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Alma Sánchez-Eleuterio, William H García-Santos, Howard Díaz-Salazar, Marcos Hernández-Rodríguez, Alejandro Cordero-Vargas
A stereodivergent C-glycosidation of carbohydrate-derived lactones can be mediated by the protecting groups and applied to the total synthesis of (+)-varitriol and of two diastereoisomers thereof, which represent an unprecedent use of the protecting groups in the synthesis of a naturally occurring compound. In particular, the stereoselective nucleophile attack for 2,3-trans-substituted five-membered ring oxocarbenium ions is strongly influenced by the presence of aromatic rings in the protecting groups. According to quantum chemical calculations, the stereoselectvity depends on the π-π interactions between the aromatic ring of the C-2 protecting group with the exocyclic triple bond and the oxocarbenium ion...
August 4, 2017: Journal of Organic Chemistry
Toshiro Fujimoto, Eiichi Okumura, Atsushi Kodabashi, Kouzou Takeuchi, Toshiaki Otsubo, Katsumi Nakamura, Kazutaka Yatsushiro, Masaki Sekine, Shinichiro Kamiya, Susumu Shimooki, Toshiyo Tamura
We studied sex-related differences in gamma oscillation during an auditory oddball task, using magnetoencephalography and electroencephalography assessment of imaginary coherence (IC). We obtained a statistical source map of event-related desynchronization (ERD) / event-related synchronization (ERS), and compared females and males regarding ERD / ERS. Based on the results, we chose respectively seed regions for IC determinations in low (30-50 Hz), mid (50-100 Hz) and high gamma (100-150 Hz) bands. In males, ERD was increased in the left posterior cingulate cortex (CGp) at 500 ms in the low gamma band, and in the right caudal anterior cingulate cortex (cACC) at 125 ms in the mid-gamma band...
2016: Open Neuroimaging Journal
C L Errando, T Blanco, Ó Díaz-Cambronero
Intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring during spine surgery is usually acomplished avoiding muscle relaxants. A case of intraoperative sugammadex partial reversal of the neuromuscular blockade allowing adequate monitoring during spine surgery is presented. A 38 year-old man was scheduled for discectomy and vertebral arthrodesis throughout anterior and posterior approaches. Anesthesia consisted of total intravenous anesthesia plus rocuronium. Intraoperatively monitoring was needed, and the muscle relaxant reverted twice with low dose sugammadex in order to obtain adequate responses...
November 2016: Revista Española de Anestesiología y Reanimación
Hernan F Garcia, Álvaro A Orozco, Mauricio A Álvarez
Emotional behavior is an active area of study in the fields of neuroscience and affective computing. This field has the fundamental role of emotion recognition in the maintenance of physical and mental health. Valence/Arousal levels are two orthogonal, independent dimensions of any emotional stimulus and allows an analysis framework in affective research. In this paper we present our framework for emotional regression based on machine learning techniques. Autoregressive coefficients and hidden markov models on physiological signals, based on Fisher Kernels characterization are presented for mapping variable length sequences to new dimension feature vector space...
2013: Conference Proceedings: Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society
Lénia Rodrigues, Nikita Popov, Kenneth M Kaye, J Pedro Simas
Host colonization by lymphotropic γ-herpesviruses depends critically on expansion of viral genomes in germinal center (GC) B-cells. Myc is essential for the formation and maintenance of GCs. Yet, the role of Myc in the pathogenesis of γ-herpesviruses is still largely unknown. In this study, Myc was shown to be essential for the lymphotropic γ-herpesvirus MuHV-4 biology as infected cells exhibited increased expression of Myc signature genes and the virus was unable to expand in Myc defficient GC B-cells. We describe a novel strategy of a viral protein activating Myc through increased protein stability resulting in increased progression through the cell cycle...
2013: PLoS Pathogens
Flávia Sabrina Queirós Vasconcelos, Ana Christina Claro Neves, Laís Regiane da Silva-Concílio, Leonardo Gonçalves Cunha, Sigmar de Mello Rode
During clinical practice, when performing prosthetic rehabilitation with single crowns, improper reproduction of the dental contour by the dental laboratory is a common occurrence. Therefore, the present study evaluated the fidelity of the reproduction of the buccal contour in an upper left canine performed by three Dental Prosthesis Technicians (DPT) using the indirect laminate veneer technique. First, the DPTs confected the veneers based on a model obtained from the upper arch of a dental dummy, containing a replica of an upper left canine with a prosthetic preparation for a laminate veneer...
July 2009: Brazilian Oral Research
Yun-zhi Liu, Yi-wei Huang, Miao Jin, Hong Zhang, Fu-qiang Liu, Jing Wang, Shi-xiong Hu, Xin-hua Ou, Zhao-jun Duan
OBJECTIVE: To determine the pathogen of an unexplained epidemic event of infectious diarrhea by laboratory diagnosis of suspected cases samples. METHODS: 28 samples from 28 suspected cases (22 fecal samples, 3 vomitus samples, 3 anus swab samples) were tested for Norovirus by RT-PCR. Sequencing and phylogenetic analysis were acomplished of 5 positive samples. RESULTS: 160 of 5694 population were ill with an attack rate of 2.81%. The peak period was 7-9, March...
