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Reg proteins

Ke-Wei Tian, Fan Zhang, Hong Jiang, Beibei Wang, Shu Han
Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic neurological disorder that affects the central nervous system (CNS), and results in CNS inflammation and damage to myelin. In this study, we examined the possible synergistic effects of C16, angiopoietin-1 (Ang-1) and regeneration gene protein 2 (Reg-2) in alleviating inflammation in an acute experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE) model. We employed multiple histological, morphological and iconographic assays to examine the effect of those drugs on disease onset, clinical scores and behavioral deficits...
October 19, 2016: Journal of Anatomy
Chakravarthi Chintalapati, Thorsten Keller, Thomas D Mueller, Valentin Gorboulev, Nadine Schäfer, Ilona Zilkowski, Maike Veyhl-Wichmann, Dietmar Geiger, Jürgen Groll, Hermann Koepsell
Na(+)-d-glucose cotransporter 1 (SGLT1) is rate-limiting for glucose absorption in the small intestine. Shortly after intake of glucose-rich food, SGLT1 abundance in the luminal membrane of the small intestine is increased. This upregulation occurs via glucose-induced acceleration of the release of SGLT1-containing vesicles from the trans-Golgi network (TGN), which is regulated by a domain of protein RS1 (RSC1A1) named RS1-Reg. Dependent on phosphorylation, RS1-Reg blocks release of vesicles containing SGLT1 or concentrative nucleoside transporter 1...
November 2016: Molecular Pharmacology
G Pellegrini, G Rasperini, G Pagni, W V Giannobile, S Milani, F Musto, C Dellavia
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Within the same surgical procedure, a great variability on achievement of clinical outcomes exists and may be associated to different molecular factors related to tissue healing. The aim of the present study was to assess the distribution of clinical success separately in regenerative therapy (REG) and open flap debridement (OFD) to evaluate if factors related with healing of epithelium, connective tissue and bone may be associated to the clinical outcome within each surgical procedure...
August 11, 2016: Journal of Periodontal Research
Gláucia Sabrine de Oliveira Moraes, Evaristo Jorge Oliveira de Souza, Antonia Sherlânea Chaves Véras, Marina de Paula Almeida, Márcio Vieira da Cunha, Thaysa Rodrigues Torres, Camila Sousa da Silva, Gerfesson Felipe Cavalcanti Pereira
The objective of the present study to assess the effects of mesquite pod addition replacing corn (0, 250, 500, 750, and 1000 g/kg in the dry matter basis) on nutrient intake, animal performance, feeding behavior, nutrient digestibility, nitrogen balance, and microbial protein synthesis. Twenty-five Holstein-Zebu crossbred dairy steers at 219 ± 22 kg initial body weight and 18 months of age were used. The experiment lasted 84 days, divided into three periods of 28 days. A completely randomized design was used, and data were submitted to analysis using PROC GLM for analysis of variance and PROC REG for regression analysis using the software Statistical Analysis Systems version 9...
October 2016: Tropical Animal Health and Production
L F Prados, D Zanetti, P M Amaral, L D S Mariz, D F T Sathler, S C Valadares Filho, F F Silva, B C Silva, M C Pacheco, H M Alhadas, M L Chizzotti
It is expensive and laborious to evaluate carcass composition in beef cattle. The objective of this study was to evaluate a method to predict the 9th to 11th rib section (rib) composition through empirical equations using dual energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA). Dual energy X-ray absorptiometry is a validated method used to describe tissue composition in humans and other animals, but few studies have evaluated this technique in beef cattle, and especially in the Zebu genotype. A total of 116 rib were used to evaluate published prediction equations for rib composition and to develop new regression models using a cross-validation procedure...
June 2016: Journal of Animal Science
Xiaoquan Xiong, Qing Li, Wei Cui, Zu-Hua Gao, Jun-Li Liu
Reg family proteins have long been implicated in islet β-cell proliferation, survival, and regeneration. In our previous study, we reported that Reg3β overexpression did not increase islet growth but prevented streptozotocin-induced islet damage by inducing specific genes. In order to explore its role in type 2 diabetes (T2D), we established high-fat diet (HFD)-induced obesity and diabetes in RIP-I/Reg3β mice. Glucose and insulin tolerance tests, immunofluorescence for insulin, eIF2α, and GLUT2 in islets, Western blots on phosphorylated AMPKα and hepatic histology were performed...
June 3, 2016: Endocrine
Hong Jiang, Ke-Wei Tian, Fan Zhang, Beibei Wang, Shu Han
Ciliary neurotrophic factor (CNTF), originally described as a neurocytokine that could support the survival of neurons, has been recently found to alleviate demyelination, prevent axon loss, and improve functional recovery in a rat model of acute experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE). However, poor penetration into the brain parenchyma and unfavorable side effects limit the utility of CNTF. Here, we evaluated the therapeutic potential of a protein downstream of CNTF, regeneration gene protein 2 (Reg-2)...
