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Symphysis pubis

Yuhong Chen, Chenyang Ji, Biying Wu, Weiqiang Liang, Jinming Zhang
OBJECTIVE: To investigate the application of MEDPOR surgical implant in modified penile elongation. METHODS: The suspensory ligaments were divided, and cavernous bodies of crus were partially mobilized, so as to release part of the cavernous bodies from inferior ramus of pubis. Then, the penis was elongated sufficiently. MEDPOR surgical implants (MEDPOR; high-density porous polyethylene, Howmedica Osteonics Corp. Newnan, Ga) were inserted between the cavernous bodies and pubic symphysis...
October 17, 2016: Annals of Plastic Surgery
T Dias, S Abeykoon, S Kumarasiri, C Gunawardena, G Pragasan, T Padeniya, A Pathmeswaran
OBJECTIVES: To construct symphysis-pubis fundal height (SFH) charts to estimate fetal size in pregnant women with a normal body mass index (BMI) and to describe the variation of SFH measurements according to BMI. METHODS: cross sectional study was carried out at Ampara and Gampaha Districts in Sri Lanka. Women with normal nutritional and health status, normal BMI and minimal environmental constraints on fetal growth, with ultra sound confirmation of dates by fetal crown-rump length measurements between 11 weeks and 13 weeks + six days,had their SFH measured, using non-elastic tape and standard techniques, between 24 and 41 weeks gestation...
2016: Ceylon Medical Journal
Saud M Alfayez, Khalid Allimmia, Ahmad Alshammri, Firas Serro, Rakan Almogbel, Abdullah Bin Dous, Raed Almannie, Jesús Palencia
INTRODUCTION: Urological injuries in pelvic fractures are noticed in 6-15% of the cases. The bladder, due to its anatomical position, is prone to rupture in pelvic fractures. The majority of urinary bladder injuries are either extraperitoneal or intraperitoneal. Nonetheless, both types can occur simultaneously in 6% of the cases. PRESENTATION OF THE CASE: A 45-year-old male was brought to our emergency department after being struck by an automobile. In the absence of signs of urethral injury, a Foley's catheter was inserted revealing gross hematuria...
October 3, 2016: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Gaspar Alberto Motta-Ramírez
BACKGROUND: Trauma is the most common cause of death in young adults. A multidisciplinary trauma team consists of at least a surgical team, an anesthesiology team, radiologic team, and an emergency department team. OBJECTIVE: Recognize the integration of multidisciplinary medical team in managing the trauma patient and which must include the radiologist physician responsible for the institutional approach to the systematization of the trauma patient regarding any radiological and imaging study with emphasis on the FAST (del inglés, Focused Assessment with Sonography in Trauma)/USTA, Whole body computed tomography...
July 2016: Gaceta Médica de México
Avery Whitis, Diane E Elas, Andrea OʼShea, Colleen K Stockdale
OBJECTIVES: The aim of the study was to present a series of women with a history of traditional abdominoplasty or circumferential abdominoplasty (belt lipectomy) with vulvar concerns and anatomic changes. METHODS: We describe 5 women with a history of abdominoplasty who were referred with symptoms of vulvar pain, dyspareunia, lower urinary tract symptoms, and/or lesion/mass. Physical examination revealed elevation of the clitoris on the pubic symphysis with or without retraction of the clitoral hood in each...
October 2016: Journal of Lower Genital Tract Disease
Qi Quan, Lei Hong, Biao Chang, Ruo Xi Liu, Ying Qi Zhang, Qing Zhao, Shi Bi Lu
OBJECTIVES: The study's aim is to calculate the parameters for retrograde insertion points for fixed superior pubic ramus fractures. METHODS: From the pubic symphysis, diameter and length of the screw were measured, as well as the angle between the screw axis and the 3 planes. RESULTS: When the diameter was fixed at 4.5 mm, the maximum lengths were 125 mm and 119 mm. CONCLUSIONS: When the fracture occurs in Zone I, the penetration point could be selected in the pubic symphysis pubis angle to ensure that medial fracture fragments have sufficient screw channel length...