December 2008: Chinese Journal of Experimental and Clinical Virology
Luis Romero Rizos, Pedro Manuel Sánchez Jurado, Pedro Abizanda Soler
Although the implementation of acute geriatric units (AGUs) in general hospitals has a grade A of evidency, in Spain, only 12% of them have this resource. The estimation of geriatric especializad beds for the care of acute frail elderly people is of 2.6/1000 inhabitants older than 75 years. AGUs have demonstrated to reduce the functional loss associated with the hospitalization and to increase the percentage of older people that can return home, without increases in mortality nor costs. In this review we present the characteristics of patients who benefit from AGUs, the services offered, the structure and functioning of the unit, the role of the professionals that work in it and the quality indicators that must be acomplished...
June 2009: Revista Española de Geriatría y Gerontología
R Vela Navarrete, J L Rodríguez Miñón Cifuentes, J Calahorra Fernández, C González Enguita, J Cabrera, J V García Cardoso, I Castillon Vela, J J Plaza
INTRODUCTION: Absolute priority in an LDKT programme are donnor safety and kidney optimal anatomical and functional preservation. Reduced donnor morbidities, both at short and long term, are important objectives. Excellent technical grafting is a must as are the strategies employed for facilitatig it. We revised the incidences of our whole LDKT programme (40 years 243 donors) to confirm if these exigences have been acomplished or a change to new surgical procedures is recommended. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Between 1968-2008 243 nephrectomies and grafting has been performed, a reduced number per year (A cadaver programme has been running simultaneously since 1964)...
November 2008: Actas Urologicas Españolas
J M Alcázar, M D Arenas, F Alvarez-Ude, R Virto, E Rubio, F Maduell, P Fernández-Crespo, M Angoso de Guzmán, R Delgado, C Santamaría, M A Alonso, S Anaya, A Bordils, A Antolín, E González-Parra, I Pérez, A Molina Ordás, M Fernández, P Molina, P Sánchez, F Barbosa, L Palomares Solla, J Lacueva, G Barril, J M Pastor, C Gámez Matías, P Mateos Hernández, M Fulquet Nicolás, F Ríos
INTRODUCTION: The Spanish Society of Nephrology "Quality in Nephrology Working Group" (QNWG) was created in 2002. The aims of this group are the identification, diffusion, implementation and consolidation of a systematic, objective and comprehensive set of quality performance measures (QPMs) to help along the improvement of patient care and outcomes on hemodialysis, by means of strategies of feedback and benchmarking, and the design of quality improvement projects. The objective of this study is to present the preliminary results of a set of quality performance measures obtained in a group of Spanish hemodialysis centers, as well as to evaluate the repercussion of the application of the aforementioned thecniques on the observed results...
2008: Nefrología: Publicación Oficial de la Sociedad Española Nefrologia
B Argüero Licea, D Garza Garza, V Flores Urbieta, R A Cervantes Olivares
The habitat of Cryptococcus neoformans var. gattii is not fully known in Mexico. We investigated the relationship of the yeast with Eucalyptus camaldulensis soil in three main Avenues of the city. A total of 135 trees of the species E. camaldulensis, were selected. Samples were taken in duplicate from the ground containing vegetable debris, tree cortex, leaves and flowers. Isolation of the yeast was made on Guizotia abyssinica media, using Staib technique. The identification was accomplished by biochemical and morphologic tests, and caraterization of the variety was made by bromotimol canavanine-glycine-blue (CGB) and D-proline tests...
March 1999: Revista Iberoamericana de Micología
A Santos, S Rodriguez, F Garcia-Ochoa, P Yustos
Catalytic abatement of solutions of 1,000 mg/L in phenol, ortho and para nitrophenol and ortho and para cresols was acomplished by using two catalytic systems. Fenton's reagent was used at 50 degrees C by adding 10 mg/L of ferrous cation and different dosages of H2O2. The mixture was reacting isothermically in a batch way during 3 hours. Catalytic wet oxidation (CWO) was carried out by using a commercial Activated Carbon, Industrial React FE01606A, CWO runs were carried out in a fixed bed reactor (FBR) with concurrent upflow...
2007: Water Science and Technology: a Journal of the International Association on Water Pollution Research
Ana Margarita Silva, Norma Natalia Carrillo
The Purruja mangrove (Golfito, Costa Rica) has an estimated area of 70 ha. A socio-biological research was the ground to set initial goals to manage the resources and to identify the mangrove biological condition. Community participation and the local organization were key factors in developing an integrated model for the management of natural resources. Constant monitoring and institutional networks were the other two factors to manage the mangrove. The constant profesional support was a tool to facilitate the acomplishment of goals and to establish an institucional network to promote local group iniciatives for collaborative management of the Purruja mangrove...
