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Dongxing Xuan, Chi Sun Poon
In order to reduce the leaching of pollutants and remove the Al and Zn/Al alloy from municipal solid waste incineration bottom ash (MSWIBA), an optimized alkaline pre-treatment procedure was developed in this study. The influences of alkaline conditions on the removal rate of Al and Zn/Al alloy were investigated, including [OH](-) concentration, temperature, particle size, liquid/solid ratio and treatment duration. The experimental results showed that the optimized alkaline pre-treatment conditions to efficiently remove the Al and Zn/Al alloy was by using a minimum of 1...
October 6, 2017: Journal of Hazardous Materials
Jennifer L Herington, Christine O'Brien, Michael F Robuck, Wei Lei, Naoko Brown, J Chris Slaughter, Bibhash C Paria, Anita Mahadevan-Jansen, Jeff Reese
Cyclooxygenase (COX)-derived prostaglandins stimulate uterine contractions and prepare the cervix for parturition. Prior reports suggest Cox-1 (Ptgs1) knockout (KO) mice exhibit delayed parturition due to impaired luteolysis, yet the mechanism for late-onset delivery remains unclear. Here, we examined key factors for normal onset of parturition to determine whether any could account for the delayed parturition phenotype. Pregnant Cox-1KO mice did not display altered timing of embryo implantation or post-implantation growth...
September 29, 2017: Endocrinology
Denise Sguarizi-Antonio, Viviana O Torres, Ellen L B Firmino, Sandro M Lima, Luis H C Andrade, William F Antonialli-Junior
The aim of this study was to explore whether the nest chemical profile (NCP) can be used to determine intra- and interspecific differences in social wasps of the subfamily Polistinae. For this purpose, Fourier transform infrared photoacoustic spectroscopy (FTIR-PAS) was used to directly analyze small pieces of nest as well as the gasters of females. An advantage of the methodology was that no sample preparation was required. FTIR-PAS combined with multivariate discriminant analyzes was used, to the best of our knowledge for the first time, to evaluate the NCPs of six species of polistine wasps, observing the influence of the nesting environment and investigating the relationships among the nest and female cuticular chemical profiles...
October 4, 2017: Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology. B, Biology
Rishi Sharma, Soo-Young Kim, Anjali Sharma, Zhi Zhang, Siva Pramodh Kambhampati, Sujatha Kannan, Rangaramanujam M Kannan
Brain related disorders have outmatched cancer and cardiovascular diseases worldwide as the leading cause of morbidity and mortality. The lack of effective therapies and the relatively dry central nervous system (CNS) drug pipeline pose formidable challenge. Superior, targeted delivery of current clinically approved drugs may offer significant potential. Minocycline has shown promise for the treatment of neurological diseases owing to its ability to penetrate the blood brain barrier (BBB), and potency. Despite its potential in the clinic, and in preclinical models, the high doses needed to affect a positive therapeutic response has led to side effects...
October 13, 2017: Bioconjugate Chemistry
Max Hecht, Hanno Evard, Kalev Takkis, Ruta Veigure, Rudolf Aro, Runno Lohmus, Koit Herodes, Ivo Leito, Karin Kipper
Sample preparation for the analysis of clinical samples with the mass spectrometer (MS) can be extensive and expensive. Simplifying and speeding up the process would be very beneficial. This paper reports sponge spray - a novel sampling and direct MS analysis approach - attempting exactly that. It enables direct analysis without any sample preparation from dried blood, plasma and urine. The tip of a volumetric absorptive microsampling device is used to collect an exact amount of sample and from that same tip an electrospray can be directed into a mass spectrometer...
October 13, 2017: Analytical Chemistry
Joanna Szaleniec, Andrzej Górski, Maciej Szaleniec, Ryszard Międzybrodzki, Beata Weber-Dąbrowska, Paweł Stręk, Jacek Składzień
Chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS) affects 5-15% of the global population. In some patients, the infectious exacerbations of the disease are recalcitrant to medical treatment and surgery. These cases are probably associated with the presence of bacterial biofilms. Bacteriophage (phage) therapy seems to be a promising antibiofilm strategy. The efficacy of phage therapy in sinonasal infections has been demonstrated both in vitro and in animal models. In the past, phage preparations were also administered to humans with CRS with favorable outcomes and no significant side effects...
October 13, 2017: Future Microbiology
Yu-Fang Zhang, Xi-Tong Ke, Bao-Cai Li, Cheng Xiang, Song Zhao
Erigeron breviscapus injection(DZXI) and Breviscapus injection(DZSI) are two popular injections in treatment of acute ischemic stroke in China. Both of them are manufactured from a same herbal medicine, E. breviscapus, but DZXI is an herbal extract(mixture) preparation and DZSI is a pure compound injection. This article was aimed to systemically evaluate and compare their efficacy and safety in treatment of acute ischemic stroke. The randomized controlled trials(RCTs) were collected for comparing DZXI and DZSI with Salvia miltiorrhiza injection(FDI) as the medium, and they were compared with indirect Meta-analysis(ITC)...