December 2016: Journal of Orthopaedics
A Larbi, L Pesquer, G Reboul, P Omoumi, A Perozziello, P Abadie, P Loriaut, P Copin, E Ducouret, B Dallaudière
BACKGROUND: Recent studies described that MRI is a good examination to assess damage in chronic athletic pubalgia (AP). However, to our knowledge, no studies focus on systematic correlation of precise tendon or parietal lesion in MRI with surgery and histological assessment. Therefore, we performed a case-control study to determine if MRI can precisely assess Adductor longus (AL) tendinopathy and parietal lesion, compared with surgery and histology. HYPOTHESIS: MRI can determine if AP comes from pubis symphysis, musculotendinous or inguinal orifice structures...
October 2016: Orthopaedics & Traumatology, Surgery & Research: OTSR
Kevin C Parvaresh, Vidyadhar V Upasani, James D Bomar, Andrew T Pennock
INTRODUCTION: Variable ossification patterns of the pelvis in skeletally immature patients can make the interpretation of pelvic radiographs challenging. Inconsistencies among prior studies and lack of sex comparisons underscore the need for a more comprehensive characterization of the secondary ossification centers. This study evaluates the chronology and sex differences for appearance and closure of pelvic and proximal femoral secondary ossification centers using computed tomography (CT)...
July 20, 2016: Journal of Pediatric Orthopedics
Kristi L Lewton, Heather L Dingwall
OBJECTIVES: Determining the functional significance of pubic rami is important for reconstructing locomotor behavior of fossil species. The slow loris pelvis, characterized by long pubic rami, is unusual among primates. Long pubic rami may be related to increasing the moment arm of the abdominal musculature during ventroflexion after the termination of hindlimb suspension, which is a common component of slow arboreal quadrupedalism (AQ). Some extant xenarthran species are also slow AQ taxa, and provide an ideal group to test hypotheses of morphologically convergent adaptations to slow AQ...
July 5, 2016: American Journal of Physical Anthropology
Jonathan G Eastman, James C Krieg, Milton L Chip Routt
INTRODUCTION: Operative fixation of a disrupted symphysis pubis helps return alignment and stability to a traumatized pelvic ring. Implant loosening or failure has been demonstrated to commonly occur at some subacute point during the postoperative period. The purpose of this study is to report on a series of patients with traumatic pelvic ring disruptions to determine the incidence and common factors associated with early postoperative symphyseal plate failure before 7 weeks. MATERIALS AND METHODS: 126 patients retrospectively identified with unstable pelvic injuries treated with open reduction and plate fixation of the symphysis pubis and iliosacral screw fixation...
August 2016: Injury
Christian Bamberg, Jan Deprest, Nikhil Sindhwani, Ulf Teichgräberg, Felix Güttler, Joachim W Dudenhausen, Karim D Kalache, Wolfgang Henrich
AIM: Fetal skull molding is important for the adaptation of the head to the birth canal during vaginal delivery. Importantly, the fetal head must rotate around the maternal symphysis pubis. The goals of this analysis were to observe a human birth in real-time using an open magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner and describe the fetal head configuration during expulsion. METHODS: Real-time cinematic MRI series (TSE single-shot sequence, TR 1600 ms, TE 150 ms) were acquired from the midsagittal plane of the maternal pelvis during the active second stage of labor at 37 weeks of gestation...
May 24, 2016: Journal of Perinatal Medicine
C Herren, T Dienstknecht, J Siewe, P Kobbe, H C Pape, F Hildebrand
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
May 2016: Der Unfallchirurg
C Herren, T Dienstknecht, J Siewe, P Kobbe, H C Pape, F Hildebrand
The most frequent causes of chronic instability of the pubic symphysis are sports-related continual overload and traumatic symphyseal injuries. Acute injury of the pubic symphysis may be the result of external forces acting on the anterior pelvic ring or the result of internal forces, such as those arising during parturition. The postpartum form of instability following a complication-free birth is reversible and usually returns to normal within a few months through strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles...
May 2016: Der Unfallchirurg
A El-Assmy, A M Harraz, M Benhassan, A Nabeeh, El Hi Ibrahiem
There is an established association between ED and pelvic fracture urethral injuries (PFUIs). However, ED can occur after the injury and/or the urethral repair. To our knowledge, only one study of erectile function (EF) after urethroplasty for PFUIs used a validated questionnaire. This study was carried out to determine the impact of anastomotic posterior urethroplasty for PFUIs on EF. We retrospectively reviewed the computerized surgical records to identify patients who underwent anastomotic urethroplasty for PFUIs from 1998 to 2014...
