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Ilowite, n

Jennifer W Mack, Maya Ilowite, Sarah Taddei
BACKGROUND: Previous work on difficult relationships between patients and physicians has largely focused on the adult primary care setting and has typically held patients responsible for challenges. Little is known about experiences in pediatrics and more serious illness; therefore, we examined difficult relationships between parents and physicians of children with cancer. METHODS: This was a cross-sectional, semistructured interview study of parents and physicians of children with cancer at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Boston Children's Hospital (Boston, Mass) in longitudinal primary oncology relationships in which the parent, physician, or both considered the relationship difficult...
February 15, 2017: Cancer
Sarah Ringold, Audrey Hendrickson, Leslie Abramson, Timothy Beukelman, Peter R Blier, John Bohnsack, Elizabeth C Chalom, Harry L Gewanter, Beth Gottlieb, Roger Hollister, Joyce Hsu, Andrea Hudgins, Norman T Ilowite, Marisa Klein-Gitelman, Carol Lindsley, Jorge M Lopez Benitez, Daniel J Lovell, Tom Mason, Diana Milojevic, Lakshmi N Moorthy, Kabita Nanda, Karen Onel, Sampath Prahalad, C Egla Rabinovich, Linda Ray, Kelly Rouster-Stevens, Natasha Ruth, Michael Shishov, Steven Spalding, Reema Syed, Matthew Stoll, Richard K Vehe, Jennifer E Weiss, Andrew J White, Carol A Wallace, Rachel E Sobel
OBJECTIVE: Few data are available regarding the rates of serious adverse events (SAEs) and important medical events (IMEs) outside of product-based registries and clinical trials for juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA). The Enhanced Drug Safety Surveillance Project (EDSSP) was developed to pilot a novel system to collect SAEs/IMEs in children with JIA. This analysis reports the results from this 4-year (2008-2012) EDSSP. METHODS: Participating physicians were surveyed monthly to ascertain whether their JIA patients experienced an SAE or IME...
April 2015: Arthritis Care & Research
Alexandra L Quittner, Kristen K Marciel, Matthias A Salathe, Anne E O'Donnell, Mark H Gotfried, Jonathan S Ilowite, Mark L Metersky, Patrick A Flume, Sandra A Lewis, Matthew McKevitt, A Bruce Montgomery, Thomas G O'Riordan, Alan F Barker
BACKGROUND: The Quality of Life Questionnaire-Bronchiectasis (QOL-B) is the first disease-specific, patient-reported outcome measure for patients with bronchiectasis. Content validity, cognitive testing, responsivity to open-label treatment, and psychometric analyses are presented. METHODS: Reviews of literature, existing measures, and physician input were used to generate the initial QOL-B. Modifications following preliminary cognitive testing (N = 35 patients with bronchiectasis) generated version (V) 1...
August 2014: Chest
Geraldina Lionetti, Yukiko Kimura, Laura E Schanberg, Timothy Beukelman, Carol A Wallace, Norman T Ilowite, Jane Winsor, Kathleen Fox, Marc Natter, John S Sundy, Eric Brodsky, Jeffrey R Curtis, Vincent Del Gaizo, Solomon Iyasu, Angelika Jahreis, Ann Meeker-O'Connell, Barbara B Mittleman, Bernard M Murphy, Eric D Peterson, Sandra C Raymond, Soko Setoguchi, Jeffrey N Siegel, Rachel E Sobel, Daniel Solomon, Taunton R Southwood, Richard Vesely, Patience H White, Nico M Wulffraat, Christy I Sandborg
The proven effectiveness of biologics and other immunomodulatory products in inflammatory rheumatic diseases has resulted in their widespread use as well as reports of potential short- and long-term complications such as infection and malignancy. These complications are especially worrisome in children who often have serial exposures to multiple immunomodulatory products. Post-marketing surveillance of immunomodulatory products in juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) and pediatric systemic lupus erythematosus is currently based on product-specific registries and passive surveillance, which may not accurately reflect the safety risks for children owing to low numbers, poor long-term retention, and inadequate comparators...
