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Shenglai Yao, Yves Grossheim, Arseni Kostenko, Ernesto Ballestero-Martínez, Stefan Schutte, Mark Bispinghoff, Hansjörg Grützmacher, Matthias Driess
A facile, one-pot synthesis of [Na(OC≡As)(dioxane)x ] (x=2.3-3.3) in 78 % yield is reported through the reaction of arsine gas with dimethylcarbonate in the presence of NaO(t) Bu and 1,4-dioxane. It has been employed for the synthesis of the first arsaketenyl-functionalized germylene [LGeAsCO] (2, L=CH[CMeN(Dipp)]2 ; Dipp=2,6-(i) Pr2 C6 H3 ) from the reaction with LGeCl (1). Upon exposure to ambient light, 2 undergoes CO elimination to form the 1,3-digerma-2,4-diarsacyclobutadiene [L2 Ge2 As2 ] (3), which contains a symmetric Ge2 As2 ring with ylide-like Ge=As bonds...
May 2, 2017: Angewandte Chemie
Buelent Koektuerk, Cem H Turan, Hikmet Yorgun, Kerim Keskin, Moritz Schoett, Alina Dahmen, Eduard Gorr, Alexander Yang, Christian Hoppe, Marc Horlitz, Ramazan G Turan
AIM: Data evaluating the complications of pulmonary vein isolation (PVI) using second-generation cryoballoons (CB) related to different anticoagulation regimes are limited. This study evaluates the total complications and the impact of novel oral anticoagulants (NOACs) compared to phenprocoumon on adverse events in the setting of PVI using CB. METHODS AND RESULTS: PVI was performed using second-generation CB by two experienced investigators. A total of 409 patients (58...
June 2016: Cardiovascular Therapeutics
Cyrus R Kumana, Bernard M Y Cheung, David C W Siu, Hung-Fat Tse, Ian J Lauder
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Benefits and/or harms (including costs) of non-vitamin K oral anticoagulants (NOACs) versus warfarin therapy need appreciation in relative and absolute terms. METHODS: Accordingly, we derived clinically relevant relative and absolute benefit/harm parameters for NOACs (apixaban, dabigatran, rivaroxaban, edoxaban) compared to warfarin from four clinical trials involving atrial fibrillation (AF) patients. For each trial, we tabulated patient numbers enduring four important outcomes and calculated unadjusted relative risk reduction (RRR) and number needed to treat (NNT)/year values (and 95% confidence intervals) for the NAOC compared to warfarin...
April 2016: Cardiovascular Therapeutics
J Steffel, M Gwechenberger, M W H Müller, B Ammentorp, H Darius, P Kirchhof
BACKGROUND: The management of patients with atrial fibrillation (AF) has substantially improved in recent years, among others due to the introduction of new risk scores for the stratification of patients, as well as the availability of the non-vitamin K oral antagonists (NOAC). The PREFER-in-AF study aimed to document the management of AF patients with particular focus on stroke prevention on the basis of anticoagulants. METHODS AND RESULTS: In Germany, Austria and Switzerland a total of 1771 patients were enrolled between January 2012 and January 2013 (mean age 71...
November 2015: Deutsche Medizinische Wochenschrift
Chin-Jung Wang, Pei-Yin Wu, Hsin-Hong Kuo, Hsing-Tse Yu, Chen-Ying Huang, Hsiao-Tseng Tseng
BACKGROUND: Natural orifice transluminal endoscopic surgery (NOTES) has shown its prospection as a minimally invasive endoscopic surgery. This study aimed to examine the safety and efficacy of combined NOTES and vaginal approach, natural orifice transluminal endoscopic surgery-assisted ovarian cystectomy (NAOC), in the conservative management of benign ovarian tumors. METHODS: Records were reviewed for the 34 consecutive NAOC procedures between May 2011 and March 2014...
March 2016: Surgical Endoscopy
Mohit K Turagam, Poonam Velagapudi, Navneet Bongu, Bhavana Chinnakotla, Abraham Kocheril
Several new oral anticoagulants (NOAC) have been recently studied and approved for the prevention and treatment of venous thromboembolism (VTE) which includes deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism. Although, NOACs possess several advantages when compared to traditional therapy each has its own limitations; especially in the elderly and in patients with low body weight, renal impairment and in those with high risk of bleeding. Apixaban is a factor Xa inhibitor recently approved for the treatment and prevention of VTE in the United States...
2015: Cardiovascular & Hematological Disorders Drug Targets
Jesús Delegido, Jochem Verrelst, Luis Alonso, José Moreno
ESA's upcoming satellite Sentinel-2 will provide Earth images of high spatial, spectral and temporal resolution and aims to ensure continuity for Landsat and SPOT observations. In comparison to the latter sensors, Sentinel-2 incorporates three new spectral bands in the red-edge region, which are centered at 705, 740 and 783 nm. This study addresses the importance of these new bands for the retrieval and monitoring of two important biophysical parameters: green leaf area index (LAI) and chlorophyll content (Ch)...
2011: Sensors
Angelika Klaus, Gordon J T Tiddy, Reinhard Rachel, Anh Phong Trinh, Eva Maurer, Didier Touraud, Werner Kunz
We report on the effects of electrolytes spanning a range of anions (NaOc, NaSCN, NaNO(3), NaBr, NaCl, NaBu, NaOAc, Na(2)SO(4), Na(2)HPO(4), and Na(2)CO(3)) and cations (LiCl, NaCl, KCl, CsCl, and choline chloride) on the aqueous solubility of an extended surfactant. The surfactant is anionic with a long hydrophobic tail as well as a significant fraction of propylene oxide groups and ethylene oxide groups (C(12-14)-PO(16)-EO(2)-SO(4)Na, X-AES). In the absence of electrolytes, X-AES exhibits a cloud-point temperature that decreases with increasing surfactant concentration...
