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Ling-Fung Yeung, Corinna Ockenfeld, Man-Kit Pang, Hon-Wah Wai, Oi-Yan Soo, Sheung-Wai Li, Kai-Yu Tong
BACKGROUND: Robot-assisted ankle-foot-orthosis (AFO) can provide immediate powered ankle assistance in post-stroke gait training. Our research team has developed a novel lightweight portable robot-assisted AFO which is capable of detecting walking intentions using sensor feedback of wearer's gait pattern. This study aims to investigate the therapeutic effects of robot-assisted gait training with ankle dorsiflexion assistance. METHODS: This was a double-blinded randomized controlled trial...
June 19, 2018: Journal of Neuroengineering and Rehabilitation
Charlotte L Phillips, Youngjae Jeong
PURPOSE OF REVIEW: Osteogenesis imperfecta (OI) is a hereditary connective tissue disorder of skeletal fragility and more recently muscle weakness. This review highlights our current knowledge of the impact of compromised OI muscle function on muscle-bone interactions and skeletal strength in OI. RECENT FINDINGS: The ramifications of inherent muscle weakness in OI muscle-bone interactions are just beginning to be elucidated. Studies in patients and in OI mouse models implicate altered mechanosensing, energy metabolism, mitochondrial dysfunction, and paracrine/endocrine crosstalk in the pathogenesis of OI...
June 16, 2018: Current Osteoporosis Reports
P Salvador-Coloma, M D Arguisuelas, J Doménech-Fernández, D Sánchez-Zuriaga, J J Amer-Cuenca, J Martínez-Gramage, F J Montañez-Aguilera, J F Lisón
INTRODUCTION: Unstable shoes were developed as a walking device to strengthen the lower extremity muscles and reduce joint loading. Many studies have reported increased muscle activity throughout the gait cycle in most of the lower limb muscles in healthy adults using these shoes. However, no previous studies have explored the effects of wearing unstable shoes on trunk muscle activity in patients with chronic low back pain (CLBP). Therefore, the aim of the present study was to compare the activity of selected trunk muscles in patients with CLBP during a gait test while walking wearing unstable shoes or conventional flat shoes (control)...
June 11, 2018: Gait & Posture
Chenyu Jiang, Baokai Ma, Shuang Song, Oi-Ming Lai, Ling-Zhi Cheong
Phospholipids composition in the milk fat globule membrane (MFGM) fluctuates during entire lactation period in order to suit the growing needs of newborn infants. Present study elucidated and relatively quantified phospholipids molecular species extracted from human milk (HM), mature human milk (MHM) and infant formulas (with or without MFGM supplementation) using HILIC-ESI-IT-TOF-MS system. Principal component analysis was used to clarify the differences between phospholipids composition in HM, MHM and infant formulas...
June 14, 2018: Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry
Takayuki Yokoi, Toshiyuki Saito, Jun-Ichi Nagai, Kenji Kurosawa
The17q21q22 region contains COL1A1 and DLX3. COL1A1 haploinsufficiency mutations and heterozygous deletion of the entire COL1A1 gene lead to the mildest form of Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI) type 1 (Bardai et al., 2015; Mannstadt et al., 2014; van Dijk et al., 2010).
June 12, 2018: Congenital Anomalies
Susan Mayes, April-Rose Ferris, Peter Smith, Jill Cook
OBJECTIVES: To compare the cross-sectional area (CSA) of hip external rotators, obturator externus (OE) and obturator internus (OI), in ballet dancers and nondancing athletes, and evaluate the relationship between obturator muscle size and hip pain. DESIGN: Case-control study. SETTING: Elite ballet and sport. PARTICIPANTS: 33 male and female professional ballet dancers and 33 age and sex-matched athletes. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: CSA's of OE and OI measured on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of one hip...
June 2, 2018: Physical Therapy in Sport
M Bodro, G Sanclemente, G Crespo, L Linares, M A Marcos, F Marco, R Miquel, X Forns, M Navasa, A Moreno
OBJECTIVE: The aim of the study was to determine the clinical characteristics, frequency of opportunistic infections (OI), and the outcomes for liver transplant recipients with severe hepatitis C virus (HCV) recurrence. In addition, the objective was to evaluate HCV recurrence as a risk factor for developing an OI. METHODS: We conducted a retrospective observational study recording all liver transplant recipients from July 1, 2003, to December 31, 2012. Patients with liver disease due to HCV were selected...
June 2018: Transplantation Proceedings
Shuen-Yeing Mo, Oi-Ming Lai, Boon-How Chew, Ruhaini Ismail, Sallehudin Abu Bakar, Norli Abdul Jabbar, Kim-Tiu Teng
PURPOSE: We aim to investigate the postprandial effects of palm olein (PO) and chemically interesterified palm olein (IPO) with different proportions of palmitic acid at the sn-2 position using high oleic sunflower oil (HOS) as control fat on concentrations of gut hormones, glucose homeostasis, satiety, lipid and inflammatory parameters in type 2 diabetic (T2D) subjects. METHODS: Using a randomised double-blind crossover design, 21 (men = 6, women = 15) T2D subjects consumed test meals (3...
