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Rita García Seoane, Zulema Varela Río, Alejo Carballeira Ocaña, José Ángel Fernández Escribano, Jesús Ramón Aboal Viñas
In this study, we determined the concentrations of As, Cd and Pb in the shaft of all primary flight feathers from ten tawny owl (Strix aluco) specimens, with the aim of selecting which shaft of the corresponding primary feather should be used in biomonitoring surveys to enable inter-individual comparisons of the levels of these metals. The birds had died between 2006 and 2013 and their bodies were stored in the various Wildlife Recovery Centres in Galicia (NW Spain). The analyses revealed a high degree of inter-shaft variability, mainly in the concentrations of As and Cd...
April 7, 2018: Environmental Science and Pollution Research International
Teresa Alejo, Vanesa Andreu, Gracia Mendoza, Victor Sebastian, Manuel Arruebo
Near-infrared (NIR) responsive nanoparticles are of great interest in the biomedical field as antennas for photothermal therapy and also as triggers for on-demand drug delivery. The present work reports the preparation of hollow gold nanoparticles (HGNPs) with plasmonic absorption in the NIR region covalently bound to a thermoresponsive polymeric shell that can be used as an on-demand drug delivery system for the release of analgesic drugs. The photothermal heating induced by the nanoparticles is able to produce the collapse of the polymeric shell thus generating the release of the local anesthetic bupivacaine in a spatiotemporally controlled way...
March 30, 2018: Journal of Colloid and Interface Science
Margaret R Wentz
Recognizing the contribution art has had in the Mayo Clinic environment since the original Mayo Clinic Building was finished in 1914, Mayo Clinic Proceedings features some of the numerous works of art displayed throughout the buildings and grounds on Mayo Clinic campuses as interpreted by the author.
April 2018: Mayo Clinic Proceedings
Gines Luengo-Gil, Enrique Gonzalez-Billalabeitia, Sergio Alejo Perez-Henarejos, Esther Navarro Manzano, Asuncion Chaves-Benito, Elena Garcia-Martinez, Elisa Garcia-Garre, Vicente Vicente, Francisco Ayala de la Peña
BACKGROUND: Angiogenesis is a key process for tumor progression and a target for treatment. However, the regulation of breast cancer angiogenesis and its relevance for clinical resistance to antiangiogenic drugs is still incompletely understood. Recent developments on the contribution of microRNA to tumor angiogenesis and on the oncogenic effects of miR-17-92, a miRNA cluster, point to their potential role on breast cancer angiogenesis. The aim of this work was to establish the contribution of miR-20a, a member of miR-17-92 cluster, to tumor angiogenesis in patients with invasive breast carcinoma...
2018: PloS One
Andrea Ruiz-Alejos, Rodrigo M Carrillo-Larco, J Jaime Miranda, Cheryl A M Anderson, Robert H Gilman, Liam Smeeth, Antonio Bernabé-Ortiz
The aim of this study was to estimate the incidence of T2DM in three population groups: rural, rural-to-urban migrants and urban dwellers. Data from the PERU MIGRANT Study was analysed. The baseline assessment was conducted in 2007-2008 using a single-stage random sample and further follow-up was undertaken in 2015-16. T2DM was defined based on fasting glucose and self-reported diagnosis. Poisson regression models and robust variance to account for cluster effects were used for reporting risk ratios (RR) and 95%CI...
April 3, 2018: Scientific Reports
Alberto Inuggi, Claudio Campus, Roberta Vastano, Ghislain Saunier, Alejo Keuroghlanian, Thierry Pozzo
Understanding human motion, to infer the goal of others' actions, is thought to involve the observer's motor repertoire. One prominent class of actions, the human locomotion, has been object of several studies, all focused on manipulating the shape of degraded human figures like point-light walker (PLW) stimuli, represented as walking on the spot. Nevertheless, since the main goal of the locomotor function is to displace the whole body from one position to the other, these stimuli might not fully represent a goal-directed action and thus might not be able to induce the same motor resonance mechanism expected when observing a natural locomotion...
