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Mahdieh Abbasalizad Farhangi, Leila Jahangiry
BACKGROUND: Metabolic syndrome is associated with cardio-metabolic risk factors and lipid abnormalities. Previous studies evaluated the dietary habits and nutrient intakes among patients with metabolic syndrome; however the association between metabolic risk factors and adiponectin with dietary diversity score (DDS) in patients with metabolic syndrome has not been evaluated yet. Therefore the aim of the current study was to evaluate these relationships among patients with metabolic syndrome...
April 17, 2018: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders
Keum-Won Ha, Jeong-Yun Lee, Jeong-Geun Kim, Donghyun Baek
Recently, studies have been actively carried out to implement motion detecting sensors by applying radar techniques. Doppler radar or frequency-modulated continuous wave (FMCW) radar are mainly used, but each type has drawbacks. In Doppler radar, no signal is detected when the movement is stopped. Also, FMCW radar cannot function when the detection object is near the sensor. Therefore, by implementing a single continuous wave (CW) radar for operating in dual-mode, the disadvantages in each mode can be compensated for...
April 1, 2018: Sensors
Irshad Sirwal, Ibrahim Masoodi
BACKGROUND: There is a paucity of data on the spectrum of renal diseases prevalent in the Jammu and Kashmir region. OBJECTIVES: To determine the spectrum of glomerulopathies in adult patients attending a tertiary care centre. METHODS: Two hundred and twenty-one adequate biopsies from native kidneys of adult patients who presented with features suggestive of glomerular diseases at Sheri Kashmir Institute of medical sciences Srinagar Kashmir for the last 8 years were studied in a retrospective manner...
March 29, 2018: Nephron
Yong Li, Xiyue Zhang, Yu Zhao, Jie Ding, Songyi Lin
The study is aimed to investigate phase behavior, thermodynamic, and structural properties based on complex coacervation between fish skin gelatin (FSG) from cold-water fish and gum arabic (GA). Phase separation behavior between FSG and GA was investigated as a function of pH through varying mixing ratios from 4:1 to 1:4 at 25 °C and 1.0 wt% of total biopolymer concentration. The turbidity of FSG-GA mixture reached the maximum (1.743) at the 1:2 of mixing ratio and pHopt 3.5, and stabilized at zero. Then physicochemical properties of FSG-GA coacervates at pHopt 3...
May 2018: Food Research International
Fei Liu, Furkan Türker Saricaoglu, Roberto J Avena-Bustillos, David F Bridges, Gary R Takeoka, Vivian C H Wu, Bor-Sen Chiou, Delilah F Wood, Tara H McHugh, Fang Zhong
Carvacrol is a volatile monoterpenic phenol and main component of oregano essential oil that shows nonspecific antimicrobial activity against foodborne pathogenic bacteria. Fish-skin gelatin (FSG) nanofibers encapsulating carvacrol (15%, 20%, 25%, and 30%, w/w FSG) were successfully prepared via solution blow-spinning (SBS) technique using lecithin (2.475% wb) as the surfactant. FSG emulsions with lower carvacrol ratios (5% and 10%) showed higher values in particle size and surface tension as well as lower values in viscosity and modulus, which led to failure of maintaining nanofibers shape...
March 25, 2018: Journal of Food Science
Valeria Ugazio, Stella Guarnieri
The article presents a semantic analysis inspired by the theory of family semantic polarities developed by Ugazio (, ) applying two versions of a coding system, the Family Semantic Grid (FSG), to a couple session with Tom Andersen as a consultant. One version (FSG II) detects the narrated semantic polarities (NSPs) emerging during the session from the transcript, whereas the other (FSG III) identifies the interactive semantic polarities (ISPs) from the video recording. Both the NSPs and the ISPs are classified according to four sets of meaning called the semantic of freedom, goodness, power, and belonging...
March 7, 2018: Journal of Marital and Family Therapy
Fei Liu, Furkan Türker Saricaoglu, Roberto J Avena-Bustillos, David F Bridges, Gary R Takeoka, Vivian C H Wu, Bor-Sen Chiou, Delilah F Wood, Tara H McHugh, Fang Zhong
Cinnamaldehyde, a natural preservative that can non-specifically deactivate foodborne pathogens, was successfully incorporated into fish skin gelatin (FSG) solutions and blow spun into uniform nanofibers. The effects of cinnamaldehyde ratios (5-30%, w / w FSG) on physicochemical properties of fiber-forming emulsions (FFEs) and their nanofibers were investigated. Higher ratios resulted in higher values in particle size and viscosity of FFEs, as well as higher values in diameter of nanofibers. Loss of cinnamaldehyde was observed during solution blow spinning (SBS) process and cinnamaldehyde was mainly located on the surface of resultant nanofibers...
