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Joar Harøy, Benjamin Clarsen, Espen Guldahl Wiger, Mari Glomnes Øyen, Andreas Serner, Kristian Thorborg, Per Hölmich, Thor Einar Andersen, Roald Bahr
BACKGROUND: Groin injuries represent a considerable problem in male football. Previous groin-specific prevention programmes have not shown a significant reduction in groin injury rates. An exercise programme using the Copenhagen Adduction exercise increases hip adduction strength, a key risk factor for groin injuries. However, its preventive effect is yet to be tested. AIM: To evaluate the effect of a single-exercise approach, based on the Copenhagen Adduction exercise, on the prevalence of groin problems in male football players...
June 10, 2018: British Journal of Sports Medicine
Odd Martin Vallersnes, Dag Jacobsen, Øivind Ekeberg, Mette Brekke
AIMS: Despite the excess mortality and morbidity associated with acute poisoning by substances of abuse, follow-up is frequently not organised. We assessed morbidity, including repeated poisoning, and follow-up after acute poisoning by substances of abuse through charting contacts with health services. We also charted short-term mortality. METHODS: Patients 12 years and older treated for acute poisoning by substances of abuse at a primary care emergency outpatient clinic in Oslo, Norway, were included consecutively from October 2011 through September 2012...
June 1, 2018: Scandinavian Journal of Public Health
Karen Roksund Hov, Bjørn Erik Neerland, Anders Mikal Andersen, Øystein Undseth, Vegard Bruun Wyller, Alasdair M J MacLullich, Eva Skovlund, Eirik Qvigstad, Torgeir Bruun Wyller
BACKGROUND: The Oslo Study of Clonidine in Elderly Patients with Delirium (LUCID) is an RCT investigating the effect of clonidine in medical patients > 65 years with delirium. To assess the dosage regimen and safety measures of this study protocol, we measured the plasma concentrations and hemodynamic effects of clonidine in the first 20 patients. METHODS: Patients were randomised to clonidine (n = 10) or placebo (n = 10). The treatment group was given a loading dose (75μg every 3rd hour up to a maximum of 4 doses) to reach steady state, and further 75μg twice daily until delirium free for 2 days, discharge or a maximum of 7 days...
June 8, 2018: BMC Pharmacology & Toxicology
Søren Holm, Bjørn Hofmann
We investigate the relationship between doctoral students' attitudes towards scientific misconduct and their self-reported behavior. 203 questionnaires were distributed to doctoral candidates at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo 2016/2017. The response rate was 74%. The results show a correlation between attitudes towards misconduct and self-reported problematic behaviors among doctoral students in biomedicine. The four most common reported misbehaviors are adding author(s) who did not qualify for authorship (17...
June 6, 2018: Accountability in Research
Sijia Chen, Lin Zhang, Zhao Zhang, Gang Qian, Zongjian Liu, Qun Cui, Haiyan Wang
UiO-66 (UiO for University of Oslo), is a zirconium-based MOF with reverse shape selectivity, gives an alternative way to produce high purity n-heptane used for the manufacture of high-purity pharmaceuticals. Couple of studies have shown that UiO-66 gives a high selectivity on the separation of n-/iso-alkanes. However, the microporous structure of UiO-66 causes poor mass transport during the desorption process. In this work, hierarchical-pore UiO-66 (H-UiO-66) was synthesized and utilized as an adsorbent of n-heptane (nHEP) and methyl cyclohexane (MCH) for systematically studying the desorption process of n/iso-alkanes...
June 6, 2018: ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
Martine Enger, Stein Arve Skjaker, Knut Melhuus, Lars Nordsletten, Are Hugo Pripp, Stefan Moosmayer, Jens Ivar Brox
INTRODUCTION: Shoulder injuries are commonly encountered in emergency departments. In spite of this, the epidemiology is only partly known, and soft tissue injuries in particular remain unclear. The aim of this study was to obtain an overview of shoulder injuries in a general population cohort, and to estimate the relative proportion of the main injury categories soft tissue injuries, fractures and dislocations, as well as their variation with age and gender. PATIENTS AND METHODS: We registered prospectively all patients admitted with a suspected shoulder injury at a combined casualty and primary health care facility during one year...
May 22, 2018: Injury
Åse Ruth Eggemoen, Christin Wiegels Waage, Line Sletner, Hanne L Gulseth, Kåre I Birkeland, Anne Karen Jenum
Objective: We explored associations between maternal 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25(OH)D) status during pregnancy and gestational diabetes (GDM) and other measures of glucose metabolism. Methods: We analysed 25(OH)D at 15 and 28 gestational weeks (GW) in 745 multiethnic pregnant women attending antenatal care units in Oslo, Norway, between 2008 and 2010. GDM was diagnosed with a 75 g oral glucose tolerance test at 28 GW. Separate regression analyses were performed to investigate associations between 25(OH)D and GDM and measures of glucose metabolism...
