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F Azizi, H R Jalil, Z Nasiri, J Moshtaghian, F Esmaeili, A Doostmohammadi, L Shabani, E Ebrahimie
Tissue engineering, as a novel transplantation therapy, aims to create biomaterial scaffolds resembling the extracellular matrix in order to regenerate the damaged tissues. Adding bioactive factors to the scaffold would improve cell-tissue interactions. In this study, the effect of chitosan poly vinyl alcohol nanofibers containing carbon nanotube scaffold with or without active bioglass (BG+ /BG- ), in combination with neonatal rat brain extract (NRBE) on cell viability, proliferation and neural differentiation of P19 embryonic carcinoma (EC) stem cells was investigated...
June 14, 2018: Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine
Konstantin Stoletov, Lian Willetts, Robert J Paproski, David J Bond, Srijan Raha, Juan Jovel, Benjamin Adam, Amy E Robertson, Francis Wong, Emma Woolner, Deborah L Sosnowski, Tarek A Bismar, Gane Ka-Shu Wong, Andries Zijlstra, John D Lewis
Metastasis is the most lethal aspect of cancer, yet current therapeutic strategies do not target its key rate-limiting steps. We have previously shown that the entry of cancer cells into the blood stream, or intravasation, is highly dependent upon in vivo cancer cell motility, making it an attractive therapeutic target. To systemically identify genes required for tumor cell motility in an in vivo tumor microenvironment, we established a novel quantitative in vivo screening platform based on intravital imaging of human cancer metastasis in ex ovo avian embryos...
June 14, 2018: Nature Communications
S Tavaniello, G Maiorano, K Stadnicka, R Mucci, J Bogucka, M Bednarczyk
Elimination of antibiotic growth promoters from poultry production has encouraged intensive search for relevant alternatives. Prebiotics are proposed as efficient replacements to stimulate colonization/expansion of beneficial microflora in chickens. The aim of this study was to deepen the knowledge on the effect of prebiotic administration on slaughter performance and meat quality traits of broiler chickens by evaluating different routes of their delivery (in ovo vs. in-water vs. in ovo + in-water). At d 12 of incubation, 1,500 eggs (Ross 308) containing viable embryos were randomly allotted into 4 groups and injected in ovo with 0...
April 20, 2018: Poultry Science
Jianning Yu, Leyan Yan, Zhe Chen, Hui Li, Huanxi Zhu, Rong Chen, ZhenDan Shi
Treatment of fetal rat and embryonic chicken with exogenous glucocorticoids induces premature differentiation of growth hormone (GH) secreting cells. The effect of corticosterone (CORT) on somatotroph differentiation was mostly studied in pituitary cells in vitro. Currently, there is no evidence for glucocorticoid-mediated induction of somatotroph differentiation during pituitary development in bird species other than chicken. In this study, we sought to find out if in ovo injection of corticosterone into developing goose embryos could induce premature increase of GH in somatotrophs...
June 8, 2018: Journal of Reproduction and Development
Mathieu Giraudeau, Ann-Kathrin Ziegler, Kevin J Mcgraw, Monika Okuliarová, Michal Zeman, Barbara Tschirren
Mothers can influence prenatal conditions by varying the amount of nutrients, hormones or antioxidants they provide to their developing young. Some of these substances even affect the transfer of these compounds in the next generation, but it is less clear how different maternally transmitted compounds interact with each other to shape reproductive resource allocation in their offspring. Here, we found that female Japanese quails ( Coturnix japonica ) that were exposed to high carotenoid levels during embryonic development transferred lower concentrations of yolk antioxidants to their own eggs later in life...
June 2018: Biology Letters
Jijun Liu, Qi Wu, Yonggui Wang, Yulong Wei, Hong Wu, Lijun Duan, Qiang Zhang, Yonggang Wu
Purpose: Osteosarcoma (OS) is the most common type of primary solid bone tumor. Ovo-like zinc finger 2 (Ovol2), a zinc finger transcription factor, is a mesenchymal-epithelial transition (MET) driver that induces miR-200 expression in prostate cancer, breast cancer, and hepatocellular carcinoma. However, little is known about the expression and function of MET in sarcomas, including OS. This study investigated the expression and clinicopathological significance of Ovol2 and its effect on MET in OS...
2018: OncoTargets and Therapy
Tryntsje Cuperus, Marina D Kraaij, Aldert L Zomer, Albert van Dijk, Henk P Haagsman
Host Defense Peptides (HDPs) such as cathelicidins are multifunctional effectors of the innate immune system with both antimicrobial and pleiotropic immunomodulatory functions. Chicken cathelicidin-2 (CATH-2) has multiple immunomodulatory effects in vitro and the D-amino acid analog of this peptide has been shown to partially protect young chicks from a bacterial infection. However, the mechanisms responsible for CATH-2 mediated in vivo protection have not been investigated so far. In this study, D-CATH-2 was administered in ovo and the immune status and microbiota of the chicks were investigated at 7 days posthatch to elucidate the in vivo mechanisms of the peptide...
