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Zheng Dai, I G Rosen, Chuming Wang, Nancy Barnett, Susan E Luczak
Alcohol researchers/clinicians have two ways to collect subject /patient field data, standard-drink self-report and the breath analyzer, neither of which is passive or accurate because active subject participation is required. Transdermal alcohol sensors have been developed to measure transdermal alcohol concentration (TAC), but they are used primarily as abstinence monitors because converting TAC into more meaningful blood/breath alcohol concentration (BAC/BrAC) is difficult. In this paper, BAC/BrAC is estimated from TAC by first calibrating forward distributed parameter-based convolution models for ethanol transport from the blood through the skin using patient-collected drinking data for a single drinking episode and a nonlinear pharmacokinetic metabolic absorption/elimination model to estimate BAC...
October 1, 2016: Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering: MBE
Saira Parveen Jolly, Mahfuzar Rahman, Kaosar Afsana, Fakir Md Yunus, Ahmed M R Chowdhury
BACKGROUND: A continuous influx of poor people to urban slums poses a challenge to Bangladesh's health system as it has failed to tackle maternal morbidity and mortality. BRAC is the largest non-governmental organisation in Bangladesh. BRAC has been working to reduce maternal, neonatal and under-five children morbidity and mortality of slum dwellers in cities. BRAC has been doing this work for a decade through a programme called MANOSHI. This programme provides door-to-door services to its beneficiaries through community health workers (CHWs) and normal delivery service through its delivery and maternity centres...
2016: PloS One
Maximilian Von Laffert, Mathias Hänel, Manfred Dietel, Ioannis Anagnostopoulos, Korinna Jöhrens
The effect of imatinib on T and B cells in patients with chronic myelogenous leukaemia (CML) is not well understood. An upregulation of the transcription factor Broad-complex-Tramtrack-Bric-a-Brac and Cap'n'collar 1 bZip transcription factor 2 (BACH2), which is involved in the development and differentiation of B cells, was demonstrated in a CML cell line treated with imatinib. The present study retrospectively analysed the expression and distribution of cluster of differentiation (CD)3, CD20 and BACH2 (per 1,000 cells), as well as the co-expression of CD20 and BACH2, using immunohistochemistry in serial bone marrow trephines obtained from 14 CML patients treated with imatinib in comparison to 17 patients with newly diagnosed CML and 6 control trephines...
October 2016: Oncology Letters
Baptiste Brac, Lionel Rebibo, Jean-Philippe Lemouel, Jean-Marc Regimbeau
INTRODUCTION: Gastric band slippage with formation of a gastric pouch is a frequent complication after gastric banding. There is no consensus on the treatment of this condition, which differs within and between centers. Here, we describe our treatment of a large gastric pouch after gastric band slippage. Despite removal of the band, the pouch caused oral feeding intolerance. METHODS: The video shows our treatment of large gastric pouch following gastric banding and surgical revision...
September 20, 2016: Obesity Surgery
Ryan J Martin, Beth H Chaney, Jennifer Cremeens-Matthews, Karen Vail-Smith
Breath alcohol concentration (BrAC) is a commonly used measure of alcohol intoxication. Because of the potential negative consequences of excessive alcohol consumption, it is important to examine how accurately intoxicated individuals can estimate their BrAC values, especially individuals over the legal BrAC driving threshold (i.e., 0.08%). To better understand perceptions of BrAC values among intoxicated individuals, this field study examined actual BrAC values and BrAC range estimates (0.08% and above, 0...
September 2016: Psychology of Addictive Behaviors: Journal of the Society of Psychologists in Addictive Behaviors
Kamila Rachwał, Aleksandra Boguszewska, Joanna Kopcińska, Magdalena Karaś, Marek Tchórzewski, Monika Janczarek
Rhizobium leguminosarum bv. trifolii is capable of establishing a symbiotic relationship with plants from the genus Trifolium. Previously, a regulatory protein encoded by rosR was identified and characterized in this bacterium. RosR possesses a Cys2-His2-type zinc finger motif and belongs to Ros/MucR family of rhizobial transcriptional regulators. Transcriptome profiling of the rosR mutant revealed a role of this protein in several cellular processes, including the synthesis of cell-surface components and polysaccharides, motility, and bacterial metabolism...
2016: Frontiers in Microbiology
Mahfuzar Rahman, Fakir Md Yunus, Rasheduzzaman Shah, Fatema Tuz Jhohura, Sabuj Kanti Mistry, Tasmeen Quayyum, Bachera Aktar, Kaosar Afsana
OBJECTIVES: We evaluated the impact of the Improving Maternal, Neonatal, and Child Survival (IMNCS) project, which is being implemented by BRAC in rural communities in Bangladesh. METHODS: Four districts received program intervention i.e. trained community health workers to deliver essential maternal, neonatal, and child healthcare and nutrition services while two districts were treated as comparison group. A quasi-experimental study design (compared before-and-after) was undertaken...