June 5, 2018: European Journal of Nutrition
Tri Baskoro Tunggul Satoto, Antok Listyantanto, Suzana Dewi Agustjahjani, Hari Kusnanto Josef, Barandi S Widartono
BACKGROUND: International Health Regulations controls international travel including human movement, disease vector, and imported items to prevent the spread of dengue, especially in seaports, airports, and border crossing posts. This study aimed to determine dengue Transovarial Transmission Index (TTI) and distribution of dengue virus in the areas around Adisucipto Airport of Yogyakarta, Indonesia. METHODS: The study was a descriptive analytic study with cross sectional design, conducted by mapping the spread of the dengue virus and identifying TTI in Adisucipto Airport...
June 5, 2018: Environmental Health and Preventive Medicine
Joffrey Moiroux, Guy Boivin, Jacques Brodeur
Studying relative investment of resources towards early and delayed reproduction is central to understand life history evolution since these traits are generally negatively correlated and traded-off against several other fitness components. For this purpose, ovigeny index (OI), which is calculated as the fraction of the maximum potential lifetime egg complement that is mature upon female emergence, has been developed in insects. Despite the central role of temperature on life history evolution in ectotherms, its influence on ovigeny index has never been tested...
June 2, 2018: Journal of Insect Physiology
Yusuke Kashiwagi, Kimiaki Komukai, Kenichiro Suzuki, Yuhei Oi, Mitsutoshi Tominaga, Kotaro Nakata, Satoru Miyanaga, Tetsuya Ishikawa, Kosuke Minai, Tomohisa Nagoshi, Michihiro Yoshimura
Lung oxygenation impairment often occurs in patients with type B acute aortic dissection (AAD), necessitating mechanical ventilation. Patients receiving mechanical ventilation are at risk of complications, so a low-oxygen condition requiring mechanical ventilation should be avoided. We explored the predictors of oxygenation impairment. We enrolled 46 patients with type B AAD who had been medically treated and underwent computed tomography. Blood was sampled to measure markers of inflammation, such as the C-reactive protein (CRP) levels and white blood cell count...
June 4, 2018: Heart and Vessels
Jessica de Nijs, Julia H Meijer, Lieuwe de Haan, Carin J Meijer, Richard Bruggeman, Neeltje E M van Haren, René S Kahn, Wiepke Cahn
Schizophrenia patients have difficulties identifying odors, possibly a marker of cognitive and social impairment. This study investigated olfactory identification (OI) differences between patients and controls, related to cognitive and social functioning in childhood and adolescence, to present state cognition and to present state social cognition. 132 schizophrenia patients and 128 healthy controls were assessed on OI performance with the Sniffin' Sticks task. Multiple regression analyses were conducted investigating OI in association with cognitive and social functioning measures in childhood/adolescence and in association with IQ, memory, processing speed, attention, executive functioning, face recognition, emotion recognition and theory of mind...
May 19, 2018: Psychiatry Research
Claire Martin, Ruairidh Martin, Parag Gajendragadkar, Phillippe Maury, Masateru Takigawa, Ghassen Cheniti, Antonio Frontera, Takeshi Kitamura, Josselin Duchateau, Konstantinos Vlachos, Felix Bourier, Anna Lam, Stephen Lord, Stephen Murray, Ewen Shephard, Thomas Pambrun, Arnaud Denis, Nicolas Derval, Meleze Hocini, Michel Haissaguerre, Pierre Jais, Frederic Sacher
INTRODUCTION: Successful catheter ablation is limited by both poor spatial resolution of abnormal local signals and inability to deliver an effective lesion due to poor tissue contact. We report first worldwide use of the Intellanav MiFi OI catheter (Boston Scientific), providing ultra-high density mapping and incorporating a 'DirectSense' algorithm to measure local tissue impedance (LI). METHODS AND RESULTS: 31 patients (65±6 yrs, 20 male) underwent ablation. LI from the catheter, generator impedance (GI) and maximum electrogram amplitude were recorded in the blood pool, and in regions from healthy to dense scar before, during and after ablation...
June 2, 2018: Journal of Cardiovascular Electrophysiology
Naoya Sakamoto, Yosuke Ueki, Masaki Oi, Takuya Kiuchi, Masaaki Sato
The adhesion and migration of leukocytes to arterial endothelial cells (ECs), one of the indicators of early atherogenesis, is believed to be correlated with the blood flow conditions and interactions between vascular cells including vascular smooth muscle cells (SMCs). In this study, we investigated the effect of fluid shear stress on the transendothelial migration of leukocytes in a coculture model (CM) composed of human umbilical ECs and SMCs, a layer of collagen type I, and a porous membrane. Following exposure to a fluid shear stress of 1...
