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Ana Karen Lira Medina, Eliseo Fernandez Berdeal, Ernesto Bernal Cisneros, Rebeca Betancourt Galindo, Pamela Frigerio
INTRODUCTION: The thyroglossal cyst is found in 7% of the population and the incidental papillary thyroid carcinoma in thyroglossal cyst is a rare entity with an incidence 1 to 2%. The clinical presentation is indistinguishable from a benign lesion and the histopathological postoperative study defines the diagnosis. Papillary carcinomas have favorable prognosis and cervical or distant metastases are rare. There is now a consensus on the indication of total thyroidectomy, radioablation with iodine and/or suppressive therapy with levothyroxine after being removed surgically [1-3] (Patrucco et al...
2016: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Muthukrishnan Jayaraman, Anil Kumar Pawah, C S Narayanan
INTRODUCTION: Early and durable achievement of euthyroid or hypothyroid status with low likelihood of relapse is the key to effective treatment of Graves' disease (GD). Although antithyroid drugs (ATDs) are commonly used first-line agents, likelihood of remission remains highest with radioactive iodine (RAI) therapy and surgery. Data regarding efficacy and economical superiority of RAI therapy over ATDs are lacking from India. This study was designed to study the response to long-term (>12 months) use of ATDs in GD with respect to attainment of remission and to compare the cost of treatment with ATDs versus RAI therapy beyond 12 months...
September 2016: Indian Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism
P A Wojcieszek, M Szlag, G Glowacki, A Cholewka, M Fijalkowski, S Kellas, B Biala, L Miszczyk
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October 1, 2016: International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics
Harun Ilhan, Mona Mustafa, Peter Bartenstein, Torsten Kuwert, Daniela Schmidt
: SPECT/CT detects radioiodine-positive cervical lymph node metastases (LNMs) of differentiated thyroid carcinoma (DTC) at the time of postsurgical radioablation (RA). Preliminary evidence indicates that the majority of LNMs are successfully treated by RA. The aim of this study was to confirm this evidence in a bicentric setting and to evaluate whether size is a predictor for successful elimination. PATIENTS AND METHODS: Since 01/2007 and 05/2008, respectively, SPECT/spiral-CT is performed routinely in all patients with DTC at RA in two University Clinics...
December 6, 2016: Nuklearmedizin. Nuclear Medicine
Lei Wang, Benjamin Fahimian, Scott G Soltys, Paul Zei, Anthony Lo, Edward A Gardner, Patrick J Maguire, Billy W Loo
PURPOSE: The first stereotactic arrhythmia radioablation (STAR) of ventricular tachycardia (VT) was delivered at Stanford on a robotic radiosurgery system (CyberKnife® G4) in 2012. The results warranted further investigation of this treatment. Here we compare dosimetrically three possible treatment delivery platforms for STAR. METHODS: The anatomy and target volume of the first treated patient were used for this study. A dose of 25 Gy in one fraction was prescribed to the planning target volume (PTV)...
2016: Curēus
Ashley Schaffer, Vidya Puthenpura, Ian Marshall
Hashimoto's thyroiditis (HT) and Graves' disease (GD) are the 2 most common autoimmune disease processes affecting the thyroid gland. The relationship between the two is complex and not clearly understood. It has been theorized that HT and GD are 2 separate disease processes due to unique genetic differences demonstrated by genome studies. On the other hand, based on occurrence of both HT and GD in monozygotic twins and within the same family, they have been regarded to represent 2 ends of the same spectrum...
2016: Case Reports in Endocrinology
AnneMarie Gagnon, Heather A Lochnan, Christopher S Tran, Alexander Sorisky
OBJECTIVES: Thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) acts in an extra-thyroidal fashion and induces a pro-inflammatory, pro-coagulant state. Blood monocytes can be activated by vascular stress, but it is not known if this occurs upon TSH administration. Our aim was to determine if recombinant human (rh) TSH, administered acutely to patients being screened for thyroid cancer recurrence, alters blood monocyte gene expression. DESIGN AND SETTING: Patients (14 women, 1 man) had a mean (±SD) age of 48±10 years, a body mass index of 26±6 kg/m2, a history of total thyroidectomy and radioablation for thyroid cancer, and were on L-thyroxine therapy at a university teaching hospital...