April 19, 2011: Langmuir: the ACS Journal of Surfaces and Colloids
Peter Kollar, Veronika Závalová, Jan Hošek, Pavel Havelka, Tomáš Sopuch, Michal Karpíšek, Dominika Třetinová, Pavel Suchý
The cytotoxicity and in vitro effects of six variously modified types of cellulose (OC--oxidized cellulose, NaOC--oxidized cellulose sodium salt, DAC--dialdehyde cellulose, CMC--carboxymethyl cellulose, MFC--microfibrilated cellulose, and MCC--microcrystalline cellulose) on the inflammatory response in macrophage-like THP-1 cells were examined, with special focus on their ability to influence gene expression and the production of TNF-α. The study provides evidence that DAC exerts a marked effect on the induction of TNF-α gene expression and its subsequent production in human macrophages...
August 2011: International Immunopharmacology
Jan Gajdziok, Martina Bajerová, Zuzana Chalupová, Miloslava Rabisková
BACKGROUND: Oxycellulose (OC) is biodegradable and bioabsorbable cellulose derivative used in medicine to support hemostasis and tissue healing. Recently, its antimicrobial and immunomodulating properties, as well as its potential in modern therapeutic systems as release modifying excipient, drug carrier, and/or mucoadhesive polymer, are widely discussed. METHOD: To study its last-mentioned characteristics, directly compressed tablets containing 5 mg of cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC) as a model drug and 90 mg of mucoadhesive polymer [oxycellulose sodium (NaOC) alone or in a combination with one of five widely used mucoadhesive polymers] were prepared to ensure 8 hours prolonged release of CPC...
September 2010: Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy
Paulo Nunes, Joāo P Leal, Vera Cachata, Henrique Raminhos, Manuel E Minas da Piedade
The bonding energetics in a variety of alkaline metal, alkoxides and phenoxides, MOR, was investigated based on the corresponding enthalpies of formation in the crystalline state determined by reaction-solution calorimetry. The results obtained at 298.15 K were as follows: Delta(f)H(m)(o)(MOR, cr)/kJ mol(-1) = 382.7+/-1.4 (LiOC(6)H(5)), 513.6+/-2.5 (NaO-nC(6)H(13)), 326.4+/-1.4 (NaOC(6)H(5)), 375.2+/-3.4 (KOCH(3)), 434.5+/-2.7 (KOC(2)H(5)), 467.1+/-5.2 (KO-nC(3)H(7)), 459.3+/-2.1 (KO-nC(4)H(9)), 464.6+/-5.7 (KO-tC(4)H(9)), 464...
May 9, 2003: Chemistry: a European Journal
R M Kissling, M R Gagné
The average solution aggregation state of the ester interchange catalyst 1, obtained by mixing 1 equiv of NaOt-Bu and 3 equiv of NaOC(6)H(4)-4-t-Bu, was determined to be 4.0 by vapor pressure osmometry (VPO) in THF. Low-temperature (1)H NMR spectra of 1 indicated that the THF solution contained a mixture of tetrameric clusters. On the basis of symmetry arguments and the sensitivity of the different species to the alkoxide/aryloxide ratio, the compounds were determined to be mixed clusters with 0:4, 1:3, 2:2, and 3:1 mixtures of the NaOt-Bu and NaOC(6)H(4)-4-t-Bu components...
December 28, 2001: Journal of Organic Chemistry
B A Jazdzewski, P L Holland, M Pink, V G Young, D J Spencer, W B Tolman
The reactions of LCuCl (L = 2,4-bis((2,6-diisopropylphenyl)imido)pentane (L(iPr)), 2,4-bis((2,6-diisopropylphenyl)imido)-3-chloropentane (L(CliPr))) with the phenolates TlOAr (Ar = C(6)H(3)Me(2), C(6)H(4)OMe, C(6)H(4)tBu) and NaOC(6)H(3)(tBu)(2) were explored. Novel three-coordinate Cu(II)-phenolates, LCuOAr, were isolated from the reactions with the thallium phenolates and were characterized by X-ray crystallography and spectroscopy (UV-vis, EPR). The complexes feature short Cu-O(phenolate) distances (average Cu-O = 1...
November 19, 2001: Inorganic Chemistry
Marinus P. Hogerheide, Stéphanie N. Ringelberg, Maurits D. Janssen, Jaap Boersma, Anthony L. Spek, Gerard van Koten
The structural characterization of two new sodium phenolate complexes, containing ortho-amino substituents, enables the influence of intramolecular coordination on the aggregation of sodium phenolate complexes to be determined. Crystals of hexameric [NaOC(6)H(4)(CH(2)NMe(2))-2](6) (1a) are monoclinic, space group P2(1)/c, with a = 11.668(4) Å, b = 18.146(4) Å, c = 14.221(5) Å, beta = 110.76(3) Å, V = 2815.5(16) Å(3), and Z = 2; R = 0.0736 for 2051 reflections with I > 2.0sigma(I). Complex 1a contains a unique Na(6)O(6) core, consisting of two face-fused cubes, with the ortho-amino substituent of each phenolate coordinating to a sodium atom...
February 28, 1996: Inorganic Chemistry
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