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Wan Chin Hsieh, Pavel Jansa, Wei Chun Huang, Matus Nižnanský, Mohamend Omara, Jaroslav Lindner
OBJECTIVE: Chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension is surgically treated through pulmonary endarterectomy. Although pulmonary endarterectomy is the treatment of choice for chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension in terms of both functional outcomes and survival, many patients experience persistent pulmonary hypertension after pulmonary endarterectomy. The study objective was to calculate the pooled estimates of outcomes after pulmonary endarterectomy, including persistent pulmonary hypertension...
May 17, 2018: Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery
Jean-François Gibrat
BACKGROUND: Third generation sequencing technologies generate long reads that exhibit high error rates, in particular for insertions and deletions which are usually the most difficult errors to cope with. The only exact algorithm capable of aligning sequences with insertions and deletions is a dynamic programming algorithm. RESULTS: In this note, for the sake of efficiency, we consider dynamic programming in a band. We show how to choose the band width in function of the long reads' error rates, thus obtaining an [Formula: see text] algorithm in space and time...
June 15, 2018: BMC Bioinformatics
Pingyan Chen, Soo Hak Sung
Let <mml:math xmlns:mml=""> <mml:mi>r</mml:mi> <mml:mo>≥</mml:mo> <mml:mn>1</mml:mn> </mml:math> , <mml:math xmlns:mml=""> <mml:mn>1</mml:mn> <mml:mo>≤</mml:mo> <mml:mi>p</mml:mi> <mml:mo><</mml:mo> <mml:mn>2</mml:mn> </mml:math> , and <mml:math xmlns:mml=""> <mml:mi>α</mml:mi> <mml:mo>,</mml:mo> <mml:mi>β</mml:mi> <mml:mo>></mml:mo> <mml:mn>0</mml:mn> </mml:math> with <mml:math xmlns:mml="http://www...
2018: Journal of Inequalities and Applications
L A Nikolenko, E S Shopova, E S Golovneva, E S Nikolenko
Due to current options of cardiac surgery, operations on the heart of elderly patients have become routine in specialized cardiosurgical centers. The issue of pre- and postoperative anemia of different nature is essential in surgical correction of heart valves and coronary bypass. AIM: To study indexes of red blood in elderly patients with ischemic heart disease (IHD) and pathology of heart valves before and after surgical correction, including the relationship with position and type of the prosthesis...
2018: Kardiologiia
Kohei Takahashi, Osamu Nakagawasai, Masae Sugawara, Atsushi Sato, Wataru Nemoto, Takeshi Tadano, Koichi Tan-No
Olfactory bulbectomized (OBX) mice are characterized by impaired performance in the passive avoidance test and decreased number of cholinergic neurons in the hippocampus. Several studies have reported that κ-opioid receptor agonists improve cognitive function in mice. However, their influence on OBX-induced cognitive dysfunction remains unclear. To address this question, we evaluated the effects of the endogenous κ-opioid receptor agonist dynorphin A (Dyn A) and the selective agonist trans-(-)-U-50488 on the behavior of OBX mice in the passive avoidance test...
2018: Biological & Pharmaceutical Bulletin
Alberto Ferrarese, Valerie Tikhonoff, Edoardo Casiglia, Paolo Angeli, Silvano Fasolato, Diego Faggian, Alberto Zanetto, Giacomo Germani, Francesco Paolo Russo, Patrizia Burra, Marco Senzolo
Background: Nonselective β -blockers (NSBB) have been associated with increased incidence of paracentesis-induced circulatory dysfunction (PICD) and reduced survival in patients with cirrhosis and refractory ascites. Aim: To prospectively evaluate a hemodynamic response to NSBB in cirrhotics listed for liver transplantation with refractory ascites undergoing large volume paracentesis (LVP). Methods: Patients with cirrhosis and refractory ascites, with an indication to start NSBB in primary prophylaxis for variceal bleeding, were enrolled...
2018: Gastroenterology Research and Practice
Marylen Youssef, Azadeh Ghassemi, Catalina Marysol Carvajal Gonczi, Thiffya Arabi Kugathasan, Robert D Kilgour, Peter J Darlington
BACKGROUND: The cold pressor test (CPT) involves acute hand or foot exposure to cold water. CPT hyper-responders have unique traits, including risk of hypertension and a greater vasoconstrictor reserve and g force tolerance compared to hypo-responders. The purpose of this study was to uncover differences in cardiovascular and sympathetic biomarkers between responder types. METHODS: Healthy volunteers (N = 30) submerged one hand into cold water (3.3 ± 0.8°C) for 5 min...
