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C Fantacci, G C Fabrizio, P Ferrara, F Franceschi, A Chiaretti
OBJECTIVE: Pain relief is a very important aspect in Pediatrician's clinical practice. It is often thought that young children, particularly infants, do not perceive as much pain as adults because of their immature nervous system and that untreated pain would not have adverse long-term consequences. Instead, it has been demonstrated that infants and children experience pain in a similar manner to adults. Many factors, particularly emotional factors, can increase the child's pain perception...
January 2018: European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences
(no author information available yet)
OBJECTIVE: Mechanical ventilation (MV) in preterm infants (PTI) causes discomfort. Whether it causes pain is controversial. Meta analysis reviews of published work on PTI during MV have shown no clinically significant impact of opioids on pain scales, and hence not recommended for routine use in neonatal intensive care units (NICUs). Similarly regular use of sedative midazolam is also not recommended. Therefore we hypothesized a downward trend in narcotics and sedatives used in MV of PTI in NICUs...
January 2018: Zhongguo Dang Dai Er Ke za Zhi, Chinese Journal of Contemporary Pediatrics
Amlan Swain, Deb Sanjay Nag, Seelora Sahu, Devi Prasad Samaddar
Although beneficial in acute and chronic pain management, the use of local anaesthetics is limited by its duration of action and the dose dependent adverse effects on the cardiac and central nervous system. Adjuvants or additives are often used with local anaesthetics for its synergistic effect by prolonging the duration of sensory-motor block and limiting the cumulative dose requirement of local anaesthetics. The armamentarium of local anesthetic adjuvants have evolved over time from classical opioids to a wide array of drugs spanning several groups and varying mechanisms of action...
August 16, 2017: World Journal of Clinical Cases
Manoj Chaurasia, Ashok Kumar Saxena, Geetanjali T Chilkoti
BACKGROUND: Epidural administration of neostigmine appears to be safe in the obstetric population. Recently, few studies have concluded 10 μg sufentanil to be an effective adjuvant with epidural neostigmine in providing labor analgesia. However, no study has evaluated the analgesic effect of epidural butorphanol with neostigmine for the same. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The parturients were randomly allocated to one of the three study groups - Group A (n = 30) received butorphanol 1 mg and neostigmine 7 μg/kg...
April 2017: Anesthesia, Essays and Researches
Fabrice Ferré, Philippe Marty, Laura Bruneteau, Virgine Merlet, Benoît Bataille, Anne Ferrier, Claude Gris, Matt Kurrek, Olivier Fourcade, Vincent Minville, Agnes Sommet
STUDY OBJECTIVE: Hypotension frequently occurs during spinal anesthesia (SA), especially in the elderly. Phenylephrine is effective to prevent SA-induced hypotension during cesarean delivery. The objective of this study was to evaluate the efficacy and safety of prophylactic infusion of phenylephrine after SA for orthopedic surgery in the elderly. DESIGN: This prospective, randomized, double-blind, and placebo-controlled study included 54 patients older than 60 years undergoing elective lower limb surgery under SA (injection of 10 mg of isobaric bupivacaine with 5 μg of sufentanyl)...
December 2016: Journal of Clinical Anesthesia
L X Quan, H X An, D X Wang
OBJECTIVE: To observe the effects of 0.4 μg/(kg×h) dose of dexmedetomidine on intra-operative wake-up test in children patients undergoing scoliosis surgery. METHODS: Sixty patients for posterior scoliosis correction (ASA I-II, aged 5-16 years) from March 2013 to April 2015 were enrolled in this prospective, double-blinded, randomized, placebo-controlled study, The patients were randomly classified into two groups to receive dexmedetomidine (group RD, n=30) or saline solution (group R, n=30)...
October 18, 2016: Beijing da Xue Xue Bao. Yi Xue Ban, Journal of Peking University. Health Sciences
Akeelesh Mungur, Guy Cochard, Yves Ozier, Pierre Lafère
OBJECTIVE: The most common complications of hyperbaric oxygen treatment (HBOT) are related to pressure changes on gas-containing cavities. Therefore, inability to auto-inflate the middle ear may result in transient or permanent hearing loss. However, it seems that middle ear barotrauma (MEBt) does not develop more often in mechanically ventilated patients than in ambulatory patients. This might be explained by deep sedation of these patients. Therefore, the aim of this study was to determine whether anaesthesia and/or neuromuscular blockade can influence Eustachian tube (ET) function...