2018: Journal of Diabetes Research
Torstein R Meling, Anna Latysheva, Michele Da Broi, Guro Jahr, Harald Holte, Klaus Beiske, Kyrre Eeg Emblem
PURPOSE: The purposes of this study are to study the impact of deep brain involvement on overall survival (OS) and progression-free survival (PFS) in intracranial primary CNS lymphoma (PCNSL), and to explore possible mechanisms for this impact using advanced MRI techniques. METHODS: Seventy-nine patients with histologically verified PCNSL were identified from a prospective clinical database of patients treated at Oslo University Hospital between 2003 and 2014. Patients were treated per standard chemotherapeutic regimens (N = 57) or no chemotherapy (N = 22)...
May 27, 2018: Neuroradiology
Jo Røislien, Pieter L van den Berg, Thomas Lindner, Erik Zakariassen, Oddvar Uleberg, Karen Aardal, J Theresia van Essen
BACKGROUND: Helicopter emergency medical services are important in many health care systems. Norway has a nationwide physician manned air ambulance service servicing a country with large geographical variations in population density and incident frequencies. The aim of the study was to compare optimal air ambulance base locations using both population and incident data. METHODS: We used municipality population and incident data for Norway from 2015. The 428 municipalities had a median (5-95 percentile) of 4675 (940-36,264) inhabitants and 10 (2-38) incidents...
May 24, 2018: Scandinavian Journal of Trauma, Resuscitation and Emergency Medicine
E Botteri, T de Lange, S Tonstad, P Berstad
BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVES: The Oslo diet and antismoking study showed that counselling for a healthy lifestyle reduced lifelong coronary mortality in high-risk men. We explored whether the same counselling reduced also cancer risk. METHODS: The study randomly allocated males at high coronary risk to either a 5-year intervention for lifestyle changes (cholesterol-lowering dietary changes, weight loss and stopping smoking) or a control group (1 : 1) in 1972/73. We explored the incidence and mortality of all cancers and cancer forms related to smoking, BMI or diet up to 43 years after randomization...
May 22, 2018: Journal of Internal Medicine
Clemens Reimann, Karl Fabian, Belinda Flem, Malin Andersson, Peter Filzmoser, Peter Englmaier
Geochemical element separation is studied in 14 different sample media collected at 41 sites along an approximately 100-km long transect north of Oslo. At each site, soil C and O horizons and 12 plant materials (birch/spruce/cowberry/blueberry leaves/needles and twigs, horsetail, braken fern, pine bark and terrestrial moss) were sampled. The observed concentrations of 29 elements (K, Ca, P, Mg, Mn, S, Fe, Zn, Na, B, Cu, Mo, Co, Al, Ba, Rb, Sr, Ti, Ni, Pb, Cs, Cd, Ce, Sn, La, Tl, Y, Hg, Ag) were used to investigate soil-plant relations, and to evaluate the element differentiation between different plants, or between foliage and twigs of the same plant...
May 17, 2018: Science of the Total Environment
Lisa Garnweidner-Holme, Therese Hoel Andersen, Mari Wastvedt Sando, Josef Noll, Mirjam Lukasse
BACKGROUND: The increasing prevalence of gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) among women of different ethnic backgrounds provides new challenges for health care professionals, who often find it difficult to provide information about the management of this disease to such individuals. Mobile health (mHealth) may act as a useful tool for blood sugar control and care process enhancement. However, little is known about health care professionals' experiences and attitudes toward the use of mHealth for women with GDM...
May 14, 2018: JMIR MHealth and UHealth
Ajit Sood, Vandana Midha, Govind Makharia, B K Thelma, Shivalingappa S Halli, Varun Mehta, Ramit Mahajan, Vikram Narang, Kriti Sood, Kirandeep Kaur
Background/Aims: Celiac disease is a global health problem. The presentation of celiac disease has unfolded over years and it is now known that it can manifest at different ages, has varied presentations, and is prone to develop complications, if not managed properly. Although the Oslo definitions provide consensus on the various terminologies used in literature, there is no phenotypic classification providing a composite diagnosis for the disease. Methods: Various variables identified for phenotypic classification included age at diagnosis, age at onset of symptoms, clinical presentation, family history and complications...
