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yongping huang

Jun Li, Qian Huang, Mengxiang Sun, Tianyao Zhang, Hao Li, Biyun Chen, Kun Xu, Guizhen Gao, Feng Li, Guixin Yan, Jiangwei Qiao, Yongping Cai, Xiaoming Wu
Heat stress can induce the cultured microspores into embryogenesis. In this study, whole genome bisulphite sequencing was employed to study global DNA methylation variations after short-term heat shock (STHS) treatments in cultured microspores of Brassica napus cv. Topas. Our results indicated that treatment on cultured Topas microspores at 32 °C for 6 h triggered DNA hypomethylation, particularly in the CG and CHG contexts. And the total number of T32 (Topas 32 °C for 6 h) vs. T0 (Topas 0 h) differentially methylated region-related genes (DRGs) was approximately two-fold higher than that of T18 (Topas 18 °C for 6 h) vs...
December 5, 2016: Scientific Reports
Haixia Qiu, Yongping Mao, Jing Zeng, Ying Wang, Jiaying Zhang, Naiyang Huang, Qingsen Liu, Yunsheng Yang, Enqiang Linghu, Ying Gu
BACKGROUND AND STUDY AIM: Vascular-targeted photodynamic therapy (V-PDT) has been used for several benign vascular diseases. The aim of this pilot study was to demonstrate the potential benefits of VPDT in the treatment of gastric antral vascular ectasia (GAVE). PATIENTS AND METHODS: Data from patients with GAVE (n=5) who underwent endoscopic V-PDT were analyzed retrospectively. Pre- and post-V-PDT clinical and endoscopic features, hemoglobin levels, and transfusion requirement were compared...
October 29, 2016: Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology. B, Biology
Jun Xu, Shuai Zhan, Shuqing Chen, Baosheng Zeng, Zhiqian Li, Anthony A James, Anjiang Tan, Yongping Huang
The DM domain genes, doublesex (dsx) in insects, or their structural homologs, male abnormal 3 (mab-3) in nematodes and Dmrt1 (doublesex and mab-3-related transcription factor 1) in mammals, are downstream regulators of the sex determination pathway that control sexually dimorphic development. Despite the functional importance of dsx and its potential applications in sterile insect technologies (SITs), the mechanisms by which it controls sexually dimorphic traits and the subsequent developmental gene networks in insects are poorly understood...
November 17, 2016: Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Zhaorui Liu, Yueqin Huang, Ping Lv, Tingting Zhang, Hong Wang, Qiang Li, Jie Yan, Yaqin Yu, Changgui Kou, Xiufeng Xu, Jin Lu, Zhizhong Wang, Hongyan Qiu, Yifeng Xu, Yanling He, Tao Li, Wanjun Guo, Hongjun Tian, Guangming Xu, Xiangdong Xu, Yanjuan Ma, Linhong Wang, Limin Wang, Yongping Yan, Bo Wang, Shuiyuan Xiao, Liang Zhou, Lingjiang Li, Liwen Tan, Hongguang Chen, Chao Ma
China Mental Health Survey (CMHS), which was carried out from July 2013 to March 2015, was the first national representative community survey of mental disorders and mental health services in China using computer-assisted personal interview (CAPI). Face-to-face interviews were finished in the homes of respondents who were selected from a nationally representative multi-stage disproportionate stratified sampling procedure. Sample selection was integrated with the National Chronic Disease and Risk Factor Surveillance Survey administered by the National Centre for Chronic and Non-communicable Disease Control and Prevention in 2013, which made it possible to obtain both physical and mental health information of Chinese community population...
November 1, 2016: Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology
Yueqin Huang, Zhaorui Liu, Hong Wang, Xing Guan, Hongguang Chen, Chao Ma, Qiang Li, Jie Yan, Yaqin Yu, Changgui Kou, Xiufeng Xu, Jin Lu, Zhizhong Wang, Lan Liu, Yifeng Xu, Yanling He, Tao Li, Wanjun Guo, Hongjun Tian, Guangming Xu, Xiangdong Xu, Shuyun Lv, Linhong Wang, Limin Wang, Yongping Yan, Bo Wang, Shuiyuan Xiao, Liang Zhou, Lingjiang Li, Liwen Tan
The China Mental Health Survey (CMHS) is the first nationally representative community survey on mental disorders and mental health services in China. One-step diagnoses for mood disorders, anxiety disorders and substance use disorders were obtained using the Composite International Diagnostic Interview-3.0 (CIDI-3.0), according to the criteria and definition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition (DSM-IV). A two-step procedure was applied for schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders, using psychosis screening section in CIDI-3...
