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Tara Nazareth, John J Ko, Rahul Sasane, Christian Frois, Stephen Carpenter, Sebastian Demean, Ashok Vegesna, Eric Wu, Robert P Navarro
BACKGROUND: Outcomes-based contracts (OBCs), a type of risk-sharing arrangement (RSA), have emerged as a promising avenue for payers to engage with pharmaceutical manufacturers to share risk and improve patient access to medicines via evaluation of real-world outcomes. OBJECTIVE: To assess the level of recent OBC activity and stakeholder perceptions of these arrangements, as well as the outlook for future OBC activity from a payer and manufacturer perspective in the United States and EU-5 (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom)...
October 2017: Journal of Managed Care & Specialty Pharmacy
Delia A Haynes, Laura J van Laeren, Orde Q Munro
Herein we delineate an unusual one-dimensional coordination polymer (CP), 3, prepared from S = ½ Co(TPP), 1, (TPP = 5,10,15,20-tetraphenylporphyrin dianion) and S = ½ 4-(4'-pyridyl)-1,2,3,5-dithiadiazolyl (py-DTDA) radical, 2. The atypically long S-S distance for CP 3 (2.12 Å) reflects fractional electron transfer from the formally Co(II) ion into the antibonding π-SOMO of the metal-bound py-DTDA bridging ligand. The bonding in solid CP 3 involves non-integer redox states in a resonance hybrid repeat unit best formulated as [Co(TPP)](0...
September 19, 2017: Journal of the American Chemical Society
Madia Letizia Stama, Enza Lacivita, Liliya N Kirpotina, Mauro Niso, Roberto Perrone, Igor A Schepetkin, Mark T Quinn, Marcello Leopoldo
Formyl peptide receptor-2 (FPR2) is a G protein-coupled receptor belonging to the N-formyl peptide receptor (FPR) family that plays critical roles in peripheral and brain inflammatory responses. FPR2 has been proposed as a target for the development of drugs that could facilitate the resolution of chronic inflammatory reactions by enhancing endogenous anti-inflammation systems. Starting from the structure of the FPR2 agonists (R)- and (S)-4 and 2, we designed a new series of ureidopropanamide derivatives with the goal of converting functional activity from agonism to antagonism and to develop new FPR2 antagonists...
September 18, 2017: ChemMedChem
Stephen Hull, Seán Kelley, Janice L Clarke
Sexually Transmitted Infections: Compelling Case for an Improved Screening Strategy Stephen Hull, MHS, Seán Kelley, MD, MSc, and Janice L. Clarke, RN, BBA Editorial: Sexually Transmitted Infections-A Fixable Problem: David B. Nash, MD, MBA   S-3 Introduction   S-3 Rising Prevalence of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STIs)   S-4 Current Screening Rates for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea   S-4 The Human Toll and Economic Burden of STI-Related Illness   S-5 Current Screening Guidelines for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea   S-5 Factors Contributing to Inadequate Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment for STIs   S-6 Methods Used to Improve Screening Rates   S-7 Benefits of Opt-Out Screening Strategies for STIs   S-8 Cost-Effectiveness of Screening for STIs   S-8 Discussion   S-9 Conclusion   S-10...
September 2017: Population Health Management
Valentina Mascaro, Claudia Pileggi, Maria Crinò, Yolande Therese Rose Proroga, Maria Rosaria Carullo, Caterina Graziani, Fabio Arigoni, Pasquale Turno, Maria Pavia
INTRODUCTION: Although there has been a decrease in the number of cases of salmonellosis in the European Union, it still represents the primary cause of foodborne outbreaks. In Calabria region, data are lacking for the incidence of human non-typhoid salmonellosis as active surveillance has never been carried out. OBJECTIVE: To report the results of a laboratory and patient-based morbidity survey in Calabria to describe the incidence and distribution of Salmonella serovars isolated from humans, with a focus on antimicrobial resistance patterns...
September 11, 2017: BMJ Open
María S Velázquez, Marta N Cabello, Lorena A Elíades, María L Russo, Natalia Allegrucci, Santiago Schalamuk
Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) increase the uptake of soluble phosphates, while phosphorus solubilizing fungi (S) promote solubilization of insoluble phosphates complexes, favoring plant nutrition. Another alternative to maintaining crop productivity is to combine minerals and rocks that provide nutrients and other desirable properties. The aim of this work was to combine AMF and S with pyroclastic materials (ashes and pumices) from Puyehue volcano and phosphate rocks (PR) from Rio Chico Group (Chubut) - to formulate a substrate for the production of potted Lactuca sativa...
September 8, 2017: Revista Argentina de Microbiología
Fei He, YanPing L Qian, Michael C Qian
Flavor stability of hard tea beverage was investigated over eight weeks of storage. The volatile compounds were analyzed using solid-phase microextraction-gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (SPME-GC-MS) and two-dimensional GC-MS. Quantitative analysis showed that the concentrations of linalool, citronellol, geranial, neral, geraniol, and nerol decreased dramatically during storage, whereas α-terpineol showed an increasing trend during storage. Heart-cut two-dimensional GC-MS (2D-GC-MS) chirality analysis showed that (R)-(+)-limonene, (R)-(-)-linalool, (S)-(-)-α-terpineol and (S)-(-)-4-terpineol dominated in the fresh hard tea samples, however, the configuration changed during storage for the terpene alcohols...
