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Internal limiting membrane

Ruchir Tewari, Vinod Kumar, Raghav Ravani, Devashish Dubey, Parijat Chandra, Atul Kumar
Two eyes of 2 patients with macular hole-associated retinal detachment in clinically diagnosed vitelliruptive stage of Best vitelliform dystrophy were surgically managed by 25-gauge sutureless pars plana vitrectomy, internal limiting membrane (ILM) peeling with inverted ILM flap, and short-acting (SF6 ) gas tamponade. The patients were assessed with respect to best-corrected visual acuity, color fundus photographs, shortwave fundus autofluorescence, and swept source optical coherence tomography. Surgical intervention led to Type 1 closure of macular hole, resolution of retinal detachment, and improvement in vision in both patients...
May 2018: Indian Journal of Ophthalmology
Toshifumi Yamashita, Taiji Sakamoto, Hiroto Terasaki, Masanori Iwasaki, Yoko Ogushi, Fumiki Okamoto, Masaru Takeuchi, Tsutomu Yasukawa, Yoshihiro Takamura, Nahoko Ogata, Yumiko Nakamura
The purpose of this study was to compare the surgical outcomes of vitrectomy with conventional internal limiting membrane (C-ILM) peeling to that with the inverted ILM (I-ILM) flap technique for large macular holes (MHs). This was a retrospective chart review of consecutive cases with a large MH at nine hospitals in Japan. Among the 1342 eyes, 165 eyes of 165 cases met the inclusion criteria. The results for medium-large MHs with a diameter 400-550 μm were compared to that of eyes with an extra-large MH with a diameter >550 μm...
April 19, 2018: Acta Ophthalmologica
Luiz H Lima, Claudio Zett, Vinícius Kniggendorf, Bruna Marianelli, Ricardo A P de Carvalho, Michel E Farah, Juliana M F Sallum
PURPOSE: To evaluate the expansion of the hyperautofluorescent ring and the retinal structure changes over time in cone-rod dystrophy (CRD) patients, using fundus autofluorescence (FAF) and spectral-domain optical coherence tomography (SD-OCT). METHODS: Retrospective case series study. Six eyes of three CRD patients with a parafoveal hyperautofluorescent ring were studied. The diagnosis of CRD was established by the presence of the implicit time shift at 30-Hz flicker and prevalent decrease of photopic over scotopic responses on electroretinography...
April 19, 2018: Ophthalmic Genetics
Shawn E Lupold
This mini-review article is part of a special issue dedicated to Donald S. Coffey, a pioneer translational research scientist, exemplary mentor, and leader in urologic and urologic oncology research. This article first briefly reflects on life and scientific lessons from Don Coffey. It then reviews the development of two prostate cancer targeting RNA aptamers, xPSM-A9 and xPSM-A10, through in vitro selection for aptamers that bind to the extracellular domain of the Prostate Specific Membrane Antigen (PSMA)...
2018: American Journal of Clinical and Experimental Urology
Vito Primavera, Teresa Centoducati, Luciana Agea, Ilaria Zucchiatti, Lea Querques, Giuseppe Querques
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: To describe a new surgical technique for persistent or recurrent large macular holes (MHs). PATIENTS AND METHODS: Patients with recurrent or persistent large MHs following vitrectomy with internal limiting membrane (ILM) peeling were recruited between October and September 2017 in this pilot study. All patients underwent preoperative and postoperative best-corrected visual acuity (BCVA), slit-lamp ophthalmoscopy, and spectral-domain optical coherence tomography (SD-OCT)...
April 1, 2018: Ophthalmic Surgery, Lasers & Imaging Retina
S Manasa, Prateek Kakkar, Atul Kumar, Parijat Chandra, Vinod Kumar, Raghav Ravani
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: To compare the outcomes of inverted internal limiting membrane (ILM) flap technique (IFT) with the standard ILM peel (SIP) for large macular holes (MHs). PATIENTS AND METHODS: This is a prospective, randomized study in which 100 patients with idiopathic MHs with minimum linear dimension of 600 μm or greater were recruited. Group 1 underwent SIP and group 2 underwent IFT. Best-corrected visual acuity (BCVA), type of MH closure, and multifocal electroretinogram (mfERG) were evaluated at presentation, 1 week, 1 month, and 3 months postoperatively...
April 1, 2018: Ophthalmic Surgery, Lasers & Imaging Retina
Justis P Ehlers, Mehnaz Khan, Daniel Petkovsek, Laura Stiegel, Peter K Kaiser, Rishi P Singh, Jamie L Reese, Sunil K Srivastava
Purpose: To assess the retinal architecture changes which occur during epiretinal membrane (ERM) surgery, utilizing intraoperative optical coherence tomography ( i OCT). Design: Prospective multi-surgeon single center study. Subjects/Participants: Subjects from the PIONEER i OCT study who underwent surgical intervention for management of ERM. Methods: All subjects underwent vitrectomy with ERM peeling with optional internal limiting membrane (ILM) peeling...
