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occupational hygiene

Sharon A Gutman, Kristin A Gregory, Megan M Sadlier-Brown, Marcy A Schlissel, Allison M Schubert, Lee Ann Westover, Richard C Miller
Although sleep intervention is within the domain of occupational therapy, few studies exist supporting practice. Effectiveness of three sleep interventions was compared: Dreampad Pillow®, iRest® meditation, and sleep hygiene. Twenty-nine participants were randomly assigned to the Dreampad Pillow® (n = 10), iRest® meditation (n = 9), and sleep hygiene (n = 10) groups. In Phase 1, all participants used a 7-day sleep hygiene regimen to reduce poor sleep habits. In Phase 2 (14 days), 10 participants used the Dreampad Pillow® and sleep hygiene, nine used the iRest meditation and sleep hygiene, and 10 continued sleep hygiene only...
October 18, 2016: OTJR: Occupation, Participation and Health
Shinbum Kim, Sanghyuk Im, Youngeun Choi, Soomi Park, Jaesoon Hyun, Kyung Seok Lee, Sunimm Lee, Sung-Nan Lee, Jeongri Seo, Ju Hee Kim, Hyunsun Na, Minsun Kim
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2016: Environmental Health and Toxicology
Mohamed M El-Diasty, Heba A Ahmed, Ashraf E Sayour, Fatma I El Hofy, Asmaa B M B Tahoun, Saleh M Shafik
The objective of the present study was to estimate the seroprevalence of Brucella spp. in humans and cattle at Sharkia Governorate, Egypt. In addition, identification of Brucella spp. in milk samples by PCR and culture with the evaluation of the risk factors associated with Brucella spp. seroprevalence in humans were carried out. Overall, the seroprevalence of Brucella antibodies in the examined cattle was 23.8%, while in human participants it was 21%. The examination of 205 milk samples using PCR revealed that 6...
October 18, 2016: Vector Borne and Zoonotic Diseases
Johanna Stranzinger, Jutta Kindel, Melanie Henning, Dana Wendeler, Albert Nienhaus
Background: Staff in children's hospitals may run an increased risk of cytomegalovirus (CMV) contact infection leading to a congenital CMV fetopathy during pregnancy. The main risk factor is close contact with inapparent carriers of CMV among infants (<3 years). We therefore examined CMV seroprevalence (SP) and possible risk factors for CMV infection among staff at a children's hospital. Method: In 2014, staff at a metropolitan children's hospital were offered a CMV antibody test in the context of occupational health screening...
2016: GMS Hygiene and Infection Control
Francesca Tombolini, Stefano Listrani, Antonella Campopiano, Carmela Plebani
Penetration measurements through commercially available filtering facepieces were performed with monodisperse DEHS aerosols ranging from 0.03 μm to 0.40 μm (either singly charged or neutralized), before and after 500 mg of paraffin oil loading. The distinct behavior of Coulomb and polarization capture efficiency is studied: as in the case of non loading also in the case of loading 500 mg of paraffin oil, the electrostatic capture mechanisms are mainly due to the Coulomb contribution up to aerosol particle diameter of about 0...
2016: Industrial Health
Damjan Slabe, Rok Fink, Eva Dolenc, Andreja Kvas
OBJECTIVES: Preschool children have significant health issues. From the relevant legislation and regulations, it can be seen that kindergarten teachers (KTs) and kindergarten teacher assistants (KTAs) are expected to be familiarwith the basic hygienic measures and steps for preventing injuries and illnesses, to recognize infectious diseases, and to know how to give the first aid. To gain these skills, a continuous life-long learning is necessary, because the characteristics of diseases are changing...
September 1, 2016: Zdravstveno Varstvo
B Sáez-Prado, M-C Haya-Fernández, M-T Sanz-García
BACKGROUND: The world population is aging considerably. The state of elderly's dentition is poor. Many authors agree that the oral health status influence the elderly's quality of life.The objective of our study was to analyze the relation between the oral health status and the general health status through the quality of life of elderly people aged 65 years or more in Valencia, Spain._Material and Methods: A cross-sectional oral health survey and an oral examination have been designed to study an elderly population...