2018: Frontiers in Psychology
Maria Salgado, Albert Garcia-Minambres, Judith Dalmau, Esther Jiménez-Moyano, Pompeyo Viciana, Belén Alejos, Bonaventura Clotet, Julia G Prado, Javier Martinez-Picado
Viremic nonprogressors (VNP) constitute a very scarce group of untreated HIV-1-infected individuals who maintain stable CD4+ T cell-counts despite high levels of HIV-1 replication. The specific factors associated to this atypical control of the HIV infection are poorly described. Since specific T-cell responses seem to be one of the main causes of HIV-1 control in elite controllers, herein we study if HIV-1 Gag-specific cytotoxic T lymphocyte (CTL) responses could also modulate disease control in VNP.We characterized immune responses from four VNPs compared to five subjects with standard progression (SP) during the first years of HIV-1 infection...
March 28, 2018: Journal of Virology
Maria Alejo, Laia Alemany, Omar Clavero, Beatriz Quiros, Susana Vighi, Muhieddine Seoud, Chou Cheng-Yang, Suzanne M Garland, Nuria Juanpere, Josep Lloreta, Sara Tous, Jo Ellen Klaustermeier, Wim Quint, F Xavier Bosch, Silvia de Sanjosé, Belen Lloveras
AIMS: Neuroendocrine tumors (NET) of the cervix are rare tumors with a very aggressive course. The human papillomavirus (HPV) has been linked to its etiology. The objective of this study is to describe HPV prevalence and genotype distribution of NET. METHODS AND RESULTS: Forty-nine tumors with histological neuroendocrine features were identified among 10,575 invasive cervical cancer (ICC) cases from an international study. HPV DNA detection was done using SPF10/DEIA /LiPA25 system...
March 16, 2018: Papillomavirus Research
Alejo Rodriguez-Vida, Joaquim Bellmunt
Metastatic urothelial carcinoma (UC) remains an aggressive disease associated with limited treatment options and a reduced survival. In spite of this, the first-line treatment based on platinum-based combinations has remained virtually unchanged for the last 20-30 years. Similarly, before the advent of the immune checkpoint inhibitors, there were no FDA-approved drugs for second-line therapy. In the last few years, impressive signs of anti-tumor activity have been reported with several immunotherapy agents targeting the programmed cell death-1 (PD-1) pathway...
March 14, 2018: Expert Review of Anticancer Therapy
L Alejo, E Corredoira, F Sánchez-Muñoz, C Huerga, Z Aza, R Plaza-Núñez, A Serrada, M Bret-Zurita, M Parrón, C Prieto-Areyano, G Garzón-Moll, R Madero, E Guibelalde
Objective: The new 2013/59 EURATOM Directive (ED) demands dosimetric optimisation procedures without undue delay. The aim of this study was to optimise paediatric conventional radiology exams applying the ED without compromising the clinical diagnosis. METHODS: Automatic dose management software (ADMS) was used to analyse 2678 studies of children from birth to 5 years of age, obtaining local diagnostic reference levels (DRLs) in terms of entrance surface air kerma. Given local DRL for infants and chest exams exceeded the European Commission (EC) DRL, an optimisation was performed decreasing the kVp and applying the automatic control exposure...
March 14, 2018: British Journal of Radiology
Natalia Rakislova, Laia Alemany, Omar Clavero, Marta Del Pino, Adela Saco, Beatriz Quirós, Belen Lloveras, Maria Alejo, Gordana Halec, Wim Quint, Silvia de Sanjosé, Jaume Ordi
Most human papillomavirus (HPV)-associated vulvar squamous cell carcinomas (VSCCs) originate from high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesions, also named usual type vulvar intraepithelial neoplasia. However, growing evidence suggests that morphologic studies have limitations in predicting HPV status in vulvar lesions. We aimed to evaluate adjacent intraepithelial lesions in a series of DNA HPV-positive VSCCs, focusing on unusual histologic patterns mimicking differentiated vulvar intraepithelial neoplasia (dVIN) or lichen sclerosus (LS)...
