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nurses' health study II

Leslie V Farland, Rulla M Tamimi, A Heather Eliassen, Donna Spiegelman, Susan E Hankinson, Wendy Y Chen, Stacey A Missmer
OBJECTIVE: To investigate the association between laparoscopically confirmed endometriosis and the risk of breast cancer. Previous research on endometriosis and breast cancer has reported mixed results. METHODS: Our prospective cohort study included 116,430 women from the Nurses' Health Study II cohort followed from 1989 until 2013. Our primary analysis investigated the association between self-reported laparoscopically confirmed endometriosis and the risk of breast cancer...
October 6, 2016: Obstetrics and Gynecology
Brittany M Charlton, Heather L Corliss, Donna Spiegelman, Kerry Williams, S Bryn Austin
OBJECTIVES: To compare changes in self-reported sexual orientation of women living in states with any recognition of same-sex relationships (e.g., hospital visitation, domestic partnerships) with those of women living in states without such recognition. METHODS: We calculated the likelihood of women in the Nurses' Health Study II (n = 69 790) changing their reported sexual orientation between 1995 and 2009. RESULTS: We used data from the Nurses' Health Study II and found that living in a state with same-sex relationship recognition was associated with changing one's reported sexual orientation, particularly from heterosexual to sexual minority...
October 13, 2016: American Journal of Public Health
Abebayehu Bitew Aniley, Tadesse Awoke Ayele, Ejigu Gebeye Zeleke, Assefa Andargie Kassa
BACKGROUND: Early HIV diagnosis and access to treatment is one of the most effective ways to prevent its further spread and to protect the health of those living with the virus. However, delay in diagnosis is the major risk factor for uptake of and response to antiretroviral therapy. METHODS: Institution-based unmatched case-control study design was used in the study. The study was conducted in Debre-Markos and Finote-Selam Hospitals, Northwest Ethiopia. Cases were people living with HIV who had CD4 count <350cells/mm(3) or WHO clinical stage III and IV regardless of the CD4 count at first presentation and controls were those who had CD4 count ≥350cells/mm(3) or WHO clinical stage I and II...
October 12, 2016: BMC Public Health
Kay Choong See, Si Yu Peng, Jason Phua, Chew Lai Sum, Johncy Concepcion
BACKGROUND: Swallowing difficulties are common, and dysphagia occurs frequently in intensive care unit (ICU) patients after extubation. Yet, no guidelines on postextubation swallowing assessment exist. We aimed to investigate the safety and effectiveness of nurse-performed screening (NPS) for postextubation dysphagia in the medical ICU. METHODS: We conducted a retrospective cohort study of mechanically ventilated patients who were extubated in a 20-bed medical ICU...
October 12, 2016: Critical Care: the Official Journal of the Critical Care Forum
Camille Powe, Deirdre K Tobias, Karin Michels, Wendy Y Chen, A Heather Eliassen, JoAnn E Manson, Bernard Rosner, Walter C Willett, Frank B Hu, Cuilin Zhang, Janet W Rich-Edwards, Kathryn M Rexrode
BACKGROUND: Type 2 diabetes is associated with breast cancer in epidemiologic studies. Pregnancy also modifies breast cancer risk. We hypothesized that women with a history of gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM), which shares pathogenesis and risk factors with type 2 diabetes, would have greater invasive breast cancer risk than parous women without a history of GDM. METHODS: We conducted a prospective analysis among parous women in the Nurses' Health Study II, with mean age 35 years in 1989...
October 11, 2016: Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention
Chantal Backman, Saskia E Vanderloo, Toba B Miller, Lisa Freeman, Alan J Forster
OBJECTIVE: This study aimed to compare classification of pressure ulcers from administrative data with a gold standard assessment, specifically; pressure ulcers confirmed by an independent physical assessment performed by trained nurse surveyors. SETTING: A retrospective analysis of pooled cross-sectional samples of inpatients assessed across 3 consecutive prevalence surveys in a large academic health sciences centre between 2012 and 2013. PARTICIPANTS: There were 2001 patients for whom physical and chart assessments were completed, and for whom a discharge abstract was also available at the time of analysis...
