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Xiumei Chen, Yongfeng Lai, Xicheng Song, Jinying Wu, Li Wang, Hua Zhang, Zhonglu Liu, Yan Wang
Chronic pharyngitis is characterized as a common inflammation of the pharyngeal mucosa, and anti-inflammatory medications are the common treatment to relieve it. Polysacharides of Citrus grandis L. Osbeck (PCG) and luteolin have been reported to have anti-inflammatory activities. In this study, the protective effects of PCG and luteolin on chronic pharyngitis are evaluated and the underlying mechanisms are explored. PCG and luteolin are administrated to animal models with granuloma, ear edema and chronic pharyngitis and the effects of PCG and luteolin on disease severity are evaluated...
January 2018: International Journal of Immunopathology and Pharmacology
Lajos Jakab
After clearing up the confusion in the previously used nomenclature, the paper discusses the family of small-leucin-rich glycoproteins. After mentioning the family and its role in the organisation of the ground substance and in the regulation of inflammation, one unique molecule of proteoglycans is presented. This molecule is the inter-α-trypsin inhibitor. It has turned out that this peculiar molecule originally contains glycosaminoglycan beside the neutral carbohydrates. After summarizing the numerous connections of the proteoglycan molecule, the "self-sacrificing" nature of the molecule is presented...
April 2018: Orvosi Hetilap
F González-Romo, J J Picazo, A García Rojas, M Labrador Horrillo, V Barrios, M C Magro, P Gil Gregorio, R de la Cámara, A Rodríguez, J Barberán, F Botía Martínez, M Linares Rufo, I Jimeno Sanz, J M Portolés, F Sanz Herrero, J Espinosa Arranz, V García-Sánchez, M Galindo Izquierdo, E Mascarós
Invasive pneumococcal disease (IPD) and pneumococcal pneumonia (PP) represent an important health problem among aging adults and those with certain underlying pathologies and some diseases, especially immunosuppressed and some immunocompetent subjects, who are more susceptible to infections and present greater severity and worse evolution. Among the strategies to prevent IPD and PP, vaccination has its place, although vaccination coverage in this group is lower than desirable. Nowadays, there are 2 vaccines available for adults...
April 2017: Revista Española de Quimioterapia: Publicación Oficial de la Sociedad Española de Quimioterapia
Maria Rosa Machado Prado, Christian Boller, Rosiane Guetter Mello Zibetti, Daiany de Souza, Luciana Lopes Pedroso, Carlos Ricardo Soccol
The search for new bioactive molecules is a driving force for research pharmaceutical industries, especially those molecules obtained from fermentation. The molecules possessing angiogenic and anti-inflammatory attributes have attracted attention and are the focus of this study. Angiogenic activity from kefir polysaccharide extract, via chorioallantoic membrane assay, exhibited a pro-angiogenic effect compared with vascular endothelial factor (pro-angiogenic) and hydrocortisone (anti-angiogenic) activity as standards with an EC50 of 192ng/mL...
November 2016: Microvascular Research
Endre Ludwig, Zsófia Mészner
Infections caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae (pneumococcus) are still meaning a serious health problem, about 40% of community acquired pneumonia (CAP) is due to pneumococcal bacteria in adults requiring hospitalization. The incidence and mortality rate of pneumococcal infections is increasing in the population above 50 years of age. Certain congenital and acquired immunocompromised conditions make the individual susceptible for pneumococcal infection and other chronic comorbidities should be considered as a risk factor as well, such as liver and renal diseases, COPD, diabetes mellitus...
December 14, 2014: Orvosi Hetilap
Q Guo, X Sun, Z Zhang, L Zhang, G Yao, F Li, X Yang, L Song, G Jiang
Effects of a polysacharide from Chinese herbal plant Astragalus membranaceus (APS) on the expression of Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) immediate early proteins Zta, Rta and EA-D in Raji cells were examined. EBV switch from latent to lytic cycle in Raji cells was induced by 12-O-tetradecanoylphorbol-13-acetate (TPA) and sorbol butyrate (SB) and the effects of APS were examined by immunofluorescence, western blotting and flow cytometry. APS in a non-cytotoxic concentration of 30 μg/ml significantly suppressed the expression of Zta, Rta and EA-D during the EBV lytic cycle...