March 2017: Zhongguo Zhong Yao za Zhi, Zhongguo Zhongyao Zazhi, China Journal of Chinese Materia Medica
Gholamhossein Ramezani, Sohrab Tour Savadkouhi, Sahar Sayahpour
OBJECTIVES: Apexification is a challenging treatment in necrotic open apices teeth and bacterial leakage is the main reason for the treatment failure. The aim of this study is to compare the effect of mixing mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) with chlorhexidine (CHX) on microbial leakage in apexification treatment of simulated immature teeth. MATERIALS AND METHODS: In this experimental study, 44 intact central incisors were selected based on inclusion criteria. The coronal and 2 mm of apical part of the specimens were removed till all root segments were 12 mm long...
September 2017: Journal of International Society of Preventive & Community Dentistry
Takanori Mizoguchi, Mineo Ozaki, Nobuchika Ogino
PURPOSE: To evaluate the efficacy and safety of 0.05% epinastine and 0.1% olopatadine eye drop preparations as seasonal and preseasonal treatments in patients with seasonal allergic conjunctivitis (SAC). SUBJECTS AND METHODS: This was a prospective, randomized, case-control study involving two institutions. The subjects were patients diagnosed with SAC at two institutions between February and March in 2014. To examine the clinical effects of seasonal treatment, 0...
2017: Clinical Ophthalmology
Susumu Yokoya, Tomonobu Hasegawa, Keiichi Ozono, Hiroyuki Tanaka, Susumu Kanzaki, Toshiaki Tanaka, Kazuo Chihara, Nan Jia, Christopher J Child, Katsuichiro Ihara, Jumpei Funai, Noriyuki Iwamoto, Yoshiki Seino
The primary goal of the Genetics and Neuroendocrinology of Short Stature International Study (GeNeSIS) was to assess the safety and effectiveness of Humatrope(®), a GH preparation, in the treatment of pediatric patients with short stature. We report our findings in the GH-treated Japanese pediatric population focusing on the incidence of type 2 diabetes (T2D) and occurrence of neoplasms. A total of 2,345 Japanese patients were assessed for safety. During a mean observation period of 3.2 yr, T2D occurred in 3 patients (0...
2017: Clinical Pediatric Endocrinology: Case Reports and Clinical Investigations: Official Journal of the Japanese Society for Pediatric Endocrinology
Paweł Myciński, Joanna Zarzecka, Agnieszka Skórska-Stania, Agnieszka Jelonek, Krzysztof Okoń, Maria Wróbel
The growing demand for various kinds of bone regeneration material has in turn increased the desire to find materials with optimal physical, chemical, and biological properties. The objective of the present study was to identify the proportions of ceramic and polylactide components in a bone substitute material prepared in collaboration with the Crystal Chemistry of Drugs Team of the Faculty of Chemistry at the Jagiellonian University, which would be optimal for bone regeneration processes. Another goal was to provide a histological analysis of the influence of a ceramic-polylactide composite on the healing of osseous defects in rabbits...
2017: Polish Journal of Pathology: Official Journal of the Polish Society of Pathologists
S Mackens, S Santos-Ribeiro, A van de Vijver, A Racca, L Van Landuyt, H Tournaye, C Blockeel
STUDY QUESTION: What is the optimal endometrial preparation protocol for a frozen embryo transfer (FET)? SUMMARY ANSWER: Although the optimal endometrial preparation protocol for FET needs further research and is yet to be determined, we propose a standardized timing strategy based on the current available evidence which could assist in the harmonization and comparability of clinic practice and future trials. WHAT IS KNOWN ALREADY: Amid a continuous increase in the number of FET cycles, determining the optimal endometrial preparation protocol has become paramount to maximize ART success...
September 8, 2017: Human Reproduction
K Wenelska, A Ottmann, D Moszyński, P Schneider, R Klingeler, E Mijowska
Nitrogen-doped core/shell carbon nanospheres (NHCS are prepared and their capability as an anode material in lithium-ion batteries is investigated. The synthesis methodology is based on a fast template route. The resulting molecular nanostructures are characterized by X-ray diffraction, transmission electron microscopy, thermal analysis, and nitrogen adsorption/desorption measurement as well as by cyclic voltammetry and galvanostatic cycling. The core/shell structure provides a rapid lithium transport pathway and boasts a highly reversible capacity...
