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Domenico Acanfora, Pietro Scicchitano, Gerardo Casucci, Bernardo Lanzillo, Nicola Capuano, Giuseppe Furgi, Chiara Acanfora, Marialaura Longobardi, Raffaele Antonelli Incalzi, Giuseppe Piscosquito, Marco Matteo Ciccone
BACKGROUND: The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of exercise training on cardiac function in heart failure (HF) patients recently suffering from acute decompensation. Radionuclide ambulatory ventricular function monitoring (VEST) was used to detect variations in cardiac hemodynamics during training period. METHODS: This was a monocentric, randomized, controlled trial. We enrolled 72 HF patients [left ventricle ejection fraction (LVEF) <40%] within two weeks after acute cardiogenic pulmonary edema: 40 in the elderly group, 32 in the middle-aged group...
October 11, 2016: International Journal of Cardiology
Gunilla Malm, Trine B Haugen, Lars Rylander, Aleksander Giwercman
A high sperm DNA fragmentation index (DFI) is associated with reduced fertility. DFI is influenced by the balance between reactive oxygen species and antioxidants. A circannual variation in melatonin, an antioxidant and free radical scavenger, could thus impact semen quality and fertility. The association between the major melatonin metabolite, urine 6-sulfatoxymelatonin (aMT6s), and DFI was analyzed in 110 Oslo men (south of the Arctic Circle) and 86  Tromsoe men (north of the Arctic Circle). Two semen analyses, summer and winter, and four urine samples (early/late summer; early/late winter), were analyzed...
October 14, 2016: Asian Journal of Andrology
Jitin Narula, Usha Kiran, Poonam Malhotra Kapoor, Minati Choudhury, Palleti Rajashekar, Ujjwal Kumar Chowdhary
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the effect of autologous blood harvest (ABH)-induced volume shifts using electrical cardiometry (EC) in patients with pulmonary artery hypertension secondary to left heart disease. DESIGN: Prospective, randomized, controlled trial. SETTING: A tertiary care hospital. PARTICIPANTS: The study comprised 50 patients scheduled to undergo heart valve replacement. INTERVENTIONS: Patients were divided randomly into 2 experimental groups that were distinguished by whether ABH was performed...
July 26, 2016: Journal of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Anesthesia
Poonam Malhotra Kapoor, Rohan Magoon, Rajinder Rawat, Yatin Mehta
Goal-directed therapy (GDT) encompasses guidance of intravenous (IV) fluid and vasopressor/inotropic therapy by cardiac output or similar parameters to help in early recognition and management of high-risk cardiac surgical patients. With the aim of establishing the utility of perioperative GDT using robust clinical and biochemical outcomes, we conducted the present study. This multicenter randomized controlled study included 130 patients of either sex, with European system for cardiac operative risk evaluation ≥3 undergoing coronary artery bypass grafting on cardiopulmonary bypass...
October 2016: Annals of Cardiac Anaesthesia
S A Oliveira, C E M Bicudo
Limnological features of two reservoirs were studied in dry (August 2013) and rainy (January 2014) periods to evaluate the water quality that supply the city of Guarulhos, southeast Brazil. Water samples were collected in three depths and the following characteristics were measured: alkalinity, dissolved O2, free and total CO2, HCO3, soluble reactive silica, dissolved and total nitrogen and phosphorus, and chlorophyll-a. Water transparency was also measured and temperature, pH and electric conductivity profiles were obtained...
September 26, 2016: Brazilian Journal of Biology, Revista Brasleira de Biologia
Hui C Choo, Kazunori Nosaka, Jeremiah J Peiffer, Mohammed Ihsan, Chow C Yeo, Chris R Abbiss
This study examined the test-retest reliability of near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS), laser Doppler flowmetry (LDF) and Doppler ultrasound to assess exercise-induced haemodynamics. Nine men completed two identical trials consisting of 25-min submaximal cycling at first ventilatory threshold followed by repeated 30-s bouts of high-intensity (90% of peak power) cycling in 32.8 ± 0.4°C and 32 ± 5% relative humidity (RH). NIRS (tissue oxygenation index [TOI] and total haemoglobin [tHb]) and LDF (perfusion units [PU]) signals were monitored continuously during exercise, and leg blood flow was assessed by Doppler ultrasound at baseline and after exercise...
September 21, 2016: Journal of Sports Sciences
Gianluca Vernillo, Alfredo Brighenti, Eloisa Limonta, Pietro Trabucchi, Davide Malatesta, Grégoire P Millet, Federico Schena
PURPOSE: To quantify changes in skeletal muscle oxygenation and pulmonary O2 uptake after an extreme ultratrail running bout. METHODS: Before (PRE) and after (POST) the race (330-km, 24000 D±), profiles of vastus lateralis muscle oxygenation (i.e., oxyhaemoglobin, [O2Hb], deoxyhaemoglobin, [HHb], and tissue oxygenation index [TOI]) and O2 uptake (V̇O2) were determined in 14 athletes (EXP) and 12 control adults (CON) during two 4-min constant-load cycling bouts at power outputs of 1 (p1) and 1...
