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External tissue expander

Diego Romero
All living organisms have acquired the outstanding ability to overcome the limitations imposed by changeable environments through the gain of genetic traits over years of evolution and the tendency of individuals to associate in communities. The complementation of a singular weakness, the deployment of reinforcement for the good of the community, the better use of resources, or effective defense against external aggression are advantages gained by this communal behavior. Communication has been the cohesive element prompting the global responses that promote efficiency in two features of any community: specialization in differentiated labor and the spatio-temporal organization of the environment...
June 2016: International Microbiology: the Official Journal of the Spanish Society for Microbiology
Paramee Kumkrong, Benjaporn Thiensong, Phuong Mai Le, Garnet McRae, Anthony Windust, Suladda Deawtong, Juris Meija, Paulette Maxwell, Lu Yang, Zoltán Mester
Methods based on species specific isotope dilution were developed for the accurate and SI traceable determination of arsenobetaine (AsBet) and methylmercury (MeHg) in prawn and cuttlefish tissues by LC-MS/MS and SPME GC-ICPMS. Quantitation of AsBet and MeHg were achieved by using a (13)C-enriched AsBet spike (NRC CRM CBET-1) and an enriched spike of Me(198)Hg (NRC CRM EMMS-1), respectively, wherein analyte mass fractions in enriched spikes were determined by reverse isotope dilution using natural abundance AsBet and MeHg primary standards...
November 2, 2016: Analytica Chimica Acta
Shimpei Miyamoto, Masahide Fujiki, Fumihiko Nakatani, Eisuke Kobayashi, Masanobu Sakisaka, Minoru Sakuraba
BACKGROUND: Complex groin defects after sarcoma resection require reconstruction of multiple vital structures that can include the major vessels, the overlying skin, the abdominal wall, and the hip joint. We investigated the feasibility of limb preservation after complex groin reconstruction. METHODS: The subjects were 12 consecutive patients who underwent complex groin reconstruction after sarcoma resection. In all patients, the defect included a major artery (external iliac or femoral) and overlying skin...
October 6, 2016: Annals of Plastic Surgery
Carlo M Oranges, Mathias Tremp, Barbara Ling, Reto Wettstein, René D Largo, Dirk J Schaefer
External volume expansion of the recipient site by suction has been proposed as a way of improving fat graft survival. The objective of this study was to present an innovative and simple intraoperative external expansion system to enhance small-volume autologous fat grafting (40-80 mL) and to discuss its background and its mechanism of action. In this system, expansion is performed using a complete vacuum delivery system known as the Kiwi VAC-6000M with a PalmPump (Clinical Innovations). The recipient site is rapidly expanded intraoperatively 10 times for 30 seconds each with a negative pressure of up to 550 mm Hg before autologous fat injection...
September 2016: Archives of Plastic Surgery
Brian Forsythe, Marc S Haro, Ljiljana Bogunovic, Michael J Collins, Thomas A Arns, Katie J Trella, Elizabeth F Shewman, Nikhil N Verma, Bernard R Bach
BACKGROUND: Long-term studies of posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) reconstruction suggest that normal stability is not restored in the majority of patients. The Achilles tendon allograft is frequently utilized, although recently, the quadriceps tendon has been introduced as an alternative option due to its size and high patellar bone density. PURPOSE/HYPOTHESIS: The purpose of this study was to compare the biomechanical strength of PCL reconstructions using a quadriceps versus an Achilles allograft...
August 2016: Orthopaedic Journal of Sports Medicine
Y Melgarejo-Ramírez, R Sánchez-Sánchez, J García-López, A M Brena-Molina, C Gutiérrez-Gómez, C Ibarra, C Velasquillo
The external ear is composed of elastic cartilage. Microtia is a congenital malformation of the external ear that involves a small reduction in size or a complete absence. The aim of tissue engineering is to regenerate tissues and organs clinically implantable based on the utilization of cells and biomaterials. Remnants from microtia represent a source of cells for auricular reconstruction using tissue engineering. To examine the macromolecular architecture of microtia cartilage and behavior of chondrocytes, in order to enrich the knowledge of this type of cartilage as a cell reservoir...