February 22, 2018: International Journal of Molecular Sciences
Nicola Napoli, Nicola Pannacciulli, Eric Vittinghoff, Daria Crittenden, Jang Yun, Andrea Wang, Rachel Wagman, Ann V Schwartz
BACKGROUND: RANKL is a key regulator of bone resorption that may also modulate glucose metabolism. Denosumab (DMAb) is a fully human monoclonal antibody that binds RANKL and was associated with fracture risk reduction in the FREEDOM trial. We hypothesized that DMAb treatment decreased fasting serum glucose (FSG) relative to placebo in women with diabetes or prediabetes enrolled in FREEDOM. METHODS: Post-hoc analysis of FREEDOM, in which 7,808 postmenopausal osteoporotic women were randomized to receive DMAb or placebo every 6 months for 36 months...
February 11, 2018: Diabetes/metabolism Research and Reviews
S-W Yi, Y J Won, J-J Yi
AIM: This study aimed to prospectively examine whether low normal glucose levels and hypoglycaemia are associated with increased mortality due to external causes, especially unintentional accidents. METHODS: A total of 345,318 normoglycaemic Korean adults who had undergone health examinations during 2002-2003 were followed-up to 2013. To avoid potential biases related to glucose-lowering medication use, those with known diabetes or hyperglycaemia were excluded. RESULTS: During 3...
January 11, 2018: Diabetes & Metabolism
Xiaofang Zeng, Yinyin Zhang, Jianhui Lin, Haikuo Zheng, Jie Peng, Wei Huang
BACKGROUND: Recent studies have discovered that the antiangina agent ranolazine exerts a glucometabolic effect. OBJECTIVE: This systematic review and meta-analysis aimed to further understand the efficacy and safety profile of ranolazine in patients with diabetes. METHODS: Randomized controlled trials (RCTs) were searched in PubMed, Cochrane, and EMBASE databases and in up to July 2017. Efficacy end points were defined as the change in hemoglobin A1C (A1C) and fasting serum glucose (FSG) levels...
December 1, 2017: Annals of Pharmacotherapy
Shelby B Scott, Lane Ritchie, Kayla Knopp, Galena K Rhoades, Howard J Markman
Despite a growing number of female same-gender (FSG) relationships, couples-based research and interventions have focused primarily on mixed-gender couples. Consequently, research has applied a heteronormative lens to understanding some relationship factors, including sexuality. The current study sought to provide descriptive data regarding frequency and conceptualizations of sex across partners in FSG relationships, as well as to analyze how relationship factors are associated with sexual satisfaction in this population...
April 2018: Archives of Sexual Behavior
Seulggie Choi, Kyuwoong Kim, Jooyoung Chang, Sung Min Kim, Hye-Yeon Koo, Ji-Hye Jun, Mi Hee Cho, Kiheon Lee, Sang Min Park
Smoking cessation reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD), but also elevates fasting serum glucose (FSG) levels. The effect of post-cessation hyperglycemia on cardiovascular disease is unknown. The study population consisted of 127,066 men without type 2 diabetes from the Korean National Health Insurance System - Health Screening Cohort database. Change in smoking habits and FSG was determined by the difference in smoking status and FSG levels from the first (2002 and 2003) and second (2004 and 2005) health examinations...
November 22, 2017: Scientific Reports
Leila Jahangiry, Mahdieh Abbasalizad Farhangi, Fatemeh Rezaei
BACKGROUND: There are a few studies evaluating the predictive value of Framingham risk score (FRS) for cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk assessment in patients with metabolic syndrome in Iran. Because of the emerging high prevalence of CVD among Iranian population, it is important to predict its risk among populations with potential predictive tools. Therefore, the aim of the current study is to evaluate the FRS and its determinants in patients with metabolic syndrome. METHODS: In the current cross-sectional study, 160 patients with metabolic syndrome diagnosed according to the National Cholesterol Education Adult Treatment Panel (ATP) III criteria were enrolled...
November 13, 2017: Journal of Health, Population, and Nutrition
Mona A Mohamed, Dalia M El-Gendy, Nashaat Ahmed, Craig E Banks, Nageh K Allam
Adenine-functionalized spongy graphene (FSG) composite, fabricated via a facile and green synthetic method, has been explored as a potential electrocatalyst toward the electroanalytical sensing of codeine phosphate (COD). The synthesized composite is characterized using Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), Raman spectroscopy, X-ray powder diffraction, UV-vis absorption spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy, high resolution transmission electron microscopy (HRTEM), and thermogravimetric analysis...
