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STD prevention, treatment

Natália Carolina Rodrigues Colombo Gomes, Denise Andrade Pereira Meier, Flávia Meneguetti Pieri, Elaine Alves, Silvia Paulino Ribeiro Albanese, Edvilson Cristiano Lentine, Ricardo Alexandre Arcêncio, Elma Mathias Dessunti
INTRODUCTION: The implementation of the rapid test (RT) for syphilis increases access of vulnerable populations to early diagnosis and treatment, impacting the outcomes of infection. We aimed to assess the prevalence of and factors associated with syphilis in a Center for Testing and Counseling (CTC). METHODS: We conducted a cross-sectional study at a Reference Center for sexually transmitted disease (STD) and acquired immune deficiency syndrome in Londrina, Northern Paraná State, Southern Brazil...
January 2017: Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical
Nicole K Leamer, Nikki N Jordan, Laura A Pacha, Nabil H Latif, Eric C Garges, Joel C Gaydos
INTRODUCTION: Sexually transmitted diseases (STD) affect primarily young people (17-24 years). The U.S. Military, with many young people, strives to maintain effective STD treatment and prevention programs using current methods. Laboratory testing technology and capacity are important for appropriate clinical management and to provide data to direct prevention programs. STD laboratory capabilities are assessed in civilian and military laboratories using surveys. An Army laboratory survey was conducted in 2007...
March 2017: Military Medicine
Adigun Temiloluwa Folasayo, Afolayan John Oluwasegun, Suhailah Samsudin, Siti Nor Sakinah Saudi, Malina Osman, Rukman Awang Hamat
This study was done to assess the knowledge, attitudes, risky behaviors and preventive practices related to sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs) among health and non-health sciences university students as future healthcare providers in Malaysia. A total of 700 health and non-health sciences university students (255 male; 445 female) aged between 17 and 30 years were surveyed by using a self-administered questionnaire. The majority (86.6%) had heard of STDs, and 50.4% knew STDs could present without symptoms...
February 8, 2017: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
Karina Barbosa de Queiroz, Kinulpe Honorato-Sampaio, Joamyr Victor Rossoni Júnior, Diego Andrade Leal, Angélica Barbosa G Pinto, Lenice Kappes-Becker, Elisio Alberto Evangelista, Renata Guerra-Sá
Endurance exercise is a remarkable intervention for the treatment of many diseases. Mitochondrial changes on skeletal muscle are likely important for many of the benefits provided by exercise. In this study, we aimed to evaluate the effects that a regular physical activity (swimming without workload) has on mitochondrial morphological alterations and glucometabolic parameters induced by a high-sugar diet (HSD). Weaned male Wistar rats fed with a standard diet or a HSD (68% carbohydrate) were subjected to 60 minutes of regular physical activity by swimming (without workload) for four- (20 sessions) or eight-week (40 sessions) periods...
2017: PloS One
Harald Moi, Usha Hartgill, Kristin Helene Skullerud, Elina J Reponen, Line Syvertsen, Amir Moghaddam
BACKGROUND: The microscopical diagnosis of male urethritis was recently questioned by Rietmeijer and Mettenbrink, lowering the diagnostic criteria of the diagnosis to ≥2 polymorphonuclear leucocytes (PMNL) per high power field (HPF), and adopted by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in their 2015 STD Treatment Guidelines. The European Non-Gonococcal Urethritis Guideline advocates a limit of ≥5 PMNL/HPF. OBJECTIVE: To determine if syndromic treatment of urethritis should be considered with a cutoff value of ≥2 PMNL/HPF in urethral smear...
March 2017: Sexually Transmitted Diseases
M Kumi Smith, William C Miller, Huixin Liu, Chuanyi Ning, Wensheng He, Myron S Cohen, Ning Wang
BACKGROUND: Sustained viral suppression through antiretroviral therapy (ART) reduces the risk of sexual HIV transmission. However, it can require routine access to reliable and effective medical care, which can be difficult to obtain in resource-constrained areas. We investigated the effects of patient load and travel distance to an HIV care clinic on transmission risk in HIV serodiscordant couples in the Henan Province, China. METHODS: The study cohort arises from a population of HIV-infected individuals in central rural China where regional blood selling scandals in the 1990s led to mass HIV transmission of up to 30 000 people though unsanitary blood collection practices...
October 2016: Lancet
Márcio Cristiano de Melo, Rosemeire de Olanda Ferraz, Juliana Luporini do Nascimento, Maria Rita Donalisio
The objective of this study is to describe the time trend of coefficients of incidence and mortality associated with AIDS in children and adolescents. An ecological time trend study was conducted among individuals under 14 living in the regional context of high incidence of AIDS - Porto Alegre and the State of Rio Grande do Sul - from 1996 to 2012. For this purpose, a segmented regression model was adjusted for age categories and place of residence. AIDS morbidity and mortality indicators in Porto Alegre are still higher than those registered in the State, the southern region and other areas of the country...
