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Rafet Özay, Erhan Türkoğlu, Bora Gürer, Habibullah Dolgun, Oya Evirgen, Berrin İmge Ergüder, Nazlı Hayırlı, Levent Gürses, Zeki Şekerci, Erdal Reşit Yılmaz
BACKGROUND: The development of secondary brain injury via oxidative stress after traumatic brain injury (TBI) is well known. Decorin inactivates Transforming growth factor-β1 (TGF-β1), complement system (CS) and Tumor necrosis factor-α (TNF-α) which are related the oxidative stress and apoptosis. Consequently, the aim of the present study was to evaluate the role of Decorin (DC) on TBI. METHODS: A total of 24 male rats were used and divided into four groups as follows; control, trauma, DC, and methylprednisolone (MP)...
October 12, 2016: World Neurosurgery
I-Min A Chen, Victor M Markowitz, Ken Chu, Krishna Palaniappan, Ernest Szeto, Manoj Pillay, Anna Ratner, Jinghua Huang, Evan Andersen, Marcel Huntemann, Neha Varghese, Michalis Hadjithomas, Kristin Tennessen, Torben Nielsen, Natalia N Ivanova, Nikos C Kyrpides
The Integrated Microbial Genomes with Microbiome Samples (IMG/M: system contains annotated DNA and RNA sequence data of (i) archaeal, bacterial, eukaryotic and viral genomes from cultured organisms, (ii) single cell genomes (SCG) and genomes from metagenomes (GFM) from uncultured archaea, bacteria and viruses and (iii) metagenomes from environmental, host associated and engineered microbiome samples. Sequence data are generated by DOE's Joint Genome Institute (JGI), submitted by individual scientists, or collected from public sequence data archives...
October 13, 2016: Nucleic Acids Research
Shmuel Reis, Jacob Urkin, Rachel Nave, Rosalie Ber, Amitai Ziv, Orit Karnieli-Miller, Dafna Meitar, Peter Gilbey, Dror Mevorach
ABSTRACT: We reviewed the existing programs for basic medical education (BME) in Israel as well as their output, since they are in a phase of reassessment and transition. The transition has been informed, in part, by evaluation in 2014 by an International Review Committee (IRC). The review is followed by an analysis of its implications as well as the emergent roadmap for the future. The review documents a trend of modernizing, humanizing, and professionalizing Israeli medical education in general, and BME in particular, independently in each of the medical schools...
2016: Israel Journal of Health Policy Research
Marta Tibiletti, Andrea Bianchi, Åsmund Kjørstad, Stefan Wundrak, Detlef Stiller, Volker Rasche
PURPOSE: To investigate retrospective respiratory gating of three-dimensional ultrashort echo time (3D UTE) lung acquisition in free-breathing rats using k-space center self gating signal (DC-SG) and 3D image-based SG (3D-Img-SG). METHODS: Seven rats were investigated with a quasi-random 3D UTE protocol. Low-resolution time-resolved sliding-window images were reconstructed with a 3D golden-angle radial sparse parallel (GRASP) reconstruction to extract a 3D-Img-SG signal, whereas DC-SG was extracted from the center of k-space...
September 23, 2016: Magnetic Resonance in Medicine: Official Journal of the Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine
Amelia Kehoe, John McLachlan, Jane Metcalf, Simon Forrest, Madeline Carter, Jan Illing
CONTEXT: Many health services and systems rely on the contribution of international medical graduates (IMGs) to the workforce. However, concern has grown around their regulation and professional practice. There is a need, in the absence of strong evidence and a robust theoretical base, for a deeper understanding of the efficacy of interventions used to support IMGs' transition to their host countries. This study seeks to explore and synthesise evidence relating to interventions developed for IMGs...
October 2016: Medical Education
Asim Alam, John J Matelski, Hanna R Goldberg, Jessica J Liu, Jason Klemensberg, Chaim M Bell
PURPOSE: This study evaluated the proportion and characteristics of international medical graduates (IMGs) who have been disciplined by professional regulatory colleges in Canada in comparison with disciplined North American medical graduates (NAMGs). METHOD: The authors compiled a database of the nature of professional misconduct and penalties incurred by disciplined physicians from January 2000 to May 2015 using public records. They compared discipline data for IMGs versus those for NAMGs, and calculated risk ratios (RRs) and 95% confidence intervals (CIs) for select outcomes...