November 2013: Pediatrics
D M Wahezi, N T Ilowite, X X Wu, L Pelkmans, B Laat, L E Schanberg, J H Rand
Children with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) have a high prevalence of antiphospholipid (aPL) antibodies and are at increased risk for aPL-related thrombosis. We investigated the association between annexin A5 anticoagulant activity and antibodies to the domain I portion of β2-glycoprotein I (anti-DI antibodies), and propose a potential mechanism for the pathogenesis of aPL-related thrombosis. Using samples from 183 children with SLE collected during the Atherosclerosis Prevention in Pediatric Lupus Erythematosus (APPLE) trial, we examined resistance to the anticoagulant effects of annexin A5, using the annexin A5 resistance (A5R) assay, and evaluated for anti-DI IgG antibodies...
June 2013: Lupus
Girish B Nair, Jonathan S Ilowite
There are no approved pharmacologic agents to enhance mucus clearance in non-cystic fibrosis (CF) bronchiectasis. Evidence supports the use of hyperosmolar agents in CF, and studies with inhaled mannitol and hypertonic saline are ongoing in bronchiectasis. N-acetylcysteine may act more as an antioxidant than a mucolytic in other lung diseases. Dornase α is beneficial to patients with CF, but is not useful in patients with non-CF bronchiectasis. Mucokinetic agents such as β-agonists have the potential to improve mucociliary clearance in normals and many disease states, but have not been adequately studied in patients with bronchiectasis...
June 2012: Clinics in Chest Medicine
Esi Morgan DeWitt, Yukiko Kimura, Timothy Beukelman, Peter A Nigrovic, Karen Onel, Sampath Prahalad, Rayfel Schneider, Matthew L Stoll, Sheila Angeles-Han, Diana Milojevic, Kenneth N Schikler, Richard K Vehe, Jennifer E Weiss, Pamela Weiss, Norman T Ilowite, Carol A Wallace
OBJECTIVE: There is wide variation in therapeutic approaches to systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) among North American rheumatologists. Understanding the comparative effectiveness of the diverse therapeutic options available for treatment of systemic JIA can result in better health outcomes. The Childhood Arthritis and Rheumatology Research Alliance (CARRA) developed consensus treatment plans and standardized assessment schedules for use in clinical practice to facilitate such studies...
July 2012: Arthritis Care & Research
L E Schanberg, C Sandborg, H X Barnhart, S P Ardoin, E Yow, G W Evans, K L Mieszkalski, N T Ilowite, A Eberhard, L F Imundo, Y Kimura, E von Scheven, E Silverman, S L Bowyer, M Punaro, N G Singer, D D Sherry, D McCurdy, M Klein-Gitelman, C Wallace, R Silver, L Wagner-Weiner, G C Higgins, H I Brunner, L Jung, J B Soep, A M Reed, J Provenzale, S D Thompson
OBJECTIVE: Statins reduce atherosclerosis and cardiovascular morbidity in the general population, but their efficacy and safety in children and adolescents with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) are unknown. This study was undertaken to determine the 3-year efficacy and safety of atorvastatin in preventing subclinical atherosclerosis progression in pediatric-onset SLE. METHODS: A total of 221 participants with pediatric SLE (ages 10-21 years) from 21 North American sites were enrolled in the Atherosclerosis Prevention in Pediatric Lupus Erythematosus study, a randomized double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial, between August 2003 and November 2006 with 36-month followup...
January 2012: Arthritis and Rheumatism
S P Ardoin, L E Schanberg, C Sandborg, E Yow, H X Barnhart, K l Mieszkalski, N T Ilowite, E von Scheven, A Eberhard, D M Levy, Y Kimura, E Silverman, S L Bowyer, L Punaro, N G Singer, D D Sherry, D McCurdy, M Klein-Gitelman, C Wallace, R Silver, L Wagner-Weiner, G C Higgins, H I Brunner, L K Jung, L Imundo, J B Soep, A M Reed
As part of the Atherosclerosis Prevention in Pediatric Lupus Erythematosus (APPLE) Trial, a prospective multicenter cohort of 221 children and adolescents with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) (mean age 15.7 years, 83% female) underwent baseline measurement of markers of cardiovascular risk, including fasting levels of high-density lipoprotein (HDL), low-density lipoprotein (LDL), triglycerides (TG), lipoprotein A (Lpa), homocysteine and high-sensitivity C-reactive protein (hs-CRP). A cross-sectional analysis of the baseline laboratory values and clinical characteristics of this cohort was performed...
