), and relate this to steroid hormone concentrations and receptor distribution in the target tissues...
2002: Reproduction, Fertility, and Development
R Båge, H Gustafsson, B Larsson, M Forsberg, H Rodríguez-Martínez
Repeat breeding occurs at an incidence of 10% in the Swedish dairy cow population. Evidence is available for a hormonal asynchrony around estrus in repeat-breeder heifers (RBH). This asynchrony seems to be the underlying cause for a series of dysfunctions such as prolonged standing estrus and delayed ovulation, leading to fertilization failure. For further determinations of repeat-breeder estrous cycle characteristics, seven strictly selected RBH and six virgin heifers (VH) were studied during 3-7 consecutive cycles, with particular attention paid to the estrous period...
June 2002: Theriogenology
R Båge, M Forsberg, H Gustafsson, B Larsson, H Rodríguez-Martínez
In order to investigate the potential influence of stress as a component of the repeat breeding syndrome, the adrenocortical capacity for steroid production was evaluated in ovariectomised dairy heifers. In repeat breeder heifers (RBH), marginally elevated plasma progesterone levels during oestrus, so-called suprabasal progesterone levels, have earlier been measured and are believed to impair fertility. The aim was to distinguish if this progesterone could be of extra-gonadal or in this case, adrenal origin...
October 2, 2000: Animal Reproduction Science
P D Stanchev, H Rodriguez-Martinez, A Albihn, H Eriksson, H Gustafsson, K Larsson
The present study aimed to correlate the repeat breeder syndrome in the bovine with an impaired or suboptimal uterine progestational response. Concentrations of nuclear (i.e. transformed) receptors for progesterone (PRn) were determined with a binding and exchange method in endometrial samples from virgin (VH) and repeat breeder (RBH) heifers 15 days post oestrus. The heifers were recipients of Day 7 demi-embryos collected from donors with normal fertility and transferred 8 days prior to tissue sampling. Results were compared with both the type of heifer, the condition of the embryo present within the uterus and the temporal relationship to the hormone plasma levels...
May 1991: Zentralblatt Für Veterinärmedizin. Reihe A
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