September 2016: Cell and Tissue Banking
Kyung S Koh, Sung Woo Park, Tae Suk Oh, Jong Woo Choi
BACKGROUND: Flap survival is essential for the success of soft-tissue reconstruction. Accordingly, various surgical and medical methods aim to increase flap survival. Because flap survival is affected by the innate vascular supply, traditional preconditioning methods mainly target vasodilatation or vascular reorientation to increase blood flow to the tissue. External stress on the skin, such as an external volume expander or cupping, induces vascular remodeling, and these approaches have been used in the fat grafting field and in traditional Asian medicine...
August 2016: Journal of Surgical Research
Mahin Khatami
Longevity and accumulation of multiple context-dependent signaling pathways of long-standing inflammation (antigen-load or oxidative stress) are the results of decreased/altered regulation of immunity and loss of control switch mechanisms that we defined as Yin and Yang of acute inflammation or immune surveillance. Chronic inflammation is initiated by immune disruptors-induced progressive changes in physiology and function of susceptible host tissues that lead to increased immune suppression and multistep disease processes including carcinogenesis...
December 2016: Clinical and Translational Medicine
Allen Gabriel, Steven R Sigalove, G Patrick Maxwell
Although immediate postmastectomy breast reconstruction is favored over delayed reconstruction, it remains associated with high complication rates. Potential complications include seroma formation, dehiscence, infection, and tissue necrosis along incision edges. Closed incision negative pressure therapy (ciNPT; Prevena Incision Management System, KCI, an Acelity company, San Antonio, Tex.) has been reported to help hold incision edges together, protect incisions from external contamination, and remove fluid and infectious material...
July 2016: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Global Open
Melissa Farmer, Hana Yoon, Irwin Goldstein
INTRODUCTION: Female sexual function reflects a dynamic interplay of central and peripheral nervous, vascular, and endocrine systems. The primary challenge in the development of novel treatments for female sexual dysfunction is the identification and targeted modulation of excitatory sexual circuits using pharmacologic treatments that facilitate the synthesis, release, and/or receptor binding of neurochemicals, peptides, and hormones that promote female sexual function. AIM: To develop an evidence-based state-of-the-art consensus report that critically integrates current knowledge of the therapeutic potential for known molecular and cellular targets to facilitate the physiologic processes underlying female sexual function...
August 2016: Journal of Sexual Medicine
Sina Stock, Michael Scharfschwerdt, Roza Meyer-Saraei, Doreen Richardt, Efstratios I Charitos, Hans-Hinrich Sievers, Thorsten Hanke
Background The transcatheter aortic valve-in-valve implantation (TAViVI) is an evolving treatment strategy for degenerated surgical aortic valve bioprostheses (SAVBs) in patients with high operative risk. Although hemodynamics is excellent, there is some concern regarding coronary obstruction, especially in SAVB with externally mounted leaflet tissue, such as the Trifecta (St. Jude Medical Inc., St. Paul, Minnesota, United States). We investigated coronary flow and hydrodynamics before and after TAViVI in a SAVB with externally mounted leaflet tissue (St...
June 15, 2016: Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeon
Alicia Unangst, Kevin D Martin
Ankle arthroscopy has emerged as a viable treatment option for multiple ankle pathologies and continues to have expanding indications as technology and techniques improve. Historically, ankle arthroscopy used skeletal traction, and it has transitioned to noninvasive soft-tissue distraction because of high rates of iatrogenic complications. Although soft-tissue distraction has decreased complications, it continues to be both cumbersome and time-consuming. Thus we propose a 1-step simple ankle arthroscopy distraction technique that uses an external positioning arm to allow the surgeon to apply manual traction in multiple positions without the use of any reprocessed sterile equipment...
December 2015: Arthroscopy Techniques
Emilio Mevio, Mauro Mullace, Luca Facca, Stefano Schettini
Acid attacks committed as crimes of passion are unfortunately becoming far from infrequent occurrence. The injuries sustained in such attacks mainly involve the face and trunk, with the acid causing cutaneous and subcutaneous tissue burns that can result in permanent scarring, loss of the nose or external ear, and severe visual impairment. Different surgical solutions have been proposed for reconstruction of the auricle following loss of the ear through traumatic injury or cancer or in patients with congenital defects: surgical reconstruction may involve the insertion of an autogenous rib cartilage framework or the use of a porous polymer material inserted into an expanded postauricular flap...