October 5, 2016: BMJ Open
Kirsten S Dorans, Jennifer Massa, Tanuja Chitnis, Alberto Ascherio, Kassandra L Munger
OBJECTIVE: To study whether physical activity during adulthood or early life is associated with multiple sclerosis (MS) incidence in 2 prospective cohorts of women. METHODS: Women in the Nurses' Health Study (NHS) (n = 81,723; 1986-2004) and NHS II (n = 111,804; 1989-2009) reported recent physical activity at baseline and in selected follow-up questionnaires. Using this information, we calculated total metabolic equivalent hours of physical activity per week, a measure of energy expenditure...
September 28, 2016: Neurology
Carolyn J Heckman, Jacqueline D Kloss, Diane Feskanich, Elizabeth Culnan, Eva S Schernhammer
BACKGROUND: Night shift work and sleep duration have been associated with breast and other cancers. Results from the few prior studies of night shift work and skin cancer risk have been mixed and not fully accounted for other potentially important health-related variables (eg, sleep characteristics). This study evaluated the relationship between rotating night shift work and skin cancer risk and included additional skin cancer risk factors and sleep-related variables. METHODS: The current study used data from 74 323 Nurses' Health Study (NHS) II participants...
September 23, 2016: Occupational and Environmental Medicine
Sylvia H Ley, An Pan, Yanping Li, JoAnn E Manson, Walter C Willett, Qi Sun, Frank B Hu
OBJECTIVE: Recent public health recommendations emphasize adopting a healthful dietary pattern, but evidence is scarce on whether incremental diet quality changes have an impact on long-term diabetes prevention. We aim to evaluate diet quality changes during a 4-year period and subsequent 4-year type 2 diabetes incidence. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS: Participants of prospective cohorts, the Nurses' Health Study (NHS), NHS II, and the Health Professionals Follow-up Study, who were free of diabetes at baseline (n = 124,607), were observed for ≥20 years...
September 15, 2016: Diabetes Care
Yu-Fang Guo, Xia Zhang, Virginia Plummer, Louisa Lam, Wendy Cross, Jing-Ping Zhang
Nursing students across the globe experience depressive symptoms, and many interventions have been used to alleviate their depression. However, few interventions focus on students' personal strengths and advantages. The aim of the present study was to explore the effects of an 8-week group positive psychotherapy (PPT) programme on depression and self-efficacy in full-time undergraduate nursing students. A randomized, controlled trial was conducted for 76 nursing students (34 in the experimental group, 42 in the control group)...
September 16, 2016: International Journal of Mental Health Nursing
Rachel Scherzer, Marie P Dennis, Beth Ann Swan, Mani S Kavuru, David A Oxman
OBJECTIVE: To compare usage patterns and outcomes of a nurse practitioner-staffed medical ICU and a resident-staffed physician medical ICU. DESIGN: Retrospective chart review of 1,157 medical ICU admissions from March 2012 to February 2013. SETTING: Large urban academic university hospital. SUBJECTS: One thousand one hundred fifty-seven consecutive medical ICU admissions including 221 nurse practitioner-staffed medical ICU admissions (19...
September 14, 2016: Critical Care Medicine
M K Park, W Li, S Y Paek, X Li, S Wu, T Li, A A Qureshi, E Cho
Fish are rich in marine omega-3 fatty acids (FA) such as eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Since marine omega-3 FAs have anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory properties(1) , their potential use as a dietary adjunct in the treatment of psoriasis has been explored(2,3) . Fish oil supplements have shown potentially protective effects on progression of psoriasis in small-scale (n=9~145) clinical studies(2-4) . However, fish oil's benefit for psoriasis has been difficult to confirm because of the lack of baseline measures of dietary and nutritional status(5) ...
September 15, 2016: British Journal of Dermatology
Sarah Amador, Claire Goodman, Elspeth Mathie, Caroline Nicholson
In the United Kingdom, approximately a third of people with dementia live in long-term care facilities for adults, the majority of whom are in the last years of life. Working arrangements between health services and care homes in England are largely ad hoc and often inequitable, yet quality end-of-life care for people with dementia in these settings requires a partnership approach to care that builds on existing practice. This paper reports on the qualitative component of a mixed method study aimed at evaluating an organisational intervention shaped by Appreciative Inquiry to promote integrated working between visiting health care practitioners (i...
2016: International Journal of Integrated Care
Emily Cooper, Karen Spilsbury, Dorothy McCaughan, Carl Thompson, Tony Butterworth, Barbara Hanratty
OBJECTIVE: to establish a consensus on the care and professional development needs of registered nurses (RNs) employed by UK care homes. DESIGN: two-stage, online modified Delphi study. SETTING AND PARTICIPANTS: a panel (n = 352) of individuals with experience, expertise or interest in care home nursing: (i) care home nurses and managers; (ii) community healthcare professionals (including general practitioners, geriatricians, specialist and district nurses); and (iii) nurse educators in higher education...