October 1, 2016: Medicina Oral, Patología Oral y Cirugía Bucal
Jennifer E Lincoln, Jan Birdsey, W Karl Sieber, Guang-X Chen, Edward M Hitchcock, Akinori Nakata, Cynthia F Robinson
PURPOSE: There is a growing body of evidence that the built environment influences diet and exercise and, as a consequence, community health status. Since long-haul truck drivers spend long periods of time at truck stops, it is important to know if this built environment includes resources that contribute to the emotional and physical well-being of drivers. SETTING: The truck stop environment was defined as the truck stop itself, grocery stores, and medical clinics near the truck stop that could be accessed by a large truck or safely on foot...
September 28, 2016: American Journal of Health Promotion: AJHP
L Zhang
Objective: To investigate the epidemiological characteristics of occupational injuries in Xuzhou Railway, and to provide a scientific basis for the management of railway occupational safety and hygiene. Methods: From January to March, 2016, it was used the descriptive epidemiology research methods to collect the files of the professional injuries cases reported in Xuzhou railway from 1975 to 2015 to retrospectively survey and study and analyze the characteristics of professional injuries in the aspect of sociology, time, work, damage type and nature, etc...
August 20, 2016: Chinese Journal of Industrial Hygiene and Occupational Diseases
Y Lu, M Zhang
Objective: To study the applicability, the high frequency used content, the feasibility, and issues needed to be solved of the standard of GBZ 1-2010, aiming to provide technical evidence for the revision of GBZ1. Methods: In the study, the data were collected by referring to the literature database and the questionnaire from June 2013 to June 2015. There were 2 surveys carried out in the study, with methods including questionnaire survey and specific interview. The investigation methods include the paper version of the questionnaire by mail, the electronic version of the questionnaire by e-mail, and the online survey...
August 20, 2016: Chinese Journal of Industrial Hygiene and Occupational Diseases
Jeongeun Jo
After the defeat of the Opium War and the Sino-Japanese War, China's intellectuals realized necessity of modernization (Westernization) to survive in the imperial order of the survival of the fittest. In particular, it was urgent to accept Western medicine and train the doctors who learned Western medicine to change the sick and weary Chinese to be robust. Thus, new occupations of the Western Medicine Group (xiyi, doctors who learned Western medicine) emerged in China. As with the first profession, the new Western Medicine Group tried to define standards of Western medicine and medical profession; however, it was difficult in the absence of the strong central government...
August 2016: Ŭi Sahak
John P Springston, Liana Yocavitch
Legionellae are waterborne bacteria which are capable of causing potentially fatal Legionnaires' disease (LD), as well as Pontiac Fever. Public concern about Legionella exploded following the 1976 outbreak at the American Legion conference in Philadelphia, where 221 attendees contracted pneumonia and 34 died. Since that time, a variety of different control methods and strategies have been developed and implemented in an effort to eradicate Legionella from building water systems. Despite these efforts, the incidence of LD has been steadily increasing in the U...
September 13, 2016: Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene
A K Talukder, Z Sultana, I Jahan, M Khanam, S I Bhuiyan, M B Rahman
Because of known and unknown etiology, management of ocular devastating situation like corneal ulcer is still a challenge for the Ophthalmologists. The cross sectional study was designed for detection of predisposing factor and identification of causal agent. To serve the above purpose, a cross sectional study was performed among 140 patients of the corneal ulcer at Dr K Zaman BNSB Eye Hospital, Mymensingh and Department of Microbiology and Hygiene, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh, Bangladesh...
July 2016: Mymensingh Medical Journal: MMJ
Gunjan Kumar, Ranjan Mani Tripathi, C L Dileep, Megha Trehan, Shitanshu Malhotra, Pallavi Singh
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: India has an assortment of tribal population living in isolated pockets, and the Santhals are numerically predominant in Jharkhand. This study was aimed at assessing the oral health status and treatment needs of Santhals residing in Dhanbad, Jharkhand. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A cross-sectional survey of 921 Santhals of Topchanchi Block was conducted. A modified World Health Organization (WHO) Oral Health Assessment Form (1997) was utilized and examined according to the WHO methodology (1997)...
