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CD 73

Narendra Kumar, Vandna Kumari, Chand Ram, Bagepalli Sathyanarayana Bharath Kumar, Sunita Verma
The study evaluated the effect of oral intoxication of cadmium and the possible causes of oxidative stress and its preferential accumulation in different organs as well as sub-sequential effects in mice. Twenty-four Swiss albino male mice were divided into three groups viz., normal control group without cadmium chloride (CdCl2), whereas a daily dose of 0.5 and 1.2 mg of CdCl2 was orally administered for a period of a week to dose group 1 (DG-1) and dose group 2 (DG-2), respectively. A significant increase in the severity of cadmium toxicity was observed in animals as evidenced by aggravation in liver enzymes viz...
December 6, 2017: Environmental Science and Pollution Research International
Massimo Amato, Fabiana Zingone, Mario Caggiano, Paola Iovino, Cristina Bucci, Carolina Ciacci
(1) Background: Celiac disease (CD) patients can be affected by mouth and tooth disorders, which are influenced by their gluten-free diet. The aim of our research was to evaluate the pathological conditions of the stomatognathic system observed in celiac patients on a gluten-free diet. (2) Methods: we consecutively recruited celiac patients on a gluten-free diet at our celiac center, as well as healthy volunteers. Two dentists examined all patients/controls and checked them for any mouth disorder. (3) Results: Forty-nine patients affected by celiac disease (age at test 31...
December 4, 2017: Nutrients
Chase S Brewster, Virender K Sharma, Leslie Cizmas, Thomas J McDonald
The Lower Fox River is a 39 mile section which supports approximately 270,000 rural inhabitants across 18 counties, 303,000 metropolitan residents in Green Bay and Appleton, Wisconsin, and several large industrial complexes such as paper mills and power plants. This paper presents the distribution and concentrations of aliphatic (n-alkanes) and aromatic hydrocarbons (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons [PAHs]) as well as total organic carbon (TOC) in the Lower Fox River to identify the sources of hydrocarbon contamination...
December 5, 2017: Environmental Science and Pollution Research International
Haruka Sato, Fumito Okada, Shunro Matsumoto, Akira Sonoda, Kazunari Murakami, Tetsuya Ishida, Hajime Takaki, Masaki Wakisaka, Kouhei Tokuyama, Ryuichi Shimada, Hiromu Mori
RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES: Pulmonary involvement in inflammatory bowel disease may reflect the common embryonic origin of the gastrointestinal tract and the bronchial tree. No studies have compared pulmonary high-resolution computed tomography (HRCT) findings between ulcerative colitis (UC) and Crohn disease (CD). This study aimed to assess the relationship between pulmonary HRCT findings and inflammatory bowel disease activity and to compare HRCT findings between UC and CD. MATERIALS AND METHODS: We retrospectively identified 601 consecutive patients (350 with UC and 251 with CD) who had undergone chest HRCT examinations at our institutions between April 2004 and April 2016...
November 28, 2017: Academic Radiology
Alejandro Avilés-Salas, Myrna Candelaria, Diana Brisa Sevilla-Lizcano, Sebastián Burgos
We report a 73-year-old female patient with Castleman's disease coexistent with large B cell type non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in a right axillary lymphadenopathy. An excisional biopsy was performed: microscopically, the lymph node revealed the presence of numerous plasma cells and small lymphoid cells characteristic of Castleman's disease. An analysis of another portion of the specimen revealed lymphoid cells with large abnormal nuclei gathered locally that were CDD 79+, CD 38+ and MUM-1+ as well as positive for Kaposi sarcoma-associated herpesvirus and negative for Epstein Barr virus encoded RNA-1 (EBER)...
July 2017: Revista Médica de Chile
Xiuling Yin, Yingming Xu, Rong Huang, Qingqing Huang, Zhonglei Xie, Yanming Cai, Xuefeng Liang
Remediation of heavy metal polluted agricultural soil is essential for human health and ecological safety and remediation mechanisms at the microscopic level are vital for their large-scale utilization. In this study, natural sepiolite was employed as an immobilization agent for in situ field-scale remediation of Cd-contaminated paddy soil and the remediation mechanisms were investigated in terms of soil chemistry and plant physiology. Natural sepiolite had a significant immobilization effect for bioavailable Cd contents in paddy soil, and consequently could lower the Cd concentrations of brown rice, husk, straw, and roots of rice plants by 54...
November 27, 2017: Environmental Science. Processes & Impacts
Fergun Yilmaz, Nur Soyer, Ruchan Uslu, Mahmut Tobu, Burcak Karaca, Guray Saydam, Fahri Sahin, Filiz Vural
BACKGROUND: In the literature, risk factors for poor mobilization were tried to identify. However, most of the studies consisted heterogeneous group of patients including both hematologic and oncologic malignancies. In this study, we aimed to identify the risk factors for poor mobilization in adults with solid tumors. METHODS: We enrolled 49(47 men, 2 women) adult patients with solid tumor who were mobilized between September 2007 and February 2017. All the mobilization procedures were performed with G-CSF(10μg/kg/day) with chemotherapy...