January 15, 2018: Food Chemistry
Olajuyigbe A Adebayo, Khalil A Abboud, George Christou
The syntheses, structures, and magnetochemical properties are reported for five new Mn clusters: [Mn(III)3O(O2PPh2)3(mpko)3](ClO4) (1), [Mn(III)3O(O2PPh2)3(ppko)3](ClO4) (2) [Mn(III)6O2(OMe)4(O2PPh2)4(mpko)4](ClO4)2 (3), [Mn(III)8Mn(II)O6(O2CMe)7(O3PPh)2(mpko)3(H2O)] (4), and [Mn(III)2Mn(II)O(mpko)3(H2O)4(ClO4)2](ClO4) (5), where mpko(-) (or ppko(-)) is the anion of methyl (or phenyl) 2-pyridyl ketone oxime. 1 was obtained by carboxylate substitution on [Mn(III)3O(O2CMe)3(mpko)3](ClO4) by treatment with diphenylphosphinic acid (Ph2PO2H)...
August 30, 2017: Inorganic Chemistry
Satya Prakash Yadav, Prashant Kumar Singh, Pradeep Sharma, Naseer Iqbal, Punit Kaur, Sujata Sharma, Tej P Singh
Proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA) acts as a sliding clamp to support DNA replication and repair. The structure of PCNA from Leishmania donovani (LdPCNA) has been determined at 2.73Å resolution. Structure consists of six crystallographically independent molecules which form two trimeric rings. The pore diameter of the individual trimeric ring is of the order of 37Å. The two rings are stacked through their front to front faces. In order to gain a stable packing, the rings are rotated by 42° about the pore axis and shifted by 7Å and tilted by 16° along the perpendicular direction to pore axis...
August 24, 2017: Biochimica et Biophysica Acta
Huawei Di, Xiashi Zhu
The behavior of acids (citric acid, nitric acid, oxalic acid, tartaric acid) as a mobile phase and imidazolium ionic liquids (the bromides, tetrafluoroborates and hexafluorophosphates of 1-ethyl, 1-butyl, and 1-hexyl-3-methylimidazolium) as additives in ion exchange chromatography for cations (Na(+) , K(+) , Mg(2+) , Ca(2+) ) separation were studied. The results showed that nitric acid and 1-hexyl-3-methyl-imidazolium hexafluorophosphate offered the most interesting features in the separation of cations, such as lower retention time and better resolution...
August 25, 2017: Journal of Separation Science
Manoj Mannil, Jochen von Spiczak, Thomas Hermanns, Hatem Alkadhi, Christian D Fankhauser
OBJECTIVE: To apply texture analysis (TA) in computed tomography (CT) of urinary stones and to correlate TA findings with the number of required shockwaves for successful shock wave lithotripsy (SWL). MATERIALS AND METHODS: CT was performed on thirty-four urinary stones in an in vitro setting. Urinary stones underwent SWL and the number of required shockwaves for disintegration was recorded. TA was performed after post-processing for pixel spacing and image normalization...
August 24, 2017: Abdominal Radiology
Christoph U Correll, Eva Kohegyi, Cathy Zhao, Ross A Baker, Robert McQuade, Phyllis M Salzman, Raymond Sanchez, Margaretta Nyilas, William Carson
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the efficacy, safety, and tolerability of aripiprazole, a dopamine D2 receptor partial agonist, as maintenance treatment in adolescent outpatients with schizophrenia. METHOD: This was a multicenter, double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized withdrawal design trial. Participants 13 to 17 years of age with a diagnosis of schizophrenia (DSM-IV-TR) were first cross-titrated from their other oral antipsychotic(s) (4-6 weeks), then stabilized (7-21 weeks) on oral aripiprazole 10 to 30 mg/d, and finally randomized 2:1 to continuation of oral aripiprazole or to placebo in a double-blind maintenance phase (≤52 weeks)...
September 2017: Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Sowmyanarayanan V Thuppal, Clemens von Schacky, William S Harris, Katherine D Sherif, Nigel Denby, Suzanne R Steinbaum, Bryan Haycock, Regan L Bailey
Little is known about the relationship between perceptions of nutrient adequacy and biomarkers of nutrition status. This cross-sectional study of U.S. and German adults (n = 200; 18-80 years) compared dietary practices, knowledge, and beliefs of omega-3 fatty acids (O3-FA) with the omega-3 index (O3-I), an erythrocyte-based biomarker associated with cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk. More than half of adults believed that O3-FAs are beneficial for heart and brain health and could correctly identify the food sources of O3-FA...