September 2016: Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine: the Journal of the South Pacific Underwater Medicine Society
Glenn Burns, Rebecca T DeRienz, Daniel D Baker, Marcel Casavant, Henry A Spiller
BACKGROUND: There has been a significant spike in fentanyl-related deaths from illicit fentanyl supplied via the heroin trade. Past fentanyl access was primarily oral or dermal via prescription fentanyl patch diversion. One factor potentially driving this increase in fatalities is the change in route of administration. Rapid intravenous (IV) fentanyl can produce chest wall rigidity. We evaluated post-mortem fentanyl and norfentanyl concentrations in a recent surge of lethal fentanyl intoxications...
June 2016: Clinical Toxicology
Víctor M Campa, Almudena Capilla, María J Varela, Arlet M Acanda de la Rocha, Juan C Fernandez-Troyano, R Belén Barreiro, Juan F Lopez-Gimenez
The activation of G-protein coupled receptors by agonist compounds results in diverse biological responses in cells, such as the endocytosis process consisting in the translocation of receptors from the plasma membrane to the cytoplasm within internalizing vesicles or endosomes. In order to functionally evaluate endocytosis events resulted from pharmacological responses, we have developed an image analysis method -the Q-Endosomes algorithm- that specifically discriminates the fluorescent signal originated at endosomes from that one observed at the plasma membrane in images obtained from living cells by fluorescence microscopy...
2015: PloS One
Xiaoqian Deng, Tao Zhu
UNLABELLED: Objective : We aimed to compare the anesthetic characteristics between total intravenous anesthesia (TIVA) using propofol-remifentanil with target control infusion (TCI) and volatile induction and maintenance anesthesia (VIMA) using sevoflurane and sufentanyl for patients undergoing laparoscopic cholecystectomy. METHODS: A total of 120 patients undergoing laparoscopic cholecystectomy were randomly assigned to two groups. Patients in group T received TCI of propofol-remifentanil for induction and maintenance...
September 2014: Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences Quarterly
Yin-Jie Zhao, Su Liu, Qing-Xiang Mao, Heng-Jiang Ge, Yao Wang, Bing-Qiang Huang, Wu-Chao Wang, Jun-Ran Xie
We aim to assess efficacy and safety of remifentanil or sulfentanyl combined with propofol during painless gastroscopic examination in patients. In this study, 270 patients were randomly divided into 3 groups: propofol was given only in group P; propofol and remifentanil in group PR; propofol and sulfentanyl in group PS during the gastroscopic examination. Efficiency of group P was significantly higher than that of group PR and PS (P<0.01) [corrected]. Efficiency of group PR was lower than that of group PS (P<0...
April 2015: Surgical Laparoscopy, Endoscopy & Percutaneous Techniques
Kristy M J Vons, Jilles B Bijker, Edwin W Verwijs, Maarten H J M Majoor, Jurgen C de Graaff
BACKGROUND: Adenoidectomy (AD) and adenotonsillectomy (ATE) are frequently occurring and often painful interventions in children. In literature, it is very prevalent that postoperative pain in children following ATE is hard to control. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the prevalence and severity of postoperative pain in children undergoing AD and ATE in the ambulatory setting. METHODS: A prospective cohort study was performed including 167 children aged 0-12 years, undergoing AD using an adenotome and ATE using the guillotine technique in day care...
May 2014: Paediatric Anaesthesia
Hong-Li Yue, Liu-Jiazi Shao, Jin Li, Ya-Nan Wang, Lei Wang, Ru-Quan Han
BACKGROUND: A wealth of evidence has indicated that labor epidural analgesia is associated with an increased risk of hyperthermia and overt clinical fever. Recently, evidence is emerging that the epidural analgesia-induced fever is associated with the types of the epidural analgesia and the variations in the epidural analgesia will affect the incidence of fever. The aim of the present study was to investigate the effects of epidural analgesia with 0.075% or 0.1% ropivacaine on the maternal temperature during labor...
November 2013: Chinese Medical Journal
Panagiotis Flamée, Carlo De Asmundis, Jigme T Bhutia, Giulio Conte, Stefan Beckers, Vincent Umbrain, Christian Verborgh, Gian-Battista Chierchia, Sophie Van Malderen, Rubén Casado-Arroyo, Andrea Sarkozy, Pedro Brugada, Jan Poelaert
BACKGROUND: Propofol is an anesthetic drug with a very attractive pharmacokinetic profile, which makes it the induction agent of choice, especially in day-case surgery. Data on its potential proarrhythmic effects in patients with Brugada syndrome (BS) patients are still lacking. The aim of our study was to investigate whether a single dose of propofol triggered any adverse events in consecutive high-risk patients with BS. METHODS: All consecutive patients with BS having undergone an implantable cardiac defibrillator implantation under general anesthesia were eligible for this study...