September 6, 2016: International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance
Jia Feng, Yu-ning Guo, Fei Wang, Jun-ping Lü, Qi Liu, Shu-lian Xie, Ge Cheng, Zhang Jian-min
In order to explore the structural characteristics of phytoplankton community and the water quality and the water quality of the Fenhe scenic spot in Taiyuan, the species composition and the biomass of phytoplankton as well as their correlation with the environmental factors were monitored. The survey selected 9 sampling sites along the up and lower reaches in Fenhe scenic spot of Taiyuan, from Chaicun Bridge to Xiangyun Bridge. During the wet season (June-Octoher) in 2014, specimens were collected, qualitative and quantitative investigation on the algae and monitoring on physicochemical indexes of the water were studied...
April 15, 2016: Huan Jing Ke Xue= Huanjing Kexue
Ming Dou, Yan Zhang, Guiqiu Li
Based on the monitoring data of 78 monitoring stations from 2003 to 2012, five key water quality indexes (biochemical oxygen demand: BOD5, permanganate index: CODMn, dissolved oxygen: DO, ammonium nitrogen: NH3-N, and total phosphorus: TP) were selected to analyze their temporal and spatial characteristics in the highly disturbed Huaihe River Basin via Mann-Kendall trend analysis and boxplot analysis. The temporal and spatial variations of water pollutant concentrations in the Huaihe River Basin were investigated and analyzed to provide a scientific basis for water pollution control, water environment protection, and ecological restoration...
September 2016: Environmental Monitoring and Assessment
Jianfeng Liu, Xiang Zhang, Jun Xia, Shaofei Wu, Dunxian She, Lei Zou
Assessing the spatio-temporal variations of surface water quality is important for water environment management. In this study, surface water samples are collected from 2008 to 2015 at 17 stations in the Ying River basin in China. The two pollutants i.e. chemical oxygen demand (COD) and ammonia nitrogen (NH3-N) are analyzed to characterize the river water quality. Cluster analysis and the seasonal Kendall test are used to detect the seasonal and inter-annual variations in the dataset, while the Moran's index is utilized to understand the spatial autocorrelation of the variables...
2016: SpringerPlus
Wei Shi, Jun Xia, Xiang Zhang
Our study analyzed the spatio-temporal trends of four major water quality parameters (i.e., dissolved oxygen (DO), ammonium nitrogen (NH3-N), total phosphorus (TP) and permanganate index (CODMn)) at 17 monitoring stations in one of the most polluted large river basins, Huai River Basin, in China during 2005 to 2014. More concerns were emphasized on the attributions, e.g., anthropogenic actives (land cover, pollution load, water temperature, and regulated flow) and natural factors (topography) to the changes in the water quality...
August 10, 2016: Environmental Science and Pollution Research International
Fabio Sangalli, Leonello Avalli, Matteo Laratta, Francesco Formica, Elena Maggioni, Rosa Caruso, Maria Cristina Costa, Marco Guazzi, Roberto Fumagalli
OBJECTIVE: Weaning from veno-arterial extracorporeal life support is challenging. The objective of this trial was to investigate the endothelial and hemodynamic effects of levosimendan in cardiogenic shock patients supported with veno-arterial extracorporeal life support. DESIGN: This was a prospective observational trial. SETTING: Cardiovascular intensive care unit of a large tertiary care university hospital in Monza, Italy. PARTICIPANTS AND INTERVENTIONS: Flow-mediated dilatation of the brachial artery and hemodynamic parameters were assessed in 10 cardiogenic shock patients supported with veno-arterial extracorporeal life support, before and after the infusion of levosimendan...
March 18, 2016: Journal of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Anesthesia
Xiaobao Zhang, Jiying Feng, Pin Zhu, Hengfei Luan, Yong Wu, Zhibin Zhao
BACKGROUND: Both hypovolemia and hypervolemia are connected with increased morbidity and mortality in the treatment and prognosis of patients. An accurate assessment of volume state allows the optimization of organ perfusion and oxygen supply. Recently, ultrasonography has been used to detect hypovolemia in critically ill patients and perioperative patients. The objective of our study was to assess the correlation between inferior vena cava (IVC) variation obtained with ultrasound and stroke volume variation (SVV) measured by the Vigileo/FloTrac monitor, as fluid responsiveness indicators, in patients undergoing anesthesia for surgery...
