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Family Medicina

Gabriela García-Morales, Denny Kennia Barrera-Lagunas
BACKGROUND: Periodontal disease occurs severely in patients with diabetes, also causes high blood glucose. The objective of this article was to determine knowledge, behavior and perception of oral health in patients with type 2 diabetes. METHODS: Cross-sectional study performed at the Unidad de Medicina Familiar No. 26 in Acapulco, Guerrero, México; 376 patients with type 2 diabetes were included. Sociodemographic questionnaire, knowledge, behavior and perception of oral health was applied...
September 2017: Revista Médica del Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social
María José Sebastián-Ruiz, Elda Karina Guerra-Sáenz, Anna Karen Vargas-Yamanaka, Oralia Barboza-Quintana, Antonio Ríos-Zambudio, Ricardo García-Cabello, Gerardo Del Carmen Palacios-Saucedo
Objective: To evaluate the knowledge and attitude towards organ donation of medicine students of a Northwestern Mexico public university. Materials and Methods: A prolective, descriptive, observational, and cross-sectional study. A 34 items cross-sectional survey evaluating knowledge and attitude towards organ donation in 3,056 medicine students during 2013-2015. Descriptive statistics were used as absolute frequencies, percentages, mean and standard deviation, as well as the Chi-square test...
2017: Gaceta Médica de México
Patricia Cruz Pontifice Sousa Valente Ribeiro, Rita Margarida Dourado Marques, Marta Pontifice Ribeiro
Objective: To know the ways and means of comfort perceived by the older adults hospitalized in a medical service. Method: Ethnographic study with a qualitative approach. We conducted semi-structured interviews with 22 older adults and participant observation of care situations. Results: The ways and means of providing comfort are centered on strategies for promoting care mobilized by nurses and recognized by patients(clarifying/informing, positive interaction/communication, music therapy, touch, smile, unconditional presence, empathy/proximity relationship, integrating the older adult or the family as partner in the care, relief of discomfort through massage/mobilization/therapy) and on particular moments of comfort (the first contact, the moment of personal hygiene, and the visit of the family), which constitute the foundation of care/comfort...
July 2017: Revista Brasileira de Enfermagem
Cecília C Villares, Cristina P Redko, Jair J Mari
Family concepts of a relative's illness are an important part of the coping process and reveal the cultural construction of the experience of illness. As part of a qualitative study conducted in the Schizophrenia Outpatient Clinic of the Department of Psychiatry, Escola Paulista de Medicina - UNIFESP, 14 relatives of eight outpatients diagnosed with schizophrenia were interviewed and invited to talk freely about their ideas and feelings concerning their relative's problem. Qualitative analysis was used to identify categories of illness representations...
June 2017: International Review of Psychiatry
V López Camps, M A García García, M C Martín Delgado, J M Añón Elizalde, N Masnou Burrallo, O Rubio Sanchiz, A Estella García, J L Monzón Marín
INTRODUCTION: Multiple interventions are performed in critical patients admitted to Intensive Care Units (ICUs). This study explores the presence in the daily practice of ICUs of elements related to the 6 bioethics quality indicators of the Spanish Society of Intensive and Critical Care Medicine and Coronary Units, and the participation of their members in the hospital ethics committees. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A multicenter observational study was carried out, using a survey exploring descriptive aspects of the ICUs, with 25 questions related to bioethics quality indicators, and assessing the participation of ICU members in the hospital ethics committees...
December 2017: Medicina Intensiva
Mirian Benites Falkenberg, Helena Eri Shimizu, Ximena Pamela Díaz Bermudez
Objective: to analyze the social representations of health care of the Mbyá-Guarani ethnic group by multidisciplinary teams from the Special Indigenous Health District in the south coast of Rio Grande do Sul state (Distrito Sanitário Especial Indígena Litoral Sul do Rio Grande do Sul), Brazil. Method: a qualitative method based on the theory of social representations was used. Data were collected via semi-structured interviews with 20 health workers and by participant observation...
February 6, 2017: Revista Latino-americana de Enfermagem
Rodrigo Antonio Rocha da Cruz Adry, Lucas Crociati Meguins, Sebastião Carlos da Silva Júnior, Carlos Umberto Pereira, Gerardo Maria de Araújo Filho, Lúcia Helena Neves Marques
BACKGROUND: Mesial temporal sclerosis (MTS) is the most common disease found in an epilepsy surgery series. Early age of onset, a history of febrile convulsions, epileptiform discharges on EEG, duration of epilepsy, number of generalized seizures and severity of psychiatric disorders are possible prognostic factors in patients with MTS. OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study is to review the clinical, semiotic, psychological, electrophysiological and neuroradiological researches and relate their findings to the prognosis of patients with MTS who underwent anteromedial temporal lobectomy (ATL)...
December 2016: Acta Neurochirurgica
Flavia Westphal, Suzete Maria Fustinoni, Vânia Lopes Pinto, Patrícia de Souza Melo, Anelise Riedel Abrahão
Objective: To identify the profile of women seen in a Fetal Medicine unit, diagnosed with fetal abnormality incompatible with neonatal survival in their current pregnancy, and to check the association of gestational age upon diagnosis with the option of pregnancy termination. Methods: This is a retrospective cohort study carried out in the Fetal Medicine Outpatients Clinic of a university hospital, in the city of São Paulo (SP), Brazil, using medical records of pregnant women with fetus presenting abnormalities incompatible with neonatal survival...
