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Andrea D Fairman, Brad E Dicianno, Nicole Datt, Amanda Garver, Bambang Parmanto, Michael McCue
The purpose of this study was to gather information regarding the receptivity of clinicians, caregivers and family members, and adults with spina bifida (SB) to the use of a mHealth application, iMobile Health and Rehabilitation (iMHere) system. Surveys were administered to end user groups in conjunction with a conference presentation at the Spina Bifida Association's 38th Annual Conference. The survey results were obtained from a total of 107 respondents. Likert scale and qualitative results are provided in consideration of future application of the iMHere system in clinical practice...
2013: International Journal of Telerehabilitation
Bambang Parmanto, Gede Pramana, Daihua Xie Yu, Andrea D Fairman, Brad E Dicianno, Michael P McCue
BACKGROUND: Individuals with chronic conditions are vulnerable to secondary complications that can be prevented with adherence to self-care routines. They benefit most from receiving effective treatments beyond acute care, usually in the form of regular follow-up and self-care support in their living environments. One such population is individuals with spina bifida (SB), the most common permanently disabling birth defect in the United States. A Wellness Program at the University of Pittsburgh in which wellness coordinators supervise the care of individuals with chronic disease has produced remarkably improved outcomes...
July 11, 2013: JMIR MHealth and UHealth
João Ivan Lopes, André Luís Rotoly, Carlos Alberto Azevedo Dos Santos, Francisco José Nunes Cardoso
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the efficacy of a new method of provisional preoperative imobilization for patientes with transtrochanteric femoral fractures. METHODS: Over a three-month period, 33 patients were treated at the Orthopaedic Trauma Service for transtrochanteric femoral fracture. We selected 22 patients and they were divided into groups with and without the use of the developed imobilization. The patients were evaluated according to the Visual Analogue Scale for Pain (VAS) during the preoperative and postoperative period in order to verify the analgesic consume and clinical complications...
January 2013: Acta Ortopedica Brasileira
Yu-Hsiang Hsu, Peiran Lu, Judith L Coleman, William C Tang
This paper reports on a microfluidic platform to isolate and study avian red blood cells (RBCs) infected to various degrees by the malaria parasite Plasmodium gallinaceum. The experimental findings point to the feasibility of using the morphological changes on the surface of the malaria infected avian RBC (miaRBCs) as biomarkers for diagnosis. A glass substrate with a controlled surface roughness was used as part of a polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) microfluidic channels. When whole-blood samples were introduced into the channels, the miaRBCs would be preferentially slowed and eventually become immobilized on the roughened surface...
December 2011: Biomedical Microdevices
Viviana Mrsić, Visnja Nesek Adam, Elvira Grizelj Stojcić, Zarko Rasić, Aleksandra Smiljanić, Ivica Turcić
Acute rhabdomyolysis is a syndrome characterized by the lesion of skeletal muscle resulting in subsequent release of intracellular contents into the circulatory system, which can cause potentially lethal complications. These contents include myoglobin, creatine phosphokinase, potassium, aldolase, lactate dehydrogenase and glutamic-oxaloacetic transaminase. There are numerous causes that can lead to acute rhabdomyolysis and many of patients present with multiple causes. The most common potentially lethal complication of rhabdomyoloysis is acute renal failure...
July 2008: Acta Medica Croatica: C̆asopis Hravatske Akademije Medicinskih Znanosti
A Ulonska, W D Deckwer, V Hecht
Quinolie degradation by Comamonas acidovorans was studied in a continuously operated three-phase airlift reactor. Porous glass beads were applied as support matrix for cell imobilization by colonization. Under steady-state conditions (S approximately 0), cell attachment was poor at low dilution rates but imporved considerably with increasing dilution rate. Conversion of quinoline was investigated below and above the washout for suspended culture (D(crit) = mu(max) = 0.42 h(-1)). With immobilized cells the reactor could be operated at D > mu(max), and complete conversion of quinoline was achieved as long as the specific quinoline feed rate D*S(0)/X did not exceed the maximum specific degradation rate (r(S, max))...
