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V V Grabar, A V Stefanovich
The aim of the study was to investigate with FISH the frequency of aneuploidies of the first and second polar bodies (PB-I and PB-II) of oocytes in women participating in IVF programs. The study included 93 women, 82 of them were after controlled ovulation stimulation (COS), 11 in natural cycles. FISH in 238 PB-I and PB-II was done. Revealed that the frequency of aneuploidies in oocytes after COS was higher than in the natural cycle, and also was higher after COS in women with infertility compared to women stimulated because of male infertility and donors of oocytes...
December 2014: Georgian Medical News
Nicole E Marshall, Gwen Fraley, Cori Feist, Michael J Burns, Leonardo Pereira
OBJECTIVE: To determine the prevalence of abnormal karyotype results in women undergoing chorionic villus sampling (CVS) for abnormal first trimester screening compared to CVS for historical indications (advanced maternal age (AMA) or prior aneuploidy). METHODS: Retrospective cohort of all patients undergoing CVS at Oregon Health & Science University from January 2006 to June 2010. Patients were separated based on CVS indication: (1) positive ultrasound (U/S) or serum screening; or (2) AMA or prior aneuploidy with normal or no screening...
August 2012: Journal of Maternal-fetal & Neonatal Medicine
Juan Carlos Herrera, Luis Fernando Isaza, José Luis Ramírez, Gonzalo Vásquez, Carlos Mario Muñetón
INTRODUCTION: TP53 is a tumor suppressor gene located on chromosome 17p13.1. This gene is essential for the control of cell cycle and has been found altered in about 50% of all tumor types. OBJECTIVE: The presence of aneuploidy of chromosome 17 and TP53 gene deletion at 17p13.1 locus was determined in primary solid tumors using the dual-color FISH (fluorescence in situ hybridization). MATERIALS AND METHODS: Thirty-eight samples consisted of several types of primary solid tumors...
July 2010: Biomédica: Revista del Instituto Nacional de Salud
A Karaman, M Eşref Kabalar, D Nasir Binici, C Oztürk, I Pirim
To investigate the occurrence of 17p (p53) loss of heterozygosity (LOH) and increased 4N or aneuploidy in gastric precancerous lesions (GPL), and their association with Helicobacter pylori (H pylori) infection. A total of 78 gastric mucosal biopsy specimens, including 10 normal mucosa and 68 gastric precancerous lesions [chronic atrophic gastritis (CAG, n = 20), intestinal metaplasia (IM, n = 12), low grade dysplasia (LGD, n = 15), and high grade dysplasia (HGD, n = 21)] were studied using PCR and flow cytometry...
2010: Genetic Counseling
E V Gorduza, M Onofriescu, Violeta Martiniuc, Mihaela Grigore, Elena Mihălceanu, Gh Iliev
UNLABELLED: Chromosomal disorders are severe and affect 0.9% of the newborns. In these conditions, prenatal diagnosis should be compulsory in every public medical system. MATERIAL AND METHOD: Our study is a retrospective analysis of pregnant women investigated by amniocentesis and FISH technique. RESULTS: We analyzed 233 samples collected between 2004 and 2007 at Iaşi "Cuza-Vodă" Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital. The majority of cases were investigated between 16 and 24 weeks of pregnancy...
October 2007: Revista Medico-chirurgicală̆ a Societă̆ţ̜ii de Medici ş̧i Naturaliş̧ti Din Iaş̧i
Lama T Eldahdah, Kelly E Ormond, Anwar H Nassar, Tayma Khalil, Laila F Zahed
OBJECTIVES: To better understand obstetrician experiences in Lebanon when disclosing abnormal amniocentesis results. METHODS: Structured interviews with 38 obstetricians identified as caregivers from the American University of Beirut Medical Center Cytogenetics Laboratory database of patients with abnormal amniocentesis results between 1999 and 2005. RESULTS: Obstetricians were primarily male, Christian, and with an average of 14 years of experience...
June 2007: Prenatal Diagnosis
J Rubes, M Vozdova, E Oracova, S D Perreault
To examine interindividual differences in sperm chromosome aneuploidy, repeated semen specimens were obtained from a group of ten healthy men, aged 20-21 at the start of the study, and analyzed by multi-color fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) analysis to determine the frequencies of sperm aneuploidy for chromosomes X, Y, 8, 18 and 21 and of diploidy. Semen samples were obtained three times over a five-year period. Statistical analysis examining the stability of sperm aneuploidy over time by type and chromosome identified two men who consistently exhibited elevated frequencies of sperm aneuploidy (stable variants): one with elevated disomy 18 and one with elevated MII diploidy...
