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Lance S Ballester, Amy H Auchincloss, Lucy F Robinson, Stephanie L Mayne
In the USA, little is known about local variation in retail cigarette prices; price variation explained by taxes, bans, and area-level socio-demographics, and whether taxes and hospitality bans have synergistic effects on smoking prevalence. Cigarette prices 2001-2011 from chain supermarkets and drug stores (n = 2973) were linked to state taxes (n = 41), state and county bar/restaurant smoking bans, and census block group socio-demographics. Hierarchical models explored effects of taxes and bans on retail cigarette prices as well as county smoking prevalence (daily, non-daily)...
March 20, 2017: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
Chantal Hulo, Patrick Masson, Edouard de Castro, Andrea H Auchincloss, Rebecca Foulger, Sylvain Poux, Jane Lomax, Lydie Bougueleret, Ioannis Xenarios, Philippe Le Mercier
Viruses are genetically diverse, infect a wide range of tissues and host cells and follow unique processes for replicating themselves. All these processes were investigated and indexed in ViralZone knowledge base. To facilitate standardizing data, a simple ontology of viral life-cycle terms was developed to provide a common vocabulary for annotating data sets. New terminology was developed to address unique viral replication cycle processes, and existing terminology was modified and adapted. The virus life-cycle is classically described by schematic pictures...
2017: PloS One
Borisas Bursteinas, Ramona Britto, Benoit Bely, Andrea Auchincloss, Catherine Rivoire, Nicole Redaschi, Claire O'Donovan, Maria Jesus Martin
Advances in high-throughput sequencing have led to an unprecedented growth in genome sequences being submitted to biological databases. In particular, the sequencing of large numbers of nearly identical bacterial genomes during infection outbreaks and for other large-scale studies has resulted in a high level of redundancy in nucleotide databases and consequently in the UniProt Knowledgebase (UniProtKB). Redundancy negatively impacts on database searches by causing slower searches, an increase in statistical bias and cumbersome result analysis...
2016: Database: the Journal of Biological Databases and Curation
Stephanie L Mayne, Amy H Auchincloss, Kari A Moore, Yvonne L Michael, Loni Philip Tabb, Sandra E Echeverria, Ana V Diez Roux
BACKGROUND: Social features of neighbourhood environments may influence smoking by creating a stressful environment or by buffering stress through social cohesion. However, the association of the overall neighbourhood social environment (NSE) with smoking, and the association of specific neighbourhood social factors with change in smoking behaviour over time, has rarely been examined. METHODS: This study included 5856 adults aged 45-84 years from the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (2000-2012, average follow-up: 7...
November 24, 2016: Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health
Paulina Kaiser, Amy H Auchincloss, Kari Moore, Brisa N Sánchez, Veronica Berrocal, Norrina Allen, Ana V Diez Roux
We investigated the relationships between neighborhood socio-demographic characteristics (socioeconomic status [SES], percentage of Black residents, and percentage of Hispanic residents) and survey-based measures of the social environment (social cohesion, safety) and the physical environment (healthy food environment, walking environment) in six sites from 2000 through 2011. Neighborhood environments were patterned by area SES and racial/ethnic composition, such that higher SES and lower percentage minority neighborhoods had better physical and social environments...
November 2016: Health & Place
Geoffrey P Whitfield, Arthur M Wendel, Amy H Auchincloss
We conducted an ecological study to determine whether parking prices are associated with active commuting across US cities. We obtained parking prices for 107 US cities from the Drexel University Central Business District Public Parking Survey, obtained city prevalence of walking and bicycling to work from the American Community Survey, and used weighted least squares linear regression to explore associations between parking prices and active commuting. After adjusting for several covariates, walking to work was 3...
September 8, 2016: Preventing Chronic Disease
Saxby Pridmore, Stephane Auchincloss, Jamshid Ahmadi
OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to better understand the triggers of suicide, particularly among the ancient Greek and Persian soldiers and commanders. METHOD: 'Herodotus:TheHistories' is a history of the rulers and soldiery who participated in the Greco-Persian wars (492-449 BCE). A new translation (2013) of this manuscript was studied. Accounts of suicide were collected and collated, with descriptions of circumstances, methods, and probable triggers. RESULTS: Nine accounts of suicide were identified...
April 2016: Iranian Journal of Psychiatry
Otto F Kernberg, Robert Michels
This paper originated in a series of dialogues between the authors over a period of approximately one year, focused on present problems (and possible solutions) in psychoanalytic education, internationally but particularly in the U.S. Both authors have been involved in psychoanalytic education and governance over many years and share a concern with where psychoanalysis presently stands and where it is going. They share the experience of being part of what today is a significant minority of psychoanalysts involved in academic pursuits, thus being situated at the boundary between psychoanalysis and university-based psychiatry as professions...
June 2016: Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association
David M Kern, Amy H Auchincloss, Lance S Ballester, Lucy F Robinson
OBJECTIVE: Soda consumption is high in the USA, especially among minorities and individuals of lower socio-economic status (SES); this may be due to its affordable price in relation to healthier alternatives. The objective of the present study was to examine geospatial variation in price of milk and soda, and the price of milk relative to soda, by neighbourhood SES and proportion of Hispanic and black individuals. DESIGN: Retailer soda and milk prices (n 2987; Information Resources, Inc...