April 2018: Intestinal Research
Lina Prasmickaite, Ellen M Tenstad, Solveig Pettersen, Shakila Jabeen, Eivind Valen Egeland, Silje Nord, Abhilash Pandya, Mads Haugland Haugen, Vessela N Kristensen, Anne-Lise Børresen-Dale, Olav Engebråten, Gunhild M Maelandsmo
The tumor microenvironment (TME) may influence both cancer progression and therapeutic response. In breast cancer (BC), particularly in the aggressive triple-negative/basal-like subgroup, patient outcome is strongly associated with the tumor's inflammatory profile. Tumor-associated macrophages (TAMs) are among the most abundant immune cells in the TME, shown to be linked to poor prognosis and therapeutic resistance. In this study we investigated the effect of the metastasis- and inflammation-associated microenvironmental factor S100A4 on breast cancer cells (BCCs) of different subtypes, and explored their further interactions with myeloid cells...
May 9, 2018: Molecular Oncology
Ingvild O Moberg, Inger Schou Bredal, Michael R Schneider, Kim A Tønseth, Ellen Schlichting
BACKGROUND: Women with a BRCA mutation have the option of undergoing prophylactic mastectomy and immediate breast reconstruction; however, the potential negative effects of reconstruction on women's physical and psychological well-being are unclear. This study aimed to investigate complications, patient-reported pain, health-related quality-of-life (HRQoL) and satisfaction following reconstructive surgery at Oslo University Hospital between 2006 and 2013. METHODS: Data were collected retrospectively from the records of 238 patients...
May 9, 2018: Journal of Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery
Petra Peterson, Michael Mars, Alan Gowans, Ola Larson, Erik Neovius, Gunilla Henningsson, Anna Andlin-Sobocki, Marie Pegelow, Mathias Lemberger, Liisi M Raud-Westberg, Agneta L-A Karsten
OBJECTIVES: (1) To evaluate dental arch relationships, with the Great Ormond Street, London and Oslo (GOSLON) Yardstick, of participants with Unilateral cleft lip and palate (UCLP) and treated with 1-stage palatal closure with 3 different surgical protocols (2) to compare the mean GOSLON ratings with other CLP centers. DESIGN: Retrospective study of medical charts and dental models. SETTING: Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden...
January 1, 2018: Cleft Palate-craniofacial Journal
Anne-Kari Torgalsbøen, Susie Fu, Nikolai Czajkowski
BACKGROUND: Resilience is successful adaptation despite adversity. This personality trait has the potential to add new knowledge to how to achieve a successful outcome, but resilience has been understudied in schizophrenia. The objective of the present study is to investigate if there are significant differences in resilience development among fully recovered and non-recovered patients with first episode schizophrenia (FES). METHODS: In the ongoing Oslo Schizophrenia Recovery Study spanning 10 years, 28 first-episode patients are interviewed and assessed yearly with comprehensive criteria of full recovery, a measure of social and role functioning and resilience, the Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale...
May 3, 2018: European Psychiatry: the Journal of the Association of European Psychiatrists
Nilam Shakeel, Kåre Rønn Richardsen, Egil W Martinsen, Malin Eberhard-Gran, Kari Slinning, Anne Karen Jenum
INTRODUCTION: There is strong evidence that postpartum depression is associated with adverse health effects in the mother and infant. Few studies have explored associations between physical activity in pregnancy and postpartum depression. We aimed to investigate whether physical activity during pregnancy was inversely associated with postpartum depressive symptoms, PPDS in a multiethnic sample. METHOD: Population-based, prospective cohort of 643 pregnant women (58% ethnic minorities) attending primary antenatal care from early pregnancy to postpartum in Oslo between 2008 and 2010...
April 23, 2018: Journal of Affective Disorders
Øyvind Holme, Magnus Løberg, Mette Kalager, Michael Bretthauer, Miguel A Hernán, Eline Aas, Tor J Eide, Eva Skovlund, Jon Lekven, Jörn Schneede, Kjell Magne Tveit, Morten Vatn, Giske Ursin, Geir Hoff
Background: The long-term effects of sigmoidoscopy screening on colorectal cancer (CRC) incidence and mortality in women and men are unclear. Objective: To determine the effectiveness of flexible sigmoidoscopy screening after 15 years of follow-up in women and men. Design: Randomized controlled trial. ( NCT00119912). Setting: Oslo and Telemark County, Norway. Participants: Adults aged 50 to 64 years at baseline without prior CRC...
April 24, 2018: Annals of Internal Medicine
Oluwatoyosi B A Owoeye, J Preston Wiley, Richard E A Walker, Luz Palacios-Derflingher, Carolyn A Emery
Study Design Prospective diagnostic accuracy validation study. Background Engaging clinicians for diagnosis of patellar tendinopathy in large surveillance studies is often impracticable. A self-report measure, the Oslo Sports Research Trauma Centre patellar tendinopathy (OSTRC-P) Questionnaire, an adaptation of the OSTRC Questionnaire may provide a viable alternative. Objectives To evaluate the diagnostic accuracy of the OSTRC-P Questionnaire in detecting patellar tendinopathy in youth basketball players when compared to clinical evaluation...
April 27, 2018: Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy
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