2016: PloS One
Noriyuki Suetsugu, Atsushi Takemiya, Sam-Geun Kong, Takeshi Higa, Aino Komatsu, Ken-Ichiro Shimazaki, Takayuki Kohchi, Masamitsu Wada
In green plants, the blue light receptor kinase phototropin mediates various photomovements and developmental responses, such as phototropism, chloroplast photorelocation movements (accumulation and avoidance), stomatal opening, and leaf flattening, which facilitate photosynthesis. In Arabidopsis, two phototropins (phot1 and phot2) redundantly mediate these responses. Two phototropin-interacting proteins, NONPHOTOTROPIC HYPOCOTYL 3 (NPH3) and ROOT PHOTOTROPISM 2 (RPT2), which belong to the NPH3/RPT2-like (NRL) family of BTB (broad complex, tramtrack, and bric à brac) domain proteins, mediate phototropism and leaf flattening...
September 13, 2016: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Akihisa Mino, Anja Troeger, Christian Brendel, Alan Cantor, Chad Harris, Marioara F Ciuculescu, David A Williams
RhoH is a haematopoietic -specific, GTPase-deficient Rho GTPase that plays an essential role in T lymphocyte development and haematopoietic cell migration. RhoH is known to interact with ZAP70 in T cell receptor (TCR) signaling and antagonize Rac GTPase activity. To further elucidate the molecular mechanisms of RhoH in T cell function, we carried out in vivo biotinylation and mass spectrometry analysis to identify new RhoH-interacting proteins in Jurkat T cells. We indentified Kaiso by streptavidin capture and confirmed the interaction with RhoH by co-immunoprecipitation...
August 30, 2016: Small GTPases
Atiya Rahman, Margaret Leppard, Sarawat Rashid, Nauruj Jahan, Hashima E Nasreen
BACKGROUND: This qualitative study explored community perceptions of the components of the behaviour change communication (BCC) intervention of the BRAC Improving Maternal, Neonatal and Child Survival (IMNCS) programme in rural Bangladesh. METHODS: Semi-structured interviews, key informant interviews, focus group discussions and informal group discussions were conducted to elicit community views on interpersonal communication (IPC), printed materials, entertainment education (EE) and mass media, specifically (a) acceptance of and challenges presented by different forms of media, (b) comprehensibility of terms; printed materials and entertainment education and (c) reported influence of BCC messages...
2016: BMC Health Services Research
Tara E Karns-Wright, John D Roache, Nathalie Hill-Kapturczak, Yuanyuan Liang, Jillian Mullen, Donald M Dougherty
AIMS: Monitors of transdermal alcohol concentration (TAC) provide an objective measurement of alcohol consumption that is less invasive than measurements in blood, breath or urine; however, there is a substantial time delay in the onset of TAC compared to blood or breath alcohol concentrations (BrACs). The current study examined the characteristics of the delay between peak TAC and peak BrAC. METHODS: Data was aggregated from three experimental laboratory studies (N = 61; 32 men, 29 women) in which participants wore a TAC monitor and BrAC was monitored while drinking one, two, three, four and five beers in the laboratory...
August 13, 2016: Alcohol and Alcoholism: International Journal of the Medical Council on Alcoholism
Edwin Chaharbakhshi, Jennifer C Jemc
Broad-complex, Tramtrack, and Bric-à-brac/poxvirus and zinc finger (BTB/POZ) family proteins are a diverse family of proteins that are characterized by the presence of a common protein-protein interaction domain, known as the BTB domain. BTB proteins have been identified in poxviruses and many eukaryotes, and have diverse functions, ranging from transcriptional regulation and chromatin remodeling to protein degradation and cytoskeletal regulation. Specificity of function is determined in part by additional domains present in BTB family proteins, as well as by interaction partners...
August 13, 2016: Genesis: the Journal of Genetics and Development
Martin J Richer, Mark L Lang, Noah S Butler
Recent data illustrate a key role for the transcriptional regulator bric-a-brac, tramtrack, and broad complex and cap'n'collar homology (Bach)2 in orchestrating T cell differentiation and function. Although Bach2 has a well-described role in B cell differentiation, emerging data show that Bach2 is a prototypical member of a novel class of transcription factors that regulates transcriptional activity in T cells at super-enhancers, or regions of high transcriptional activity. Accumulating data demonstrate specific roles for Bach2 in favoring regulatory T cell generation, restraining effector T cell differentiation, and potentiating memory T cell development...