July 2016: Journal of Surgical Research
Limao Huang, Jingyong Liu, Yao He, Shuiyu Sun, Jiacong Chen, Jian Sun, KenLin Chang, Jiahong Kuo, Xun'an Ning
Thermodynamics and kinetics of sewage sludge (SS) and water hyacinth (WH) co-combustion as a blend fuel (SW) for bioenergy production were studied through thermogravimetric analysis. In CO2/O2 atmosphere, the combustion performance of SS added with 10-40wt.% WH was improved 1-1.97 times as revealed by the comprehensive combustion characteristic index (CCI). The conversion of SW in different atmospheres was identified and their thermodynamic parameters (ΔH,ΔS,ΔG) were obtained. As the oxygen concentration increased from 20% to 70%, the ignition temperature of SW decreased from 243...
October 2016: Bioresource Technology
Rafael Badenes, María L García-Pérez, Federico Bilotta
PURPOSE OF REVIEW: This review reports recent evidence on intraoperative monitoring of cerebral oximetry and depth of anaesthesia during neuroanaesthesia procedures. RECENT FINDINGS: The clinical benefits of intraoperative monitoring with cerebral oximetry [near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) and brain tissue oxygenation monitoring (brptiO2)] and depth of anaesthesia with bispectral index (BIS) have recently been studied in surgical (carotid endarterectomy, cerebral arteriovenous malformations resection and brain tumour resections) and neuroradiological vascular procedures...
October 2016: Current Opinion in Anaesthesiology
Matthew S Meyerhof, Jesse M Wilson, Michael N Dawson, J Michael Beman
Microbial communities consume oxygen, alter biogeochemistry, and compress habitat in aquatic ecosystems, yet our understanding of these microbial-biogeochemical-ecological interactions is limited by a lack of systematic analyses of low-oxygen ecosystems. Marine lakes provide an ideal comparative system, as they range from well-mixed holomictic lakes to stratified, anoxic, meromictic lakes that vary in their vertical extent of anoxia. We examined microbial communities inhabiting six marine lakes and one ocean site using pyrosequencing of 16S rRNA genes...
June 17, 2016: Environmental Microbiology
Chin Hong Tan, Kathy A Low, Nils Schneider-Garces, Benjamin Zimmerman, Mark A Fletcher, Edward L Maclin, Antonio M Chiarelli, Gabriele Gratton, Monica Fabiani
The human cerebral vasculature responds to changes in blood pressure and demands for oxygenation via cerebral autoregulation. Changes in cerebrovascular tone (vasoconstriction and vasodilation) also mediate the changes in blood flow measured by the BOLD fMRI signal. This cerebrovascular reactivity is known to vary with age. In two experiments, we demonstrate that cerebral pulse parameters measured using optical imaging can quantify changes in cerebral vascular tone, both globally and locally. In experiment 1, 51 older adults (age range=55-87) performed a voluntary breath-holding task while cerebral pulse amplitude measures were taken...
July 2016: Biological Psychology
Wei He, Meilian Chen, Jae-Eun Park, Jin Hur
Few studies have been conducted to examine the spatial heterogeneity of riverine sediment organic matter (SOM) at the molecular level. The present study explored the chemical and molecular heterogeneity of alkaline-extractable SOM from riverine sediments via multiple analytical tools including molecular composition, absorption and fluorescence spectra, and molecular size distributions. The riverine SOM revealed complex and diverse characteristics, exhibiting a great number of non-redundant formulas and high spatial variations...
September 1, 2016: Water Research
Gerardo Tusman, Stephan H Bohm, Fernando Suarez-Sipmann
Pulse oximetry is an undisputable standard of care in clinical monitoring. It combines a spectrometer to detect hypoxemia with a plethysmograph for the diagnosis, monitoring, and follow-up of cardiovascular diseases. These pulse oximetry capabilities are extremely useful for assessing the respiratory and circulatory status and for monitoring of mechanically ventilated patients. On the one hand, the key spectrography-derived function of pulse oximetry is to evaluate a patient's gas exchange that results from a particular ventilatory treatment by continuously and noninvasively measuring arterial hemoglobin saturation (SpO2)...
May 13, 2016: Anesthesia and Analgesia
Cahit Bilgin, Unal Erkorkmaz, Muhammed Kursad Ucar, Nese Akin, Ahmet Nalbant, Ali Nihat Annakkaya
OBJECTIVE: Polysomnography (PSG) remains the gold standard for the diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome (OSAS). While PSG is essential for OSAS, this technique is not suitable for epidemiological investigation due to its high cost. This study aimed to compare a portable monitoring device with PSG for the measurement of parameters related to the diagnosis of OSAS in rural areas. METHODS: We conducted a descriptive study of 155 patients (30 women and 125 men; mean age, 52±12years) who visited to the Hendek Government Hospital Sleep Laboratory between February 2011 and January 2013 Apnoea hypopnea index (AHI), mean levels of O2 (meanO2), desaturation index (DI), and minimum oxygen saturation (minO2) variations as measured using both PSG and a portable Somnocheck Micro (SM) device were compared...
March 2016: Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences Quarterly
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