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Life flight

Xiaoyong Zhang, Junmao Li, Bin Xie, Bei Wu, Shuangxia Lei, Yun Yao, Mingzhen He, Hui Ouyang, Yulin Feng, Wen Xu, Shilin Yang
Cervicitis is an exceedingly common gynecological disorder that puts women at high risk of sexually transmitted infections and induces a series of reproductive system diseases. This condition also has a significant impact on quality of life and is commonly misdiagnosed in clinical practice due to its complicated pathogenesis. In the present study, we performed non-targeted plasma metabolomics analysis of cervicitis in both plasma samples obtained from human patients and plasma samples from a phenol mucilage induced rat model of cervicitis, using ultra-performance liquid chromatography coupled to quadrupole time-of-flight tandem mass spectrometry...
2018: Frontiers in Pharmacology
Anthony J Zera, Neetha Nanoth Vellichirammal, Jennifer A Brisson
The functional basis of life history adaptation is a key topic of research in life history evolution. Studies of wing-polymorphism in the cricket Gryllus firmus have played a prominent role in this field. However, prior in-depth investigations of morph specialization have primarily focused on a single hormone, juvenile hormone, and a single aspect of intermediary metabolism, the fatty-acid biosynthetic component of lipid metabolism. Moreover, the role of diurnal variation in life history adaptation in G. firmus has been understudied, as is the case for organisms in general...
April 12, 2018: Journal of Insect Physiology
Dilbar Mammadova, Ines Marek, Matthias Galiano, Wolfgang Rascher
BACKGROUND: Increased patient mobility and restricted treatment of children with end-stage renal disease forced families from the former Eastern Bloc countries to flee with their children to Germany for adequate medical treatment. METHODS: In a case study, the patients' charts were analysed retrospectively. In structured interviews, parents and patients were asked about their flight routes to Germany, their medical treatment and their integration. RESULTS: From 2003 to 2013, eight children and adolescents with renal failure were treated with dialysis or renal transplantation in Erlangen...
April 12, 2018: Klinische Pädiatrie
Luisa Woestmann, Melanie Gibbs, Helen Hesketh, Marjo Saastamoinen
Infections represent a constant threat for organisms and can lead to substantial fitness losses. Understanding how individuals, especially from natural populations, respond towards infections is thus of great importance. Little is known about immunity in the Glanville fritillary butterfly (Melitaea cinxia). As the larvae live gregariously in family groups, vertical and horizontal transmission of infections could have tremendous effects on individuals and consequently impact population dynamics in nature. We used the Alphabaculovirus type strain Autographa californica multiple nucleopolyhedrovirus (AcMNPV) and demonstrated that positive concentration-dependent baculovirus exposure leads to prolonged developmental time and decreased survival during larval and pupal development, with no sex specific differences...
April 5, 2018: Journal of Insect Physiology
E R Miller, C Wilson, J Chapman, I Flight, A-M Nguyen, C Fletcher, Ij Ramsey
BACKGROUND: Breast cancer (BC) incidence in Australian women aged 45 to 64 years ('middle-aged') has tripled in the past 50 years, along with increasing alcohol consumption and obesity in middle-age women. Alcohol and obesity have been individually associated with BC but little is known about how these factors might interact. Chronic psychological stress has been associated with, but not causally linked to, BC. Here, alcohol could represent the 'missing link' - reflecting self-medication...
April 6, 2018: BMC Public Health
Michael E Miller, Jay Magaziner, Anthony P Marsh, Roger A Fielding, Thomas M Gill, Abby C King, Stephen Kritchevsky, Todd Manini, Mary M McDermott, Rebecca Neiberg, Denise Orwig, Adam J Santanasto, Marco Pahor, Jack Guralnik, W Jack Rejeski
OBJECTIVES: To investigate the heterogeneity of clinically meaningful levels of gait speed relative to self-reported mobility disability (SR-MD). DESIGN: Five longitudinal studies with older adults in different health states (onset of acute event, presence of chronic condition, sedentary, community living) were used to explore the relationship between gait speed and SR-MD. SETTING: Lifestyle Interventions and Independence for Elders Pilot (LIFE-P), LIFE, Trial of Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibition and Novel Cardiovascular Risk Factors (TRAIN), Baltimore Hip Fracture Study (BHS2), Invecchiare in Chianti (InCHIANTI)...
April 2, 2018: Journal of the American Geriatrics Society
Xinda Lin, Laura Corley Lavine
Changes in food availability and crowding are two critical environmental conditions that impact an animal's trajectory toward either reproduction or migration. Many insects facing this challenge have evolved wing polymorpisms that allow them to respond to changing conditions. When conditions favor reproduction, wing polymorphic species produce adults that either have no wings or short, non-functional wings; however, when conditions favor migration, adults with functional wings and robust flight muscles develop...
