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temporary enamel

Ebru Cal, Pelin Guneri, Sena Unal, Aysşe Gözde Türk, Mubin Ulusoy, Hayal Boyacioglu
The aim of this study was to establish the radiopacity of cements used in implant-retained fixed partial dentures with respect to implant material, enamel, and dentin. A sample of 10 specimens of 13 different cements, implants, enamel, and dentin were prepared. Radiographs of the specimens and aluminum step wedges were acquired. Mean gray values of specimens were measured using digital imaging software. Kolmogorov-Smirnov and Shapiro-Wilk normality tests and independent t test were used (P = .05). Implantlink Semi, Premier, and Dentotemp had the lowest radiopacity values; GC FujiTemp LT, Multilink Implant, Poly-F Plus, Cavex-Temporary, and Panavia SA showed the highest...
May 2017: International Journal of Periodontics & Restorative Dentistry
A Kensche, C Holder, S Basche, N Tahan, C Hannig, M Hannig
OBJECTIVE: The present in situ - investigation aimed to specify the impact of pure hydroxyapatite microclusters on initial bioadhesion and bacterial colonization at the tooth surface. DESIGN: Pellicle formation was carried out in situ on bovine enamel slabs (9 subjects). After 1min of pellicle formation rinses with 8ml of hydroxyapatite (HA) microclusters (5%) in bidestilled water or chlorhexidine 0.2% were performed. As negative control no rinse was adopted. In situ biofilm formation was promoted by the intraoral slab exposure for 8h overnight...
August 2017: Archives of Oral Biology
R Menem, I Barngkgei, N Beiruti, I Al Haffar, Easter Joury
The aim of this in vivo study was to test the diagnostic accuracy of a pen-type laser fluorescence (LFpen) device in detecting approximal caries lesions, in posterior permanent teeth, at the cavitation and non-cavitation thresholds, and compare it with that of digital bitewing radiography. Thirty patients (aged 18-37), who attended the Faculty of Dentistry at Damascus University for a dental examination, were consecutively screened. Ninety approximal surfaces of posterior permanent teeth without frank cavitations, enamel hypoplasia or restorations were selected and examined using the LFpen (DIAGNOdent pen) and digital bitewing radiography...
April 2017: Lasers in Medical Science
Doğan Kaner, Mouaz Soudan, Han Zhao, Georg Gaßmann, Anna Schönhauser, Anton Friedmann
Early wound healing after periodontal surgery with or without enamel matrix derivative/biphasic calcium phosphate (EMD/BCP) was characterized in terms of soft tissue closure, changes of microcirculation, and expression of pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines in gingival crevicular fluid/wound fluid (GCF/WF). Periodontal surgery was carried out in 30 patients (18 patients: application of EMD/BCP for regeneration of bony defects; 12 patients: surgical crown lengthening (SCL)). Healthy sites were observed as untreated controls...
January 27, 2017: International Journal of Molecular Sciences
Pessia Friedman Rubin, Ephraim Winocur, Assaf Erez, Ravit Birenboim-Wilensky, Benjamin Peretz
BACKGROUND: Previous studies focused on the dental caries status of East African children and not on their overall dental needs. Urban children consume more sugar-rich foods. OBJECTIVES: To assess overall dental treatment needs of children living in an orphanage in Uganda. STUDY DESIGN: Teeth were diagnosed as needing treatment by obvious frank carious lesions (WHO criteria), temporary fillings, staining, or very deep pit and/or fissures possibly requiring sealants...
2016: Journal of Clinical Pediatric Dentistry
Maria Lourdes de Andrade Massara, Warley Luciano Fonseca Tavares, Antônio Paulino Ribeiro Sobrinho
Deep caries can induce severe inflammatory reactions. However, inflamed pulp can heal if the demineralization process is interrupted and inactivated sufficiently early. The aim of this case report is to describe the use of stepwise excavation to treat a mature permanent tooth that exhibited deep caries and apical periodontitis. A 12-year-old girl was experiencing lingering pain lasting for a few minutes in the mandibular left second molar when drinking cold water. Clinical and radiographic examinations suggested that a conservative therapeutic approach could be successful...