September 8, 2016: Age and Ageing
Shayna N Conner, Victoria Bedell, Kim Lipsey, George A Macones, Alison G Cahill, Methodius G Tuuli
OBJECTIVE: To estimate whether marijuana use in pregnancy increases risks for adverse neonatal outcomes and clarify if any increased risk is attributable to marijuana use itself or to confounding factors such as tobacco use. DATA SOURCES: Two authors performed a search of the data through August 2015 utilizing PubMed, Embase, Scopus, Cochrane reviews,, and Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health. METHODS OF STUDY SELECTION: We looked at observational studies that compared rates of prespecified adverse neonatal outcomes in women who used marijuana during pregnancy with women who did not...
October 2016: Obstetrics and Gynecology
Leslie V Farland, Rulla M Tamimi, A Heather Eliassen, Donna Spiegelman, Laura C Collins, Stuart J Schnitt, Stacey A Missmer
PURPOSE: Given the altered hormonal and inflammatory environment of women with endometriosis, several studies have suggested a positive association between endometriosis and breast cancer, although findings have been mixed. This study investigates the relationship between endometriosis and benign breast disease (BBD), benign lesions that are associated with an increased risk of breast cancer. METHODS: Among women in the Nurses' Health Study II followed from 1991-2003 (n = 76,393), we investigated the association between laparoscopically confirmed endometriosis and biopsy-confirmed BBD...
October 2016: Breast Cancer Research and Treatment
V Plaza, P Rodríguez Del Río, F Gómez, A López Viña, J Molina, J A Quintano, S Quirce, R Soler, J R Villa, A Nieto
BACKGROUND: Based on the GEMA 2009 guidelines (Spanish Asthma Management Guidelines), this project identified and assessed the main deficiencies in the implementation of the guidelines and proposed initiatives for improvement. METHODS: The study gathered and evaluated the opinions of a multidisciplinary group of asthma experts (allergists, pulmonologists, pediatricians, and primary care physicians). The first step identified health care aspects of GEMA 2009 that could be improved (Phase I)...
2016: Anales del Sistema Sanitario de Navarra
Stephen Parker, Frances Dark, Ellie Newman, Nicole Korman, Zoe Rasmussen, Carla Meurk
In the present study, we explored the experiences of staff working at a recovery-oriented, community-based residential mental health rehabilitation unit in Brisbane, Australia, called a 'community care unit' (CCU). A pragmatic approach to grounded theory was taken in the analysis of the transcripts of semistructured interviews with eight staff. Convenience sampling was used, and there was representation of junior and senior staff across nursing, allied health, and non-clinical support roles. Four key themes emerged from the analysis: (i) rehabilitation is different to treatment; (ii) the CCU is a positive transitional space; (iii) they (consumers) have to be ready to engage; and (iv) recovery is central to rehabilitation practice...
September 3, 2016: International Journal of Mental Health Nursing
Suenghwan Jo, Sang Hong Lee, Sung Il Wang, Bjorn Smith, John O'Donnell
Acetabular dysplasia is one of the most common sources of hip arthritis. With the recent innovation in hip arthroscopy, the question has been raised whether arthroscopy can be used to treat dysplastic hip conditions. The purposes of this systematic review are (i) describe the prevalence of intra-articular pathologies and (ii) report the outcomes of dysplastic hip treatment with hip arthroscopy as a sole treatment. Medical databases were searched for articles including arthroscopic findings and treatment of dysplastic hip with predetermined criteria...
August 2016: Journal of Hip Preservation Surgery
Stella L Ng, Laura Bisaillon, Fiona Webster
CONTEXT: Qualitative, social science approaches to research have surged in popularity within health professions education (HPE) over the past decade. Institutional ethnography (IE) offers the field another sociological approach to inquiry. Although widely used in nursing and health care research, IE remains relatively uncommon in the HPE research community. This article provides a brief introduction to IE and suggests why HPE researchers may wish to consider it for future studies. METHODS: Part 1 of this paper presents IE's conceptual grounding in: (i) the entry point to inquiry ('materiality'), (ii) a generous definition of 'work' and (iii) a focus on how 'texts' such as policies, forms and written protocols influence activity...
September 1, 2016: Medical Education
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