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Kate McGrath, Sireen El-Zaatari, Debbie Guatelli-Steinberg, Margaret A Stanton, Donald J Reid, Tara S Stoinski, Michael R Cranfield, Antoine Mudakikwa, Shannon C McFarlin
OBJECTIVE: Linear enamel hypoplasia (LEH) is a condition marked by localized reductions in enamel thickness, resulting from growth disruptions during dental development. We use quantitative criteria to characterize the depth of LEH defects and "normal" perikymata in great apes. We test the hypothesis that mountain gorillas have shallow defects compared to other taxa, which may have led to their underestimation in previous studies. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Previous attempts to characterize LEH morphology quantitatively have been limited in sample size and scope...
February 20, 2018: American Journal of Physical Anthropology
Jennifer Swan
Human amniotic membrane and umbilical cord tissues (AM/UC) are fetal tissues that contain proteins, cytokines, and growth factors that, when transplanted, can modulate inflammation and promote healing. Lyophilized, particulate AM/UC tissues can be used as wound coverings for chronic dermal ulcers or defects to promote granulation tissue formation and rapid re-epithelialization. This study reviews a case series of 5 patients presenting with chronic nonhealing wounds that received particulate AM/UC tissues (NEOX® FLO, Amniox Medical, Atlanta, GA)...
November 2014: Surgical Technology International
Gabriel A B Marais, Michael Nicolas, Roberta Bergero, Pierre Chambrier, Eduard Kejnovsky, Françoise Monéger, Roman Hobza, Alex Widmer, Deborah Charlesworth
The human Y--probably because of its nonrecombining nature--has lost 97% of its genes since X and Y chromosomes started to diverge [1, 2]. There are clear signs of degeneration in the Drosophila miranda neoY chromosome (an autosome fused to the Y chromosome), with neoY genes showing faster protein evolution [3-6], accumulation of unpreferred codons [6], more insertions of transposable elements [5, 7], and lower levels of expression [8] than neoX genes. In the many other taxa with sex chromosomes, Y degeneration has hardly been studied...
April 8, 2008: Current Biology: CB
A M Dutrillaux, J Mercier, B Dutrillaux
The karyotype of the giant beetle Dynastes hercules hercules is composed of only 16 autosomes and large sex chromosomes. Meiotic studies in the males showed that a large part of the sex chromosomes undergo synapsis at pachynema similarly to autosomes, demonstrating that both derived from an autosome-gonosome translocation. Therefore, karyotype formula is 18,neoXY. The heterochromatisation of the neoX short arm at pachynema indicates that it corresponds to the ancestral X. It carries the nucleolar organizer region (NOR) in its proximal part, which is undercondensed, especially in male mitotic and meiotic cells...
2007: Cytogenetic and Genome Research
N Macaisne, A M Dutrillaux, B Dutrillaux
Species belonging to the Cetoniinae subfamily studied so far possess 20 chromosomes, including a small X and a punctiform Y: 20,Xyp in the males. In a series of species from the Goliathini tribe under study we found a very unusual karyotype, with 12 autosomes and large sex chromosomes (14,neoXY) in Jumnos ruckieri from Thailand. Applying various techniques including pachytene bivalent spreading, we showed that 40% (mitotic and meiotic prophases) to 60% (metaphases) of the karyotype length was composed of heterochromatin...
2006: Chromosome Research
Marzanna Kurzawa, Agnieszka Kowalczyk-Marzec
Conductometric, potentiometric and cyclic voltammetric (CV) titration methods are proposed for determination of oxytetracycline (OTC), commonly used in veterinary. The electrochemical titration of OTC hydrochloride with NH(4)Mo(7)O(24), NaVO(3), NaOH, AgNO(3) and FeCl(3) as titrants are reported. The proposed methods were found to be highly precise, having a relative standard deviation (R.S.D.) below 1.0%. Proposed electrochemical titrations were successfully applied to the assay of commercial preparations: Tetrox, Tetramutin OT and Neox, containing the above-mentioned antibiotics...
January 27, 2004: Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis
K R Lutchen, Z Hantos, F Peták, A Adamicza, B Suki
Recent studies have suggested that part of the measured increase in lung tissue resistance after bronchoconstriction is an artifact due to increased airway inhomogeneities. To resolve this issue, we measured lung impedance (ZL) in seven open-chest rats with the lungs equilibrated on room air and then on a mixture of neon and oxygen (NeOx). The rats were placed in a body box with the tracheal tube leading through the box wall. A broadband flow signal was delivered to the box. The signal contained seven oscillation frequencies in the 0...
May 1996: Journal of Applied Physiology
J Rubnitz, S Subramani
We constructed substrates to study gene conversion in mammalian cells specifically without the complication of reciprocal recombination events. These substrates contain both an insertion mutation of the neomycin resistance gene (neoX) and an internal, homologous fragment of the neo gene (neo-526), such that gene conversion from neo-526 to neoX restores a functional neo gene. Although two reciprocal recombination events can also produce an intact neo gene, these double recombination events occur much less frequently that gene conversion in mammalian cells, We used our substrates to characterize extrachromosomal gene conversion in recombination-deficient bacteria and in monkey COS cells...
May 1986: Molecular and Cellular Biology
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