August 24, 2017: Nutrients
Adrienne O Wente, Katherine Kimura, Caren M Walker, Nirajana Banerjee, María Fernández Flecha, Bridget MacDonald, Christopher Lucas, Alison Gopnik
Extensive research has explored the ability of young children to learn about the causal structure of the world from patterns of evidence. These studies, however, have been conducted with middle-class samples from North America and Europe. In the present study, low-income Peruvian 4- and 5-year-olds and adults, low-income U.S. 4- and 5-year-olds in Head Start programs, and middle-class children from the United States participated in a causal learning task (N = 435). Consistent with previous studies, children learned both specific causal relations and more abstract causal principles across culture and socioeconomic status (SES)...
August 23, 2017: Child Development
Rajendra Ghadwal, Dennis Rottschäfer, Sebastian Blomeyer, Beate Neumann, Hans-Georg Stammler
The synthesis, structure, and reactivity of the first silylene-functionalized N-heterocyclic carbene (Si-NHC), {(L1)Si}, (3) (L1 = PhC(NtBu)2; L2 = CCH(CNAr)2C:); Ar = 2,6-diisopropylphenyl) are reported. The ditopic carbanionic-NHC (dc-NHC), [Li(L2)]∞ (1) reacts with the monochlorosilylene (L1)SiCl (2) to afford 3. The HOMO of 3 is the silylene lone-pair orbital, whereas the HOMO-1 is located at the carbene carbon atom. Both Si(II) and C(II) functionalities of 3 undergo reactions with chalcogens to give heavier ketone derivatives {(L1)Si(E)}L2(E) (E = S, 4; Se, 5; and Te, 6)...
August 22, 2017: Chemistry: a European Journal
Ruichen Lu, Quan He, Cai Feng, Yangfeng Peng
A liquid-liquid extraction resolution of 4-chloro-mandelic acid (4-ClMA) was studied by using 2-chloro-N-carbobenzyloxy-L-amino acid (2-Cl-Z-AA) as a chiral extractant. Important factors affecting the extraction efficiency were investigated, including the type of chiral extractant, pH value of aqueous phase, initial concentration of chiral extractant in organic phase, initial concentration of 4-ClMA in aqueous phase, and resolution temperature. It was observed that the concentration of (R)-4-ClMA was much higher than that of (S)-4-ClMA in organic phase due to a higher stability of the complex formed between (R)-4-ClMA and 2-Cl-Z-AA...
August 23, 2017: Chirality
Jan Tack, Maura Corsetti, Michael Camilleri, Eamonn Mm Quigley, Magnus Simren, Hidekazu Suzuki, Nicholas J Talley, Hans Tornblom, Lukas Van Oudenhove
BACKGROUND AND AIMS: The functional gastrointestinal disorders (FGIDs) are extremely common conditions associated with a considerable personal, social and health economic burden. Managing FGIDs in clinical practice is challenging because of the uncertainty of symptom-based diagnosis, the high frequency of overlap between these conditions and the limited efficacy of available therapies. It has often been argued that successful drug development and management of FGIDs requires knowledge of the underlying pathophysiology...
August 16, 2017: Gut
Hugo Bonnaffoux, Aurélie Roland, Emmanuelle Rémond, Stéphane Delpech, Rémi Schneider, Florine Cavelier
Varietal thiols are key aroma compounds in wine issued from multiple and complex origins. Several precursor families have been identified in grapes and must and have been widely studied. But a large part of thiol origin still remains unknown. Thus, we only have an incomplete picture of thiol precursors and there is a lack of knowledge on pre-fermentative mechanisms that can impact their levels. Our study focused on the formal identification and the quantification of new varietal thiol precursors in must. First of all, we synthesized natural and labeled standards using an original multi-step strategy, then we developed and validated a UPLC-MS/MS method that allowed us to identify and quantify for the first time a dipeptide S-conjugate to 3MH, the γGluCys-3MH, in Sauvignon B...
December 15, 2017: Food Chemistry
Michael Chetcuti, Anthony Serracino-Inglott, Gavril Flores, John J Borg
The aim of this study was to identify pharmaceutical issues encountered during regulatory review in European Procedures. A database of issues from Day 70 assessment reports of 150 EU procedures was compiled; most procedures were for generics (108). Frequencies of common deficiencies have been calculated and summarised for use of all stakeholders. Out of the 150 procedures reviewed, covering 309 products, a total of 4796 concerns were identified. Of these concerns, 167 were Potential Serious Risks to Public Health, 67 were raised on drug substance and 100 on the drug product...
August 7, 2017: Pharmaceutical Development and Technology
Chih-Ying Li, Sergio Romero, Annie N Simpson, Heather S Bonilha, Kit N Simpson, Ickpyo Hong, Craig A Velozo
OBJECTIVE: To improve the practical use of the short forms (SFs) developed from the item bank, we compared the measurement precision of the 4- and 8-item SFs generated from a motor item bank composed of the Functional Independence Measure (FIM™) and the Minimum Data Set (MDS). DESIGN: The FIM-MDS motor item bank allowed scores generated from different instruments to be co-calibrated. The 4- and 8-item SFs were developed based on Rasch analysis procedures. This paper compared person strata, ceiling/floor effects, test standard error (SE) plots for each administration form and examined 95% confidence interval (CI) error bands of anchored person measures with the corresponding SFs...
July 26, 2017: Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
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