2016: Frontiers in Neuroanatomy
Parveen K Sharma, Jilagamazhi Fu, Victor Spicer, Oleg V Krokhin, Nazim Cicek, Richard Sparling, David B Levin
Synthesis of poly-[3-hydroxybutyrate] (PHB) by Cupriavidus necator H16 in batch cultures was evaluated using three biodiesel-derived by-products as the sole carbon sources: waste glycerol (REG-80, refined to 80 % purity with negligible free fatty acids); glycerol bottom (REG-GB, with up to 65 % glycerol and 35 % free fatty acids), and free fatty acids (REG-FFA, with up to 75 % FFA and no glycerol). All the three substrates supported growth and PHB production by C. necator, with polymer accumulation ranging from 9 to 84 % cell dry weight (cdw), depending on the carbon source...
December 2016: AMB Express
C L Ehlers, I R Gizer, C Bizon, W Slutske, Q Peng, N J Schork, K C Wilhelmsen
Impulsivity is a multi-faceted construct that, while characterized by a set of correlated dimensions, is centered around a core definition that involves acting suddenly in an unplanned manner without consideration for the consequences of such behavior. Several psychiatric disorders include impulsivity as a criterion, and thus it has been suggested that it may link a number of different behavioral disorders, including substance abuse. Native Americans (NA) experience some of the highest rates of substance abuse of all the US ethnic groups...
July 2016: Genes, Brain, and Behavior
Helal F Hetta, Mohamed A Mekky, Nasr K Khalil, Wegdan A Mohamed, Mohamed A El-Feky, Shabaan H Ahmed, Enas A Daef, Ahmed Medhat, Mahmoud I Nassar, Kenneth E Sherman, Mohamed Tarek M Shata
Extra-hepatic compartments might contribute to hepatitis C virus (HCV) persistence and extra-hepatic manifestations. Therefore, we investigated HCV infection in colonic tissue in patients with chronic hepatitis C (CHC) and its relationship with HCV pathogenesis. Colonic biopsies were collected from three groups with CHC infection: treatment naïve (TN; n=12), non-responders (NR; n=10) to anti-HCV therapy (pegylated interferon-α and ribavirin) and sustained virologic response (SVR; n=10) and from a fourth healthy control group (n=10)...
August 2016: Journal of Medical Microbiology
Sen Yagi, Masanori Abe, Masakatsu Yamashita, Kenichirou Mori, Hirofumi Yamanishi, Eiji Arimitsu, Yasunori Yamamoto, Eiji Takeshita, Yoshio Ikeda, Yoichi Hiasa
BACKGROUND: Carbonic anhydrase I (CA I), a major cecal bacterial antigen, improves inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) symptoms in a murine model. The aim of this study was to identify the responsible epitope region within the CA I protein and evaluate its effect on inflammation using a murine IBD model. METHODS: Candidate peptides within the CA I protein sequence that interact with major histocompatibility complex class II were chosen and their immune responses were evaluated using mesentery lymph nodes (MLNs) from a CD4CD25 T-cell transfer murine colitis model...
August 2016: Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
Xiaofeng Wang, Joel Gupta, Matthew Kerslake, Gina Rayat, Spencer D Proctor, Catherine B Chan
SCOPE: Trans-11 vaccenic acid (VA) is a fatty acid produced by ruminants entering the human food supply through meat and dairy products, which appears not to have the health risks associated with industrially produced trans-fatty acids. In this study, we investigated the effect of VA on insulin secretion in vivo in rats and in vitro in human and rat islets after diabetogenic insult. METHODS AND RESULTS: Hyperglycemic clamp showed that VA dietary supplementation for 8 weeks significantly increased glucose turnover in rats with type 2 diabetes (T2D), accompanied by an elevated plasma C-peptide concentration, indicating improved insulin secretion...
April 2016: Molecular Nutrition & Food Research
Xingwei Liang, Qiyuan Yang, Xing Fu, Carl J Rogers, Bo Wang, Hong Pan, Mei-Jun Zhu, Peter W Nathanielsz, Min Du
KEY POINTS: Maternal obesity reduces adipogenic progenitor density in offspring adipose tissue. The ability of adipose tissue expansion in the offspring of obese mothers is limited and is associated with metabolic dysfunction of adipose tissue when challenged with a high-fat diet. Maternal obesity induces DNA demethylation in the promoter of zinc finger protein 423, which renders progenitor cells with a high adipogenic capacity. Maternal obesity demonstrates long-term effects on the adipogenic capacity of progenitor cells in offspring adipose tissue, demonstrating a developmental programming effect...
