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father of light

Walter R Schumm
Are the outcomes for children of gay, lesbian, or bisexual parents in general the same as those for heterosexual parents? That controversial question is discussed here in a detailed review of the social science literature in three parts: (1) stability of same-sex parental relationships, (2) child outcomes, and (3) child outcomes in same-sex adoption. Relationship instability appears to be higher among gay and lesbian parent couples and may be a key mediating factor influencing outcomes for children. With respect to part 2, while parental self-reports usually present few significant differences, social desirability or self-presentation bias may be a confounding factor...
September 12, 2016: Psychological Reports
Simon Fitzpatrick, Grant Goodrich
Conwy Lloyd Morgan (1852-1936) is widely regarded as the father of modern comparative psychology. Yet, Morgan initially had significant doubts about whether a genuine science of comparative psychology was even possible, only later becoming more optimistic about our ability to make reliable inferences about the mental capacities of non-human animals. There has been a fair amount of disagreement amongst scholars of Morgan's work about the nature, timing, and causes of this shift in Morgan's thinking. We argue that Morgan underwent two quite different shifts of attitude towards the proper practice of comparative psychology...
July 25, 2016: Journal of the History of Biology
Sébastien Gaumon, Daniel Paquette, Chantal Cyr, Mutsuko Émond-Nakamura, Martin St-André
This 49-family study is the first to explore the father-child relationship in a clinical population of preschoolers (at a tertiary care child psychiatry clinic) and to examine its relation to child anxiety and attachment to the mother. A moderation model of the father-child activation relationship on the relation between attachment to the mother and child anxiety was tested and discussed. Analyses confirmed the expected independence between mother-child attachment and father-child activation as well as the association between mother-child attachment and anxiety...
July 2016: Infant Mental Health Journal
A K Short, K A Fennell, V M Perreau, A Fox, M K O'Bryan, J H Kim, T W Bredy, T Y Pang, A J Hannan
Recent studies have suggested that physiological and behavioral traits may be transgenerationally inherited through the paternal lineage, possibly via non-genomic signals derived from the sperm. To investigate how paternal stress might influence offspring behavioral phenotypes, a model of hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis dysregulation was used. Male breeders were administered water supplemented with corticosterone (CORT) for 4 weeks before mating with untreated female mice. Female, but not male, F1 offspring of CORT-treated fathers displayed altered fear extinction at 2 weeks of age...
2016: Translational Psychiatry
Selina Nath, Lamprini Psychogiou, Willem Kuyken, Tamsin Ford, Elizabeth Ryan, Ginny Russell
BACKGROUND: Increasing evidence suggests that postnatal paternal depression is associated with adverse emotional, behavioural and cognitive outcomes in children. Despite this, few studies have determined the prevalence of fathers' depressive symptoms during the first few years of their children's lives and explored what factors are related to these symptoms. We estimated the prevalence and examined associated risk factors of paternal depressive symptoms in a nationally representative sample of fathers with children aged between 9 months and 7 years old from the Millennium cohort study...
2016: BMC Public Health
Tridip Chatterjee, Suchismita Halder, Amit Chakravarty, Sudipa Chakravarty, Abhijit Chakrabarti
In this report we have tried to explain the reasons behind the difference in the pattern of transfusion requirement between two members of a family with similar β-globin mutation. The father and younger son both are HbE-β, but the father never had transfusion, whereas the younger son takes transfusion monthly. Mother and the elder son are HbEE without any history of transfusion. β-globin mutations of all family members were determined by ARMS-PCR. These were reconfirmed by direct sequencing of β-globin gene...
2016: Scientifica
Jill A Hnatiuk, Kathryn R Hesketh, Esther M F van Sluijs
BACKGROUND: Identifying context-specific correlates of home- and neighbourhood-based physical activity in preschool-aged children may help improve intervention program development for these settings. METHODS: A total of 153 3-4-year-old children were recruited through preschool settings in Cambridgeshire (January-July 2013). Children wore Actiheart accelerometers for ≤7 days to assess their sedentary time (ST), light-(LPA) and moderate- to vigorous-intensity physical activity (MVPA)...