October 11, 2017: Biosensors & Bioelectronics
Itir Onal Ertugrul, Mete Ozay, Fatos T Yarman Vural
Human brain is supposed to process information in multiple frequency bands. Therefore, we can extract diverse information from functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) data by processing it at multiple resolutions. We propose a framework, called Hierarchical Multi-resolution Mesh Networks (HMMNs), which establishes a set of brain networks at multiple resolutions of fMRI signal to represent the underlying cognitive process. Our framework, first, decomposes the fMRI signal into various frequency subbands using wavelet transform...
October 4, 2017: Brain Imaging and Behavior
S Salas, N Resseguier, J Y Blay, A Le Cesne, A Italiano, C Chevreau, P Rosset, N Isambert, P Soulie, D Cupissol, C Delcambre, J O Bay, P Dubray-Longeras, M Krengli, B De Bari, S Villa, J H A M Kaanders, S Torrente, D Pasquier, J O Thariat, L Myroslav, C V Sole, H F Dincbas, J Y Habboush, T Zilli, T Dragan, K Khan R, G Ugurluer, T Cena, F Duffaud, N Penel, F Bertucci, D Ranchere-Vince, P Terrier, S Bonvalot, N Macagno, C Lemoine, M Lae, J M Coindre, C Bouvier
Background: Solitary fibrous tumors (SFT) are rare unusual ubiquitous soft tissue tumors that are presumed to be of fibroblastic differentiation. At present, the challenge is to establish accurate prognostic factors. Patients and methods: A total of 214 consecutive patients with SFT diagnosed in 24 participating cancer centers were entered into the European database ( to perform univariate and multivariate analysis for overall survival (OS), local recurrence incidence (LRI) and metastatic recurrence incidence (MRI) by taking competing risks into account...
August 1, 2017: Annals of Oncology: Official Journal of the European Society for Medical Oncology
Tao Huang, Zong-Cai Tu, Xinchen Shangguan, Hui Wang, Nanhai Zhang, Lu Zhang, Xiaomei Sha
BACKGROUND: Protein-polysaccharide complex coacervations have been considered extensively for the development of functional foods. The main problem of the complex coacervates is that they are highly unstable under different conditions and that cross-linking is necessary to stabilize them. In this study, the effects of pectin at different concentrations on the gel and structural properties of fish scale gelatin (FSG)-high methoxyl citrus pectin (HMP) coacervate enhanced by microbial transglutaminase (MTGase) were studied...
February 2018: Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture
Paola Bonizzoni, Gianluca Della Vedova, Yuri Pirola, Marco Previtali, Raffaella Rizzi
The string graph for a collection of next-generation reads is a lossless data representation that is fundamental for de novo assemblers based on the overlap-layout-consensus paradigm. In this article, we explore a novel approach to compute the string graph, based on the FM-index and Burrows and Wheeler Transform. We describe a simple algorithm that uses only the FM-index representation of the collection of reads to construct the string graph, without accessing the input reads. Our algorithm has been integrated into the string graph assembler (SGA) as a standalone module to construct the string graph...
July 17, 2017: Journal of Computational Biology: a Journal of Computational Molecular Cell Biology
Fatemeh Mohseni, Sahar Moghbelinejad, Reza Najafipour
BACKGROUND: Genetic and environmental factors are both involved in the etiology of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD). Among the genetic factors, certain polymorphisms of adiponectin gene are associated with NAFLD. In the current study, we investigated the association between metabolic parameters with different genotypes of adiponectin +276 G>T polymorphism among the Iranian NAFLD patients, and the effect of nutritional intake with development of NAFLD. METHODS: In this study, 75 patients with NAFLD and 76 healthy individuals were enrolled...
July 2017: Avicenna Journal of Medical Biotechnology
Basharat Yousuf, Abhaya Kumar Srivastava
Flaxseed gum (FSG) in combination with lemongrass essential oil (LGEO) was investigated for coating of ready-to-eat pomegranate arils. FSG was used at 0.3% and 0.6% concentrations and with both concentrations LGEO was incorporated at levels of 0ppm, 200ppm, 500ppm and 800ppm. Changes in headspace gases, physicochemical, microbiological and sensory attributes of pomegranate arils stored at 5°C were studied on different days of analysis during the 12day storage period. Coatings containing LGEO were effective in reducing total plate count and yeast and mold populations...
November 2017: International Journal of Biological Macromolecules
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