December 2004: Revista de Biología Tropical
M Kokavec
OBJECTIVES: Cerebral palsy is defined as a syndrome subsequent to attack of developing brain and characterized by loss of normal controle of motor function. Orthopaedic surgeon have to select patients who will have benefit from surgery, and to perform it by that way, that will improve the motorical ability of the child. BACKGROUND: The operations performed in the past at one level were replaced by modern ,,multilevel approach" in case of need. The aim of this study was the analysis of the long term results of that new surgical approaches...
2006: Bratislavské Lekárske Listy
Damaso de Araújo Chacon, Andréa Dore da Silva Magalhães Chaves, Raquel Amorim Duarte, Carlos Alexandre Amorim Garcia, Aldo da Cunha Medeiros
PURPOSE: To identify diabetic foot abnormal changes caused by microvascular events and fundoscopy eye lesions due to diabetic retinopathy. METHODS: A survey was performed with 76 diabetic patients from the Hospital Onofre Lopes out-patient department of ophtalmology and vascular surgery. To evaluate the diabetic foot the patients were submitted to an individual interview using Fontaine classification. The vascular test used was Semmes-Weinstein monofilament. Refraction and eye fundoscopy were acomplished in all patients to arrange the diabetic retinopathy...
2005: Acta Cirúrgica Brasileira
C Llorente Abarca, C Carrera Puerta, M Sánchez Encinas, J M de la Morena Gallego, F González Chamorro, J Martínez Hurtado, D Rengifo Abbad
OBJECTIVE: To describe our proceedings in the implatation of our laparoscopic radical prostatectomy program (LRP). METHODS: Our working agenda and step-oriented implementation of our LRP program are shown. RESULTS: Four main steps were scheduled to acomplish this goal. These were: Preparatory phase, programed open conversion, development and analysis. Overlapping of each of these phase occured although their major content run on a time-basis...
April 2005: Actas Urologicas Españolas
Mark T Bilodeau, Adrienne E Balitza, Timothy J Koester, Peter J Manley, Leonard D Rodman, Carolyn Buser-Doepner, Kathleen E Coll, Christine Fernandes, Jackson B Gibbs, David C Heimbrook, William R Huckle, Nancy Kohl, Joseph J Lynch, Xianzhi Mao, Rosemary C McFall, Debra McLoughlin, Cynthia M Miller-Stein, Keith W Rickert, Laura Sepp-Lorenzino, Jennifer M Shipman, Raju Subramanian, Kenneth A Thomas, Bradley K Wong, Sean Yu, George D Hartman
A series of N-(1,3-thiazol-2-yl)pyridin-2-amine KDR kinase inhibitors have been developed that possess optimal properties. Compounds have been discovered that exhibit excellent in vivo potency. The particular challenges of overcoming hERG binding activity and QTc increases in vivo in addition to achieving good pharmacokinetics have been acomplished by discovering a unique class of amine substituents. These compounds have a favorable kinase selectivity profile that can be accentuated with appropriate substitution...
December 2, 2004: Journal of Medicinal Chemistry
F J Rodríguez-Vera, Y Marín Fernández, A Sánchez, C Borrachero, E Puyol de la Llave
AIMS: To Study the inappropriateness of the admissions and stays in an Internal Medicine Department using the concurrent version of the AEP (Appropriateness Evaluation Protocol). METHOD: Aplication of the concurrent version of the AEP to all the patients internated in an Internal Medicine Department. 257 RESULTS: 59 patients and 485 stays fulfilled the inclusion criteria. A 15.3/ of the admissions and a 33/ of the stays did not acomplish the criteria of appropriateness of the AEP...
June 2003: Anales de Medicina Interna: Organo Oficial de la Sociedad Española de Medicina Interna
L B Costa, M D Vilela, S Lemos
Meningiomas in childhood are rare, and those located in the third ventricle are even rarer, with only 16 cases reported. A five-year-old girl was seen at our hospital with headache and bilateral papilledema. CT scan showed a large third ventricular mass and associated hydrocephalus. Transcallosal interfornical approach was performed with total removal of the tumor, that was attached to the choroid plexus of the anterior third ventricle. Histologically the lesion proved to be a transitional meningioma. The recovery was uneventful, a permanent shunt was not necessary...
September 2000: Arquivos de Neuro-psiquiatria
J J Burckhardt
In the early 1990s, a series of outbreaks of hepatitis C (HCV) infections clustering among recipients of certain lots of plasma-derived medicinal products (PDMP) alarmed regulatory authorities, manufacturers and the public alike. Also, a few episodes of Hepatitis A (HAV) infections occurred in haemophiliacs receiving solvent-detergent-treated factor VIII concentrates. Thus, several measures were brought into effect to reestablish the safety of the incriminated products and to further increase the margin of safety of PDMP in general...
December 1999: Biologicals: Journal of the International Association of Biological Standardization
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