May 11, 2016: European Journal of Public Health
O Mercati, G Huguet, A Danckaert, G André-Leroux, A Maruani, M Bellinzoni, T Rolland, L Gouder, A Mathieu, J Buratti, F Amsellem, M Benabou, J Van-Gils, A Beggiato, M Konyukh, J-P Bourgeois, M J Gazzellone, R K C Yuen, S Walker, M Delépine, A Boland, B Régnault, M Francois, T Van Den Abbeele, A L Mosca-Boidron, L Faivre, Y Shimoda, K Watanabe, D Bonneau, M Rastam, M Leboyer, S W Scherer, C Gillberg, R Delorme, I Cloëz-Tayarani, T Bourgeron
Contactin genes CNTN5 and CNTN6 code for neuronal cell adhesion molecules that promote neurite outgrowth in sensory-motor neuronal pathways. Mutations of CNTN5 and CNTN6 have previously been reported in individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs), but very little is known on their prevalence and clinical impact. In this study, we identified CNTN5 and CNTN6 deleterious variants in individuals with ASD. Among the carriers, a girl with ASD and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder was carrying five copies of CNTN5...
May 10, 2016: Molecular Psychiatry
Tuvia Peri, Ilanit Hasson-Ohayon, Sharon Garber, Rivka Tuval-Mashiach, Paul A Boelen
BACKGROUND: Prolonged grief disorder (PGD) is a potentially disabling condition affecting approximately 10% of bereaved people. It has been suggested that the impaired integration of the loss memory, as expressed in recurrent memories of the loss and disorganization of memory, is involved in the development of PGD. Narrative reconstruction (NR), originally designed for the treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in an integrative therapy module, and consisting of exposure to the loss memory, detailed written reconstruction of the loss memory narrative and an elaboration of the personal significance of that memory for the bereaved, has been shown to be effective in the treatment of intrusion symptoms...
2016: European Journal of Psychotraumatology
Geva Shenkman, Dov Shmotkin
The association between self-perceived parental role and meaning in life (indicated by personal growth and purpose in life) was explored among 82 Israeli gay fathers that were individually matched with 82 heterosexual fathers. Self-perceived parental role was associated with meaning in life and this association was moderated by sexual orientation, demonstrating a significant positive association between self-perceived parental role and meaning in life among gay fathers but not among heterosexual fathers. The results are interpreted in light of the unique parental role gay fathers possibly construct in the context of intentional parenting and through possible life circumstances which appear associated with increased feelings of personal growth and purpose in life...
August 2016: Journal of Family Psychology: JFP
Christian J Cerrada, Jennifer B Unger, Jimi Huh
Perceived smoking prevalence, a strong predictor of actual smoking behavior, may be influenced by the ethnicity and gender of the reference group presented to Korean American emerging adults. Self-identifying Korean and Korean Americans aged 18-25 (N = 475), were invited to complete a 15-20 min online survey about their attitudes towards smoking. Predictors of perceived smoking prevalence were evaluated separately for four reference groups: Caucasian Americans, Korean Americans in general, Korean American men, and Korean American women...
October 2016: Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health
Hong Xia, Hongbo Xu, Xiong Deng, Lamei Yuan, Wei Xiong, Zhijian Yang, Hao Deng
CONCLUSION: This study demonstrates that the gap junction protein beta-2 gene (GJB2) p.R32C and p.L79Cfs*3 variants are associated to a consanguineous family with autosomal recessive non-syndromic hearing loss (ARNSHL). The p.R32C variant is found for the first time in the NSHL patients of Han Chinese origin. The finding sheds new light on the accurate genetic diagnosis and counseling for the family. OBJECTIVE: ARNSHL is a highly heterogeneous genetic disease. ARNSHL usually displays non-progressive congenital or pre-lingual deafness...
August 2016: Acta Oto-laryngologica
Petra Sumasgutner, Gareth J Tate, Ann Koeslag, Arjun Amar
From an evolutionary perspective, recruitment into the breeding population represents one of the most important life-history stages and ultimately determines the effective population size. In order to contribute to the next generation, offspring must survive to sexual maturity, secure a territory and find a mate. In this study, we explore factors influencing both offspring survival and their subsequent recruitment into the local breeding population in a long-lived urban raptor, the black sparrowhawk (Accipiter melanoleucus)...