August 1, 2016: Journal of Physiology
Yoshitaka Kitayama, Hirokazu Fukui, Ken Hara, Hirotsugu Eda, Mio Kodani, Mo Yang, Chao Sun, Hidetsugu Yamagishi, Toshihiko Tomita, Tadayuki Oshima, Jiro Watari, Shin Takasawa, Hiroto Miwa
We have recently shown that loss of the regenerating gene (Reg) I causes susceptibility to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug-induced gastrointestinal damage. However, the mechanism by which Reg I plays a protective role against this pathophysiological condition is unclear. Here, we investigated whether Reg I plays roles in the induction of tight junction proteins and mucosal barrier function in the small intestine. The small-intestinal permeability was evaluated in Reg I-deficient mice by FITC-dextran and transepithelial electrical resistance (TEER) assay...
July 2016: Translational Research: the Journal of Laboratory and Clinical Medicine
Jiandong Wu, Xiaolei Jin, Yang Zhao, Qing Dong, Haiyang Jiang, Qing Ma
Plant defensins are small, diverse, cysteine-rich peptides, belonging to a group of pathogenesis-related defense mechanism proteins, which can provide a barrier against a broad range of pathogens. In this study, 51 defensin-like (DEFL) genes in Gramineae, including brachypodium, rice, maize and sorghum were identified based on bioinformatics methods. Using the synteny analysis method, we found that 21 DEFL genes formed 30 pairs of duplicated blocks that have undergone large-scale duplication events, mostly occurring between species...
March 2016: Journal of Genetics
Min Zhao, Bronwyn Rotgans, Tianfang Wang, S F Cummins
Regeneration is a common phenomenon across multiple animal phyla. Regeneration-related genes (REGs) are critical for fundamental cellular processes such as proliferation and differentiation. Identification of REGs and elucidating their functions may help to further develop effective treatment strategies in regenerative medicine. So far, REGs have been largely identified by small-scale experimental studies and a comprehensive characterization of the diverse biological processes regulated by REGs is lacking. Therefore, there is an ever-growing need to integrate REGs at the genomics, epigenetics, and transcriptome level to provide a reference list of REGs for regeneration and regenerative medicine research...
2016: Scientific Reports
Sophie Lamothe, Ariane Langlois, Laurent Bazinet, Charles Couillard, Michel Britten
Green tea polyphenols are recognized for their antioxidant properties and their effects on lipid digestion kinetics. Polyphenols are sensitive to degradation in the intestinal environment. Interactions with dairy proteins could modulate the stability and biological activity of polyphenols during digestion. The objective of this study was to evaluate the release of nutrients (polyphenols, fatty acids and peptides) and the antioxidant activity in polyphenol-enriched cheese containing different levels of calcium in a simulated gastrointestinal environment...
March 2016: Food & Function
Tehmina Siddique, Fazli Rabbi Awan
OBJECTIVE: The endocrine regeneration of the pancreas holds great potential for stable diabetes therapy. The Regeneration (Reg) family of proteins has been associated with pancreas regeneration. Hence, the Reg3 delta bioactive peptide from a mouse was evaluated to see whether it can reverse hyperglycemia in a mouse model of diabetes with any effects on pancreatic gene expression. METHODS: In this study, we administrated the synthetic Reg3 delta bioactive peptide to healthy mice and to alloxan-induced mouse models of diabetes for 30 days, with weekly measurements of body weight and blood glucose levels...
June 2016: Canadian Journal of Diabetes
Xiaojing Yue, Sara Trifari, Tarmo Äijö, Ageliki Tsagaratou, William A Pastor, Jorge A Zepeda-Martínez, Chan-Wang J Lio, Xiang Li, Yun Huang, Pandurangan Vijayanand, Harri Lähdesmäki, Anjana Rao
Ten-eleven translocation (TET) enzymes oxidize 5-methylcytosine (5mC) to 5-hydroxymethylcytosine and other oxidized methylcytosines, intermediates in DNA demethylation. In this study, we examine the role of TET proteins in regulating Foxp3, a transcription factor essential for the development and function of regulatory T cells (T reg cells), a distinct lineage of CD4(+) T cells that prevent autoimmunity and maintain immune homeostasis. We show that during T reg cell development in the thymus, TET proteins mediate the loss of 5mC in T reg cell-specific hypomethylated regions, including CNS1 and CNS2, intronic cis-regulatory elements in the Foxp3 locus...
March 7, 2016: Journal of Experimental Medicine
Xingju Song, Dandan Hu, Xiuqin Zhong, Ning Wang, Xiaobin Gu, Tao Wang, Xuerong Peng, Guangyou Yang
Cystic echinococcosis, caused by Echinococcus granulosus, is a widespread parasitic zoonosis causing economic loss and public health problems. Annexins are important proteins usually present in the plasma membrane, but previous studies have shown that an annexin B33 protein of E. granulosus (Eg-ANX) could be detected in the excretory/secretory products and cyst fluid. In this study, we cloned and characterized Eg-ANX. In silico analysis showed that the amino acid sequence of Eg-ANX was conserved and lacked any signal peptides...
March 2016: American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
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