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Maoxuan Liu, Cedrick Veryser, Jing-Guang Lu, Tom Wenseleers, Wim M De Borggraeve, Zhi-Hong Jiang, Walter Luyten
ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE: Semen Torreyae, the seeds of Torreya grandis Fortune ex Lindley (Cephalotaxaceae) is a well-known traditional Chinese medicinal plant recorded in the Chinese Pharmacopeia (2010 version). It is widely used for treating intestinal parasites in China, owing to its desirable efficacy and safety. However, the anthelmintic compounds in Semen Torreyae have not yet been identified. AIM OF THE STUDY: This study aims to identify the compounds active against helminths from Semen Torreyae...
June 19, 2018: Journal of Ethnopharmacology
Nigam M Mishra, Izabela Stolarzewicz, David Cannaerts, Joris Schuermans, Rob Lavigne, Yannick Looz, Bart Landuyt, Liliane Schoofs, Dominique Schols, Jan Paeshuyse, Peter Hickenbotham, Martha Clokie, Walter Luyten, Erik V Van der Eycken, Yves Briers
Vancomycin is a glycopeptide antibiotic that inhibits transpeptidation during cell wall synthesis by binding to the D-Ala-D-Ala termini of lipid II. For long, it has been used as a last resort antibiotic. However, since the emergence of the first vancomycin-resistant enterococci in 1987, vancomycin resistance has become widespread, especially in hospitals. We have synthesized and evaluated 110 vancomycin analogs modified at the C-terminal carboxyl group of the heptapeptide moiety with R2 NHR1 NH2 substituents...
2018: Frontiers in Microbiology
Danial Mohabati, Thomas J van Rijssen, Elon Hc van Dijk, Gregorius Pm Luyten, Tom O Missotten, Carel B Hoyng, Suzanne Yzer, Camiel Jf Boon
Purpose: The aim of this study was to investigate disease onset and disease progression in patients with severe chronic central serous chorioretinopathy (cCSC). Patients and methods: The medical records of 143 cCSC patients (199 eyes) were reviewed. All cases had visual complaints for >6 months and showed signs of a severe disease phenotype on optical coherence tomography (OCT) and fluorescein angiography (FA). Clinical presentation at onset was evaluated, together with disease progression on multimodal imaging and final treatment outcome...
2018: Clinical Ophthalmology
Christophe Plomion, Jean-Marc Aury, Joëlle Amselem, Thibault Leroy, Florent Murat, Sébastien Duplessis, Sébastien Faye, Nicolas Francillonne, Karine Labadie, Grégoire Le Provost, Isabelle Lesur, Jérôme Bartholomé, Patricia Faivre-Rampant, Annegret Kohler, Jean-Charles Leplé, Nathalie Chantret, Jun Chen, Anne Diévart, Tina Alaeitabar, Valérie Barbe, Caroline Belser, Hélène Bergès, Catherine Bodénès, Marie-Béatrice Bogeat-Triboulot, Marie-Lara Bouffaud, Benjamin Brachi, Emilie Chancerel, David Cohen, Arnaud Couloux, Corinne Da Silva, Carole Dossat, François Ehrenmann, Christine Gaspin, Jacqueline Grima-Pettenati, Erwan Guichoux, Arnaud Hecker, Sylvie Herrmann, Philippe Hugueney, Irène Hummel, Christophe Klopp, Céline Lalanne, Martin Lascoux, Eric Lasserre, Arnaud Lemainque, Marie-Laure Desprez-Loustau, Isabelle Luyten, Mohammed-Amin Madoui, Sophie Mangenot, Clémence Marchal, Florian Maumus, Jonathan Mercier, Célia Michotey, Olivier Panaud, Nathalie Picault, Nicolas Rouhier, Olivier Rué, Camille Rustenholz, Franck Salin, Marçal Soler, Mika Tarkka, Amandine Velt, Amy E Zanne, Francis Martin, Patrick Wincker, Hadi Quesneville, Antoine Kremer, Jérôme Salse
Oaks are an important part of our natural and cultural heritage. Not only are they ubiquitous in our most common landscapes 1 but they have also supplied human societies with invaluable services, including food and shelter, since prehistoric times 2 . With 450 species spread throughout Asia, Europe and America 3 , oaks constitute a critical global renewable resource. The longevity of oaks (several hundred years) probably underlies their emblematic cultural and historical importance. Such long-lived sessile organisms must persist in the face of a wide range of abiotic and biotic threats over their lifespans...