2014: Acta Virologica
J P Métraux
Changes in the uronide, neutral-polysacharide, and cellulose composition of the cell wall ofNitella axillaris Braun were followed throughout development of the internodes and correlated with changes in growth rate. As the cells increased in length from 4 to 80 mm during development, the relative growth rate decreased. Cell wall thickness, as measured by wall density, increased in direct proportion to diameter, indicating that cell-wall stress did not change during elogation. Cell-wall analyses were adapted to allow determination of the composition of the wall of single cells...
November 1982: Planta
M Edwards, P V Bulpin, I C Dea, J S Reid
Particulate enzyme preparations were isolated from developing fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum L.) and guar (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba [L.] Taub.) seed endosperms during the period of galactomannan deposition in vivo. These preparations catalysed the formation of polysacharide products from guanosine 5'-diphosphate (GDP)-mannose, from uridine 5'-diphosphate (UDP)-galactose and from mixtures of the two nucleotides. The products were analysed by solubility, by complete acid hydrolysis, and by selective enzymatic cleavage using pure enzymes of known specificity...
May 1989: Planta
Zuowei Wu, Orhan Sahin, Zhangqi Shen, Peng Liu, William G Miller, Qijing Zhang
Campylobacter jejuni clone SA recently emerged as the predominant cause of sheep abortion in the United States and is also associated with foodborne gastroenteritis in humans. A distinct phenotype of this clone is its ability to induce bacteremia and abortion. To facilitate understanding the pathogenesis of this hypervirulent clone, we analyzed a clinical isolate (IA3902) of clone SA using multi-omics approaches. The genome of IA3902 contains a circular chromosome of 1,635,045 bp and a circular plasmid of 37,174 bp...
2013: Genome Biology and Evolution
Xiao-Hua Liu, Jin Liang, Yuan Ren, Xin-You Wei, De-Mei Feng, Shi-Lan Feng
OBJECTIVE: To elaborate the correlation of chromatography fingerprint of Astragali Radix and the efficacy of improving immunity, and express the effective substances foundation. METHODS: The water extract was given to irrigation stomach of mice for carbon clearance experiment. Associated the peak area of each common peak from HPLC fingerprint and the date of improving immunity, and studied the correlation between fingerprint and efficacy and found out the effective substances foundation of improving immunity in the method of gray correlation analysis...
December 2012: Zhong Yao Cai, Zhongyaocai, Journal of Chinese Medicinal Materials
Rong-Hwa Jan, Teng-Yi Lin, Ya-Chun Hsu, Shiuh-Sheng Lee, Shih-Yen Lo, Mingi Chang, Li-Kuang Chen, Yu-Li Lin
BACKGROUND: Ganoderma lucidum-derived polysaccharide (PS-G) can rapidly and effectively promote the activation and maturation of immature dendritic cells (DCs), suggesting that PS-G possesses the capacity to regulate immune responses. This study aimed to clarify the immunologic effect of PS-G on monocyte-derived dendritic cells (MD-DCs) from asthmatic children allergic to house dust mites. The MD-DCs were stimulated for 24 h with the related allergen, Der p 1, in the presence or absence of PS-G...
2011: BMC Immunology
O Adeola, A J Cowieson
Diets fed to nonruminant animals are composed mainly of feed ingredients of plant origin. A variety of antinutritional factors such as phytin, nonstarch polysaccharides, and protease inhibitors may be present in these feed ingredients, which could limit nutrients that may be utilized by animals fed such diets. The primary nutrient utilization-limiting effect of phytin arises from the binding of 6 phosphate groups, thus making the P unavailable to the animal. The negative charges allow for formation of insoluble phytin-metal complexes with many divalent cations...
