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Natalie Kreitzer, Maggie Huynh, Brandon Foreman
Benign meningiomas uncommonly lead to significant cerebral edema, with only a few cases previously reported in the medical literature. The present study describes the case of a 49-year-old female who had a meningioma resection. She subsequently developed malignant cerebral edema and had episodes that were initially concerning for seizure activity. However, transient blood flow changes concerning for intracranial pressure (ICP) crises, were demonstrated on electroencephalogram (EEG) as well as noninvasive cerebral blood flow monitoring...
January 12, 2018: Brain Sciences
Jin Hyung Lee, Anatol C Kreitzer, Annabelle C Singer, Nicholas D Schiff
Neurological disease drives symptoms through pathological changes to circuit functions. Therefore, understanding circuit mechanisms that drive behavioral dysfunction is of critical importance for quantitative diagnosis and systematic treatment of neurological disease. Here, we describe key technologies that enable measurement and manipulation of neural activity and neural circuits. Applying these approaches led to the discovery of circuit mechanisms underlying pathological motor behavior, arousal regulation, and protein accumulation...
November 8, 2017: Journal of Neuroscience: the Official Journal of the Society for Neuroscience
Limin Wang, Dawei Wang, Bowen Xing, Ying-Cai Tan, Jianyun Huang, Bingqian Liu, Viktoriya Syrovatkina, Cedric Espenel, Geri Kreitzer, Lin Guo, J Jillian Zhang, Xin-Yun Huang
Heterotrimeric G-proteins are essential cellular signal transducers. One of the G-proteins, Gα13, is critical for actin cytoskeletal reorganization, cell migration, cell proliferation, and apoptosis. Previously, we have shown that Gα13 is essential for both G-protein-coupled receptor and receptor tyrosine kinase-induced actin cytoskeletal reorganization such as dynamic dorsal ruffle turnover and cell migration. However, the mechanism by which Gα13 signals to actin cytoskeletal reorganization is not completely understood...
October 25, 2017: Journal of Molecular Biology
Robin R Whitebird, Mary Jo Kreitzer, Gabriela Vazquez-Benitez, Chris J Enstad
Stress associated with diabetes makes managing diabetes harder. We investigated whether mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) could reduce diabetes distress and improve management. We recruited 38 participants to complete an MBSR program. Surveys and lab values were completed at baseline and post-intervention. Participants showed significant improvement in diabetes-related distress (Cohen's d -.71, p < .002), psychosocial self-efficacy (Cohen's d .80, p < .001), and glucose control (Cohen's d -...
January 2018: Social Work in Health Care
Mary S Koithan, Mary Jo Kreitzer, Jean Watson
The principles of integrative nursing and caring science align with the unitary paradigm in a way that can inform and shape nursing knowledge, patient care delivery across populations and settings, and new healthcare policy. The proposed policies may transform the healthcare system in a way that supports nursing praxis and honors the discipline's unitary paradigm. This call to action provides a distinct and hopeful vision of a healthcare system that is accessible, equitable, safe, patient-centered, and affordable...
July 2017: Nursing Science Quarterly
Am Pramodh Bandara Seneviratne, Zeynep Turan, Aurelie Hermant, Patrick Lecine, William O Smith, Jean-Paul Borg, Fanny Jaulin, Geri Kreitzer
Estrogen-related receptor alpha (ERR1) is an orphan nuclear receptor that can bind transcriptional co-activators constitutively. ERR1 expression correlates with poor patient outcomes in breast cancer, heightening interest in this nuclear receptor as a therapeutic target. Because ERR1 has no known regulatory ligand, a major challenge in targeting its activity is to find cellular or synthetic modulators of its function. We identified an interaction between ERR1 and KIF17, a kinesin-2 family microtubule motor, in a yeast-2-hybrid screen...
August 1, 2017: Oncotarget
Matthew A Kreitzer, David Swygart, Meredith Osborn, Blair Skinner, Chad Heer, Ryan Kaufman, Bethany Williams, Lexi Shepherd, Hannah Caringal, Michael Gongwer, Boriana K Tchernookova, Robert Paul Malchow
Self-referencing H+-selective electrodes were used to measure extracellular H+ fluxes from Müller (glial) cells isolated from the tiger salamander retina. A novel chamber enabled stable recordings using H+-selective microelectrodes in a self-referencing format using bicarbonate-based buffer solutions. A small basal H+ flux was observed from the end-foot region of quiescent cells bathed in 24 mM bicarbonate-based solutions, and increasing extracellular potassium induced a dose-dependent increase in H+ flux...