June 18, 2018: Nature Plants
Leen J Luyten, Nelly D Saenen, Bram G Janssen, Karen Vrijens, Michelle Plusquin, Harry A Roels, Florence Debacq-Chainiaux, Tim S Nawrot
BACKGROUND: Fetal development is a crucial window of susceptibility in which exposure-related alterations can be induced on the molecular level, leading to potential changes in metabolism and development. The placenta serves as a gatekeeper between mother and fetus, and is in contact with environmental stressors throughout pregnancy. This makes the placenta as a temporary organ an informative non-invasive matrix suitable to investigate omics-related aberrations in association with in utero exposures such as ambient air pollution...
June 13, 2018: Environmental Research
Tine Peeters, Silvia Monteagudo, Przemko Tylzanowski, Frank P Luyten, Rik Lories, Frédéric Cailotto
Tissue calcification is an important physiological process required for the normal structure and function of bone. However, ectopic or excessive calcification contributes to diseases such as chondrocalcinosis, to calcium deposits in the skin or to vascular calcification. SMOC2 is a member of the BM-40/osteonectin family of calcium-binding secreted matricellular proteins. Using osteoprogenitor MC3T3-E1 cells stably overexpressing SMOC2, we show that SMOC2 inhibits osteogenic differentiation and extracellular matrix mineralization...
2018: PloS One
Jan H Kamphuis, Stephen E Finn
Research evidence suggests Therapeutic Assessment positively affects clients with problems in living, including clients with personality disorders, who are typically quite resistant to change. Importantly, this change takes place quickly, in relatively few sessions. This article draws on a relatively new evolutionary-based theory of epistemic trust (ET) and epistemic hypervigilance (EH) as a lens to plausibly explain the efficacy of TA, and especially its influence on PD clients' alliance and motivation for subsequent psychotherapy (Fonagy, Luyten, & Alison, 2015 )...
June 6, 2018: Journal of Personality Assessment
Wai Long Tam, Frank P Luyten, Scott J Roberts
Bone has many functions. It is responsible for protecting the underlying soft organs, it allows locomotion, houses the bone marrow and stores minerals such as calcium and phosphate. Upon damage, bone tissue can efficiently repair itself. However, healing is hampered if the defect exceeds a critical size and/or is in compromised conditions. The isolation or generation of bone-forming progenitors has applicability to skeletal repair and may be used in tissue engineering approaches. Traditionally, bone engineering uses osteochondrogenic stem cells, which are combined with scaffold materials and growth factors...
July 5, 2018: Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological Sciences
Niels J Brouwer, Marina Marinkovic, Gregorius P M Luyten, Carol L Shields, Martine J Jager
AIM: To investigate whether differences in iris colour, skin colour and tumour pigmentation are related to clinical outcome in conjunctival melanoma. METHODS: Data of 70 patients with conjunctival melanoma from the Leiden University Medical Center (Leiden, The Netherlands) and 374 patients from the Wills Eye Hospital (Philadephia, USA) were reviewed. The relation between iris colour, skin colour and tumour pigmentation versus clinical parameters and outcome was investigated using univariate and multivariate regression analyses...
May 18, 2018: British Journal of Ophthalmology
Falk Leichsenring, Allan Abbass, Ellen Driessen, Mark Hilsenroth, Patrick Luyten, Sven Rabung, Christiane Steinert
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
May 11, 2018: Psychological Medicine
Falk Leichsenring, Allan Abbass, Mark J Hilsenroth, Patrick Luyten, Thomas Munder, Sven Rabung, Christiane Steinert
For psychotherapy of mental disorders, presently several approaches are available, such as interpersonal, humanistic, systemic, psychodynamic or cognitive behavior therapy (CBT). Pointing to the available evidence, proponents of CBT claim that CBT is the gold standard. Some authors even argue for an integrated CBT-based form of psychotherapy as the only form of psychotherapy. CBT undoubtedly has its strengths and CBT researchers have to be credited for developing and testing treatments for many mental disorders...
2018: Frontiers in Psychiatry
Harshavardhan Budamgunta, Volodimir Olexiouk, Walter Luyten, Karin Schildermans, Evelyne Maes, Kurt Boonen, Gerben Menschaert, Geert Baggerman
Bio-active peptides are involved in the regulation of most physiological processes in the body. Classical bio-active peptides (CBAPs) are cleaved from a larger precursor protein and stored in secretion vesicles from which they are released in the extracellular space. Recently, another non-classical type of bio-active peptides (NCBAPs) has gained interest. These typically are not secreted but instead appear to be translated from short open reading frames (sORF) and released directly into the cytoplasm. In contrast to CBAPs, these peptides are involved in the regulation of intra-cellular processes such as transcriptional control, calcium handling and DNA repair...
May 2018: Proteomics
Dries Bleys, Bart Soenens, Stephan Claes, Nicole Vliegen, Patrick Luyten
OBJECTIVE: At the level of both between-person differences and within-person changes across time, parental achievement-oriented psychological control may influence the development of adolescent self-criticism, which in turn may increase vulnerability for adolescent depression. METHOD: In a two-wave prospective study of 368 adolescents (age 13-17 years), Latent Change Modeling was used with Belgian adolescents' self-report measures. RESULTS: For mothers and fathers separately, adolescent self-criticism intervened in associations between achievement-oriented psychological control and adolescent depressive symptoms, at the level of both between-person differences and within-person changes...