October 2011: Journal of Animal Science
Rituraj Niranjan, Chandishwar Nath, Rakesh Shukla
Neuroinflammation is an integral part of neurodegenerative diseases. Lipo-polysacharide (LPS) induces reactive astrogliosis, the cellular manifestation of neuroinflammation, in various models of neurological diseases, but its mechanism of action is still not properly known. The effect of guggulipid and nimesulide on LPS-induced neuroinflammatory changes is also not properly understood. This work demonstrated the mechanism of actions of guggulipid and nimesulide on inflammatory genes expressions in LPS-stimulated rat astrocytoma cells, C6...
July 2011: Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology
R Madar, L Malechova, T Baska
The authors analysed the direct cost associated with treatment of IPI in 156 patients hospitalised with the diagnosis of pneumococcal meningitis at the terciary care Teaching Hospital. The total direct cost for 156 patients was 22,180,080 CZK (Czech Crowns). The average length of hospital stay for the patient with invasive pneumococcal meningitis (IPM) was 23 days. It was possible to conclude, that the direct financial expenses in 156 patients with pneumococcal meningitis would enable 88,337 people to be vaccinated...
2008: Bratislavské Lekárske Listy
Alma Hortensia Serafin Muñoz, Kevin Kubachka, Kazimierz Wrobel, J Felix Gutierrez Corona, Santha K V Yathavakilla, Joseph A Caruso, Katarzyna Wrobel
The incorporation of Se to fungi has been studied, focusing on element distribution among different cellular compartments and, in particular, polysaccharide structures contained in cell walls. Se-enriched mycelia of Pleurotus ostreatus were obtained in submerged cultures. The incorporation of selenium from the growth medium to mycelia was observed with the relative distribution between cytosol plus cell membranes fraction (CCM) and cell walls fraction (CW) of about 44 and 56%, respectively. CCM fractions were analyzed by size exclusion chromatography with on-line UV (280 nm) and ICP-MS detection (80Se)...
May 3, 2006: Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry
Carmen Pérez Rodrigo, Virginia Ruiz Vadillo
Cereals in diets have varied along evolution trends in food patterns. Cereals are starchy foods and are the main source of polysacharides in the diet. In Mediterranean countries, cereals have been used in different ways, though they are mainly used as refined cereals. Wheat bread is one of the most commonly used. In the average Spanish diet, considerable changes have taken place since 1961 leading to a significant decrease in percent energy from carbohydrate. At the same time, percent energy from fat has increased as web as protein intake...
June 2004: Archivos Latinoamericanos de Nutrición
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
October 1961: Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics
T N Iudanova, I F Skokova, O S Talalenkova, L S Gal'braĭkh
Conditions of the obtaining polymer compositions, containing protease C, lysozyme and polysacharide sodium alginate and their properties were developed and investigated. The effect of compositions content on properties of immobilized enzymes were demonstrated.
2003: Antibiotiki i Khimioterapii︠a︡, Antibiotics and Chemoterapy [sic]
T S Zaporozhets
Investigation of polysacharide immunomodulators of marine origin was performed--mitilane, alpha-1,4;1,6-D-glucane, isolated from midia Crenomytilus grayanus, and translam--beta-1,3;1,6-D-glucane isolated from marine algae Laminaria cichorioides were compared. Mechanisms of phagocytes cells activation were investigated. Dose-dependent ability of investigated bioglycanes to facilitate Fc gamma R [symbol: see text] C3bR expression at mice splenocytes was demonstrated in vivo and in vitro. The effect depended on immunomodulator type, incubation conditions, dose, period of incubation in vitro and by splenocytes population used for Fc gamma R and C3bR identification...
2003: Antibiotiki i Khimioterapii︠a︡, Antibiotics and Chemoterapy [sic]
Jun Gao, Michael W Bauer, Keith R Shockley, Marybeth A Pysz, Robert M Kelly
Pyrococcus furiosus was found to grow on chitin, adding this polysacharide to the inventory of carbohydrates utilized by this hyperthermophilic archaeon. Accordingly, two open reading frames (chiA [Pf1234] and chiB [Pf1233]) were identified in the genome of P. furiosus, which encodes chitinases with sequence similarity to proteins from the glycosyl hydrolase family 18 in less-thermophilic organisms. Both enzymes contain multiple domains that consist of at least one binding domain and one catalytic domain. ChiA (ca...
June 2003: Applied and Environmental Microbiology
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