December 2013: Pacing and Clinical Electrophysiology: PACE
Hale Yarkan Uysal, Esma Tezer, Müge Türkoğlu, Pinar Aslanargun, Hülya Başar
BACKGROUND: Hypertension and tachycardia caused by tracheal intubation can be detrimental in hypertensive patients. This study was conducted in order to compare the effects of dexmedetomidine on hemodynamic response to tracheal intubation in hypertensive patients with esmolol and sufentanyl. METHODS: Sixty hypertensive patients scheduled for noncardiac surgery under general anesthesia were randomly assigned to receive one of the three drugs before induction of anesthesia...
January 2012: Journal of Research in Medical Sciences: the Official Journal of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences
Marija Kutlesić, Ranko Kutlesić
INTRODUCTION: Epidural analgesia has become the most popular method for labor pain relief. Analgesia in Labor: Yes or No? Labor pain is a complex phenomenon with sensory, cognitive, motivational, emotional, social, and cultural variables. Pain and anxiety lead to adrenergic hyperactivity, hyperventilation, hypocapnia with reduced uteroplacental blood flow and uncoordinated uterine activity, so pain relief is recommended and even indicated in cases of maternal comorbidity. Analgesia in Labor: Method of Choice...
September 2012: Medicinski Pregled
Ricardo Antonio Guimarães Barbosa, Luiz Marcelo Sá Malbouisson, Luciana Moraes dos Santos, Marilde de Albuquerque Piccioni, Maria José Carvalho Carmona
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Extracorporeal circulation (ECC) may change drug pharmacokinetics as well as brain function. The objectives of this study are to compare emergence time and postoperative sedation intensity assessed by the bispectral index (BIS) and the Ramsay sedation scale in patients undergoing myocardial revascularization (MR) with or without ECC. METHOD: Ten patients undergoing MR with ECC (ECC group) and 10 with no ECC (no-ECC group) were administered with sufentanyl, propofol 2...
May 2012: Revista Brasileira de Anestesiologia
A Bufalari, C Maggio, I Cerasoli, U Morath, C Adami
Eighteen client-owned dogs undergoing Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO) were included in this blinded clinical study and randomly assigned to one of two treatment groups. Group C (carprofen) received intravenous (IV) carprofen, 4 mg/kg, prior to anesthesia, whereas group P (placebo) received IV saline. General anesthesia was maintained with isoflurane in oxygen and a constant rate infusion (CRI) of sufentanyl IV. Intra-operatively, assessment of nociception was based on changes in physiological parameters and on the analgesics requirement, whereas in the post-operative period evaluation of pain was performed by using a Hellyer and Gaynor pain score and by comparing the doses of rescue buprenorphine required by the two treatment groups...
March 2012: Schweizer Archiv Für Tierheilkunde
Li-xin An, Yong Ji, Li-li Wang
OBJECTIVE: To observe the effects of electro-acupuncture combined with sevoflurane anesthesia used in neurosurgery patients and the speed of recovery following surgery. METHODS: Eighty patients with supratentorial tumor resection were anesthetized with sevoflurane and randomly allocated into the complete anesthesia group (Group A) and the electro-acupuncture combined with sevoflurane group (Group B). Han's acupoint nerve stimulator with 2/100 Hz frequency was used to stimulate the points...
September 2011: Chinese Journal of Integrated Traditional and Western Medicine
Eva Gheorghita, Viorel Mihai Pruna, Luminita Neagoe, Cristina Bucur, Catioara Cristescu, Mircea Radu Gorgan
OBJECTIVE: The present study proposes to present the importance of perioperative therapeutic management in survival prolongation and the quality of life for patients that have undergone surgery for cerebral metastases secondary to pulmonary tumors. METHOD: During 2001-2009, 40 patients with ages between 43-74 years have been diagnosed in our clinic with pulmonary tumor and cerebral metastases. The patients presented single cerebral lesion (excepting one patient with 2 cerebral metastases) and pulmonary tumor...
January 2010: Mædica
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