April 26, 2018: Journal of Clinical Psychology
Dries Bleys, Patrick Luyten, Stephan Claes, Bart Soenens
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
June 2018: Journal of Psychosomatic Research
Carlos Marin, Georgios Papantonakis, Kathleen Sels, G Harry van Lenthe, Guillaume Falgayrac, Roman Vangoitsenhoven, Bart Van der Schueren, Guillaume Penel, Frank Luyten, Katleen Vandamme, Greet Kerckhofs
Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) is a metabolic disorder associated with obesity and hyperglycemia. Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB) surgery is a common treatment for severely obese patients and T2DM. Both RYGB and T2DM are linked to increased skeletal fragility, though the exact mechanisms are poorly understood. Our aim was to characterize the structural, mechanical and compositional properties of bones from diet-induced obese and RYGB-treated obese (bypass) mice to elucidate which the exact factors are contributing to the increased skeletal fragility...
April 12, 2018: Scientific Reports
Yoke Chin Chai, Luis Freitas Mendes, Nick van Gastel, Geert Carmeliet, Frank P Luyten
Rapid neovascularization of a tissue-engineered (TE) construct by the host vasculature is quintessential to warrant effective bone regeneration. This process can be promoted through active induction of angiogenic growth factor secretion or by implementation of in vitro pre-vascularization strategies. In this study, we aimed at optimizing the pro-angiogenic effect of Cobalt (Co2+ ) to enhance vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) expression by human periosteum-derived mesenchymal stem cells (hPDCs). Simultaneously we set out to promote microvascular network formation by co-culturing with human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVECs)...
May 2018: Acta Biomaterialia
K U Petry, J Horn, A Luyten, R T Mikolajczyk
BACKGROUND: The primary objective was to determine human papilloma virus (HPV) clearance rate after cervical biopsy among women with persistent high-risk HPV infection compared with spontaneous HPV clearance rate in the absence of biopsy. METHODS: We collected data from a dedicated screening program of women aged 30-70 years old. Inclusion criteria for the baseline non-interventional cohort were a positive HPV test (hybrid capture 2, HC2) and normal cytology. In the baseline cohort women were followed with approximately yearly HPV-tests and cytology until HPV regressed (one negative HPV test) or interventions in the form of diagnostic biopsies or therapy...
March 23, 2018: BMC Cancer
Sujogya Kumar Panda, Walter Luyten
The purpose of this review is to survey the antiparasitic plants of the Asteraceae family and their applicability in the treatment of parasites. This review is divided into three major parts: (a) literature on traditional uses of Asteraceae plants for the treatment of parasites; (b) description of the major classes of chemical compounds from Asteraceae and their antiparasitic effects; and (c) antiparasitic activity with special reference to flavonoids and terpenoids. This review provides detailed information on the reported Asteraceae plant extracts found throughout the world and on isolated secondary metabolites that can inhibit protozoan parasites such as Plasmodium, Trypanosoma, Leishmania, and intestinal worms...
2018: Parasite: Journal de la Société Française de Parasitologie
Adam F Feyaerts, Lotte Mathé, Walter Luyten, Stijn De Graeve, Katrien Van Dyck, Lize Broekx, Patrick Van Dijck
Multi-resistant microorganisms continue to challenge medicine and fuel the search for new antimicrobials. Here we show that essential oils and their components are a promising class of antifungals that can have specific anti-Candida activity via their vapour-phase. We quantify the vapour-phase-mediated antimicrobial activity (VMAA) of 175 essential oils and 37 essential oil components, representing more than a 1,000 unique molecules, against C. albicans and C. glabrata in a novel vapour-phase-mediated susceptibility assay...
March 2, 2018: Scientific Reports
Elisabeth M P Laurenssen, Patrick Luyten, Martijn J Kikkert, Dieuwertje Westra, Jaap Peen, Mirjam B J Soons, Anne-Marie van Dam, Anna J van Broekhuyzen, Matthijs Blankers, Jan J V Busschbach, Jack J M Dekker
BACKGROUND: Day hospital mentalization-based treatment (MBT-DH) is a promising treatment for borderline personality disorder (BPD) but its evidence base is still limited. This multi-site randomized trial compared the efficacy of MBT-DH delivered by a newly set-up service v. specialist treatment as usual (S-TAU) tailored to the individual needs of patients, and offered by a well-established treatment service. METHODS: Two mental healthcare institutes in The Netherlands participated in the study...
February 26, 2018: Psychological Medicine
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