June 1, 2018: Aerospace Medicine and Human Performance
Rudolf Naef, William E Acree
The calculation of the surface tension of ordinary organic and ionic liquids, based on a computer algorithm applying a refined group-additivity method, is presented. The refinement consists of the complete breakdown of the molecules into their constituting atoms, further distinguishing them by their immediate neighbour atoms and bond constitution. The evaluation of the atom-groups' contributions was carried out by means of a fast Gauss-Seidel fitting method, founded upon the experimental data of 1893 compounds from literature...
May 20, 2018: Molecules: a Journal of Synthetic Chemistry and Natural Product Chemistry
A M CHernyavskiy, A G Edemskiy, N V Novikova, A B Romanov, S N Artemenko, B A Rudenko, A R Tarkova
OBJECTIVE: to assess the safety and efficiency of radiofrequency pulmonary artery ablation for treatment of residual pulmonary hypertension after pulmonary endarterectomy. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Radiofrequency pulmonary artery denervation (PADN) was performed in 16 patients (10 men, mean age 39 years [26; 51]). Indication for PADN was mean pulmonary artery pressure (PAP) >25 mm Hg with absence of proximal pulmonary artery lesion according to computer tomography...
April 2018: Kardiologiia
Eloísa Urrechaga, Johannes J M L Hoffmann, Antonio Bernal, Juan A Arévalo, José L Cabriada
BACKGROUND: In conditions associated with inflammation, biochemical parameters alone could be inadequate for assessing iron status. We investigated the potential utility of mean reticulocyte hemoglobin content (MCHr) in the assessment of the erythropoiesis status in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). METHODS: We recruited 124 anemic outpatients with IBD. Serum iron, transferrin and ferritin were tested. Complete blood counts were performed on a CELL-DYN Sapphire analyzer (Abbott Diagnostics)...
April 22, 2018: Digestive and Liver Disease
Brooke E Schmeichel, Alessandra Matzeu, Pascale Koebel, Leandro F Vendruscolo, Harpreet Sidhu, Roxana Shahryari, Brigitte L Kieffer, George F Koob, Rémi Martin-Fardon, Candice Contet
The hypocretin/orexin (HCRT) neuropeptide system regulates feeding, arousal state, stress responses, and reward, especially under conditions of enhanced motivational relevance. In particular, HCRT neurotransmission facilitates drug-seeking behavior in circumstances that demand increased effort and/or motivation to take the drug. The present study used a shRNA-encoding adeno-associated viral vector to knockdown Hcrt expression throughout the dorsal hypothalamus in adult rats and determine the role of HCRT in cocaine self-administration...
April 6, 2018: Neuropsychopharmacology: Official Publication of the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology
Vinod K Srivastava, Jill K Hiney, William L Dees
BACKGROUND: Because alcohol (ALC) delays signs of pubertal development, we assessed the time course of events associated with the synthesis of critical hypothalamic peptides that regulate secretion of luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone (LHRH), the peptide that drives the pubertal process. METHODS: Immature female rats were administered either laboratory chow or BioServe isocaloric control or ALC-liquid diets from 27 through 33 days of age. On days 28, 29, 31, and 33, animals were killed by decapitation and tissue blocks containing the medial basal hypothalamus (MBH) and the rostral hypothalamic area (RHA) were isolated and stored frozen until assessed by Western blot analysis...
April 24, 2018: Alcoholism, Clinical and Experimental Research
Nathan W Levin, Marcia H F G de Abreu, Lucas E Borges, Helcio A Tavares Filho, Rabia Sarwar, Surendra Gupta, Tahir Hafeez, Shaul Lev, Caroline Williams
Background: Intradialytic hypotension is a clinically significant problem, however, the hemodynamics that underlie ultrafiltration and consequent hypotensive episodes has not been studied comprehensively. Methods: Intradialytic cardiac output, cardiac power and peripheral resistance changes from pretreatment measurements were evaluated using a novel regional impedance cardiographic device (NICaS, NI Medical, Peta Tikva, Israel) in 263 hemodialysis sessions in 54 patients in dialysis units in the USA and Brazil with the goal of determining the various hemodynamic trends as blood pressure decreases...
April 14, 2018: Nephrology, Dialysis, Transplantation
Marion Donnier-Maréchal, Jean Septavaux, Emeric Jeamet, Alexandre Héloin, Florent Perret, Elise Dumont, Jean-Christophe Rossi, Fabio Ziarelli, Julien Leclaire, Laurent Vial
The extension of the family of dyn[ n]arenes toward a three-membered macrocycle is reported. Through a templated approach, a single diastereoisomer of a dyn[3]arene that bears six carboxyl groups could be isolated by precipitation in 59-63% yield and excellent purity (≥95%). A combination of experimental and computational experiments in water at physiological pH revealed that the macrocycle could bind parent biogenic polyamines with a unique diversity of surface-binding modes. Whereas no binding event could be accurately measured with 1,3-diaminopropane, spermidine formed a classical stoichiometric complex with the dyn[3]arene in the millimolar concentration range...