August 30, 2017: Journal of Neurophysiology
David B Nicholas, Avery Calhoun, Anne Marie McLaughlin, Janki Shankar, Linda Kreitzer, Masimba Uzande
Individuals diagnosed with developmental disability and mental illness (a "dual diagnosis") contend with multiple challenges and system-related barriers. Using an interpretive description approach, separate qualitative interviews were conducted with adults with a dual diagnosis (n = 7) and their caregiving parents (n = 8) to examine care-related experiences. Results indicate that individuals with a dual diagnosis and their families experience misunderstanding and stigma. Families provide informal complex care amid insufficient and uncoordinated services but are often excluded from formal care planning...
January 2017: Global Qualitative Nursing Research
A M P B Seneviratne, Zeynep Turan, Aurelie Hermant, Patrick Lecine, William O Smith, Jean-Paul Borg, Fanny Jaulin, Geri Kreitzer
Estrogen-related receptor alpha (ERR1) is an orphan nuclear receptor that can bind transcriptional co-activators constitutively. ERR1 expression correlates with poor patient outcomes in breast cancer, heightening interest in this nuclear receptor as a therapeutic target. Because ERR1 has no known regulatory ligand, a major challenge in targeting its activity is to find cellular or synthetic modulators of its function. We identified an interaction between ERR1 and KIF17, a kinesin-2 family microtubule motor, in a yeast-2-hybrid screen...
May 23, 2017: Oncotarget
Mary Jo Kreitzer
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
July 2017: Explore: the Journal of Science and Healing
Shuqing Xu, Thomas Brockmöller, Aura Navarro-Quezada, Heiner Kuhl, Klaus Gase, Zhihao Ling, Wenwu Zhou, Christoph Kreitzer, Mario Stanke, Haibao Tang, Eric Lyons, Priyanka Pandey, Shree P Pandey, Bernd Timmermann, Emmanuel Gaquerel, Ian T Baldwin
Nicotine, the signature alkaloid of Nicotiana species responsible for the addictive properties of human tobacco smoking, functions as a defensive neurotoxin against attacking herbivores. However, the evolution of the genetic features that contributed to the assembly of the nicotine biosynthetic pathway remains unknown. We sequenced and assembled genomes of two wild tobaccos, Nicotiana attenuata (2.5 Gb) and Nicotiana obtusifolia (1.5 Gb), two ecological models for investigating adaptive traits in nature. We show that after the Solanaceae whole-genome triplication event, a repertoire of rapidly expanding transposable elements (TEs) bloated these Nicotiana genomes, promoted expression divergences among duplicated genes, and contributed to the evolution of herbivory-induced signaling and defenses, including nicotine biosynthesis...
June 6, 2017: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Geri Kreitzer, Monn Monn Myat
Epithelial cells play a key role in insuring physiological homeostasis by acting as a barrier between the outside environment and internal organs. They are also responsible for the vectorial transport of ions and fluid essential to the function of many organs. To accomplish these tasks, epithelial cells must generate an asymmetrically organized plasma membrane comprised of structurally and functionally distinct apical and basolateral membranes. Adherent and occluding junctions, respectively, anchor cells within a layer and prevent lateral diffusion of proteins in the outer leaflet of the plasma membrane and restrict passage of proteins and solutes through intercellular spaces...
March 6, 2017: Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology
Thomas Roseberry, Anatol Kreitzer
The ability to stop ongoing movement is fundamental to animal survival. Behavioural arrest involves the hierarchical integration of information throughout the forebrain, which ultimately leads to the coordinated inhibition and activation of specific brainstem motor centres. Recent advances have shed light on multiple regions and pathways involved in this critical behavioural process. Here, we synthesize these new findings together with previous work to build a more complete understanding of the circuit mechanisms underlying suppression of ongoing action...