2018: PloS One
Didit Damayanti, Karen Jaceldo-Siegl, W Lawrence Beeson, Gary Fraser, Keiji Oda, Ella H Haddad
To investigate the association between plasma concentration of vitamin B12 and B12 intake from supplements, fortified foods, and animal source foods among vegetarians and non-vegetarians, we conducted a cross-sectional analysis among 728 participants of the Adventist Health Study 2 (AHS-2) calibration study. The median age of participants was 58 years, 65.4% were female, and 50.3% were White. We used six 24 h dietary recalls to measure B12 intake, serum vitamin B12 , and holotranscobalamin (holoTC) concentration...
June 4, 2018: Nutrients
Akiko Hashimoto-Hachiya, Gaku Tsuji, Mika Murai, Xianghong Yan, Masutaka Furue
Rhodiola species are antioxidative, salubrious plants that are known to inhibit oxidative stress induced by ultraviolet and γ-radiation in epidermal keratinocytes. As certain phytochemicals activate aryl hydrocarbon receptors (AHR) or OVO-like 1 (OVOL1) to upregulate the expression of epidermal barrier proteins such as filaggrin (FLG), loricrin (LOR), and involucrin (IVL), we investigated such regulation by Rhodiola crenulata root extract (RCE). We demonstrated that RCE induced FLG and LOR upregulation in an AHR-OVOL1-dependent fashion...
June 4, 2018: International Journal of Molecular Sciences
S S Ghoke, R Sood, N Kumar, A K Pateriya, S Bhatia, A Mishra, R Dixit, V K Singh, D N Desai, D D Kulkarni, U Dimri, V P Singh
BACKGROUND: In the view of endemic avian influenza H9N2 infection in poultry, its zoonotic potential and emergence of antiviral resistance, two herbal plants, Ocimum sanctum and Acacia arabica, which are easily available throughout various geographical locations in India were taken up to study their antiviral activity against H9N2 virus. We evaluated antiviral efficacy of three different extracts each from leaves of O. sanctum (crude extract, terpenoid and polyphenol) and A. arabica (crude extract, flavonoid and polyphenol) against H9N2 virus using in ovo model...
June 5, 2018: BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Annette V Jacobsen, Marcus Nordén, Magnus Engwall, Nikolai Scherbak
Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are synthetic surfactants with a wide variety of applications; however, due to their stability, they are particularly resistant to degradation and, as such, are classed as persistent organic pollutants. Perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) is one such PFAS that is still detectable in a range of different environmental settings, despite its use now being regulated in numerous countries. Elevated levels of PFOS have been detected in various avian species, and the impact of this on avian health is of interest when determining acceptable levels of PFOS in the environment...
June 2, 2018: Environmental Science and Pollution Research International
Jegarubee Bavananthasivam, Tamiru N Alkie, Jake Astill, Mohamed Faizal Abdul-Careem, Sarah K Wootton, Shahriar Behboudi, Alexander Yitbarek, Shayan Sharif
One of the economically important diseases in the poultry industry is Marek's disease (MD) which is caused by Marek's disease virus (MDV). The use of current vaccines provides protection against clinical signs of MD in chickens. However, these vaccines do not prevent the transmission of MDV to susceptible hosts, hence they may promote the development of new virulent strains of MDV. This issue persuaded us to explore alternative approaches to control MD in chickens. Induction of innate responses at the early stage of life in the chicken may help to prevent or reduce MDV infection...
May 30, 2018: Vaccine
Felix Streckenbach, Ronja Klose, Sönke Langner, Inga Langner, Marcus Frank, Andreas Wree, Anne-Marie Neumann, Änne Glass, Thomas Stahnke, Rudolf F Guthoff, Oliver Stachs, Tobias Lindner
PURPOSE: Ultrahigh-field MRI (UHF-MRI) with an in-plane spatial resolution of less than 100 μm is known as MR microscopy (MRM). MRM provides highly resolved anatomical images and allows quantitative assessment of different tissue types using diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI). The aim of the present study was to evaluate the feasibility of combined in vivo anatomical and quantitative assessment of the developing chicken eye in ovo. PROCEDURES: Thirty-eight fertilized chicken eggs were examined at 7...