October 31, 2016: Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology
Zhiwen Zhu, Yongping Chai, Yuxiang Jiang, Wenjing Li, Huifang Hu, Wei Li, Jia-Wei Wu, Zhi-Xin Wang, Shanjin Huang, Guangshuo Ou
Directional cell migration is critical for metazoan development. We define two molecular pathways that activate the Arp2/3 complex during neuroblast migration in Caenorhabditis elegans. The transmembrane protein MIG-13/Lrp12 is linked to the Arp2/3 nucleation-promoting factors WAVE or WASP through direct interactions with ABL-1 or SEM-5/Grb2, respectively. WAVE mutations partially impaired F-actin organization and decelerated cell migration, and WASP mutations did not inhibit cell migration but enhanced migration defects in WAVE-deficient cells...
October 24, 2016: Developmental Cell
Xudong Miao, Yongping Wu, Huimin Tao, Disheng Yang, Lu Huang
BACKGROUND: Transfer of a flexor hallucis longus (FHL) tendon can not only reconstruct the Achilles tendon but also provide ischemic tendinous tissues with a rich blood supply to enhance wound healing. This retrospective study aims to investigate clinical outcomes in patients who underwent repair of Kuwada grade IV chronic Achilles tendon rupture with long hallucis longus tendons harvested using a minimally invasive technique. MATERIALS AND METHODS: 35 patients who were treated for Kuwada grade IV Achilles tendon injuries from July 2006 to June 2011 were included in this retrospective study...
September 2016: Indian Journal of Orthopaedics
Xuehan Zhuang, Yongping Li, Hongzhi Cao, Ting Wang, Jianghao Chen, Jiayun Liu, Liya Lin, Rui Ye, Xinyang Li, Shuang Liu, Weiyang Li, Yonggang Lv, Juliang Zhang, Chenyang He, Xun Xu, Zhen Wang, Chen Huang, Xiao Liu, Ling Wang
BACKGROUND: Cases of multiple tumors are rarely reported in China. In our study, a 57-year-old female patient had concurrent squamous cell carcinoma, mucoepidermoid carcinoma, brain cancer, bone cancer, and thyroid cancer, which has rarely been reported to date. METHODS: To determine the relationship among these multiple cancers, available DNA samples from the thyroid, lung, and skin tumors and from normal thyroid tissue were sequenced using whole exome sequencing...
July 2016: Medicine (Baltimore)
Yuping Huang, Yazhou Chen, Baosheng Zeng, Yajun Wang, Anthony A James, Geoff M Gurr, Guang Yang, Xijian Lin, Yongping Huang, Minsheng You
The diamondback moth, Plutella xylostella (L.), is a worldwide agricultural pest that has developed resistance to multiple classes of insecticides. Genetics-based approaches show promise as alternative pest management approaches but require functional studies to identify suitable gene targets. Here we use the CRISPR/Cas9 system to target a gene, abdominal-A, which has an important role in determining the identity and functionality of abdominal segments. We report that P. xylostella abdominal-A (Pxabd-A) has two structurally-similar splice isoforms (A and B) that differ only in the length of exon II, with 15 additional nucleotides in isoform A...
August 2016: Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Cinque Soto, Gilad Ofek, M Gordon Joyce, Baoshan Zhang, Krisha McKee, Nancy S Longo, Yongping Yang, Jinghe Huang, Robert Parks, Joshua Eudailey, Krissey E Lloyd, S Munir Alam, Barton F Haynes, James C Mullikin, Mark Connors, John R Mascola, Lawrence Shapiro, Peter D Kwong
Antibody 10E8 targets the membrane-proximal external region (MPER) of HIV-1 gp41, neutralizes >97% of HIV-1 isolates, and lacks the auto-reactivity often associated with MPER-directed antibodies. The developmental pathway of 10E8 might therefore serve as a promising template for vaccine design, but samples from time-of-infection-often used to infer the B cell record-are unavailable. In this study, we used crystallography, next-generation sequencing (NGS), and functional assessments to infer the 10E8 developmental pathway from a single time point...