July 2016: Journal of Animal Ecology
Yvonne Kelly, Alice Goisis, Amanda Sacker, Noriko Cable, Richard G Watt, Annie Britton
BACKGROUND: Drinking in youth is linked to other risky behaviours, educational failure and premature death. Prior research has examined drinking in mid and late teenagers, but little is known about the factors that influence drinking at the beginning of adolescence. Objectives were: 1. to assess associations of parental and friends' drinking with reported drinking among 11 year olds; 2. to investigate the roles of perceptions of harm, expectancies towards alcohol, parental supervision and family relationships on reported drinking among 11 year olds...
2016: BMC Public Health
Mike O'Connor
In light of the Royal Commission into Institutional Child Sexual Abuse, this article analyses the custodial sentences of 143 Australian Catholic clergy. The majority of these sentences were for convictions for indecent assault for which the median sentence was two years' imprisonment. It is doubtful whether the Australian community would consider such sentences as adequate, particularly where offences were against children. Current Australian legislation allows for ongoing long-term sanctions, including judicial orders for chemical castration, to be imposed on convicted sex offenders, especially those assessed as being at high risk of re-offending...
December 2015: Journal of Law and Medicine
Akshatha Desai, John J Connolly, Michael March, Cuiping Hou, Rosetta Chiavacci, Cecilia Kim, Gholson Lyon, Dexter Hadley, Hakon Hakonarson
BACKGROUND: Ehlers Danlos Syndrome is a rare form of inherited connective tissue disorder, which primarily affects skin, joints, muscle, and blood cells. The current study aimed at finding the mutation that causing EDS type VII C also known as "Dermatosparaxis" in this family. METHODS: Through systematic data querying of the electronic medical records (EMRs) of over 80,000 individuals, we recently identified an EDS family that indicate an autosomal dominant inheritance...
2016: BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders
Naixue Cui, Jia Xue, Cynthia A Connolly, Jianghong Liu
Child maltreatment is a public health problem worldwide, and China is no exception. However, the pattern of child maltreatment remains unknown, including whether the gender of children and their parents has an impact on the occurrence of maltreatment. This study aims at examining the rates and frequency of child maltreatment, including physical abuse, psychological abuse and neglect perpetrated by mothers and fathers. We also test whether the interaction between parents' gender and their child's gender affects the occurrence of child maltreatment in China...
April 2016: Child Abuse & Neglect
Moniak Urbaniak, Robert Z Spaczyński
Criminal Law Codification Commission, acting at the Ministry of Justice prepared proposals for amendments in the Polish Penal Code, related to offenses against life and health that were presented to the public in 2013. The draft provides for the protection of the child in the prenatal stage, introducing a new category of the entity to be protected, which is "unborn child" and "unborn child able to live outside the mother's body". These regulations provide for mothers criminal liability and responsibility of the medical staff (a doctor), as well as the child's father to the extent in which he is obliged to take steps aimed at rescuing the fetus...
October 2015: Ginekologia Polska
Steven L Baumann, Marybeth Braddick
The following article provides an updated discussion on two Parse grounded exploratory descriptive studies in light to her recently added humanbecoming family model. The comments of the fathers and siblings from the studies reveal that family life is unpredictable and that family relationships are paradoxical evolutional emergences of shifting hopes and dreams. The humanbecoming family model provided a useful way to consider fathering and being a sibling, as unexpected unfoldings of joy-sorrow reveal purposeful new possibilities...
January 2016: Nursing Science Quarterly
Suena H Massey, David Reiss, Jenae M Neiderhiser, Leslie D Leve, Daniel S Shaw, Jody M Ganiban
BACKGROUND: Little is known about the characteristics of women who smoke during pregnancy beyond demographic factors. We examined the relationship between novelty seeking, harm avoidance, and self-directedness and (a) abstinence from smoking during pregnancy and (b) average daily cigarette consumption during pregnancy. METHODS: Participants were 826 birth mothers who made adoption placements in the Early Growth and Development Study and completed the Temperament and Character Inventory - Short Form, and interview-based smoking assessments 3-6 months postpartum...
January 2016: Neurotoxicology and Teratology
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