October 2010: Lupus
E H Giannini, N T Ilowite, D J Lovell, C A Wallace, C E Rabinovich, A Reiff, G Higgins, B Gottlieb, N G Singer, Y Chon, S-L Lin, S W Baumgartner
OBJECTIVE: This study was undertaken to evaluate the long-term safety and effectiveness of etanercept alone or in combination with methotrexate (MTX) in children with selected categories of juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA). METHODS: Patients ages 2-18 years with rheumatoid factor (RF)-positive or RF-negative polyarthritis, systemic JIA, or extended oligoarthritis were eligible for the study. Patients received MTX alone (> or =10 mg/m(2)/week [ approximately 0...
September 2009: Arthritis and Rheumatism
Michael G Barnes, Alexei A Grom, Susan D Thompson, Thomas A Griffin, Paul Pavlidis, Lukasz Itert, Ndate Fall, Dawn Paxson Sowders, Claas H Hinze, Bruce J Aronow, Lorie K Luyrink, Shweta Srivastava, Norman T Ilowite, Beth S Gottlieb, Judyann C Olson, David D Sherry, David N Glass, Robert A Colbert
OBJECTIVE: To identify differences in peripheral blood gene expression between patients with different subclasses of juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) and healthy controls in a multicenter study of patients with recent-onset JIA prior to treatment with disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs (DMARDs) or biologic agents. METHODS: Peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) from 59 healthy children and 136 patients with JIA (28 with enthesitis-related arthritis [ERA], 42 with persistent oligoarthritis, 45 with rheumatoid factor [RF]-negative polyarthritis, and 21 with systemic disease) were isolated from whole blood...
July 2009: Arthritis and Rheumatism
Thomas A Griffin, Michael G Barnes, Norman T Ilowite, Judyann C Olson, David D Sherry, Beth S Gottlieb, Bruce J Aronow, Paul Pavlidis, Claas H Hinze, Sherry Thornton, Susan D Thompson, Alexei A Grom, Robert A Colbert, David N Glass
OBJECTIVE: To determine whether peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) from children with recent-onset polyarticular juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) exhibit biologically or clinically informative gene expression signatures. METHODS: Peripheral blood samples were obtained from 59 healthy children and 61 children with polyarticular JIA prior to treatment with second-line medications, such as methotrexate or biologic agents. RNA was extracted from isolated mononuclear cells, fluorescence labeled, and hybridized to commercial gene expression microarrays (Affymetrix HG-U133 Plus 2...
July 2009: Arthritis and Rheumatism
Norman Ilowite, Oscar Porras, Andreas Reiff, Sue Rudge, Marilynn Punaro, Alan Martin, Roger Allen, Terry Harville, Yu-Nien Sun, Terry Bevirt, Gary Aras, Brent Appleton
This study assessed the safety and preliminary efficacy of the interleukin-1 receptor antagonist anakinra in patients with polyarticular-course juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA). Eighty-six patients entered a 12-week open-label run-in phase (1 mg/kg anakinra daily, < or =100 mg/day). Fifty responders were randomized to anakinra or placebo in a 16-week blinded phase, followed by a 12-month open-label extension (N = 44). Due to low enrollment, the primary endpoint was changed from efficacy to safety. The incidence and nature of adverse events were similar across all study phases, with the exception of injection site reactions, which were mild to moderate and decreased with time...
February 2009: Clinical Rheumatology
Roopa Seshadri, Brian M Feldman, Norman Ilowite, Gail Cawkwell, Lauren M Pachman
OBJECTIVE: To compare outcomes at 36 months in patients newly diagnosed with juvenile dermatomyositis (DM) treated with aggressive versus standard therapy. METHODS: At diagnosis, 139 untreated juvenile DM patients were given aggressive therapy (intravenous methylprednisolone or oral prednisone 5-30 mg/kg/day; n = 76) or standard therapy (1-2 mg/kg/day; n = 63) by the treating physician. Aggressive therapy patients were more ill at diagnosis. Matching was based on the propensity for aggressive therapy because propensity scoring can reduce confounding by indication...
