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Fabien Dal Maso, Mickaël Begon, Maxime Raison
One approach to increasing the confidence of muscle force estimation via musculoskeletal models is to minimize the root mean square error (RMSE) between joint torques estimated from electromyographic-driven musculoskeletal models and those computed using inverse dynamics. We propose a method that reduces RMSE by selecting subsets of combinations of maximal voluntary isometric contraction (MVIC) trials that minimize RMSE. Twelve participants performed three elbow MVIC in flexion and in extension of both sides...
October 13, 2016: Journal of Applied Biomechanics
Sarah Burdett, Larysa Rydzewska, Jayne Tierney, David Fisher, Mahesh Kb Parmar, Rodrigo Arriagada, Jean Pierre Pignon, Cecile Le Pechoux
BACKGROUND: The role of postoperative radiotherapy (PORT) in the treatment of patients with completely resected non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) was not clear. A systematic review and individual participant data meta-analysis was undertaken to evaluate available evidence from randomised controlled trials (RCTs). These results were first published in Lung Cancer in 2013. OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the effects of PORT on survival and recurrence in patients with completely resected NSCLC...
October 11, 2016: Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
Lore Geldof, Koen Deventer, Kris Roels, Eva Tudela, Peter Van Eeno
SR9009 and SR9011 are attractive as performance-enhancing substances due to their REV-ERB agonist effects and thus circadian rhythm modulation activity. Although no pharmaceutical preparations are available yet, illicit use of SR9009 and SR9011 for doping purposes can be anticipated, especially since SR9009 is marketed in illicit products. Therefore, the aim was to identify potential diagnostic metabolites via in vitro metabolic studies to ensure effective (doping) control. The presence of SR9009 could be demonstrated in a black market product purchased over the Internet...
October 3, 2016: International Journal of Molecular Sciences
Anette Bygum, Inmaculada Martinez-Saguer, Murat Bas, Jeffrey Rosch, Jonathan Edelman, Mikhail Rojavin, Debora Williams-Herman
BACKGROUND: Treatment of hereditary angioedema (HAE) in 'older adults' (those aged ≥65 years) has not been well studied. The international Berinert Patient Registry collected data on the use of intravenous plasma-derived, pasteurized, nanofiltered C1-inhibitor concentrate (pnfC1-INH; Berinert(®)/CSL Behring) in patients of any age, including many older adults. METHODS: This observational registry, conducted from 2010 to 2014 at 30 US and seven European sites, gathered prospective (post-enrollment) and retrospective (pre-enrollment) usage and adverse event (AE) data on subjects treated with pnfC1-INH...
October 4, 2016: Drugs & Aging
Clara Pons-Duran, Raquel González, Llorenç Quintó, Khatia Munguambe, Joan Tallada, Denise Naniche, Charfudin Sacoor, Elisa Sicuri
OBJECTIVES: To analyse the association between socioeconomic status (SES) and HIV in Manhiça, a district of Southern Mozambique with one of the highest HIV prevalences in the world. METHODS: Data were gathered from two cross-sectional surveys performed in 2010 and 2012 among 1511 adults and from the household census of the district's population. Fractional polynomial logit models were used to analyze the association between HIV and SES, controlling for age and sex and taking into account the non-linearity of covariates...
October 1, 2016: Tropical Medicine & International Health: TM & IH
Sarah Burdett, Larysa Rydzewska, Jayne Tierney, David Fisher, Mahesh Kb Parmar, Rodrigo Arriagada, Jean Pierre Pignon, Cecile Le Pechoux
BACKGROUND: The role of postoperative radiotherapy (PORT) in the treatment of patients with completely resected non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) was not clear. A systematic review and individual participant data meta-analysis was undertaken to evaluate available evidence from randomised controlled trials (RCTs). These results were first published in Lung Cancer in 2013. OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the effects of PORT on survival and recurrence in patients with completely resected NSCLC...