July 2016: General Dentistry
Hiroko Ida-Yonemochi, Keishi Otsu, Hayato Ohshima, Hidemitsu Harada
Cells alter their energy metabolism depending on the stage of differentiation or various environments. In the ameloblast differentiation of continuous growing mouse incisors, we found temporary glycogen storage in preameloblasts before the start of enamel matrix secretion and investigated the relationship between enamel matrix secretion and glycogen metabolism. Immunohistochemistry showed that in the transitional stage from preameloblasts to secretory ameloblasts, the glycogen synthase changed from the inactive form to the active form, the expression of glycogen phosphorylase increased, and further, the levels of IGF-1, IGF-1 receptor and activated Akt increased...
February 2016: Mechanisms of Development
George E Kirtley
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
March 2015: Dentistry Today
Georg Gassmann, Wolfgang H Arnold
There is no doubt that the main reason for an internal grauloma is a traumatic event. The trauma may be physical or chemical as in the case of caries or coronal pulpectomy. In most of the cases it is diagnosed by hazard or, when in case of fracture or mobility, extraction is the only therapy to be performed. If diagnosed in time root canal treatment may be adequate.In the presented case no single specific event could be determined being the cause of this large internal granuloma extending from the coronal third of the root canal to the whole crown just leaving an eggshell of enamel that fractured and mimicked mobility of the whole tooth to the patient finally causing him to attend the clinic...
2015: Head & Face Medicine
E A Yurieva, V S Sukhorukov, E S Vozdvijenskaia, N M Novikova, M N Kharabadze, M I Yablonskaia
The children with inherited cardiopathy including hypersensitive (n = 85) and dilatation (n=10) cardiopathy as well as cardiopathy under Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (n = 70) combined with different inherited heart disease were examined to establish signs of hematic and tissue hypoxia. The most typical signs turned out periodic decrease of blood pCO2 with increasing of content of lactate and pyruvate in blood and saliva, multiple caries of teeth and high rate of systemic hypoplasia of enamel of both temporary and permanent teeth...
February 2015: Klinicheskaia Laboratornaia Diagnostika
L Martens, S Rajasekharan, R Cauwels
BACKGROUND: Apexogenesis after traumatic exposure in vital young permanent teeth can be accomplished by implementing the appropriate vital pulp therapy such as pulp capping (direct or indirect) or pulpotomy (partial or complete) depending on the time between the trauma and treatment of the patient, degree of root development, and size of the pulp exposure. CASE REPORT: Two children with respectively 2 and 1 complicated enamel dentine fractures in immature permanent incisors were treated with new tricalcium silicate cement (Biodentine™)...
December 2015: European Archives of Paediatric Dentistry: Official Journal of the European Academy of Paediatric Dentistry
Roeland Jozef Gentil De Moor, Jeroen Verheyen, Peter Verheyen, Andrii Diachuk, Maarten August Meire, Peter Jozef De Coster, Mieke De Bruyne, Filip Keulemans
Light and heat increase the reactivity of hydrogen peroxide. There is no evidence that light activation (power bleaching with high-intensity light) results in a more effective bleaching with a longer lasting effect with high concentrated hydrogen peroxide bleaching gels. Laser light differs from conventional light as it requires a laser-target interaction. The interaction takes place in the first instance in the bleaching gel. The second interaction has to be induced in the tooth, more specifically in the dentine...
2015: TheScientificWorldJournal
T C Coutinho, C daRocha Costa
AIM: To compare in vivo, clinical examination (CE) and bitewing radiographs (BW) for the detection of cavitations and initial approximal lesions in deciduous molars with validation after temporary separation (TS) and direct visual examination (DE) of the approximal surfaces. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Thirty children aged 4 to 8 years without visual cavitations or restorations and with at least one approximal contact. Two calibrated examiners evaluated 355 surfaces of primary molars, which were then validated through TS and DE...
December 2014: European Journal of Paediatric Dentistry: Official Journal of European Academy of Paediatric Dentistry
Elif B Tuna, Duygu Yaman, Seiko Yamamato
Dental avulsion is the most severe type of traumatic tooth injuries since it causes damage to several structures and results in avulsion of the tooth from its socket. Management protocols for avulsed teeth should include management of the pulp and periodontal ligament (PDL) cells in order to improve the long-term prognosis and survival of these teeth. The prognosis of the treatment as well as the survival of an avulsed tooth depends on intrinsic and extrinsic factors, such as the duration of the tooth's extra-alveolar period, replantation time, the type of storage medium, PDL status and duration of splinting...