April 5, 1995: Biotechnology and Bioengineering
V P Lewis, S T Yang
Continuous propionic acid fermentations of lactate by Propionibacterium acidipropionici were studied in spiral wound fibrous bed bioreactors. Cells were imobilized by natural attachment to fiber surfaces and entrapment in the void volume within the fibrous matrix. A high cell density of approximately 37 g/L was attained in the reactor and the reactor productivity was approximately 4 times higher than that from a conventional batch fermentation. The bioreactor was able to operate continuously for 4 months without encountering any clogging, degeneration, or contamination problems...
August 5, 1992: Biotechnology and Bioengineering
S Furusaki, M Seki, K Fukumura
The reaction behavior of Saccharomyces formaosensis imobilized by polyacrylamide gel is presented. Two types of the immobilized yeast are studied, i. e. the immobilized resting yeast and the immobilized growing yeast. For both of the yeast, reaction retes are expressed by the Michaelis-Menten type equation with a linear ethanol inhibition factor. The Michaelis constants aere close each other, but considerably larger that of native S. cerevisiae. Distribution of the growing yeast cell inside the carrier gel is presented...
December 1983: Biotechnology and Bioengineering
Zoran Vukasinović, Nemanja Slavković, Slobodan Slavković
Slipped capital femoral epiphysis is well known disorder of the hip in adolescents, which is characterized by displacement of the capital femoral epiphysis from the metaphysis through the physeal plate. The incidence of slipped capital femoral epiphysis is about 5-8 cases per 100,000 adolescents. Etiology of slipped capital femoral epiphysis is still unknown, but this disorder is probably combination of genetic, hormonal and mechanical factors. On the basis of patient's history, physical examination, and radiographs, slipped capital femoral epiphysis can be classified as acute or chronic...
January 2007: Srpski Arhiv za Celokupno Lekarstvo
J Jeremić, C Vucetić, Z Golubović, I Petronić
Flexor tendon repair in the hand is very often complicated by the formation of peritendinous adhesions that result in loss of normal tendon gliding, digital stiffnes and functional disability. While stability is critical for a successful tendon repair, mobility is also important, as motion of the repaired tendon decreases the formation of postoperative adhesions and increases the strength of the repair. Immobilization and its duration, can ensure the integrity of the repair but can also lead to scaring, stiffness, and joint contractures...
2006: Acta Chirurgica Iugoslavica
Takato Mizunuma, Etsuo Kokufuta, Seigo Sato
We studied the immobilization of a mycelium (Aspergillus niger) using the working hypothesis as follows: (a) when polycation was added to the cell suspension, a few parts of it would bind on the surface of a hypha, allowing to gather the hyphae in part but not all; (b) upon further addition of polyanion, such a gathering of the hyphae is tightly bunched by the polyelectrolyte complex (PEC) which is resulted from the remaining polycation; (c) as a result, a mycelium with partially bunched hyphae can be obtained...
April 15, 2007: Colloids and Surfaces. B, Biointerfaces
Curtis R Kelly, Gary W Williams, Najam A Sharif
The ability of a number of prostaglandin F 2 alpha (PGF 2 alpha) analogs to mobilize intracellular Ca2+[Ca2+]iand to compete for [3H]PGF 2 alpha binding to prostaglandin F 2 alpha receptors (FP) was evaluated. Radioligand binding studies measuring displacement of [3H]PGF 2 alpha by a variety of FP prostaglandin analogs yielded the following rank order of affinities: travoprost acid [(+)-16-m-trifluorophenoxy tetranor PGF 2 alpha; (+)-fluprostenol] > bimatoprost acid (17-phenyl-trinor PGF 2 alpha) > unoprostone (13,14-dihydro-15-keto-20-ethyl PGF 2 alpha) = bimatoprost (17-phenyl-trinor PGF 2 alpha ethyl amide) > or = Lumigan (bimatoprost ophthalmic solution)...
January 2003: Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics
M G Quaglia, A Farina, E Bossù, V Cotichini
Human alpha1-acid glycoprotein (alpha1-AGP) has been used as a chiral stationary phase (CSP) for the enantioseparation of midodrine and deglymidodrine racemates in the same HPLC run. The imobilized AGP resulted as the best chiral selector for the enantioresolution of two compounds. Due to the modification of alpha1-AGP characters as a result of changing the composition of the mobile phase, an attempt study of the watery mobile phase (ionic strength and pH of the buffer, nature and concentration of the organic modifier) allowed for an increase in the enantioselectivity of the chromatographic system and an optimization of the resolution base-line of both enantiomeric pairs...