December 2016: Ciência & Saúde Coletiva
Alice Cepeda, Jessica Frankeberger, Jennifer L Bailey, Kathryn M Nowotny, Guillermina Natera-Rey, Avelardo Valdez
Recent research has documented crack cocaine's increasing spread in Mexico, which is likely to contribute to the rapid transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs). In Mexico, crack use is increasing most rapidly in vulnerable, hard-to-reach populations, where little is known about risk behaviors. This report aims to present baseline data regarding HIV and STI knowledge and testing prevalence from an innovative projection mapping HIV intervention, in which 3-D illusions, animation, and visual text graphics and sound are projected onto buildings with health messages that were designed to disrupt everyday life and connect with the target population...
November 10, 2016: AIDS Care
M Ibars, A Ardid-Ruiz, M Suárez, B Muguerza, C Bladé, G Aragonès
OBJECTIVE: Dietary obesity is usually linked with hypothalamic leptin resistance, in which the primary impact is an interference in the homeostatic control of body weight and appetite. Notably, proanthocyanidins (PACs), which are the most abundant phenolic compounds present in human diet, modulate adiposity and food intake. The aim of this study was to assess whether PACs could re-establish appropriate leptin signalling in both the hypothalamus and peripheral tissues. DESIGN: Male Wistar rats were fed either a standard chow diet (STD group, n=7) or a cafeteria diet (CD) for 13 weeks...
January 2017: International Journal of Obesity: Journal of the International Association for the Study of Obesity
Angel A Noda, Orestes Blanco, Consuelo Correa, Lissette Pérez, Vivian Kourí, Islay Rodríguez
BACKGROUND: Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and in particular genital ulcer disease (GUD) have a major impact on morbidity and mortality in developing countries. The World Health Organization recommends the use of syndromic guidelines for the treatment of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in resource-constrained countries. Surveillance of autochthonous etiologies provides epidemiological information contributing to the prevention and treatment of STIs. We investigated the etiology and factors associated with GUD among male patients attending a STD clinic in Havana, Cuba...
August 2016: Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Robert D Kirkcaldy, Alesia Harvey, John R Papp, Carlos Del Rio, Olusegun O Soge, King K Holmes, Edward W Hook, Grace Kubin, Stefan Riedel, Jonathan Zenilman, Kevin Pettus, Tremeka Sanders, Samera Sharpe, Elizabeth Torrone
PROBLEM/CONDITION: Gonorrhea is the second most commonly reported notifiable disease in the United States; 350,062 gonorrhea cases were reported in 2014. Sexually transmitted infections caused by Neisseria gonorrhoeae are a cause of pelvic inflammatory disease in women, which can lead to serious reproductive complications including tubal infertility, ectopic pregnancy, and chronic pelvic pain. Prevention of sequelae and of transmission to sexual partners relies largely on prompt detection and effective antimicrobial treatment...
2016: MMWR. Surveillance Summaries: Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. Surveillance Summaries
Creta Elisa Seibt, Maria Cristina Munerato
Syphilis is an infectious disease caused by the bacterium Treponema pallidum. Syphilis has three clinical stages and may present various oral manifestations, mainly at the secondary stage. The disease mimics other more common oral mucosa lesions, going undiagnosed and with no proper treatment. Despite the advancements in medicine toward prevention, diagnosis, and treatment syphilis remains a public health problem worldwide. In this sense, dental surgeons should be able to identify the most common manifestations of the disease in the oral cavity, pointing to the role of this professional in prevention and diagnosis...
July 2016: Brazilian Journal of Infectious Diseases
Sherrill J Slichter, Kraig Abrams, Irena Gettinger, Todd Christoffel, Lakshmi Gaur, Yvette Latchman, Karen Nelson, Esther Pellham, S Lawrence Bailey, Doug Bolgiano
BACKGROUND: Alloimmune platelet (PLT) refractoriness remains a significant problem for chronically transfused patients with thrombocytopenia. STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS: In a dog PLT transfusion model, we evaluated ultraviolet B irradiation (UV-B) of donor PLTs-either alone or in combination with centrifuge leukoreduction (C-LR) or filtration leukoreduction (F-LR)-to prevent refractoriness to donor PLTs and to induce tolerance to standard (STD) PLTs from the same donor or to tertiary donors...