March 2, 2018: American Journal of Surgical Pathology
Marisa Mena, Miren Taberna, Sara Tous, Sandra Marquez, Omar Clavero, Beatriz Quiros, Belen Lloveras, Maria Alejo, Xavier Leon, Miquel Quer, Silvia Bagué, Ricard Mesia, Julio Nogués, Montserrat Gomà, Anton Aguila, Teresa Bonfill, Carmen Blazquez, Marta Guix, Rafael Hijano, Montserrat Torres, Dana Holzinger, Michael Pawlita, Miguel Angel Pavon, Ignacio G Bravo, Silvia de Sanjosé, Francesc Xavier Bosch, Laia Alemany
BACKGROUND: The etiologic role of human papillomaviruses (HPV) in oropharyngeal cancer (OPC) is well established. Nevertheless, information on survival differences by anatomic sub-site or treatment remains scarce, and it is still unclear the HPV-relatedness definition with best diagnostic accuracy and prognostic value. METHODS: We conducted a retrospective cohort study of all patients diagnosed with a primary OPC in four Catalonian hospitals from 1990 to 2013. Formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded cancer tissues were subjected to histopathological evaluation, DNA quality control, HPV-DNA detection, and p16INK4a /pRb/p53/Cyclin-D1 immunohistochemistry...
March 2018: Oral Oncology
Carlos Carballeira, Alesandra Cebro, Rubén Villares, Alejo Carballeira
Although intensive marine fish farming is often assumed to be eco-friendly, the associated activity can lead to chronic exposure of marine organisms to potentially toxic discharges. Moreover, despite the increasing popularity of integrated multi-trophic aquaculture (IMTA), studies of the effects of fish farm effluents are almost non-existent. In the present study, the changes in the toxic potential of effluents from five land-based marine fish farms in NW Spain subjected for different lengths of time to a biodegradation procedure (for 0, 48, 120, and 240 h) were assessed in a battery of bioassays including organisms from different trophic levels (Vibrio fischeri, Isochrysis galbana, and Paracentrotus lividus)...
February 22, 2018: Environmental Science and Pollution Research International
Alfonso Alejo-Armijo, Nicolás Glibota, María P Frías, Joaquín Altarejos, Antonio Gálvez, Sofía Salido, Elena Ortega-Morente
Natural A-type procyanidins have shown very interesting biological activities, such as their proven antiadherence properties against pathogenic bacteria. In order to find the structural features responsible for their activities, we describe herein the design and synthesis of six A-type procyanidin analogues and the evaluation of their antimicrobial and antibiofilm properties against 12 resistant bacteria, both Gram positive and Gram negative, isolated from organic foods. The natural A-type procyanidin A-2, which had known antiadherence activity, was also tested as a reference compound for the comparative studies...
February 21, 2018: Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry
Pau Riera, Gemma Garrido-Alejos, Joana Cardenete, Elisenda Moliner, Edgar Zapico-Muñiz, Daniel Cardona, Noe Garin
BACKGROUND: Parenteral nutrition (PN) is frequently needed in neonatal intensive care. The use of standard PN has emerged as an easy-to-prescribe approach that allows one to have on-site, ready-to-use PN. The aim of this study was to test the physicochemical stability and sterility of 2 specific PN solutions as well as simulate Y-site compatibility with lipid injectable emulsions (ILE). METHODS: Our study considered 2 standard ILE-free PN solutions according to neonatal weight...