February 2018: Current Opinion in Insect Science
Andreas T Güntner, Nicolay J Pineau, Paweł Mochalski, Helmut Wiesenhofer, Agapios Agapiou, Christopher A Mayhew, Sotiris E Pratsinis
Earthquakes are lethal natural disasters frequently burying people alive under collapsed buildings. Tracking entrapped humans from their unique volatile chemical signature with hand-held devices would accelerate urban search and rescue (USaR) efforts. Here, a pilot study is presented with compact and orthogonal sensor arrays to detect the breath- and skin-emitted metabolic tracers acetone, ammonia, isoprene, CO2 , and relative humidity (RH), all together serving as sign of life. It consists of three nanostructured metal-oxide sensors (Si-doped WO3 , Si-doped MoO3 , and Ti-doped ZnO), each specifically tailored at the nanoscale for highly sensitive and selective tracer detection along with commercial CO2 and humidity sensors...
April 5, 2018: Analytical Chemistry
Dariusz Jakubas, Lech M Iliszko, Hallvard Strøm, Halfdan H Helgason, Lech Stempniewicz
Background: Foraging strategies of seabird species often vary considerably between and within individuals. This variability is influenced by a multitude of factors including age, sex, stage of annual life cycle, reproductive status, individual specialization and environmental conditions. Results: Using GPS-loggers, we investigated factors affecting foraging flight characteristics (total duration, maximal range, total distance covered) of great skuas Stercorarius skua of known sex breeding on Bjørnøya, Svalbard, the largest colony in the Barents Sea region...
2018: Frontiers in Zoology
Oscar Black, Jingjing Chen, Austin Scircle, Ying Zhou, James V Cizdziel
We modified a popular and inexpensive quadcopter to collect gaseous mercury (Hg) on gold-coated quartz cartridges, and analyzed the traps using cold vapor atomic fluorescence spectrometry. Flight times averaged 16 min, limited by battery life, and yielded > 5 pg of Hg, well above the limit of detection (< 0.2 pg). We measured progressively higher concentrations upon both vertical and lateral approaches to a dish containing elemental Hg, demonstrating that the method can detect Hg emissions from a point source...
March 22, 2018: Environmental Science and Pollution Research International
Xiao-Yu Wang, Xuan Ding, Yong-Fang Yuan, Le-Yi Zheng, Yan Cao, Zhen-Yu Zhu, Guo-Qing Zhang, Yi-Feng Chai, Xiao-Fei Chen, Zhan-Ying Hong
Rhizoma corydalis and Radix Angelicae Dahurica (Yuanhu-Baizhi) herbal medicine pair has been used for thousands of years and has been reported to be potentially active in recent cancer therapy. But the exact active components or fractions remain unclear. In this study, a new comprehensive two-dimensional (2D) 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane (APTES)-decorated MCF7-cell membrane chromatography (CMC)/capcell-C18 column/time-of-flight mass spectrometry system was established for screening potential active components and clarifying the active fraction of Yuanhu-Baizhi pair...
April 2018: Journal of Food and Drug Analysis
Nathan McClane, Walter Jeske, Jeanine M Walenga, Vicki Escalante, Debra Hoppensteadt, Jeffrey Schwartz, Mamdouh Bakhos
Heart failure affects over 5 million people in the United States. Its rising prevalence and the limited supply of donor hearts is increasing the use of mechanical cardiac support with the implantation of continuous-flow ventricular assist devices (CF-VAD). Patients with CF-VAD implants are at risk of complications, specifically adverse hemostatic events such as nonsurgical bleeding and thrombosis. Development of a pump thrombus requires clinical intervention and/or surgical replacement significantly increasing the risk of patient morbidity and mortality...
January 1, 2018: Clinical and Applied Thrombosis/hemostasis
Kim Hébert-Losier, Lina Schelin, Eva Tengman, Andrew Strong, Charlotte K Häger
BACKGROUND: Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) ruptures may lead to knee dysfunctions later in life. Single-leg tasks are often evaluated, but bilateral movements may also be compromised. Our aim was to use curve analyses to examine double-leg drop-jump kinematics in ACL-reconstructed, ACL-deficient, and healthy-knee cohorts. METHODS: Subjects with unilateral ACL ruptures treated more than two decades ago (17-28years) conservatively with physiotherapy (ACLPT , n=26) or in combination with reconstructive surgery (ACLR , n=28) and healthy-knee controls (n=25) performed 40-cm drop-jumps...