November 8, 2017: Transfusion and Apheresis Science
Sabrina Gisele Tobias da Silva, Maiara Aurichio Santos, Claudia Maria de Freitas Floriano, Elaine Buchhorn Cintra Damião, Fernanda Vieira de Campos, Lisabelle Mariano Rossato
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the effects of Dramatic Therapeutic Play (DTP) technique on the degree of anxiety in hospitalized school-age children. METHOD: Randomized clinical trial performed in two hospitals ofSão Paulo, between May and October 2015. The intervention consisted of the application of DTP and the outcome was evaluated through the Child Drawing: Hospital (CD: H) instrument. The Wilcoxon-Mann Whitney, Corrected t, Fisher's exact and Chi-square tests were used in the analysis...
November 2017: Revista Brasileira de Enfermagem
Adnan M Massadeh, Ayat Allah T Al-Massaedh, Sameh Kharibeh
In this study, the concentrations of seven heavy metals including As, Cd, Cr, Cu, Ni, Pb, and Zn in imported canned food samples of different brands including tuna, beef, sardines, and mushroom were determined. Samples were collected from popular Jordanian market, Irbid city, Northern Jordan (44 samples of each type). The metal concentrations in canned food samples were found to be in the range of 1.85-4.50 μg/g for As, 0.42-0.58 μg/g for Cd, 0.47-1.67 μg/g for Cr, 0.73-0.90 μg/g for Cu, 1.08-2.77 μg/g for Ni, 2...
November 20, 2017: Environmental Science and Pollution Research International
Huihan Zhao, Yu He, Huiqiao Huang, Ying Ling, Xuemei Zhou, Qin Wei, Yonghong Lei, Yanping Ying
INTRODUCTION: The aim of our study was to identify the prevalence and risk factors of medical adhesive-related skin injuries (MARSI) at peripherally inserted central catheters (PICC) insertion site in oncology patients. METHODS: A cross-sectional observational study lasting two weeks was carried out in four inpatient departments. Skin assessment data and photographs of skin were collected during PICC maintenance. Other related information came from medical records...
November 8, 2017: Journal of Vascular Access
James P Davidson, Andrew J King, Padmapriya Kumaraswamy, Jeremy S Caldwell, Paul Korner, Robert C Blanks, Jeffrey W Jacobs
INTRODUCTION: Hyperkalemia is a common complication in patients with heart failure or chronic kidney disease, particularly those who are taking inhibitors of the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system. RDX7675, the calcium salt of a reengineered polystyrene sulfonate-based resin, is a potassium binder that is being investigated as a novel treatment for hyperkalemia. This study evaluated the pharmacodynamic effects of RDX7675 in mice, compared to 2 current treatments, sodium polystyrene sulfonate (SPS) and patiromer...
January 1, 2017: Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology and Therapeutics
Alyssa Covelli Colwill, Courtney A Schreiber, Mary D Sammel, Sarita Sonalkar
OBJECTIVES: We sought to evaluate the six-week clinical outcomes (IUD retention, recognized expulsions, ability to visualize or palpate strings, and need for ultrasound evaluation) in women who received a TCu380A PPIUD after vaginal (VD) or Cesarean delivery (CD). STUDY DESIGN: We conducted a retrospective cohort study to examine the six-week retention of TCu380A IUDs placed within ten minutes of placental delivery in VD (n=137) and CD (n=73). We used Student's t-test and Wilcoxon rank sum tests for continuous data and Pearson Chi-squared test and Fisher's exact test for categorical data...
November 8, 2017: Contraception
Yeqing Xie, Jianquan Liao, Yong Yu, Qi Guo, Yingzhen Yang, Junbo Ge, Haozhu Chen, Ruizhen Chen
Dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) is characterized by left ventricular dilation and cardiac fibrosis. Emerging evidence indicated that endothelial‑to‑mesenchymal transition (Endo‑MT) is a crucial event during organ fibrosis. This study was performed to clarify whether Endo‑MT contributed to the progression of cardiac fibrosis in DCM. Cardiac samples from patients with DCM and control were obtained. The presence of endothelial markers, cluster of differentiation (CD)31 and vascular endothelial (VE)‑cadherin, and mesenchymal markers, α smooth muscle actin (SMA) and fibroblast‑specific protein 1 (FSP1) was performed using immunohistochemistry...
November 8, 2017: Molecular Medicine Reports
Jing Liu, Yaming Wang, Yuantao Liu, Zhe Liu, Qu Cui, Nan Ji, Shengjun Sun, Bingxu Wang, Yajie Wang, Xuefei Sun, Yuanbo Liu
The majority of primary central nervous system lymphomas (PCNSLs) are diffuse large B cell lymphoma, characterized by poor prognosis. In the present study, the expression of cluster of differentiation (CD)10, B cell lymphoma (BCL)-6, multiple myeloma-1 (MUM-1), BCL-2, CD138 and Ki-67 was analyzed by immunohistochemistry in 89 Chinese PCNSL cases, and the potential prognostic significance was evaluated. CD10, BCL-6, MUM-1, BCL-2 and CD138 were positive in 16.9 (15/89), 51.7 (46/89), 92.1 (82/89), 73.3 (63/86) and 0% (0/65) of all cases, respectively...