August 15, 2016: Journal of Immunology: Official Journal of the American Association of Immunologists
Fanli Zhou, Karen M Qiang, Kathleen M Beckingham
The Drosophila protein Jim Lovell (Lov) is a putative transcription factor of the BTB/POZ (Bric- a-Brac/Tramtrack/Broad/ Pox virus and Zinc finger) domain class that is expressed in many elements of the developing larval nervous system. It has roles in innate behaviors such as larval locomotion and adult courtship. In performing tissue-specific knockdown with the Gal4-UAS system we identified a new behavioral phenotype for lov: larvae failed to burrow into their food during their growth phase and then failed to tunnel into an agarose substratum during their wandering phase...
2016: PloS One
Jeff Boissoneault, Ian Frazier, Ben Lewis, Sara Jo Nixon
BACKGROUND: Previous studies suggest older adults may be differentially susceptible to the acute neurobehavioral effects of moderate alcohol intake. To our knowledge, no studies have addressed acute moderate alcohol effects on the electrophysiological correlates of working memory in younger and older social drinkers. This study characterized alcohol-related effects on frontal theta (FTP) and posterior alpha power (PAP) associated with maintenance of visual information during a working memory task...
September 2016: Alcoholism, Clinical and Experimental Research
Frank H Hennemann, Oskar V Conle, Daniel E Perez-Gelabert
The anareolate New World subfamily Cladomorphinae Bradley & Galil, 1977 is reviewed and keys to the six tribes currently included are presented; these are: Cladomorphini Bradley & Galil, 1977, Cladoxerini Karny, 1923, Cranidiini Günther, 1953, Pterinoxylini n. trib., Hesperophasmatini Bradley & Galil, 1977 and Haplopodini Günther, 1953 rev. stat.. New diagnoses are presented for all these tribes and possible relationships within Cladomorphinae are discusssed. Morphology of the genitalia and egg-structures indicate Cladomorphinae as presently treated to be polyphyletic...
2016: Zootaxa
David W Steadman, Oona M Takano
We describe an extinct species of snipe (Gallinago kakuki, new species) from late Quaternary fossils in the Bahamian Archipelago (Abaco, New Providence, Little Exuma, Long, and Middle Caicos islands). The new species is known as well from fossils on Cuba, and Cayman Brac in the Cayman Islands. This rather large species of snipe was volant, although because of its relatively short carpometacarpus, the primary flight feathers probably were short. The only other species of Gallinago from the West Indies is the extant, migratory G...
2016: Zootaxa
Petar Ivanisević, Milan Ivanisević, Mirko Kontić, Marisa Klancnik
The beginnings of the modern otorhinolaryngology in Croatia started in the second half of the 19th century. Before that, there were only rare attempts of some doctors who published medical papers touching the frame of otorhinolaryngology. Mainly those were the PhD's disertations at Vienna, Budapest and Padua University. Among them there was dr Ivo Manola from Split, who in Padua in 1834 took a doctor's degree dealing with otologic diseases. Dr Nikola Fertilio (Nerezisća the island of Brac, 1861--Trieste, 1928) was the first otorhinolaryngologist out of a hospital in Split and Dalmatia...
April 2016: Collegium Antropologicum
J Davis VanderVeen, Martin H Plawecki, James B Millward, James Hays, David A Kareken, Sean O'Connor, Melissa A Cyders
BACKGROUND: Negative urgency, defined as impulsive risk-taking during extreme negative emotional states, is the most important impulsivity-related trait for alcohol-related problems and alcohol dependence. However, how negative urgency imparts risk for alcohol-related problems is not yet well understood. Therefore, the goal of the current study was to examine how negative urgency relates to separable aspects of the emotional experience and alcohol-seeking behaviors. METHODS: A total of 34 (19 women) community-dwelling, alcohol-using adults aged 21-32 (mean age=24...
August 1, 2016: Drug and Alcohol Dependence
Danielle McCartney, Ben Desbrow, Christopher Irwin
OBJECTIVE: Fatal Vision Goggles (FVG) are image distorting equipment used within driver education programs to simulate alcohol-related impairment. However, there is no empirical evidence comparing the behavioural effects associated with wearing FVG to alcohol intoxication. The purpose of this study was to determine the validity of FVG to produce alcohol-related impairment in simulated driving. METHODS: Twenty-two healthy males (age: 23±3yrs, Mean±SD) participated in a placebo-controlled crossover design study involving four experimental trials...
June 3, 2016: Traffic Injury Prevention
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