March 7, 2018: Knee
Natalia Vladimirovna Mesonzhnik, Natalia Moskaleva, Ksenia Shestakova, Ksenia Kurynina, Pavel Baranov, Natalia Gretskaya, Igor Serkov, Igor Lyubimov, Vladimir Bezuglov, Svetlana Appolonova
OBJECTIVE: Nitroproston is a novel prostaglandin-based compound modified by NO-donating groups with potential application in obstructive respiratory diseases such as asthma and obstructive bronchitis. Nitroproston have been extensively studied using various pharmacological models. Its biological stability is still uncertain. The main aim of the present study was to evaluate Nitroproston stability in vitro, as well as to identify and characterize its major biodegradation products. METHODS: The principal biodegradation products of Nitroproston were identified in vitro using liquid chromatography/ion trap - time-of-flight mass-spectrometry...
March 9, 2018: Drug Metabolism Letters
Tae Soo Kang, Byung Soo Ko, Stavros G Drakos, Josef Stehlik, Steven I Bott, Antigone Koliopoulou, Joseph E Tonna, Megan E Bowen, Kathleen Stoddard, Craig H Selzman, Stephen H McKellar
BACKGROUND: Acute mechanical circulatory support (aMCS) can be a lifesaving therapy for patients with refractory cardiogenic shock. As device safety and technology improve, so will the ability to extend aMCS to patients at remote hospitals. The Intermountain West is unique because of the large geographical area, making transport of critically ill patients a logistical challenge. METHODS: We reviewed our experience of transporting patients in cardiogenic shock over long distances who had already been placed on aMCS: Impella and extracorporeal membrane oxygenator devices...
April 2018: Journal of Surgical Research
Jeroen Spitzen, Willem Takken
The health impact of mosquito-borne diseases causes a huge burden on human societies. Recent vector control campaigns have resulted in promising declines in incidence and prevalence of these diseases, notably malaria, but resistance to insecticides and drugs are on the rise, threatening to overturn these gains. Moreover, several vector-borne diseases have re-emerged, requiring prompt and effective response measures. To improve and properly implement vector control interventions, the behaviour of the vectors must be well understood with detailed examination of mosquito flight being an essential component...
March 2, 2018: Parasites & Vectors
Jeewaka E Mohotti, Nicole S Carter, Victor Jia Wei Zhang, Leon T Lai, Christopher Xenos, Hamed Asadi, Ronil V Chandra
Intracranial aneurysms in the neonate, presenting in the first 4 weeks of life, are exceedingly rare. They appear to have characteristics, including presentation and location, that vary from those found in adults. The authors present a case of a 28-day-old neonate with a ruptured distal middle cerebral artery (MCA) aneurysm. Initial noninvasive imaging with transfontanelle ultrasound and CT confirmed intraparenchymal and subarachnoid hemorrhage. Contrast-enhanced MRI revealed a 14-mm ruptured fusiform MCA aneurysm that was not identified on time-of-flight magnetic resonance angiography (MRA)...
March 2, 2018: Journal of Neurosurgery. Pediatrics
Kyoung-Soon Jang, Young Hwan Kim
Advances in mass spectrometry have enabled the investigation of various biological systems by directly analyzing diverse sets of biomolecules (i.e., proteins, lipids, and carbohydrates), thus making a significant impact on the life sciences field. Over the past decade, matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF MS) has been widely utilized as a rapid and reliable method for the identification of microorganisms. MALDI-TOF MS has come into widespread use despite its relatively low resolving power (full width at half maximum, FWHM: < 5,000) and its incompatibility with tandem MS analysis, features with which other high-resolution mass spectrometers are equipped...
February 28, 2018: Journal of Microbiology / the Microbiological Society of Korea
I Levchenko, S Xu, G Teel, D Mariotti, M L R Walker, M Keidar
Drastic miniaturization of electronics and ingression of next-generation nanomaterials into space technology have provoked a renaissance in interplanetary flights and near-Earth space exploration using small unmanned satellites and systems. As the next stage, the NASA's 2015 Nanotechnology Roadmap initiative called for new design paradigms that integrate nanotechnology and conceptually new materials to build advanced, deep-space-capable, adaptive spacecraft. This review examines the cutting edge and discusses the opportunities for integration of nanomaterials into the most advanced types of electric propulsion devices that take advantage of their unique features and boost their efficiency and service life...
February 28, 2018: Nature Communications
Sarah Chérasse, Boris Baer, Morten Schiøtt, Jacobus J Boomsma
Leaf-cutting ant queens mate with multiple males during a single nuptial flight and store sperm for up to two decades. During mating, males transfer sperm from their accessory testes to the queen bursa copulatrix from where it enters the spermatheca, an insect sperm storage organ that has become highly specialised in long-lived ant queens who never re-mate later in life. Long-term storage without the possibility to obtain new sperm creates an immune defence dilemma, because recognition of non-self cells eliminates infections but may also target irreplaceable sperm and reduce lifetime reproductive success...
February 14, 2018: Journal of Experimental Biology
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