April 20, 2018: Organic Letters
Adhra Al-Mawali, Avinash Daniel Pinto, Raiya Al-Busaidi, Rabab H Al-Lawati, Magdi Morsi
BACKGROUND: Reference intervals for venous blood parameters differs with age, gender, geographic region, and ethnic groups. Hence local laboratory reference intervals are important to improve the diagnostic accuracy of health assessments and diseases. However, there have been no comprehensive published reference intervals established in Oman, the Gulf Cooperation Council or Middle Eastern countries. Hence, the aim of this study was to establish reference intervals for full blood count in healthy Omani adults...
2018: PloS One
Ning Ding, Bin Geng, Zhonghao Li, Quanzeng Yang, Liang Yan, Lang Wan, Bo Zhang, Cuifang Wang, Yayi Xia
PURPOSE: Extracellular-regulated kinase 5 (ERK5) is thought to regulate osteoblast proliferation. To further understand how ERK5 signaling regulates osteoblast proliferation induced by fluid shear stress (FSS), we examined some potential signaling targets associated with ERK5 in MC3T3-E1 cells. METHODS: MC3T3-E1 cells were treated with XMD8-92 (an ERK5 inhibitor) or Cyclosporin A (CsA, a nuclear factor of activated T cells (NFAT) c1 inhibitor) and/or exposed to 12 dyn/cm2 FSS...
April 16, 2018: Connective Tissue Research
Yoshito Hirata
I propose a method for reconstructing multi-dimensional dynamical noise inspired by the embedding theorem of Muldoon et al. [Dyn. Stab. Syst. 13, 175 (1998)] by regarding multiple predictions as different observables. Then, applying the embedding theorem by Stark et al. [J. Nonlinear Sci. 13, 519 (2003)] for a forced system, I produce time series forecast by supplying the reconstructed past dynamical noise as auxiliary information. I demonstrate the proposed method on toy models driven by auto-regressive models or independent Gaussian noise...
March 2018: Chaos
Lara RodrÍguez-Zamora, Harald K Engan, Angelica Lodin-Sundström, Fanny Schagatay, Xavier Iglesias, Ferran A Rodríguez, Erika Schagatay
A number of competitive water sports are performed while breath-holding (apnea). Such performances put large demands on the anaerobic system, but the study of lactate accumulation in apneic sports is limited. We therefore aimed to determine and compare the net lactate accumulation (NLA) during competition events in six disciplines of competitive freediving (FD) and three disciplines of synchronized swimming (SSW). The FD disciplines were: static apnea (STA; n = 14); dynamic apnea (DYN; n = 19); dynamic apnea no fins (DNF; n = 16); constant weight (CWT; n = 12); constant weight no fins (CNF; n = 8); free immersion (FIM; n =10)...
January 2018: Undersea & Hyperbaric Medicine: Journal of the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society, Inc
Ehsan Akbari, Griffin B Spychalski, Kaushik K Rangharajan, Shaurya Prakash, Jonathan W Song
Endothelial barrier function is known to be regulated by a number of molecular mechanisms; however, the role of biomechanical signals associated with blood flow is comparatively less explored. Biomimetic microfluidic models comprised of vessel analogues that are lined with endothelial cells (ECs) have been developed to help answer several fundamental questions in endothelial mechanobiology. However, previously described microfluidic models have been primarily restricted to single straight or two parallel vessel analogues, which do not model the bifurcating vessel networks typically present in physiology...
March 27, 2018: Lab on a Chip
Andre S A Bowers, Walworth W Duncan, D J Pepple
Background  There is no consensus regarding the role of red blood cell (RBC) aggregation in the pathogenesis of leg ulcers (LUs) in sickle cell disease (SCD). Objectives  We sought to evaluate whether the cross-sectional determination of RBC aggregation and hematological indices were associated with the presence of LU in homozygous SCD. Methods  Twenty-seven patients with LU and 23 with no history of ulceration were recruited into the study. A laser-assisted rotational red cell analyzer (LoRRca) was used in the determination of the aggregation index (AI), aggregation half-time ( t 1/2 ), and the RBC aggregate strength (AMP)...
March 2018: International Journal of Angiology: Official Publication of the International College of Angiology, Inc
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