September 29, 2016: Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
(no author information available yet)
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
September 14, 2016: European Heart Journal
S Uddin, S W Fowler, M Behbehani, M Metian
The tendency of (210)Po to concentrate in body tissue poses a serious concern of radiological safety. This study compiles available information and presents recent (210)Po data for the marine food web in the northern Gulf waters. Since (210)Po is concentrated in marine biota, a large number of samples of various marine organisms covering several trophic levels, from microalgae to sharks, were analyzed. (210)Po was found to be highly concentrated in several marine species with the highest (210)Po concentrations found in yellowfin tuna, i...
September 23, 2016: Journal of Environmental Radioactivity
Margaret E Kruk, Hannah H Leslie, Stéphane Verguet, Godfrey M Mbaruku, Richard M K Adanu, Ana Langer
BACKGROUND: Global efforts to increase births at health-care facilities might not reduce maternal or newborn mortality if quality of care is insufficient. However, little systematic evidence exists for the quality at health facilities caring for women and newborn babies in low-income countries. We analysed the quality of basic maternal care functions and its association with volume of deliveries and surgical capacity in health-care facilities in five sub-Saharan African countries. METHODS: In this analysis, we combined nationally representative health system surveys (Service Provision Assessments by the Demographic and Health Survery Programme) with data for volume of deliveries and quality of delivery care from Kenya, Namibia, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda...
September 23, 2016: Lancet Global Health
Zoltán Csanádi
Atrial fibrillation is considered as one of the cardiovascular pandemics of our days due to its increasing prevalence and the significant burden on healthcare systems. Management, especially prevention of thromboembolism associated with the arrhythmia is still a challenge even with recently available treatment options. Herein, the author reviews the possibilities of risk stratification and stroke prevention, which are important to all medical professionals who potentially encounter patients with this arrhythmia...
September 2016: Orvosi Hetilap
Bogna Grygiel-Gorniak, Maria Mosor, Justyna Marcinkowska, Juliusz Przyslawski, Jerzy Nowak
The relationship Pro12Ala (rs1801282) and C1431T (rs3856806) polymorphisms of PPAR gamma-2 with glucose and lipid metabolism is not clear after menopause. We investigated the impact of the Pro12Ala and C1431T silent substitution in the 6th exon in PPAR gamma-2 gene on nutritional and metabolic status in 271 postmenopausal women (122 lean and 149 obese). The general linear model (GLM) approach to the two-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) was used to infer the interactions between the analysed genotypes. The frequency of the Pro-T haplotype was higher in obese than in lean women (p less than 0...
September 2016: Journal of Biosciences
John W Severinghaus
During the last century, historians have discovered that between the 13th and 18th centuries, at least six sages discovered that the air we breathe contains something that we need and use. Ibn al-Nafis (1213-1288) in Cairo and Michael Servetus (1511-1553) in France accurately described the pulmonary circulation and its effect on blood color. Michael Sendivogius (1566-1636) in Poland called a part of air "the food of life" and identified it as the gas made by heating saltpetre. John Mayow (1641-1679) in Oxford found that one-fifth of air was a special gas he called "spiritus nitro aereus...
September 2016: Advances in Physiology Education
Pooja S Tandon, Kelly M Walters, Bridget M Igoe, Elizabeth C Payne, Donna B Johnson
Objectives Child care is an important setting for the promotion of physical activity (PA) in early childhood. The purpose of this study was to examine the associations between specific PA environments and recommended practices in child care settings as well as the degree to which child care settings met recommended standards for total PA time. Methods In 2013, all programs licensed to care for children ages 2-5 in WA state were surveyed about their PA related practices. Logistic regression was used to determine odds of meeting best-practice standards for outdoor time and PA...