May 17, 2016: Transfusion
A J Boyajian, M Murray, M Tucker, N Neu
OBJECTIVE: Neisseria gonorrhoeae is identified as a national challenge due to emerging antimicrobial resistance. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) sexually transmitted diseases (STD) Treatment guidelines are updated to address emerging concerns. The aims of this study were 1) to determine the proportion of cases that were adherent to two aspects of the treatment guidelines: antimicrobial treatment and follow-up recommendations and 2) to evaluate differences in adherence based on clinical location...
July 2016: Public Health
Mulamba Diese, Lexman Shrestha, Birendra Pradhan, Dipendra Singh, Hendrikus Raaijmakers, Annefrida Kisesa, Dick Chamla, Mukengeshayi Abel Ntambue
BACKGROUND: In children, integration of HIV in MNCH services has been shown to incr. ease uptake of early infant diagnosis. This article examines bottlenecks and opportunities for scaling up integrated pediatric HIV services in Nepal. METHODS: This is a descriptive study using both mixed qualitative and quantitative methods, conducted in January 2015 in 19 facilities in five regions of Nepal most affected by HIV epidemic. The qualitative methods comprised in-depth structured interviews with key informants (leadership of The National Center for AIDS and STD Control and National Public Health Laboratory, district management teams, medical officers in charge of health facilities and HIV clinics, frontline staff at antenatal care and HIV clinics and laboratory)...
March 2016: Current Opinion in HIV and AIDS
Chin-Chang Chen, Tzung-Yan Lee, Ching-Fai Kwok, Yung-Pei Hsu, Kuang-Chung Shih, Yan-Jie Lin, Low-Tone Ho
Hepatic glucose production is promoted by forkhead box O1 (FoxO1) under conditions of insulin resistance. The overactivity of cannabinoid receptor type 1 (CB1R) partly causes increased liver fat deposits and metabolic dysfunction in obese rodents by decreasing mitochondrial function. The aim of the present study was to investigate the role of FoxO1 in CB1R-mediated insulin resistance through the dysregulation of mitochondrial function in the livers of mice with high-fat diet (HFD)-induced obesity. For this purpose, male C57BL/6 mice were randomly assigned to groups and either fed a standard diet (STD), a HFD, or a HFD with 1-week treatment of the CB1R inverse agonist, AM251, at 1 or 5 mg/kg...
March 2016: International Journal of Molecular Medicine
Wei Zhang, Ling Zhai, Yimin Wang, Rebecca J Boohaker, Wenyan Lu, Vandana V Gupta, Indira Padmalayam, Robert J Bostwick, E Lucile White, Larry J Ross, Joseph Maddry, Subramaniam Ananthan, Corinne E Augelli-Szafran, Mark J Suto, Bo Xu, Rongbao Li, Yonghe Li
Historically, drugs used in the treatment of cancers also tend to cause damage to healthy cells while affecting cancer cells. Therefore, the identification of novel agents that act specifically against cancer cells remains a high priority in the search for new therapies. In contrast with normal cells, most cancer cells contain multiple centrosomes which are associated with genome instability and tumorigenesis. Cancer cells can avoid multipolar mitosis, which can cause cell death, by clustering the extra centrosomes into two spindle poles, thereby enabling bipolar division...
April 15, 2016: Biochemical Journal
Allison L Friedman, Rachel E Kachur, Seth M Noar, Mary McFarlane
BACKGROUND: Despite the ubiquity of sex in the media, a culture of silence surrounds sexual health in the United States, serving as a barrier to sexually transmitted disease (STD) prevention, testing, and treatment. Campaigns can increase STD-related knowledge, communication, and protective behaviors. This review assesses the effectiveness of STD prevention and testing campaigns in the United States to inform the field on their use as a strategy for affecting behavior change. METHODS: A comprehensive literature search was conducted to identify original research articles, published between 2000 and 2014, which report on US media campaigns promoting community- or population-level STD testing or prevention behaviors and are evaluated for impact on one or more behavioral outcomes...
February 2016: Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Virginia B Bowen, Elizabeth A Torrone, Thomas A Peterman
BACKGROUND: Verifying correct treatment of reported cases of gonorrhea may slow antibiotic resistance, but verification remains challenging for many sexually transmitted disease (STD) programs due to increased laboratory case reporting and decreased provider reporting. The objectives of this study were to document current reported levels of correct treatment of gonorrhea and to identify approaches and barriers to verifying treatment. METHODS: We reviewed funding opportunity reports for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's directly funded STD programs and conducted key-informant interviews to elicit further treatment verification details...
February 2016: Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Mihai Dorin Vartolomei, Ovidiu Simion Cotoi, Mihail Alexandru Badea, Calin Bogdan Chibelean, Titiana Cotoi, Violeta Morariu, Cosmin Albu, Silviu Horia Morariu
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
2015: Acta Dermatovenerologica Croatica: ADC
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