2005: Cytogenetic and Genome Research
Natalia V Kovaleva, David E Mutton
The chance of two chromosome abnormalities occurring in one conceptus is very small. However, some authors have suggested that double aneuplodies (DAs) might be more common than the product of their individual frequencies. The nonrandomness of such DA events was considered to be evidence that nondisjunction (NDJ) may be genetically determined. Data collected from the National Down syndrome Cytogenetic Register (NDSCR) in England and Wales and from the literature indicate that the frequencies of all nonmosaic DAs, except for 48,XXY,+21, are lower than expected, probably because of strong intrauterine selection against such pregnancies...
April 1, 2005: American Journal of Medical Genetics. Part A
Iu B Iurov, S G Vorsanova
Molecular cytogenetic and cytogenetic studies of chromosomal disorders in patients with nervous and mental disorders were conducted using currently available approaches, including fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) with an original collection of centromeric, telomeric, region-specific DNA probes. A novel in situ hybridization protocol for rapid (15-30 min) chromosomal detection procedure and directly fluoresceinated DNA probes are recommended for use in mental retardation and congenital malformations...
2001: Vestnik Rossiĭskoĭ Akademii Meditsinskikh Nauk
J L Moyano Calvo, M De Miguel Rodríguez, J M Poyato Galán, A Ortíz Gamiz, A Molina Carranza, J J Zerpa Railey, H Toro Cepeda, D Sánchez-Barriga Peña, H Galera Davidson, J Castiñeiras Fernández
OBJECTIVE: Evaluate the utility of Ki-67 label index, p53 expression and flow cytometry-DNA ploidy in the selection of groups to be treated with prophylactic BCG and the prognostic value compared with the classic variables (grade, lymphatic permeation, multiplicity, volume, primary). MATERIAL & METHOD: 121 superficial bladder tumors T1. 10% Cut-off level for Ki-67 and p53. Aneuplody is defined as a tumor with DNA index different of 1 or more than 20% in G2-M phase...
January 2001: Actas Urologicas Españolas
L Mariani, L Conti, G Atlante, F Sciarretta, M Pozzi, M Vercillo, V Francavilla, L De Franceschi, S Rossi, R Sindico, M Atlante, G M Gandolfo
DNA nuclear content was evaluated on 46 paraffin-embedded blocks of vulvar cancer by means of flow cytometry. Fifteen of 44 evaluable samples (34%) were found to have an aneuploid DNA pattern. Aneuplody showed a statistically significant relationship with tumor grading (P = 0.0004) and defined a subset of patients who have pathological characteristics of high risk, such as advanced stage of disease, deepest stromal invasion, or positive inguinal nodes. However, when a multivariate regression model was used, ploidy status did not have any prognostic role, while FIGO staging system was confirmed to be the strongest independent prognostic factor (P = 0...
November 1998: Gynecologic Oncology
M G Galasso, A Galia, G Gazzano, A Cosentino, S Castorina
The authors studied immunohistochemical and flow cytometric parameters of 6 male breast carcinomas. All patients were ER positive and frequency of aneuplody was 66%. Diploid tumors showed low proliferative activity and S-phase fraction < 3%.
October 1995: Pathologica
N V Bychkova, I E Meshkova, K M Pozharisskiĭ
DNA level and proliferative activity of malignant cells (89), atypical (7), glandular and glandular-cystous hyperplasia (15) of the endometrium and normal endometrium (28) have been assayed by flow cytometry. The results were evaluated versus degree of cell differentiation, depth of invasion and expected clinical prognosis. A reverse relationship was established between aneuplody frequency on the one hand, and cell differentiation degree and poor prognosis, on the other. However, a direct correlation was observed between DNA index and tumor aggressiveness...
1996: Voprosy Onkologii
J M Silva, R Santos-Mello
In the present paper we report the results of biological monitoring of a group of 25 car painters working in different automobile shops in Brasília. There was a significantly higher frequency of aneuplodies and chromosome deletions in the peripheral lymphocytes of car painters than in control subjects. We also detected a significant correlation between the time worked as a car painter and the frequency of aneuploidy. Smoking habits do not represent a significant factor in terms of production of the various types of chromosome aberrations among car painters...
May 1996: Mutation Research
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