2016: PloS One
Rui Kong, Kai Xu, Tongqing Zhou, Priyamvada Acharya, Thomas Lemmin, Kevin Liu, Gabriel Ozorowski, Cinque Soto, Justin D Taft, Robert T Bailer, Evan M Cale, Lei Chen, Chang W Choi, Gwo-Yu Chuang, Nicole A Doria-Rose, Aliaksandr Druz, Ivelin S Georgiev, Jason Gorman, Jinghe Huang, M Gordon Joyce, Mark K Louder, Xiaochu Ma, Krisha McKee, Sijy O'Dell, Marie Pancera, Yongping Yang, Scott C Blanchard, Walther Mothes, Dennis R Burton, Wayne C Koff, Mark Connors, Andrew B Ward, Peter D Kwong, John R Mascola
The HIV-1 fusion peptide, comprising 15 to 20 hydrophobic residues at the N terminus of the Env-gp41 subunit, is a critical component of the virus-cell entry machinery. Here, we report the identification of a neutralizing antibody, N123-VRC34.01, which targets the fusion peptide and blocks viral entry by inhibiting conformational changes in gp120 and gp41 subunits of Env required for entry. Crystal structures of N123-VRC34.01 liganded to the fusion peptide, and to the full Env trimer, revealed an epitope consisting of the N-terminal eight residues of the gp41 fusion peptide and glycan N88 of gp120, and molecular dynamics showed that the N-terminal portion of the fusion peptide can be solvent-exposed...
May 13, 2016: Science
Hong-Lun Bi, Jun Xu, An-Jiang Tan, Yong-Ping Huang
Custom-designed nuclease technologies such as the clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeat (CRISPR)-associated (Cas) system provide attractive genome editing tools for insect functional genetics. The targeted gene mutagenesis mediated by the CRISPR/Cas9 system has been achieved in several insect orders including Diptera, Lepidoptera and Coleoptera. However, little success has been reported in agricultural pests due to the lack of genomic information and embryonic microinjection techniques in these insect species...
June 2016: Insect Science
Young D Kwon, Ivelin S Georgiev, Gilad Ofek, Baoshan Zhang, Mangaiarkarasi Asokan, Robert T Bailer, Amy Bao, William Caruso, Xuejun Chen, Misook Choe, Aliaksandr Druz, Sung-Youl Ko, Mark K Louder, Krisha McKee, Sijy O'Dell, Amarendra Pegu, Rebecca S Rudicell, Wei Shi, Keyun Wang, Yongping Yang, Mandy Alger, Michael F Bender, Kevin Carlton, Jonathan W Cooper, Julie Blinn, Joshua Eudailey, Krissey Lloyd, Robert Parks, S Munir Alam, Barton F Haynes, Neal N Padte, Jian Yu, David D Ho, Jinghe Huang, Mark Connors, Richard M Schwartz, John R Mascola, Peter D Kwong
UNLABELLED: Extraordinary antibodies capable of near pan-neutralization of HIV-1 have been identified. One of the broadest is antibody 10E8, which recognizes the membrane-proximal external region (MPER) of the HIV-1 envelope and neutralizes >95% of circulating HIV-1 strains. If delivered passively, 10E8 might serve to prevent or treat HIV-1 infection. Antibody 10E8, however, is markedly less soluble than other antibodies. Here, we describe the use of both structural biology and somatic variation to develop optimized versions of 10E8 with increased solubility...
July 1, 2016: Journal of Virology
Baosheng Zeng, Shuai Zhan, Yueqiang Wang, Yuping Huang, Jun Xu, Qun Liu, Zhiqian Li, Yongping Huang, Anjiang Tan
The CRISPR/Cas9 system has been proven as a revolutionary genome engineering tool. In most cases, single guide RNA (sgRNA) targeting sites have been designed as GN19NGG or GGN18NGG, because of restriction of the initiation nucleotide for RNA Pol III promoters. Here, we demonstrate that the U6 promoter from a lepidopteran model insect, Bombyx mori, effectively expressed the sgRNA initiated with any nucleotide bases (adenine, thymine, guanine or cytosine), which further expands the CRISPR targeting space. A detailed expansion index in the genome was analysed when N20NGG was set as the CRISPR targeting site instead of GN19NGG, and revealed a significant increase of suitable targets, with the highest increase occurring on the Z sex chromosome...