2016: Case Reports in Otolaryngology
Mikel Azkargorta, Javier Soria, Arantxa Acera, Ibon Iloro, Felix Elortza
: Tears are a complex biological mixture containing electrolytes, metabolites, lipids, mucins, some small organic molecules, and proteins. The tear film has various roles in the lubrication, protection from the external environment, and nutrition of the cornea; it is also involved in the modulation of the optical properties of the eye. Tear composition reflects the physiological condition of the underlying tissues. Therefore, the tear fluid is useful in the evaluation of health and disease states and it is a valuable source of biomarkers for objective analysis of ocular and systemic diseases...
May 13, 2016: Journal of Proteomics
Leopoldo Spadea, Giorgia Maraone, Francesca Verboschi, Enzo Maria Vingolo, Daniele Tognetto
The cornea is the transparent connective tissue window at the front of the eye. The physiological role of the cornea is to conduct external light into the eye, focus it, together with the lens, onto the retina, and to provide rigidity to the entire eyeball. Therefore, good vision requires maintenance of the transparency and proper refractive shape of the cornea. The surface structures irregularities can be associated with wavefront aberrations and scattering errors. Light scattering in the human cornea causes a reduction of visual quality...
2016: International Journal of Ophthalmology
Youichi Yanagawa, Hiromichi Ohsaka, Kei Jitsuiki, Toshihiko Yoshizawa, Ikuto Takeuchi, Kazuhiko Omori, Yasumasa Oode, Kouhei Ishikawa
This article describes the theory of the formation of the vacuum phenomenon (VP), the detection of the VP, the different medical causes, the different locations of the presentation of the VP, and the differential diagnoses. In the human body, the cavitation effect is recognized on radiological studies; it is called the VP. The mechanism responsible for the formation of the VP is as follows: if an enclosed tissue space is allowed to expand as a rebound phenomenon after an external impact, the volume within the enclosed space will increase...
August 2016: Emergency Radiology
Carla M Magalhães, Joaquim C G Esteves da Silva, Luís Pinto da Silva
Photodynamic therapy (PDT) of cancer is known for its limited number of side effects, and requires light, oxygen and photosensitizer. However, PDT is limited by poor penetration of light into deeply localized tissues, and the use of external light sources is required. Thus, researchers have been studying ways to improve the effectiveness of this phototherapy and expand it for the treatment of the deepest cancers, by using chemiluminescent or bioluminescent formulations to excite the photosensitizer by intracellular generation of light...
August 4, 2016: Chemphyschem: a European Journal of Chemical Physics and Physical Chemistry
Firouzeh Aladini, Can Araman, Christian F W Becker
The properties of elastin-like polypeptides (ELPs), specifically the fact that they are soluble in aqueous buffers below and aggregate reversibly above a well-defined transition temperature, are extensively used for protein purification, enzyme recycling, and more recently, for in vivo applications such as drug delivery and tissue engineering. ELPs are artificial but biocompatible polypeptides composed of pentameric repeats (Val-Pro-Gly-Xaa-Gly) containing different guest residues Xaa, derived from mammalian elastin...
May 2016: Journal of Peptide Science: An Official Publication of the European Peptide Society
Bandikatla Venkata Ratnam
BACKGROUND: Direct closure of large scalp defects is not an easy task. Complicated flap designs or staged surgeries over a period of 6 months are often required. A case of a large scalp defect that was closed directly in 3 months by applying a simple external tissue expansion technique is presented in this report. PATIENT PROFILE: A 28-year-old male patient presented with a painful swelling of about 13 cm × 14 cm, on frontoparietal scalp. A biopsy done elsewhere reported it to be a neurofibroma...
September 2015: Indian Journal of Plastic Surgery: Official Publication of the Association of Plastic Surgeons of India
Fan Yang, Chuan Gao, Ping Wang, Guo-Jun Zhang, Zuanguang Chen
High-efficiency zebrafish (embryo) handling platforms are crucially needed to facilitate the deciphering of the increasingly expanding vertebrate-organism model values. However, the manipulation platforms for zebrafish are scarce and rely mainly on the conventional "static" microtiter plates or glass slides with rigid gel, which limits the dynamic, three-dimensional (3D), tissue/organ-oriented information acquisition from the intact larva with normal developmental dynamics. In addition, these routine platforms are not amenable to high-throughput handling of such swimming multicellular biological entities at the single-organism level and incapable of precisely controlling the growth microenvironment by delivering stimuli in a well-defined spatiotemporal fashion...
April 7, 2016: Lab on a Chip
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