July 2016: Journal of International Society of Preventive & Community Dentistry
T Cartner, N Brand, K Tian, A Saud, T Carr, P Stapelton, M E Lane, A V Rawlings
OBJECTIVES: The aim of this exploratory study was to investigate the effect of ethanol, isopropanol and n-propanol on stratum corneum (SC) enzymes and keratinocytes in vitro together with their effects on skin condition and function. METHODS: Activities of kallikrein 5 (KLK5) and phospholipase A2 (PLA2) as well as keratinocyte metabolic activity, interleukin-1α (IL-1α) and tumor necrosis factor-α (TNF-α) were measured in vitro in the presence and absence of the different alcohols...
August 31, 2016: International Journal of Cosmetic Science
Shilpi Ajwani, Sumedh Jayanti, Nadia Burkolter, Craig Anderson, Sameer Bhole, Rhonda Itaoui, Ajesh George
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: This paper aims to identify current evidence on the role of nurses and allied health professionals in the oral health management of stroke patients, detailing their current knowledge, attitudes and practices and the potential benefits of an integrated oral care program. BACKGROUND: Stroke has disabling oral health effects, such as dysphagia and hindered brushing due to upper limb hemiparesis. Together, these can increase bacterial load, increasing risk of pneumonia...
August 18, 2016: Journal of Clinical Nursing
Maxim Yu Sinitsky, Varvara I Minina, Nikolay I Gafarov, Maxim A Asanov, Aleksey V Larionov, Anastasia V Ponasenko, Valentin P Volobaev, Vladimir G Druzhinin
Coal miners are exposed to coal dust, containing mineral particles, inorganic compounds and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, and to ionizing radiation. These factors can induce oxidative stress and promote inflammation that leads to DNA damage. The aim of this investigation is to analyse the degree of DNA damage in miners working in underground coal mines in Kemerovo Region (Russian Federation) using the cytokinesis-block micronucleus assay (CBMN) in peripheral blood lymphocytes. The exposed group included 143 coal miners (mean age = 50...
August 16, 2016: Mutagenesis
Sarah A Bolbol, Marwa M Zalat, Rehab A M Hammam, Nasser L Elnakeb
OBJECTIVES: Even though many studies have explored the problem of voice disorders among teachers worldwide, this problem is still not adequately studied in Egypt. The following study was conducted to investigate the risk factors of voice disorders among an Egyptian sample of school teachers, to measure the effect of a vocal hygiene awareness program on them, and to investigate their vocal cord lesions. METHODS: One hundred fifty-six teachers working in public schools and 180 administrative workers in the Faculty of Medicine in the same city participated in this study...
August 11, 2016: Journal of Voice: Official Journal of the Voice Foundation
S Schubert, A Bauer, S Molin, C Skudlik, J Geier
BACKGROUND: Geriatric nurses (GN) have a high risk of occupational contact dermatitis (OCD), with chronic irritant contact dermatitis predominating. However, allergic contact dermatitis is an important issue as well. Little is known whether the relevant occupational allergen spectrum reported in the 1990s, including fragrances, preservatives, rubber chemicals, and ingredients of surface disinfectants to be the most common sensitizers in geriatric nurses, is still valid. OBJECTIVES: To monitor the current allergen spectrum in GN with OCD and verify the validity of the patch test recommendations (baseline-, preservative-, ointment base-, rubber-, disinfectant, series and fragrances) in GN with suspected OCD given by the German Contact Dermatitis Research Group (DKG)...
August 12, 2016: Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology: JEADV
Neda Haji-Ali-Nili, Fariba Khoshzaban, Mehrdad Karimi
BACKGROUND: Dry eye disease is one of the most common public health problems in the field of ophthalmology that causes decreased physical, psychological, social and occupational functioning, and interferes with daily activities like reading, driving, computer work and watching TV. The effect of this disease on quality of life is similar to severe migraine and angina. In addition, the severity of the disease is closely related to depression. Outbreaks are increasing with the use of contact lenses and refractive surgery such as LASIK...
May 2016: Iranian Journal of Medical Sciences
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