July 2016: International Journal of Impotence Research
Elizabeth Phillips, Viviane Khoury, Andrew Wilmot, John D Kelly
A mechanistic link has been suggested between cam-type femoroacetabular impingement and increased stress on the symphysis pubis. This retrospective study was conducted to determine whether there is an increased prevalence of osteitis pubis, as evidenced by imaging, in patients with femoroacetabular impingement compared with age-matched control subjects. Search of a radiologic database of a large academic health institution for all patients with cam-type femoroacetabular impingement diagnosed by magnetic resonance imaging or magnetic resonance arthrogram between January 2000 and October 2013 identified 46 cases...
May 1, 2016: Orthopedics
Serdar Aydın, Rabia Zehra Bakar, Çağrı Arıoğlu Aydın, Pınar Özcan
OBJECTIVES: Determining the accuracy of three-dimensional (3D) sonographic measurement of symphysis pubis (SP) distension in comparison to plain X-ray pelvic radiographs and assessing the interperformer reliability of this method. METHODS: Pelvic X-ray was performed on 86 women who delivered singleton babies within 36 h of delivery then each woman was examined by 3D transperineal ultrasound imaging by two sonogrographers. RESULTS: Measurements of SP with 3D transperineal ultrasonography in comparison to pelvic X-ray showed 95% limits of agreement...
March 2016: Clinical Imaging
Guangchao Sun, Chengguo Yin, Zhiyong Liu, Lubo Wang, Weidong Mu
OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to design and optimize the secure corridor of cross-cannulated screw implantation in pubic symphysis through Orbic 3D (Siemens Medical Solutions, Erlangen, Germany) computerized navigation and to provide an anatomic basis through the study of regional anatomy. METHODS: Fifteen embalmed adult cadavers (8 males, 7 females) were used in this study. All pelvic specimens were placed in the supine position on a radiolucent carbon fiber table...
2016: Acta Orthopaedica et Traumatologica Turcica
Smadar Peleg, Gali Dar, Nili Steinberg, Youssef Masharawi, Israel Hershkovitz
To examine whether the association between spinal alignment and sacral anatomical orientation (SAO) can be detected in skeletal populations, by comparing SAO values in individuals with a typical SD to individuals with normal spinal alignment. 2025 skeletons were screened for Scheuermann's disease. Scheuermann's kyphosis was established by the presence of apophyseal abnormalities associated with more than 5° of anterior wedging in each of three adjacent vertebrae. SAO was measured as the angle created between the intersection of a line running parallel to the superior surface of the sacrum and a line running between the anterior superior iliac spine and the anterior-superior edge of the symphysis pubis (PUBIS)...
2016: SpringerPlus
Zhao-Sheng Yin, Shi-Qiang Tang, Jun-Wen Shi, Fen Chen, Zi-Wei Li, Jia-Ming Wu, Yee-Min Jen
The construction of a conventional prostate needle (seeds) implant template restricts needles tilting or incline insertion when it is necessary to approach a seminal vesicle or to avoid the obstruction of symphysis pubis. To overcome the disadvantages of conventional templates, we developed a special template for guiding needles incline insertion and fixation for prostate needle implant. Phantom needles implantation was performed. Two acrylic boards, each 7.5 cm in width by 7.5 cm in length and 0.5 cm thickness, were drilled with a set of domed holes and cones with embedded template ball inside this combination to provide firm grip and fixation in prostate needle implantation...
2016: Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics
Mahboobul Haque, Nafis Ahmad Faruqi, Syed Mobashir Yunus
INTRODUCTION: The symphysis pubis is formed at the confluence of the pubic bones. Each pubic bone consists of a body and two rami; the superior ramus is joined with the ilium and the inferior ramus with the ischium. The two bones meet in the midline at the pubic symphysis. The two inferior rami at the lower border of pubic symphysis subtend the subpubic angle. In females the subpubic angle is more than 90° and in males it is less than 90°. Most of the previous studies on the subpubic angle have been in children or adults, therefore data on fetuses did merit...
January 2016: Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research: JCDR
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