April 2018: Ophthalmology Retina
Marta Martínez-García, Jean-Mathieu Bart, Jenny Campos-Salinas, Eva Valdivia, Manuel Martínez-Bueno, Elena González-Rey, Miguel Navarro, Mercedes Maqueda, Rubén Cebrián, José M Pérez-Victoria
The parasitic protozoan Trypanosoma brucei is the causative agent of human African trypanosomiasis (sleeping sickness) and nagana. Current drug therapies have limited efficacy, high toxicity and/or are continually hampered by the appearance of resistance. Antimicrobial peptides have recently attracted attention as potential parasiticidal compounds. Here, we explore circular bacteriocin AS-48's ability to kill clinically relevant bloodstream forms of T. brucei gambiense, T. brucei rhodesiense and T. brucei brucei...
March 12, 2018: International Journal for Parasitology, Drugs and Drug Resistance
Yumi Iwakawa, Hisanori Imai, Hiromi Kaji, Yuki Mori, Chihiro Ono, Keiko Otsuka, Akiko Miki, Mariko Oishi
Purpose: To report a case of macular hole (MH) secondary to a retinal arterial macroaneurysm (RAMA) which was successfully treated with an autologous transplantation of internal limiting membrane (ILM). Case Report: An 87-year-old female presented with a sudden decrease in central vision in the right eye. A fundus examination revealed a RAMA in the superonasal macular region, a subretinal hemorrhage (SRH), involving the macula, and a sub-ILM hemorrhage. A pars plana vitrectomy (PPV) was performed...
January 2018: Case Reports in Ophthalmology
Diana C DeLucia, Charles R Rinaldo, Giovanna Rappocciolo
Professional antigen presenting cells (APC: myeloid dendritic cells (DC) and macrophages (MΦ); B lymphocytes) mediate highly efficient HIV-1 infection of CD4+ T cells, termed trans infection, that could contribute to HIV-1 pathogenesis. We have previously shown that lower cholesterol content in DC and B lymphocytes is associated with a lack of HIV-1 trans infection in HIV-1 infected nonprogressors (NP). Here we assessed whether HIV-1 trans infection mediated by another major APC, MΦ, is deficient in NP due to altered cholesterol metabolism...
April 11, 2018: Journal of Virology
M A Murphy, Sungkwang Mun, M F Horstemeyer, M I Baskes, A Bakhtiary, Michelle C LaPlaca, Steven R Gwaltney, Lakiesha N Williams, R K Prabhu
Continuum finite element material models used for traumatic brain injury lack local injury parameters necessitating nanoscale mechanical injury mechanisms be incorporated. One such mechanism is membrane mechanoporation, which can occur during physical insults and can be devastating to cells, depending on the level of disruption. The current study investigates the strain state dependence of phospholipid bilayer mechanoporation and failure. Using molecular dynamics, a simplified membrane, consisting of 72 1-palmitoyl-2-oleoyl-phosphatidylcholine (POPC) phospholipids, was subjected to equibiaxial, 2:1 non-equibiaxial, 4:1 non-equibiaxial, strip biaxial, and uniaxial tensile deformations at a von Mises strain rate of 5...
April 9, 2018: Journal of Biomolecular Structure & Dynamics
Pauline Foveau, Bertrand Leroy, Jean-Paul Berrod, Jean-Baptiste Conart
PURPOSE: To investigate the clinical benefit of internal limiting membrane (ILM) peeling as a surgical adjunct in the repair of primary retinal detachment (RD) complicated by grade B proliferative vitreoretinopathy (PVR). DESIGN: Retrospective, interventional, comparative case series. METHODS: SETTING: Institutional. STUDY POPULATION: 75 consecutive patients who underwent vitrectomy for primary macula off RD complicated by grade B PVR...
April 2, 2018: American Journal of Ophthalmology
Chellappagounder Thangavel, Maryna Perepelyuk, Ettickan Boopathi, Yi Liu, Steven Polischak, Deepak A Deshpande, Khadija Rafiq, Adam P Dicker, Karen E Knudsen, Sunday A Shoyele, Robert B Den
Second generation antiandrogens have improved overall survival for men with metastatic castrate resistant prostate cancer; however, the antiandrogens result in suppression of androgen receptor (AR) activity in all tissues resulting in dose limiting toxicity. We sought to overcome this limitation through encapsulation in a prostate specific membrane antigen (PSMA)-conjugated nanoparticle. We designed and characterized a novel nanoparticle containing an antiandrogen, enzalutamide. Selectivity and enhanced efficacy was achieved through coating the particle with PSMA...