July 22, 2016: Maternal and Child Health Journal
Shunsuke Fujitake, Masanori Takemura, Kohei Fijitaka, Junzo Tsujita
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
May 2016: Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise
Fang-Yang Huang, Bao-Tao Huang, Jia-Yu Tsauo, Yong Peng, Tian-Li Xia, Chen Zhang, Rui-Shuang Liu, Zhi-Liang Zuo, Peng-Ju Wang, Yue Heng, Wei Liu, Xiao-Bo Pu, Yi-Yue Gui, Shi-Jian Chen, Yan-Biao Liao, Ye Zhu, Mao Chen
Currently, there are no studies addressing the influence of age on the prognostic information of N-terminal pro-B-type natriuretic peptide (NT-proBNP) in Asian population with acute coronary syndrome (ACS). The purpose of this study was to investigate the prognostic performance of NT-proBNP in Chinese patients with ACS across different age groups. A total of 1512 ACS patients with venous blood NT-proBNP measured were enrolled. Patients were divided into tertiles based on their ages (<61, 61-71, ≥72 years)...
June 25, 2016: Internal and Emergency Medicine
Stephanie Dobak, Fred Rincon
BACKGROUND: Therapeutic moderate hypothermia (MH; Tcore 33°C-34°C) is being studied for treatment of spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH). Nutrition assessment begins with accurate basal metabolic rate (BMR) determination. Although early enteral nutrition (EN) is associated with improved outcomes, it is often deferred until rewarming. We sought to determine the accuracy of predictive BMR equations and the safety and tolerance of EN during MH after ICH. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Patients were randomized to 72 hours of MH or normothermia (NT; Tcore 36°C-37°C)...
June 20, 2016: JPEN. Journal of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition
S Carnaccini, N M Ferguson-Noel, R P Chin, T Santoro, P Black, M Bland, A A Bickford, C G Sentíes-Cué
In April 2014, poor fertility in a major commercial goose breeder operation in California triggered the submission of six live affected Toulouse ganders ( Anser anser ) to the California Animal Health and Food Safety Laboratory, Turlock branch (University of California-Davis). Toulouse were principally affected among all breeds, and their egg fertility dropped from 65.7% to less than 33.9% in the first 40 days of the 2014 breeding season. The flock consisted of 410 adult birds, 90 males and 320 females, between 2 and 5 yr of age...
June 2016: Avian Diseases
Heli Mustonen, Pia Mäkelä, Tomi Lintonen
INTRODUCTION AND AIMS: The first aim was to estimate the extent to which the variation in alcohol use across specific drinking occasions arises from variation at the occasion level and from variation at the drinker level. The second aim was to identify characteristics of drinking situations that moderate or increase situational alcohol use beyond the influence of drinker-level characteristics. DESIGN AND METHODS: The general population aged 15-69 years in Finland was sampled randomly in 2008...
May 24, 2016: Drug and Alcohol Review
Si-Wan Kim, Kyung-Hwan Cho, Kyung-Do Han, Yong-Kyun Roh, In-Seok Song, Yang-Hyun Kim
UNLABELLED: To evaluate the relationship between tooth loss and metabolic syndrome (MS) in South Korean adults. SUBJECTS AND METHODS: A total of 3589 adults (1511 men and 2078 women aged over 40 years) from the 2012 Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey were included and divided into 3 groups according to the number of remaining teeth (0-19, 20-27, and 28). We recorded the number of remaining teeth and measured MS components such as waist circumference, systolic and diastolic blood pressure, fasting blood glucose, serum high-density lipoprotein-cholesterol, and triglyceride concentration...
April 2016: Medicine (Baltimore)
Maria Gustafsson, Ulf Isaksson, Stig Karlsson, Per-Olof Sandman, Hugo Lövheim
PURPOSE: The use of psychotropic drugs to treat behavioral and psychological symptoms among people with dementia has been widely questioned because of its limited efficacy and risk of harmful side-effects. The objectives of this study was to compare the prevalence of behavioral and psychological symptoms and the use of psychotropic drug treatments among old people with cognitive impairment living in geriatric care units in 2007 and 2013. METHODS: Two questionnaire surveys were performed in 2007 and 2013, comprising all those living in geriatric care units in the county of Västerbotten in northern Sweden...
August 2016: European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology
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