2016: Neuro Endocrinology Letters
Yvonne Lee, Lavjay Butani, Nicole Glaser, Stephanie Nguyen
We report a case of an adolescent boy with Down's syndrome and ESRD on hemodialysis who developed mild Graves' disease that was not amenable to radioablation, surgery, or ATDs. After 14 months of observation without resolution of Graves' disease, he successfully received a DDRT with a steroid minimization protocol. Thymoglobulin and a three-day course of steroids were used for induction and he was started on tacrolimus, MMF, and pravastatin for maintenance transplant immunosuppression. One month after transplantation, all biochemical markers and antibody profiling for Graves' disease had resolved and remain normal one yr later...
June 2016: Pediatric Transplantation
Lester Dr Thompson
Encapsulated follicular variant of papillary thyroid carcinoma is a common thyroid gland cancer, with a highly indolent behavior. Recently, reclassification as a non-malignant neoplasm has been proposed. There is no comprehensive, community hospital based longitudinal evaluation of encapsulated follicular variant of papillary thyroid carcinoma. Ninety-four cases of encapsulated follicular variant of papillary thyroid carcinoma were identified in a review of all thyroid gland surgeries performed in 2002 within the Southern California Permanente Medical Group...
July 2016: Modern Pathology: An Official Journal of the United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology, Inc
Konrad Mohnike, Steffen Wolf, Robert Damm, Max Seidensticker, Ricarda Seidensticker, Frank Fischbach, Nils Peters, Peter Hass, Günther Gademann, Maciej Pech, Jens Ricke
BACKGROUND: To evaluate complications and identify risk factors for adverse events in patients undergoing high-dose-rate interstitial brachytherapy (iBT). MATERIAL AND METHODS: Data from 192 patients treated in 343 CT- or MRI-guided interventions from 2006-2009 at our institution were analyzed. In 41 %, the largest tumor treated was ≥ 5 cm, 6 % of the patients had tumors ≥ 10 cm. Prior to iBT, 60 % of the patients had chemotherapy, 22 % liver resection, 19 % thermoablation or transarterial chemoembolization (TACE)...
May 2016: Strahlentherapie und Onkologie: Organ der Deutschen Röntgengesellschaft ... [et Al]
Arpit Gandhi, Ka Kit Wong, Milton D Gross, Anca M Avram
BACKGROUND: Lingual thyroid is a rare abnormality of thyroid development that is usually treated conservatively with levothyroxine replacement. Rarely, it becomes large enough to cause obstructive symptoms in the oral cavity, requiring definitive treatment. PATIENT FINDINGS: This study reports on three patients with lingual thyroid treated with radioactive iodine-131 ((131)I) with successful radioablation of their ectopic thyroid tissues. Measurement of 24-hour radioactive iodine uptake within thyroidal tissues and hybrid single-photon emission computed tomography/computed tomography imaging using either iodine-123 or technetium-99m pertechnetate scans were performed in all patients demonstrating the location and size of lingual thyroid and absence of an orthotopic thyroid gland...
April 2016: Thyroid: Official Journal of the American Thyroid Association
Madhura G Kelkar, Kalimuthu Senthilkumar, Smita Jadhav, Sudeep Gupta, Beyong-Cheol Ahn, Abhijit De
The aberrant expression of human sodium iodide symporter (NIS) in breast cancer (BC) has raised the possibility of using targeted radioiodide therapy. Here we investigate modulation of endogenous, functional NIS expression by histone deacetylase inhibitors (HDACi) in vitro and in vivo. Luciferase reporter based initial screening of six different HDACi shows 2-10 fold enhancement of NIS promoter activity in majority of the cell types tested. As a result of drug treatment, endogenous NIS transcript and protein shows profound induction in BC cells...
January 18, 2016: Scientific Reports
Leszek Miszczyk, Aleksandra Napieralska, Agnieszka Namysł-Kaletka, Grzegorz Głowacki, Kinga Grabińska, Grzegorz Woźniak, Małgorzata Stąpór-Fudzińska
INTRODUCTION: Prostrate cancer (PC) is one of the most common malignancies and is frequently treated with an 8-week course of radiotherapy. CyberKnife (CK) based radioablation enables completion of therapy within 5-9 days. The aim of this study is an evaluation of the effectiveness and tolerance of CyberKnife-based radioablation in prostate cancer patients. MATERIAL AND METHODS: 200 PC patients (94 low risk [LR], 106 intermediate risk [IR]) underwent CK irradiation every other day (fraction dose [fd] 7...