April 4, 2018: Molecular Pharmaceutics
Jong Ho Park, Seung Min Lee, Sung Who Park, Ji Eun Lee, Ik Soo Byon
BACKGROUND: To determine whether the internal limiting membrane (ILM) insertion technique is as effective as the inverted ILM flap technique for the initial surgical treatment of eyes with large idiopathic macular holes (MHs). METHODS: This retrospective, non-randomised, comparative clinical study included 41 eyes with large MHs (minimum diameter >500 µm) that were treated using the ILM insertion technique or the inverted ILM flap technique. The hole closure rate, postoperative best corrected visual acuity (BCVA) and swept source optical coherence tomography findings were analysed at 6 months after surgery...
April 2, 2018: British Journal of Ophthalmology
Miriam Becker, Lilo Greune, M Alexander Schmidt, Mario Schelhaas
The human papillomavirus type 16 (HPV16) is the leading cause of cervical cancer. For initial infection, HPV16 utilizes a novel endocytic pathway for host cell entry. Unique amongst viruses, uptake occurs asynchronously over a protracted period of time with half-times between 9-12 h. To trigger endocytic uptake, the virus particles need to undergo a series of structural modifications after initial binding to heparan sulfate proteoglycans (HSPG). These changes involve proteolytic cleavage of the major capsid protein L1 by kallikrein-8 (KLK8), exposure of the N-terminus of the minor capsid protein L2 by cyclophilins, and cleavage of this N-terminus by furin...
March 28, 2018: Journal of Virology
Rupal J Shah, Joshua M Diamond
Primary graft dysfunction (PGD) is a form of acute lung injury that results from ischemia reperfusion injury (IRI) and is the major cause of early posttransplant morbidity and mortality. Patients who survive PGD have decreased quality of life, an increased risk of chronic lung allograft dysfunction, specifically bronchiolitis obliterans syndrome, and a significantly increased risk of death. In 2017, the International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation released updated consensus statements on the PGD definition, most up-to-date PGD risk factors, mechanisms of PGD development, and the state-of-the-art for PGD therapeutics...
April 2018: Seminars in Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine
Marco Frederico Marques, Sónia Rodrigues, Miguel Raimundo, José Costa, João Pedro Marques, Mário Alfaiate, João Figueira
OBJECTIVES: To describe the prevalence of lamellar hole-associated epiretinal proliferation (LHEP) and to correlate this finding with lamellar macular hole (LMH) morphology and prognosis after a surgical or conservative approach. METHODS: This is a retrospective multicenter case series comprising consecutive LMH patients followed for ≥6 months. Serial spectral-domain optical coherence tomographies were evaluated for the presence of epiretinal membrane (ERM) and LHEP, diameter of the LMH aperture, base, and floor thickness...
March 28, 2018: Ophthalmologica. Journal International D'ophtalmologie
Chiara De Giacinto, Rossella D'Aloisio, Gabriella Cirigliano, Marco Rocco Pastore, Daniele Tognetto
PURPOSE: To evaluate anatomical and functional outcomes after autologous neurosensory retinal free patch (ANRFP) transplantation for persistent idiopathic full-thickness macular hole (iFTMH). METHODS: A 65-year-old woman with persistent macular hole in her right eye after previous 27-gauge pars plana vitrectomy with internal limiting membrane peeling and long-acting gas tamponade underwent ANRFP transplantation. Before surgery, best corrected visual acuity in her right eye was 20/800...
March 27, 2018: International Ophthalmology
Micol Alkabes, Carlos Mateo
PURPOSE: The aim of this study is to review anatomical and functional outcomes following macular buckling (MB) in high myopia and to compare such results with those obtained by pars plana vitrectomy (PPV). METHODS: PubMed articles on MB in high myopia (2000-2016) were reviewed. Main outcomes included retinal reattachment and macular hole (MH) closure rates, resolution of myopic foveoschisis (MFS), and postoperative visual acuity. RESULTS: Thirty-one articles included 16 in patients with retinal detachment due to MH (MHRD group), 11 in MFS with or without foveal detachment (MFS group), and 4 in MH patients with MFS (MH-MFS group)...
March 28, 2018: Graefe's Archive for Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology
Kouichi Ohta, Atsuko Sato, Nami Senda, Emi Fukui
Background: We have shown that the foveal contour was asymmetrical after idiopathic macular hole (MH) closure by pars plana vitrectomy (PPV) with internal limiting membrane (ILM) peeling. The purpose of this study was to determine whether these morphological changes differ in eyes after PPV without ILM peeling. Methods: Ten eyes of 10 patients that underwent PPV without ILM peeling and 12 eyes of 11 patients with ILM peeling were studied. The MH in all eyes was <400 µm in diameter...
2018: Clinical Ophthalmology
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