September 6, 2016: Academic Medicine: Journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges
Yıldız Uludag, Elif Esen, Guzin Kokturk, Hayrettin Ozer, Turghun Muhammad, Zehra Olcer, H Imge Oktay Basegmez, Senay Simsek, Serkan Barut, M Yagmur Gok, Mete Akgun, Zeynep Altintas
Polymers were synthesized and utilized for aflatoxin detection coupled with a novel lab-on-a-chip biosensor: MiSens and high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). Non-imprinted polymers (NIPs) were preferred to be designed and used due to the toxic nature of aflatoxin template and also to avoid difficult clean-up protocols. Towards an innovative miniaturized automated system, a novel biochip has been designed that consists of 6 working electrodes (1mm diameter) with shared reference and counter electrodes...
November 1, 2016: Talanta
David Henderson, Pam D McGrath, Mary Anne Patton
Objective Herein we record the experience of clinical supervisors of international medical graduates (IMGs) working as junior staff in a district hospital by examining supervisor perspectives on IMG performance, the factors affecting their performance and the requirements of supervision under these circumstances.Methods The present study had an open-ended exploratory qualitative design. Thirteen 13 open-ended, in-depth interviews were undertaken with supervisors of IMGs employed in a public district hospital in Queensland, Australia...
September 2, 2016: Australian Health Review: a Publication of the Australian Hospital Association
Balakrishnan Kichu R Nair, Joyce Mw Moonen-van Loon, Mulavana S Parvathy, Cees Pm van der Vleuten
OBJECTIVE: The fitness to practise of international medical graduates (IMGs) is usually evaluated with standardised assessment tests. Practising doctors should, however, be assessed on their performance rather than their competency, for which reason workplace-based assessment (WBA) has gained increasing attention. Our aim was to assess the composite reliability of WBA instruments for assessing the performance of IMGs. DESIGN AND SETTING: Between June 2010 and April 2015, 142 IMGs were assessed by 99 calibrated assessors; each cohort was assessed at their workplace over 6 months...
September 5, 2016: Medical Journal of Australia
Yong Nie, Jie-Yu Zhao, Yue-Qin Tang, Peng Guo, Yunfeng Yang, Xiao-Lei Wu, Fangqing Zhao
Oil reservoirs exhibit extreme environmental conditions such as high salinity and high temperature. Insights into microbial community assemblages in oil reservoirs and their functional potentials are important for understanding biogeochemical cycles in the subterranean biosphere. In this study, we performed shotgun metagenomic sequencing of crude oil samples from two geographically distant oil reservoirs in China, and compared them with all the 948 available environmental metagenomes deposited in IMG database (until October 2013)...
2016: Frontiers in Microbiology
Figen Koç Direk, Mustafa Deniz, Ayşe Imge Uslu, Semahat Doğru
PURPOSE: Normal morphometric values of the orbital region vary according to age, sex, and ethnicity. The purpose of this study was to determine the normal values of orbital region and analysis age-related changes in adult women. METHODS: Measurements were performed on 311 healthy women, aged between 20 and 87. Subjects were divided into 3 age groups: young (20-44), middle aged (45-59), and old adults (60 and up). The anthropometric measurements of orbital region were performed on the photographs by using IT version 3...
September 2016: Journal of Craniofacial Surgery
Fabien Salesses, Paul Perez, Aline E Maillard, Julie Blanchard, Sabine Mallard, Laurence Bordenave
BACKGROUND: The recent spread of positron emission tomography-computed tomography (PET/CT) poses extremity dosimetry challenges. The question arose whether the radiation dose measured by the ring thermoluminescent dosimeter usually worn on the proximal phalanx (P1) of the index finger measures doses that are representative of the true doses received by the upper extremities of the operators. A prospective individual dosimetry study was performed in which the personal equivalent dose Hp (0...
December 2016: EJNMMI Physics
Murat Faik Erdoğan, Özgür Demir, Reyhan Ünlü Ersoy, Kamile Gül, Berna İmge Aydoğan, Ziynet Alphan Üç, Türkan Mete, Sibel Ertek, Uğur Ünlütürk, Bekir Çakır, Yalçın Aral, Serdar Güler, Sevim Güllü, Demet Çorapçıoğlu, Selçuk Dağdelen, Gürbüz Erdoğan
BACKGROUND: The optimal therapeutic choice for Graves' hyperthyroidism in the presence of moderate-severe Graves' orbitopathy (GO) remains controversial. OBJECTIVES: We aimed to compare GO course in patients with moderate-severe GO treated with early total thyroidectomy (TTx) versus antithyroid drug (ATD) regimens, in a prospective, randomized manner. METHODS: Forty-two patients with moderate-severe GO were enrolled. A total of 4.5 g of pulse corticosteroids were given intravenously to all patients before randomization...