November 2017: Oncology Letters
Obidjon Kodirov, Michael Kersten, Nosir Shukurov, Francisco José Martín Peinado
The assessment of potential trace metal(loid) contamination in tailing dumps and soils was characterized in the Chadak mining area (Uzbekistan). Concentrations of trace elements (V, Cr, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, As, Cd, Sb, Pb) were determined by X-ray fluorescence analysis and compared with background and intervention values (IV). The concentrations of As, Zn, Sb, and Pb were higher in the abandoned than in the active tailing dump, ranging from 42-1689mg/kg for As, 73-332mg/kg for Zn, 14-1507mg/kg for Sb, and 27-386mg/kg for Pb...
October 27, 2017: Science of the Total Environment
Haiying Cui, Mei Bai, Lin Lin
This work describes the effect of cold nitrogen plasma to enhance the antibacterial activity of poly(ethylene oxide) (PEO) nanofibers containing antibacterial agent. Beta-cyclodextrin (β-CD) and tea tree oil (TTO) were used as a host-guest to form water-soluble inclusion complex. The encapsulation efficiency of TTO in inclusion complex could reach 73.23% at 60°C. As antibacterial agent, the inclusion complex was encapsulated into PEO matrix by electrospun. After plasma treatment, the release efficiency of antibacterial agent from PEO nanofibers was improved...
January 1, 2018: Carbohydrate Polymers
John P Vu, Leon Luong, William F Parsons, Suwan Oh, Daniel Sanford, Arielle Gabalski, John Rb Lighton, Joseph R Pisegna, Patrizia M Germano
Background: High-protein diets (HPDs) recently have been used to obtain body weight and fat mass loss and expand muscle mass. Several studies have documented that HPDs reduce appetite and food intake.Objective: Our goal was to determine the long-term effects of an HPD on body weight, energy intake and expenditure, and metabolic hormones.Methods: Male C57BL/6 mice (8 wk old) were fed either an HPD (60% of energy as protein) or a control diet (CD; 20% of energy as protein) for 12 wk. Body composition and food intakes were determined, and plasma hormone concentrations were measured in mice after being fed and after overnight feed deprivation at several time points...
December 2017: Journal of Nutrition
Moon Kee Choi, Jiwoong Yang, Dong Chan Kim, Zhaohe Dai, Junhee Kim, Hyojin Seung, Vinayak S Kale, Sae Jin Sung, Chong Rae Park, Nanshu Lu, Taeghwan Hyeon, Dae-Hyeong Kim
Displaying information on transparent screens offers new opportunities in next-generation electronics, such as augmented reality devices, smart surgical glasses, and smart windows. Outstanding luminance and transparency are essential for such "see-through" displays to show vivid images over clear background view. Here transparent quantum dot light-emitting diodes (Tr-QLEDs) are reported with high brightness (bottom: ≈43 000 cd m(-2) , top: ≈30 000 cd m(-2) , total: ≈73 000 cd m(-2) at 9 V), excellent transmittance (90% at 550 nm, 84% over visible range), and an ultrathin form factor (≈2...
October 25, 2017: Advanced Materials
H Y Hao, Z Q Yang, X X Xu, X F Wang, B Wang, X H Shi, Z D Fu, B Wang, S P Wang
Objective: To explore the relationship between HBeAg in HBsAg positive mothers and CD(4)(+)CD(25)(+)Foxp3(+)regulatory T cells (Treg) in newborns, as well as how they would influence the increasing risk on HBV intrauterine transmission. Methods: We collected information on general demographic characteristics and delivery on 270 HBsAg positive mothers and their newborns from the Third People's Hospital of Taiyuan. Fluorescence quantitative polymerase chain reaction (FQ-PCR) and chemiluminescence immunoassay (CLIA) were used to detect HBV DNA and HBV serological markers in peripheral blood from both mothers and neonates...
October 10, 2017: Zhonghua Liu Xing Bing Xue za Zhi, Zhonghua Liuxingbingxue Zazhi
Ajay Kumar, Sumit Sharma, Rohit Mehra, Priya Kanwar, Rosaline Mishra, Inderpreet Kaur
Radon concentration was measured in water samples of 41 different locations from Udhampur district of Jammu & Kashmir, India, by using RAD7 and Smart RnDuo monitor. The variation of radon concentration in water ranged from 1.44 ± 0.31 to 63.64 ± 2.88 Bq L(-1), with a mean value of 28.73 Bq L(-1) using RAD7 and 0.64 ± 0.28 to 52.65 ± 2.50 Bq L(-1), with a mean value of 20.30 Bq L(-1) using Smart RnDuo monitor, respectively. About 17.07% of the studied water samples recorded to display elevated radon concentration above the reference range suggested by United Nation Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiations (UNSCEAR)...
October 16, 2017: Environmental Geochemistry and Health
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