May 2016: Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Lei Huang, Chunyang Yu, Tong Huang, Shuting Xu, Yongping Bai, Yongfeng Zhou
This study reports the self-assembly of novel polymer vesicles from an amphiphilic multiblock copolyamide, and the vesicles show a special structure with an ultrathin wall thickness of about 4.5 nm and a combined bilayer and monolayer packing model. Most interestingly, the vesicles are ultrasound-responsive and can release the encapsulated model drugs in response to ultrasonic irradiation.
March 7, 2016: Nanoscale
Jianmin Luo, Xinyong Tao, Jun Zhang, Yang Xia, Hui Huang, Liyuan Zhang, Yongping Gan, Chu Liang, Wenkui Zhang
Two-dimensional transition metal carbide materials called MXenes show potential application for energy storage due to their remarkable electrical conductivity and low Li(+) diffusion barrier. However, the lower capacity of MXene anodes limits their further application in lithium-ion batteries. Herein, with inspiration from the unique metal ion uptake behavior of highly conductive Ti3C2 MXene, we overcome this impediment by fabricating Sn(4+) ion decorated Ti3C2 nanocomposites (PVP-Sn(IV)@Ti3C2) via a facile polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP)-assisted liquid-phase immersion process...
February 23, 2016: ACS Nano
Junru Liu, He Huang, Yan Li, Lin Liu, Jianyong Li, Zhuogang Liu, Jin Lu, Jian Ouyang, Yongping Song, Daobin Zhou, Hanyun Ren, Jun Ma, Chun Wang, Li Yu, Jin Zhou, Jianmin Wang, Yang Xiao, Xiaojun Huang, Juan Li
The aim of this study is to investigate the epidemiology, diagnosis, treatment and risk factors of multiple myeloma patients with invasive fungi disease (IFD) in China. We analyzed multiple myeloma (MM) patients receiving chemotherapy in a prospective multicenter study. Basic characteristics, the diagnosis, and treatment of IFD were recorded. A total of 395 MM patients were enrolled, who received a total of 443 chemotherapy courses. Among them, 17 IFDs were diagnosed during one chemotherapy course. Fourteen of these were possible IFD and 3 were probable IFD...
June 2016: Tumour Biology: the Journal of the International Society for Oncodevelopmental Biology and Medicine
Yongping Li, Ruixue Huang, Ling Wang, Junsheng Hao, Qiong Zhang, Rui Ling, Jun Yun
OBJECTIVES: miRNAs play crucial roles in human tumourigenesis. This study was performed to measure expression and function of miR-762 in breast cancer. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Expression of miR-762 in breast tissues and cell lines (SK-BR-3, DA-MB-435s, MCF-7 and MDA-MB-231, HBL-100) was measured by using real-time RT-PCR. We restored expression of miR-762 in MCF-7 cells to measure its functional roles. Luciferase assays were performed to reveal the target gene of miR-762...
December 2015: Cell Proliferation
Zhaoyong Yan, Kai Qu, Jing Zhang, Qichao Huang, Ping Qu, Xinsen Xu, Peng Yuan, Xiaojun Huang, Yongping Shao, Chang Liu, Hongxin Zhang, Jinliang Xing
Although previous evidence indicates close involvement of CD147 in the pathogenesis of liver fibrosis, the underlying molecular mechanisms and its therapeutic value remain largely unknown. In the present study, we investigated the biological roles of CD147 in liver fibrosis and assessed its therapeutic value as a target molecule in the CCl4-induced liver fibrosis mouse model. We found that CD147 was highly expressed in both hepatocytes and SECs (sinusoidal endothelial cells) in fibrotic liver tissues. Additionally, it was significantly associated with the fibrosis stage...
October 1, 2015: Clinical Science (1979-)
Ruyi Shi, Heyang Cui, Yanghui Bi, Xun Huang, Bin Song, Caixia Cheng, Ling Zhang, Jing Liu, Chanting He, Fang Wang, Zhiwu Jia, Bin Yang, Juan Wang, Jinyao Dong, Zhijie DU, Shuaishuai Xiao, Yongping Cui, Xiaolong Cheng
Esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC) is one of the most common types of cancer in China. Artesunate (ART) is used clinically as an anti-malarial agent and exhibits potent antiproliferative activity. In addition, ART has demonstrated remarkable antitumor activity, presenting a novel candidate for cancer chemotherapy. However, its effect on ESCC remains unknown. The present study analyzed the antitumor effects of ART in the KYSE-150 ESCC line by assessing cell proliferation, cell death, cell migration/invasion and the biomechanical properties of ART-treated KYSE-150 cells...
May 2015: Oncology Letters
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