February 21, 2018: Nutrition in Clinical Practice
María Juliana Leone, Alejo Salles, Alejandro Pulver, Diego Andrés Golombek, Mariano Sigman
Time representation is a fundamental property of human cognition. Ample evidence shows that time (and numbers) are represented in space. However, how the conceptual mapping varies across individuals, scales, and temporal structures remains largely unknown. To investigate this issue, we conducted a large online study consisting in five experiments that addressed different time scales and topology: Zones of time, Seasons, Days of the week, Parts of the day and Timeline. Participants were asked to map different kinds of time events to a location in space and to determine their size and color...
March 2018: Consciousness and Cognition
Gregorio García, Pablo Palacios, Eduardo Menéndez-Proupin, Ana L Montero-Alejo, José C Conesa, Perla Wahnón
Organic-inorganic hybrid halide perovskites compounds are emerging as new materials with great potential for efficient solar cells. This paper explores the possibility of increasing their photovoltaic efficiency through sub-bandgap absorption by way of the in gap band (IGB) concept. Thus, we assess the formation of an in gap band as well as its effect on the absorption features of Organic-inorganic hybrid halide perovskites CH3NH3PbI3 (MAPI). For this task, we use density functional theory (DFT) as well as many-body perturbation methods along to spin-orbit coupling (SOC) to study structural, energetic and electronic properties of partially Cr-substituted MAPI perovskites (CH3NH3Pb1-xCrxI3)...
February 6, 2018: Scientific Reports
Alejandro Santos-Lozano, Javier Ramos, Alejandro Alvarez-Bustos, Blanca Cantos, Lidia B Alejo, Itziar Pagola, Ana Soria, Constanza Maximiano, Carmen Fiuza-Luces, Luisa Soares-Miranda, Alejandro Lucia, Ana Ruiz-Casado
PURPOSE: Breast cancer (BC) survivors are becoming increasingly predisposed to cardiovascular disease (CVD) mortality. Low cardiorespiratory fitness and physical activity (PA) levels, as well as high values of adiposity indices, contribute to CVD risk. We evaluated adiposity, cardiorespiratory profile, and PA levels in two independent cohorts of BC survivors. METHODS: Data were collected from two groups (99% women) from different areas of Madrid (Spain): group 1, n = 110, age 51...
February 5, 2018: Supportive Care in Cancer: Official Journal of the Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer
Alejo Mancebo, María Varela, María Luisa González-Diéguez, Carmen A Navascués, Valle Cadahía, Alicia Mesa-Álvarez, Luis Rodrigo, Manuel Rodríguez
BACKGROUND: Surveillance for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) intends to detect tumors at an early stage to improve survival. AIM: To assess the frequency and risk factors associated with HCC survceillance failure. METHODS: We analyzed data from 188 consecutive patients diagnosed with HCC within a surveillance program conducted among 1242 cirrhotic patients and based on ultrasonography (US) and alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) testing every three or six months...
January 31, 2018: Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology
Chunxiao Zhang, Nam Hoang, Feng Leng, Lovely Saxena, Logan Lee, Salvador Alejo, Dandan Qi, Anthony Khal, Hong Sun, Fei Lu, Hui Zhang
The pluripotency-controlling stem-cell protein SRY-box 2 (SOX2) plays a pivotal role in maintaining the self-renewal and pluripotency of embryonic stem cells and also of teratocarcinoma or embryonic carcinoma cells. SOX2 is monomethylated at lysine 119 (Lys-119) in mouse embryonic stem cells by the SET7 methyltransferase, and this methylation triggers ubiquitin-dependent SOX2 proteolysis. However, the molecular regulators and mechanisms controlling SET7-induced SOX2 proteolysis are unknown. Here, we report that in human ovarian teratocarcinoma PA-1 cells, methylation-dependent SOX2 proteolysis is dynamically regulated by the LSD1 lysine demethylase and a methyl-binding protein, PHD finger protein 20-like 1 (PHF20L1)...
March 9, 2018: Journal of Biological Chemistry
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