June 30, 2016: Public Health Nutrition
Risa Terasawa, Mitsuhiko Iwamoto, Satoru Tanaka, Kosei Kimura, Yuko Takahashi, Hiroya Fujioka, Nayuko Sato, Kanako Kawaguchi, Ayana Ikari, Saki Maezawa, Tomo Tominaga, Junna Matsuda, Nodoka Umezaki, Kazuhisa Uchiyama
Squamous cell carcinoma(SCC)of the breast is a rare disease. We encountered a case of SCC of the breast that relapsed in the early postoperative period and rapidly progressed thereafter. A 38-year-old woman visited our hospital presenting with a tumor in the left breast consisting of a 5-cm mass with an irregularly sharped wall. Fine needle biopsy examination showed squamous cell carcinoma. A modified radical mastectomy by Auchincloss's method was performed on the left breast. SCC was confirmed by histological examination...
June 2016: Gan to Kagaku Ryoho. Cancer & Chemotherapy
Hugh G Auchincloss, Cameron D Wright
Tracheal resection and reconstruction (TRR) and laryngotracheal resection and reconstruction (LTRR) is commonly performed for post-intubation tracheal stenosis, tracheal tumor, idiopathic laryngotracheal stenosis (ILTS), and tracheoesophageal fistula (TEF). Ninety-five percent of patients have a good result from surgery. Complications occur in ~20% of patients, of which half are anastomotic complications. Complications include granulation tissue formation, restenosis of the trachea, anastomotic separation, TEF and tracheoinnominate fistula (TIF), wound infection, laryngeal edema, and glottic dysfunction...
March 2016: Journal of Thoracic Disease
Elizabeth L Auchincloss
Clinicians have long known that successful psychotherapy, including successful psychodynamic psychotherapy, depends upon the interaction between therapist and patient. In other words, it is important to have a strong therapeutic alliance. This article presents the history of the concept of the therapeutic alliance (TA). It also explores three areas of research that have bearing on the TA. The importance of the TA and the extensive research work that pertains to it hold promise for psychodynamic psychiatry, both in terms of understanding, and in the treatment of mental suffering...
March 2016: Psychodynamic Psychiatry
Saxby Pridmore, Stephane Auchincloss
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
February 2016: Australasian Psychiatry: Bulletin of Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists
Richard Summers
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
January 1, 2016: American Journal of Psychiatry
Stephanie L Mayne, Brian K Lee, Amy H Auchincloss
BACKGROUND: Quasi-experimental studies of menu labeling have found mixed results for improving diet. Differences between experimental groups can hinder interpretation. Propensity scores are an increasingly common method to improve covariate balance, but multiple methods exist and the improvements associated with each method have rarely been compared. In this re-analysis of the impact of menu labeling, we compare multiple propensity score methods to determine which methods optimize balance between experimental groups...
2015: PloS One
Amy H Auchincloss, Leandro Martin Totaro Garcia
There is growing interest among urban health researchers in addressing complex problems using conceptual and computation models from the field of complex systems. Agent-based modeling (ABM) is one computational modeling tool that has received a lot of interest. However, many researchers remain unfamiliar with developing and carrying out an ABM, hindering the understanding and application of it. This paper first presents a brief introductory guide to carrying out a simple agent-based model. Then, the method is illustrated by discussing a previously developed agent-based model, which explored inequalities in diet in the context of urban residential segregation...
November 2015: Cadernos de Saúde Pública
Andrew P Loehrer, Alexander T Hawkins, Hugh G Auchincloss, Zirui Song, Matthew M Hutter, Virendra I Patel
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the impact of health insurance expansion on racial disparities in severity of peripheral arterial disease. BACKGROUND: Lack of insurance and non-white race are associated with increased severity, increased amputation rates, and decreased revascularization rates in patients with peripheral artery disease (PAD). Little is known about how expanded insurance coverage affects disparities in presentation with and management of PAD. The 2006 Massachusetts health reform expanded coverage to 98% of residents and provided the framework for the Affordable Care Act...
April 2016: Annals of Surgery
Hugh G Auchincloss, Dean M Donahue
Nerve injuries can cause substantial morbidity after thoracic surgical procedures. These injuries are preventable, provided that the surgeon has a thorough understanding of the anatomy and follows important surgical principles. When nerve injuries occur, it is important to recognize the options available in the immediate and postoperative settings, including expectant management, immediate nerve reconstruction, or auxiliary procedures. This article covers the basic anatomy and physiology of nerves and nerve injuries, an overview of techniques in nerve reconstruction, and a guide to the nerves most commonly involved in thoracic operative procedures...
November 2015: Thoracic Surgery Clinics
S Auchincloss, S Pridmore
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
October 2015: Australasian Psychiatry: Bulletin of Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists
Paul J Christine, Amy H Auchincloss, Alain G Bertoni, Mercedes R Carnethon, Brisa N Sánchez, Kari Moore, Sara D Adar, Tamara B Horwich, Karol E Watson, Ana V Diez Roux
IMPORTANCE: Neighborhood environments may influence the risk for developing type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM), but, to our knowledge, no longitudinal study has evaluated specific neighborhood exposures. OBJECTIVE: To determine whether long-term exposures to neighborhood physical and social environments, including the availability of healthy food and physical activity resources and levels of social cohesion and safety, are associated with incident T2DM during a 10-year period...
August 2015: JAMA Internal Medicine
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