July 2016: European Thyroid Journal
Chandrakanth Are, Hugh Stoddard, Lauren A Carpenter, Brigid O'Holleran, Jon S Thompson
BACKGROUND: The aim of this study was to analyze the trends in the proportion of students from various educational backgrounds who matched into categorical general surgery (GS) residency positions. METHODS: National Resident Matching Program reports (1994 to 2014) were analyzed, and regression was used to estimate the trends for each group. RESULTS: The match rate into GS-categorical residency has remained stable; however, since 1994, we witnessed a 13% decrease in US seniors matching into GS...
July 9, 2016: American Journal of Surgery
Malek I Makki, Cornelia Hagmann
Using fiber tracking we investigated the early interhemispheric to cortical development by segmenting the corpus callosum (CC) in five substructures, genu, rostrum, body, isthmus, and splenium, and to examine gender differences in healthy, term neonates. Twenty neonates (11 boys aged 39 ± 2 days, nine girls aged 39 ± 1 days) were scanned in natural sleep with diffusion tensor imging and 35 gradient directions. Fiber tracking was performed using the FACT algorithm. The CC was segments in five substructures on midsagittal imaging...
July 28, 2016: Journal of Neuroscience Research
Salman Zaheer, Samuel D Pimentel, Kristina D Simmons, Lindsay E Kuo, Jashodeep Datta, Noel Williams, Douglas L Fraker, Rachel R Kelz
OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study is to compare surgical outcomes of international medical graduates (IMGs) and United States medical graduates (USMGs). SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA: IMGs represent 15% of practicing surgeons in the United States (US), and their training pathways often differ substantially from USMGs. To date, differences in the clinical outcomes between the 2 cohorts have not been examined. METHODS: Using a unique dataset linking AMA Physician Masterfile data with hospital discharge claims from Florida and New York (2008-2011), patients who underwent 1 of 32 general surgical operations were stratified by IMG and USMG surgeon status...
July 15, 2016: Annals of Surgery
Ella Tyrrell, Conor Keegan, Niamh Humphries, Sara McAleese, Steve Thomas, Charles Normand, Ruairí Brugha
BACKGROUND: The World Health Organization's Global Code on the International Recruitment of Health Personnel urges Member States to observe fair recruitment practices and ensure equality of treatment of migrant and domestically-trained health personnel. However, international medical graduates (IMGs) have experienced difficulties in accessing postgraduate training and in progressing their careers in several destination countries. Ireland is highly dependent on IMGs, but also employs non-European Union (EU) doctors who qualified as doctors in Ireland...
2016: Human Resources for Health
Premala Sureshkumar, Chris Roberts, Tyler Clark, Michael Jones, Robert Hale, Marcia Grant
OBJECTIVE: To investigate the factors eligible applicants consider in electing for a rural pathway into specialty training. DESIGN: Cohort study. SETTING: Australia. PARTICIPANTS: Applicants to the Australian General Practice Training program. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Applicants' initial preference of either a general or rural pathway to undertake specialty training. RESULTS: Of the 2,221 applicants, 45% were Australian Medical Graduates (AMGs), 27% Foreign Graduates of Accredited Medical Schools (FGAMS) and 29% International Medical Graduates (IMGs)...
July 5, 2016: Australian Journal of Rural Health
Francesca Bottacchi, Stefano Bottacchi, Florian Späth, Imge Namal, Tobias Hertel, Thomas D Anthopoulos
The current percolation in polymer-sorted semiconducting (7,5) single-walled carbon nanotube (SWNT) networks, processed from solution, is investigated using a combination of electrical field-effect measurements, atomic force microscopy (AFM), and conductive AFM (C-AFM) techniques. From AFM measurements, the nanotube length in the as-processed (7,5) SWNTs network is found to range from ≈100 to ≈1500 nm, with a SWNT surface density well above the percolation threshold and a maximum surface coverage ≈58%...
August 2016: Small
Qingyu Yang, Dou An, Wei Yu, Zhengan Tan, Xinyu Yang
Due to the advantage of avoiding upstream disturbance and voltage fluctuation from a power transmission system, Islanded Micro-Grids (IMG) have attracted much attention. In this paper, we first propose a novel self-sufficient Cyber-Physical System (CPS) supported by Internet of Things (IoT) techniques, namely "archipelago micro-grid (MG)", which integrates the power grid and sensor networks to make the grid operation effective and is comprised of multiple MGs while disconnected with the utility grid. The Electric Vehicles (EVs) are used to replace a portion of Conventional Vehicles (CVs) to reduce CO 2 emission and operation cost...
2016: Sensors
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