October 5, 2017: Journal of Colloid and Interface Science
María V López-Ramón, Miguel A Álvarez, Carlos Moreno-Castilla, María A Fontecha-Cámara, África Yebra-Rodríguez, Esther Bailón-García
A copper ferrite synthesized by a sol-gel combustion method was calcined at different temperatures up to 800°C, determining changes in its structural characteristics and magnetic measurements and studying its catalytic performance in gallic acid removal by Fenton reaction. The main objective was to study the effect of the calcination temperature of copper ferrite on its crystalline phase formation and transformation, activity and metal ion leaching. The cubic-to-tetragonal transformation of the spinel occurred via its reaction with the CuO phase, displacing Fe(3+) ions in B (octahedral) sites out of the spinel structure by the following reaction: 2Fe(3+)B+3CuO→Fe2O3+3Cu(2+)B...
October 3, 2017: Journal of Colloid and Interface Science
Sanjeeva Dissanayake, Mark Nagel, Emanuela Falaschetti, Jason Suggett
INTRODUCTION: The European Medicines Agency (EMA) requires that a specific valved holding chamber (VHC) is designated for use with a given pressurised metered dose inhaler (pMDI). No other regulatory authorities impose similar requirements, implying that VHCs are interchangeable. This in vitro study, employing EMA assessment criteria, assessed the equivalence of four anti-static VHCs (aVHCs) versus the non-conducting VHC most widely referenced in pMDI monographs, the AeroChamber Plus™ (AC+) VHC...
October 9, 2017: Pulmonary Pharmacology & Therapeutics
Innus K Shaikh, Prashant P Dixit, Balasaheb S Pawade, Indrasen G Waykar
India remained an epicenter for the snakebite-related mortality and morbidities due to widespread agricultural activities across the country and a considerable number of snakebites offended by Indian cobra (Naja naja), common krait (Bungarus caeruleus), Russell's viper (Daboia russelii), and saw-scaled viper (Echis carinatus). Presently, there is no selective test available for the detection of snake envenomation in India before the administration of snake antivenin. Therefore, the present study aimed to develop rapid, sensitive assay for the management of snakebite, which can detect venom, responsible snake species and serve as a tool for the reasonable administration of snake antivenin, which have scarcity across the world...
October 9, 2017: Toxicon: Official Journal of the International Society on Toxinology
Adam Kazimierz Górka, Andrzej Górecki, Marta Dziedzicka-Wasylewska
Site-specific labeling of proteins with fluorescent dyes allows the study of protein structure and function using a wide variety of fluorescent techniques. However, specific labeling is not trivial in the case of proteins containing multiple cysteine residues. An example of such a protein is transcription factor Yin Yang 1, which comprises eight cysteine residues in four C2H2 type zinc fingers in the C-terminal region. Kinetic measurements of the labeling process allowed us to develop preparative labeling of three cysteine residues differently introduced to the N-terminal, disordered fragment of the protein...
October 12, 2017: Protein Science: a Publication of the Protein Society
Junghong Park, Swapan Pramanick, Dongsik Park, Jiwon Yeo, Jihyun Lee, Haeshin Lee, Won Jong Kim
Nitric oxide (NO) is a crucial signaling molecule with various functions in physiological systems. Due to its potent biological effect, the preparation of responsive biomaterials upon NO having temporally transient properties is a challenging task. This study represents the first therapeutic-gas (i.e., NO)-responsive hydrogel by incorporating a NO-cleavable crosslinker. The hydrogel is rapidly swollen in response to NO, and not to other gases. Furthermore, the NO-responsive gel is converted to enzyme-responsive gels by cascade reactions from an enzyme to NO production for which the NO precursor is a substrate of the enzyme...
October 11, 2017: Advanced Materials
Ewura Seidu Yahaya, Werner Cordier, Paul Anton Steenkamp, Vanessa Steenkamp
OBJECTIVES: Whole plants of Boerhavia diffusa L. are widely used medicine in Ghana and other tropical countries, for the treatment of wounds and other ailments. The aim of the study was to determine the ability of sequential extracts of B. diffusa to influence oxidation and wound closure in myoblast cells in vitro. METHODS: Sequential extracts were prepared from the whole plant using four solvents of increasing polarity (hexane, ethyl acetate, methanol and water)...
October 12, 2017: Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology
Maria Luisa Navacchia, Elena Marchesi, Lara Mari, Nicola Chinaglia, Eleonora Gallerani, Riccardo Gavioli, Massimo Luigi Capobianco, Daniela Perrone
Herein we report a study on the synthesis and biological evaluation of a library of nucleoside-bile acid conjugates prepared by combining 2'-deoxyadenosine, 2'-deoxyguanosine, 2'-deoxyuridine as well as adenosine and guanosine derivatives with cheno-, urso-, nor-cheno-, nor-urso- and taurourso-desoxycholic acid derivatives by means of the click reaction. The new nucleoside-bile acid conjugates incorporating a triazole moiety were tested in vitro against leukemic K562 and HCT116 colon carcinoma, as well as on normal fibroblast cells...
October 12, 2017: Molecules: a Journal of Synthetic Chemistry and Natural Product Chemistry
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