2015: Central European Journal of Urology
H M Garnica-Garza
Robotic stereotactic radioablation (RSR) therapy for breast tumors has been shown to be an effective treatment strategy when applied concomitantly with chemotherapy, with the purpose of reducing the tumor volume thus making it more amenable for breast conserving surgery. In this paper we used Monte Carlo simulation within a realistic patient model to determine the influence that the variation in beam collimation radius has on the resultant absorbed dose distributions for this type of treatment. Separate optimized plans were obtained for treatments using 300 circular beams with radii of 0...
January 2016: Applied Radiation and Isotopes
Ishita Prakash, Eric Sixtus Nylen, Sabyasachi Sen
A 67-year-old woman was admitted with signs and symptoms of Graves thyrotoxicosis. Biochemistry results were as follows: TSH was undetectable; FT4 was >6.99 ng/dL (0.7-1.8); FT3 was 18 pg/mL (3-5); TSI was 658% (0-139). Thyroid uptake and scan showed diffusely increased tracer uptake in the thyroid gland. The patient was started on methimazole 40 mg BID, but her LFTs elevated precipitously with features of fulminant hepatitis. Methimazole was determined to be the cause and was stopped. After weighing pros and cons, lithium was initiated to treat her persistent thyrotoxicosis...
2015: Case Reports in Endocrinology
Darcy R Denner, Diana C Doeing, D Kyle Hogarth, Karen Dugan, Edward T Naureckas, Steven R White
RATIONALE: Bronchial thermoplasty is an alternative treatment for patients with severe, uncontrolled asthma in which the airway smooth muscle is eliminated using radioablation. Although this emerging therapy shows promising outcomes, little is known about its effects on airway inflammation. OBJECTIVES: We examined the presence of bronchoalveolar lavage cytokines and expression of smooth muscle actin in patients with severe asthma before and in the weeks after bronchial thermoplasty...
September 2015: Annals of the American Thoracic Society
Luigi Manfré
Axial microinstability secondary to disc degeneration and consequent chronic facet joint syndrome (CFJS) is a well-known pathological entity, usually responsible for low back pain (LBP). Although posterior lumbar fixation (PIF) has been widely used for lumbar spine instability and LBP, complications related to wrong screw introduction, perineural scars and extensive muscle dissection leading to muscle dysfunction have been described. Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) of facet joints zygapophyseal nerves conventionally used for pain treatment fails in approximately 21% of patients...
October 31, 2014: Interventional Neuroradiology
Amanda Howard-Thompson, Alexis Luckey, Christa George, Beth A Choby, Timothy H Self
Background. Hyperthyroidism causes an increased hypoprothrombinemic response to warfarin anticoagulation. Previous studies have demonstrated that patients with hyperthyroidism require lower dosages of warfarin to achieve a therapeutic effect. As hyperthyroidism is treated and euthyroidism is approached, patients may require increasing warfarin dosages to maintain appropriate anticoagulation. We describe a patient's varying response to warfarin during treatment of Graves' disease. Case Presentation. A 48-year-old African American female presented to the emergency room with tachycardia, new onset bilateral lower extremity edema, gradual weight loss, palpable goiter, and generalized sweating over the prior 4 months...
2014: Case Reports in Medicine
Daisuke Mizokami, Shigeru Kosuda, Akihiro Shiotani, Fumio Kinoshita, Keiichi Saotome, Kyouei Morozumi
OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study was to comparatively assess the diagnostic accuracy between 131I SPECT/CT and 131I whole-body scintigraphy (WBS) in differentiated thyroid carcinoma outpatients following radioablation. METHODS: a retrospective cohort study was performed in eleven patients with differentiated thyroid carcinoma (fourteen studies), who underwent both 131I WBS and 131I SPECT/CT, 7-10 days after administration of 1,110 MBq of 131I for radioablation, following a total thyroidectomy...
May 2014: Nihon Jibiinkoka Gakkai Kaiho
Renaud Ciappuccini, Juliette Hardouin, Natacha Heutte, Dominique Vaur, Elske Quak, Jean-Pierre Rame, David Blanchard, Dominique de Raucourt, Stéphane Bardet
OBJECTIVE: In patients with differentiated thyroid cancer (DTC), the stimulated serum thyroglobulin (Tg) level at radioiodine ablation is a known predictive factor of persistent disease. This prognostic value is based on data obtained after thyroid hormone withdrawal (THW), but little is known about this prognostic value after recombinant human TSH (rhTSH) stimulation and about the relationship between the stimulated Tg level and the burden of persistent tumor. We aimed to assess the impact of both radioiodine preparation modalities and persistent tumor burden on stimulated Tg levels...
August 2014: European Journal of Endocrinology
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