2014: Open Dentistry Journal
Dhaval Patel
The advent of computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology has enabled clinicians to perform conservative dentistry more predictably. Rapid improvements in technology have spawned several computerized devices that can fabricate ceramic restorations within a matter of minutes. One such system, CEREC CAD/CAM, is designed to be used chairside, eliminating the need for conventional impression taking, temporary restorations, and multiple appointments. Prior to the arrival of CAD/CAM, the most commonly performed indirect restoration was the full-coverage crown with total axial reduction...
June 2013: Compendium of Continuing Education in Dentistry
F D J Silame, R Tonani, C C Alandia-Roman, M Chinelatti, H Panzeri, F C P Pires-de-Souza
This study evaluated the colour stability of temporary prosthetic restorations with different thicknesses submitted to artificial accelerated aging. The occlusal surfaces of 40 molars were grinded to obtain flat enamel surfaces. Twenty acrylic resin specimens [Polymethyl methacrylate (Duralay) and Bis-methyl acrylate (Luxatemp)] were made with two different thicknesses, 0.5 mm and 1.0 mm. Temporary restorations were fixed on enamel and CIE L*a*b* colour parameters of each specimen were assessed before and after artificial accelerated aging...
December 2013: European Journal of Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry
Claudio Poggio, Marco Chiesa, Andrea Scribante, Jenia Mekler, Marco Colombo
OBJECTIVES: The purpose of this in vitro study was to evaluate the microleakage in "deep" Class II composite restorations with gingival cavosurface margin below the CEJ (cemento-enamel junction) and restored with different techniques. STUDY DESIGN: Fifty human teeth were used. In each tooth two standardized Class II slot cavities (on mesial and on distal surfaces) were prepared: the buccolingual extension of the cavities was 4 mm; the gingival wall was located in dentin/cementum (2 mm beyond the CEJ)...
September 2013: Medicina Oral, Patología Oral y Cirugía Bucal
Werner H Mörmann, Bogna Stawarczyk, Andreas Ender, Beatrice Sener, Thomas Attin, Albert Mehl
OBJECTIVES: This study determined the two-body wear and toothbrushing wear parameters, including gloss and roughness measurements and additionally Martens hardness, of nine aesthetic CAD/CAM materials, one direct resin-based nanocomposite plus that of human enamel as a control group. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Two-body wear was investigated in a computer-controlled chewing simulator (1.2 million loadings, 49N at 1.7Hz; 3000 thermocycles 5/50°C). Each of the 11 groups consisted of 12 specimens and 12 enamel antagonists...
April 2013: Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials
Adriana de Jesus Soares, Fernanda Freitas Lins, Juliana Yuri Nagata, Brenda Paula Figueiredo de Almeida Gomes, Alexandre Augusto Zaia, Caio Cezar Randi Ferraz, José Flávio Affonso de Almeida, Francisco José de Souza-Filho
INTRODUCTION: Pulp revascularization may be considered a promising alternative for necrotic immature teeth. Many studies have accomplished passive decontamination associated with an antibiotic paste. To date, there is no report evaluating calcium hydroxide associated with 2% chlorhexidine gel for revascularization therapy. The aim of this case report was to describe a new proposal for pulp revascularization with mechanical decontamination and intracanal medication composed of calcium hydroxide and 2% chlorhexidine gel...
March 2013: Journal of Endodontics
Galip Gurel, Susana Morimoto, Marcelo A Calamita, Christian Coachman, Newton Sesma
This article evaluates the long-term clinical performance of porcelain laminate veneers bonded to teeth prepared with the use of an additive mock-up and aesthetic pre-evaluative temporary (APT) technique over a 12-year period. Sixty-six patients were restored with 580 porcelain laminate veneers. The technique, used for diagnosis, esthetic design, tooth preparation, and provisional restoration fabrication, was based on the APT protocol. The influence of several factors on the durability of veneers was analyzed according to pre- and postoperative parameters...
December 2012: International Journal of Periodontics & Restorative Dentistry
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