July 15, 2008: Arthritis and Rheumatism
Ndate Fall, Michael Barnes, Sherry Thornton, Lorie Luyrink, Judyann Olson, Norman T Ilowite, Beth S Gottlieb, Thomas Griffin, David D Sherry, Susan Thompson, David N Glass, Robert A Colbert, Alexei A Grom
OBJECTIVE: Systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) is frequently associated with the development of macrophage activation syndrome. This study was undertaken to better understand the relationship between systemic JIA and macrophage activation syndrome. METHODS: Gene expression profiles were examined in 17 patients with untreated new-onset systemic JIA, 5 of whom showed evidence of subclinical macrophage activation syndrome (of whom 2 eventually developed overt macrophage activation syndrome)...
November 2007: Arthritis and Rheumatism
Lauren M Pachman, Rebecca Lipton, Rosalind Ramsey-Goldman, Eli Shamiyeh, Kathy Abbott, Eduardo P Mendez, Alan Dyer, Deborah Mc Curdy, Larry Vogler, Ann Reed, Gail Cawkwell, Lawrence Zemel, Christy Sandborg, Rafael Rivas-Chacon, Christine Hom, Norman Ilowite, Abraham Gedalia, Jonathan Gitlin, Michael Borzy
OBJECTIVE: To obtain data concerning a history of infection occurring in the 3 months before recognition of the typical weakness and rash associated with juvenile dermatomyositis (JDM). METHODS: Parents or caretakers of children within 6 months of JDM diagnosis were interviewed by the registry study nurse concerning their child's symptoms, environment, family background, and illness history. Physician medical records were reviewed, confirming the JDM diagnosis. RESULTS: Children for which both a parent interview and physician medical records at diagnosis were available (n = 286) were included...
April 15, 2005: Arthritis and Rheumatism
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
February 1964: Journal of Osteopathy
M Carone, N Ambrosino, G Bertolotti, J Bourbeau, V Cuomo, G De Angelis, G Garuti, A Gasparotto, P Giamesio, J Ilowite, F Ioli, R Melchor, M Neri, K Nishimura, L V Oliveira, A Pierobon, A Ramponi, C Rochester, F Salajka, I S Lauro, S Singh, S Zaccaria, J Votto, R Zuwallack, P W Jones, C F Donner
Therapy of patients with chronic respiratory failure is mainly directed at minimizing symptoms in order to improve, or at least to prevent a deterioration of, patients' well-being. Under such circumstances, the perceived effect of therapies on patients' well-being and daily life represents the most important subjective outcome of treatment. Therefore, there is a need to provide a global estimate of health in patients on long term oxygen therapy or overnight home mechanical ventilation. The Maugeri Foundation Respiratory Failure Questionnaire (MRF28) is the first health status ("quality of life") questionnaire specifically developed for use in CRF and its items were selected to be applicable to patients with both obstructive and restrictive diseases...
February 2001: Monaldi Archives for Chest Disease, Archivio Monaldi Per le Malattie del Torace
P J Degotardi, T A Revenson, N T Ilowite
OBJECTIVE: To explore the viability of a quantitative family interview to describe family-level coping strategies used to deal with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA)-related stressors for early and late adolescents. METHOD: A structured interview protocol with 30 adolescents with JRA and family members assessed ways JRA disrupts or changes family functioning. Emotional reactions, sequential phases of family response, and treatment adherence were discussed. Interviews were coded for family-level coping...
October 1999: Arthritis Care and Research: the Official Journal of the Arthritis Health Professions Association
C Hom, N T Ilowite
In addition to juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA) and systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), dermatomyosytis, scleroderma, overlap syndromes, systemic vasculitis, and panniculitis also present in adolescence. The authors discuss the complex epidemiology, diagnosis, clinical features, diagnostic testing, treatment, and prognosis of these diseases.
February 1998: Adolescent Medicine
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