May 28, 2018: Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications
Michel Hug, Katrin Uehli, Stig Solbach, Stefanie Brighenti-Zogg, Selina Dürr, Sabrina Maier, Jörg Daniel Leuppi, David Miedinger
BACKGROUND: Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS) is common in adults. People with OSAS have a higher risk of experiencing traffic accidents and occupational injuries (OIs). We aimed to clarify the diagnostic performance of a three-channel screening device (ApneaLinkTM) compared with the gold standard of full-night attended polysomnography (PSG) among hospital outpatients not referred for sleep-related symptoms. Furthermore, we aimed to determine whether manual revision of the ApneaLinkTM autoscore enhanced diagnostic performance...
2018: PloS One
Yuka Oi, Kayo Katayama, Go Hirata, Yumi Ishidera, Hiroshi Yoshida, Hiroyuki Shigeta
AIM: To investigate the differences in leiomyoma pathophysiology by patient age at the time of surgery and the possible significance of postmenopausal uterine leiomyomas, particularly variants. METHODS: We retrospectively reviewed data from 471 patients who underwent surgery for uterine leiomyomas and evaluated their clinical data. RESULTS: Overall, 441 (93.4%) women were premenopausal and 30 (6.4%) were postmenopausal. There were no differences in the frequency of the coexistence of ovarian steroid-dependent diseases among age groups...
May 29, 2018: Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Research
Youngjae Jeong, Salah A Daghlas, Xie Yixia, Molly A Hulbert, Ferris M Pfeiffer, Mark R Dallas, Catherine L Omosule, R Scott Pearsall, Sarah L Dallas, Charlotte L Phillips
Osteogenesis imperfecta (OI) is a heritable connective tissue disorder primarily due to mutations in the type I collagen genes (COL1A1 and COL1A2), leading to compromised biomechanical integrity in type I collagen containing tissues such as bone. Bone is inherently mechanosensitive and thus responds and adapts to external stimuli, such as muscle mass and contractile strength, to alter its mass and shape. Myostatin, a member of the TGF-β superfamily, signals through activin receptor type IIB to negatively regulate muscle fiber growth...
May 29, 2018: Journal of Bone and Mineral Research: the Official Journal of the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research
Linfeng Hu, Zhong Yu, Qingwen Yuan, Yuanjia Hu, Carolina Oi Lam Ung
The surging costs of health care in China is highly related to the high expenses in pharmaceutical costs. Since the Government of China launched the health care reform in 2009, the issue of growing pharmaceutical expenditure continues to grasp policy makers' attention. Since 2015, an ongoing series of drug-related policies have been revised or developed, resulting in profound impact on the overall pharmaceutical market in China, and the dynamic is still evolving. As China has become the second largest pharmaceutical market in the world, any volatility in the Chinese pharmaceutical market may have great implications to multinational pharmaceutical markets that have had their products launched in China or plan to extend their business to the Chinese market...
January 1, 2018: Therapeutic Innovation & Regulatory Science
Nadiah Mohd Nawawi, Nalini M Selveindran, Rahmah Rasat, Chow Yock Ping, Zarina Abdul Latiff, Syed Zulkifli Syed Zakaria, Rahman Jamal, Nor Azian Abdul Murad, Bilkis Banu Abd Aziz
BACKGROUND: Osteogenesis imperfecta (OI) is a rare genetic bone disease characterized by bone fragility and low bone mass. OI was mainly caused by genetic mutations in collagen genes, COL1A1 and COL1A2. Nevertheless, new genes have been identified to be causally linked to OI. The clinical features between each OI groups share great similarities and it is sometimes difficult for clinicians to diagnose the disease accurately. Here, we identify the genetic mutations of OI patients from Malaysia and correlate the genetic mutations with the clinical features...
May 25, 2018: Clinica Chimica Acta; International Journal of Clinical Chemistry
Sizhuo Suo, Yunfeng Lai, Meng Li, Qirui Song, Jing Cai, Jing Zhao, Qing Yang, Carolina Oi Lam Ung, Hao Hu
Amomi fructus (A. fructus) (Sharen) is a well-known traditional Chinese medicine widely used to treat gastrointestinal diseases. It has high medical and economic values, which have been confirmed both in vitro and in vivo studies. This review highlights the phytochemicals, pharmacology, clinical application, patents, and products of A. fructus. More than 100 phytochemicals have been isolated and identified from A. fructus, mainly including volatile oils, saponins, flavonoids, organic acids, inorganic ingredients, and polysaccharides...
May 23, 2018: Food and Chemical Toxicology
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