May 23, 2018: Molecular Imaging and Biology: MIB: the Official Publication of the Academy of Molecular Imaging
Jiahua Guo, Shohei Ito, Hoa Thanh Nguyen, Kimika Yamamoto, Hisato Iwata
This work aimed at evaluating the toxic effects of in ovo exposure to phenobarbital (PB) and unveiling the mode of action by transcriptome analysis in the embryonic liver of a model avian species, chicken (Gallus gallus). Embryos were initially treated with saline or 1 μg PB /g egg at Hamburger Hamilton Stage (HHS) 1 (1st day), followed by 20 days of incubation to HHS 46. At 21st day, chicks that pipped successfully were euthanized and dissected for assessing the PB caused effects on phenotypes and the liver transcriptome in both genders...
May 21, 2018: Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety
Z Nasir, E D Peebles
The embryonic period represents approximately 33 percent of the total productive life of modern broilers and is very important for attaining quality broiler performance at marketing. In this symposium, recent developments in pre-hatch broiler development were discussed with special focus on maternal nutrition, in ovo nutrition, and the regulation and monitoring of the incubational environment. The symposium was concluded with discussion about the implementation of future innovations in incubation technology...
May 21, 2018: Poultry Science
Margaret L Eng, Viktoria Winter, John E Elliott, Scott A MacDougall-Shackleton, Tony D Williams
Environmental contaminants have the potential to act as developmental stressors and impair development of song and the brain of songbirds, but they have been largely unstudied in this context. 2,2',4,4',5-Pentabromodiphenyl ether (BDE-99) is a brominated flame retardant congener that has demonstrated endocrine disrupting effects, and has pervaded the global environment. We assessed the effects of in ovo exposure to environmentally relevant levels of BDE-99 on the neuroanatomy of the song-control system in a model songbird species, the zebra finch (Taeniopygia guttata)...
May 22, 2018: Developmental Neurobiology
Charles L Hofacre, John A Smith, Greg F Mathis
The future poultry nutritionist, veterinarian, and husbandryman will have many new regulatory requirements and consumer preferences to navigate in addition to their normal responsibility of raising birds in a cost-efficient and wholesome manner. New challenges include changes to antibiotic use, increased food safety regulations, and more concern over how birds are raised and how to dispose of poultry house waste. All of these new programs and new regulations will alter how we have been raising birds for the last 60 years since the inception of the integrated poultry industry...
June 1, 2018: Poultry Science
Qian Yang, Xianhai Yang, Jining Liu, Yingwen Chen, Shubao Shen
Bisphenol F (BPF) has become a predominant bisphenol contaminant in recent years. It has significant estrogenic properties in both in vivo and in vitro studies. We have previously studied the disrupting mechanisms of BPF on the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis of adult zebrafish. However, the effects of BPF exposure on development and sexual differentiation of zebrafish embryos/larvae remain unclear. To determine the effects of BPF on the critical stage of sex differentiation in zebrafish, zebrafish embryos/larvae were exposed to 1, 10, 100, and 1000 μg/L BPF from fertilization to 60 days post-fertilization (dpf)...
May 11, 2018: Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology. Toxicology & Pharmacology: CBP
Chenchen Zhang, Andrea Björkman, Kaiye Cai, Guilin Liu, Chunlin Wang, Yin Li, Huihua Xia, Lijun Sun, Karsten Kristiansen, Jun Wang, Jian Han, Lennart Hammarström, Qiang Pan-Hammarström
The dietary pattern can influence the immune system directly, but may also modulate it indirectly by regulating the gut microbiota. Here, we investigated the effect of a 3-months lacto-ovo-vegetarian diet on the diversity of gut microbiota and the immune system in healthy omnivorous volunteers, using high-throughput sequencing technologies. The short-term vegetarian diet did not have any major effect on the diversity of the immune system and the overall composition of the metagenome. The prevalence of bacterial genera/species with known beneficial effects on the intestine, including butyrate-producers and probiotic species and the balance of autoimmune-related variable genes/families were, however, altered in the short-term vegetarians...
2018: Frontiers in Immunology
Weimin Zhang, Qichen Cui, Weifeng Qu, Xiaoyun Ding, Donglin Jiang, Hongcheng Liu
The present study aimed to analyze the differentially expressed genes related to the tripartite motif containing 58 (TRIM58)/cg26157385 methylation sites, and consequently to provide theoretical basis for elucidating the influence of TRIM58/cg26157385 methylation on lung cancer prognosis. Methylation‑sequencing information, mRNA expression profiling data and clinical data were downloaded from cBioPortal database to screen out candidate genes related to the methylation of TRIM58/cg26157385 in squamous cell lung carcinoma...
May 8, 2018: Oncology Reports
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