October 1998: Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis
L H da Paz, V Jorgetti, N H Yoshinari
The authors review the literature regarding the animal models of osteoporosis in two main groups: The resorption-dominant models (oovariectomy, orchiectomy, limbs imobilization, calcium restriction and use of hormonies) and another group, the formation-deficit models (senil rats, SAM mouse, glucocorticoid administration or limbs imobilization.
March 1997: Revista do Hospital Das Clínicas
C D Mubata, A M Bidmead, L M Ellingham, V Thompson, D P Dearnaley
PURPOSE: The use of escalated radiation doses to improve local control in conformal radiotherapy of prostatic cancer is becoming the focus of many centers. There are, however, increased side effects associated with increased radiotherapy doses that are believed to be dependent on the volume of normal tissue irradiated. For this reason, accurate patient positioning, CT planning with 3D reconstruction of volumes of interest, clear definition of treatment margins and verification of treatment fields are necessary components of the quality control for these procedures...
January 1, 1998: International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics
S J Blakemore, P K Rickhuss, P W Watt, M J Rennie, H S Hundal
1. We investigated the effects of limb immobilization (for 1 or 6 weeks) in a long leg cast after a closed tibial fracture (n = 11). Biopsies of vastus lateralis were taken on admission and after either 1 week (n = 5) or 6 weeks (n = 6) and analysed for muscle fibre type characteristics, cytochrome c oxidase activity and the abundance of GLUT4 and GLUT5 hexose transporters. 2. After 1 week of immobilization there was a significant decrease (8%) in the cross-sectional area of type I, but not type II, muscle fibers and in the protein-DNA ratio (16%) compared with the initial biopsy...
November 1996: Clinical Science (1979-)
R Sabec
Wound of the hand must be treated surgically. The order of priority in management of wounded hand is explained. Vascular injuries with ischemia of the extremity or of the parts are of the very few absolute indications for imediate surgery. Though wound excision, stabilization of skeleton, and skin cover, should be done in the first few hours after injury. It is ideal that the tendons and nerves are repaired at the same procedure. Repair of tendons and nerves requires the utmost insight skill and attention to details; and for nerve repair microsurgical technique is required...
1980: Acta Chirurgica Iugoslavica
T I Lezhen, S A Kudinov
The heavy and light chains of human plasmin were separated by affinity 1-lysin-cellulose column chromatography. The S-carboxymethyl light chain derivative of human plasmin was imobilized by aminogroups by the insoluble matrices. Insoluble derivatives cf plasmin light chain retain an insignificant proteolytic activity, human plasminogen activator activity and capacity to form complexes with streptokinase. The activator activity of the immobilized light chain-streptokinase complex increases 5-10-fold with respect to the human plasminogen...
1983: Ukrainskiĭ Biokhimicheskiĭ Zhurnal
S Zherev
The authors carried out electrophoretic studies of pepsinogen, obtained from the stomach mucosa of white rats (10 normal animals) and with experimental stress ulcus of the stomach, induced by imobilization and cooling (20 animals). The stomach of the rats was pulled out under light ether narcosis and the stomach mucosa was removed. Pepsinogen was extracted with 0.01 normal solution of hydrochloric acid. The supernatant was examined on agar electrophoresis after centrifugation. Incubation was made with hemoglobin solution of 0...
1978: Eksperimentalna Meditsina i Morfologiia
D Mashkova, Kh Kolchev, G Kotev
The authors carried out studies on 18 nonanesthetised and anesthetised cats under the conditions of complete imobilization with tricuran and under artificial respiration and examined the temporary consequence of the effects on the spontaneous and induced cerebral activity after poisoning with lethal doses of phosdrine and treatment with Doline, which is the therapeutic antidote of phosphorganic pesticides. The authors established that after lethal poisoning with phosdrin the secondary induced cerebral hypoxia enhanced deepening of the disintegration in the intercerebral interrelationships, which caused the appearence of epileptiform activity...
1977: Eksperimentalna Meditsina i Morfologiia
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