April 19, 2017: Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological Sciences
Natalie Kreitzer, Kimberly Hart, Christopher J Lindsell, Brittany Betham, Yair Gozal, Norberto O Andaluz, Michael S Lyons, Jordan Bonomo, Opeolu Adeoye
Patients with mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) with associated intracranial injury, or complicated mTBI, are at risk of deterioration. Clinical management differs within and between institutions. We conducted an exploratory analysis to determine which of these patients are unlikely to have an adverse outcome and may be future targets for less resource intensive care. This single center retrospective cohort study included patients presenting to the ED with blunt complicated mTBI between January 2001 and December 2010...
June 2017: American Journal of Emergency Medicine
Aviad Haramati, Sian Cotton, Jamie S Padmore, Hedy S Wald, Peggy A Weissinger
The high prevalence of physician burnout is of great concern and may begin with observed declines in empathy and increases in stress and burnout in medical and health professions students. While underlying causes have been described, there is less certainty on how to create effective interventions in curricula and workplace. In October 2015, The Center for Innovation and Leadership in Education (CENTILE) at Georgetown University, together with MedStar Health, Georgetown's clinical partner, and six academic institutions sponsored a conference in Washington, DC...
February 2017: Medical Teacher
Mary Jo Kreitzer, Maryanna Klatt
Stress and burnout of healthcare providers has become a major healthcare issue that has implications for not only workforce projections, but the cost and quality of care and the lives of healthcare providers and their families. Burnout, characterized by loss of enthusiasm for work, feelings of cynicism and a low sense of personal accomplishment is associated with early retirement, alcohol use, and suicidal ideation. Healthcare professional "wellbeing" or "care of the caregiver" is a topic that has not been significantly addressed in the education of healthcare professionals...
February 2017: Medical Teacher
Geetika Kharkwal, Karen Brami-Cherrier, José E Lizardi-Ortiz, Alexandra B Nelson, Maria Ramos, Daniel Del Barrio, David Sulzer, Anatol C Kreitzer, Emiliana Borrelli
Typical antipsychotics can cause disabling side effects. Specifically, antagonism of D2R signaling by the typical antipsychotic haloperidol induces parkinsonism in humans and catalepsy in rodents. Striatal dopamine D2 receptors (D2R) are major regulators of motor activity through their signaling on striatal projection neurons and interneurons. We show that D2R signaling on cholinergic interneurons contributes to an in vitro pause in firing of these otherwise tonically active neurons and to the striatal dopamine/acetylcholine balance...
July 6, 2016: Neuron
Hyun Joo Lee, Andrew J Weitz, David Bernal-Casas, Ben A Duffy, ManKin Choy, Alexxai V Kravitz, Anatol C Kreitzer, Jin Hyung Lee
A central theory of basal ganglia function is that striatal neurons expressing the D1 and D2 dopamine receptors exert opposing brain-wide influences. However, the causal influence of each population has never been measured at the whole-brain scale. Here, we selectively stimulated D1 or D2 receptor-expressing neurons while visualizing whole-brain activity with fMRI. Excitation of either inhibitory population evoked robust positive BOLD signals within striatum, while downstream regions exhibited significantly different and generally opposing responses consistent with-though not easily predicted from-contemporary models of basal ganglia function...
July 20, 2016: Neuron
Julianna Pacheco, Rebecca Kreitzer
The stability of abortion opinions suggests that pre-adult factors influence these attitudes more than contemporaneous political events. Surprisingly, however, we know little about the origins of abortion opinions, no doubt because the majority of research focuses on cross-sectional analyses of patterns across cohorts. We use a developmental model that links familial and contextual factors during adolescence to abortion attitudes years later when respondents are between 21 and 38 years old. Findings show that religious adherence and maternal gender role values are significant predictors of adult abortion opinions, even after controlling for contemporaneous religious adherence and the respondents' own views on gender roles...
2016: Public Opinion Quarterly
Neha Ghildayal, Pamela Jo Johnson, Roni L Evans, Mary Jo Kreitzer
BACKGROUND: Many people suffering from low back pain (LBP) have found conventional medical treatments to be ineffective for managing their LBP and are increasingly turning to complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) to find pain relief. A comprehensive picture of CAM use in the LBP population, including all of the most commonly used modalities, is needed. STUDY OBJECTIVE: To examine prevalence and perceived benefit of CAM use within the US LBP population by limiting vs nonlimiting LBP and to evaluate the odds of past year CAM use within the LBP population...
January 2016: Global Advances in Health and Medicine: Improving Healthcare Outcomes Worldwide
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