July 2016: Einstein
Maria José Lumini Landeiro, Heloísa Helena Ciqueto Peres, Teresa Vieira Martins
OBJECTIVE: to assess the contributions of interactive educational technology "Caring for Dependent People" in the development of knowledge to family caregivers of dependent people in a household context and their satisfaction in its use. METHOD: quasi-experimental study, not randomized, of the before and after type, with a convenience sample of 65 family caregivers, from two Medicine services of a hospital in Porto, Portugal. The Control Group consisted of 33 family caregivers and the Experimental Group of 32, identified by consecutive sampling...
August 18, 2016: Revista Latino-americana de Enfermagem
Mariana Telles-Silveira, Felicia Knobloch, Claudio Elias Kater
CONTEXT AND OBJECTIVE: Care for patients with disorders of sex development (DSD) should be provided in integrated-care centers by a multidisciplinary team. Implementation of this project within the teaching clinic routine presents several challenges: 1) difficulties in relationships between the medical team and patients and their families; 2) age, ethnic and cultural differences; 3) DSD-related prejudice; and 4) physicians' anxiety. We report on a psychologist's work strategy that focused on creating arrangements that could contribute towards development of the relationship between the medical team and patients and their families, as a way of preparing the clinical staff to manage treatment of adult DSD patients...
July 2016: São Paulo Medical Journal, Revista Paulista de Medicina
Paulina Cervantes-Sánchez, Edna Gabriela Delgado-Quiñones, María Olimpia Nuño-Donlucas, Minerva Natalia Sahagún-Cuevas, Jéssica Hernández-Calderón, Joana Kareli Ramírez-Ramos
BACKGROUND: Violence against women is one of the most important health problems in recent times. In Mexico, it is reported a prevalence of 21.5% during pregnancy; however, it seems to be underdiagnosed. The objective is to determine the prevalence of domestic violence in pregnant women from 20 to 35 years at the Unidad de Medicina Familiar (UMF) 171 of the Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social (IMSS). METHODS: It was performed a cross-sectional descriptive study with a sample of 102 pregnant women to which we applied a sociodemographic questionnaire and the Severity of Violence Against Women Scale (ISVP)...
May 2016: Revista Médica del Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social
Hiroshi Iida, Masahiko Inamori, Yusuke Sekino, Yasunari Sakamoto, Shigeru Yamato, Atsushi Nakajima
Intestinal pseudo-obstruction is a clinical syndrome in which the clinical symptoms of intestinal obstruction appear without mechanical obstruction of the intestine. We searched for articles from Japana Centra Revuo Medicina for the period 1983-2009 using the keywords 'chronic' and 'intestinal pseudo-obstruction'. 124 articles were identified, and of these 121 cases were investigated using our diagnostic criteria. The patients were between 0 (just after birth) and 84 years of age, indicating that chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction (CIP) can occur at any age...
June 2011: Clinical Journal of Gastroenterology
María Laura Praino, Griselda Berberián, Cecilia Torroija
The number of children who travel outside their home countries has increased dramatically.Whatever the reason for it, it involves exposure to an environment with characteristics that must be taken into account. Similarly, the transfer itself can generate anxiety in the family and presents the risk of vehicle-related injuries (which is the leading cause of death in children who travel). Parents will often seek for pre-travel advice. The aim of this paper is to review the recommendations to assess a family who is planning to travel with children...
January 2015: Archivos Argentinos de Pediatría
Rodrigo A Rocha DA Cruz Adry, Lucas Crociati Meguins, Remo DE Santana DE Tomi, Rodrigo I Pongeluppi, Sebastião C DA Silva, Gerardo M DE Araújo Filho, Lúcia H Neves Marques
BACKGROUND: Temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE) represents the most common type of partial epilepsy. Early age of onset, a history of febrile convulsions, epileptiform discharges on electroencephalography, duration of epilepsy, number of generalized seizures and severity of psychiatric disorders are possible prognostic factors in patients with mesial temporal sclerosis. The aim of this study is to review the findings of clinical research, semiotic, psychological, electrophysiological and neuroradiological, and to relate these findings with the prognosis of patients with TLE who underwent anteromedial temporal lobectomy (ATL)...
April 2017: Journal of Neurosurgical Sciences
Jorge Salomão Moreira, Adriana Gut Lopes Riccetto, Marcos Tadeu Nolasco da Silva, Maria Marluce dos Santos Vilela
Kocuria rosea belongs to genus Kocuria (Micrococcaceae family, suborder Micrococcineae, order Actinomycetales) that includes about 11 species of bacteria. Usually, Kocuria sp are commensal organisms that colonize oropharynx, skin and mucous membrane; Kocuria sp infections have been described in the last decade commonly affecting immunocompromised patients, using intravenous catheter or peritoneal dialysis. These patients had mainly bacteremia/recurrent sepsis. We hereby describe the case of a 10-year-old girl, immunocompetent, who had endocarditis/sepsis by K...
January 2015: Brazilian Journal of Infectious Diseases
Martine Morin, Paul Grand'Maison, Eduardo Henderson, Julio Vignolo
BACKGROUND: The World Health Organization advocates for faculties of medicine to orient health professional education toward the needs of the populations graduates are to serve and to include a greater emphasis on primary health care. It was in this framework that in 2007, the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at the Université de Sherbrooke (FMHS-UdeS) in Canada and the Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad de la Republica (FMUdelaR) in Montevideo, Uruguay developed a comprehensive collaboration to sustain the development of family medicine in both universities through education, practice and research...
May 2014: Education for Health: Change in Training & Practice
Madina Mohamed Adia, Godwin Anywar, Robert Byamukama, Maud Kamatenesi-Mugisha, Yahaya Sekagya, Esezah K Kakudidi, Bernard T Kiremire
ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE: The aim of the survey was to document medicinal plants used in malaria treatment by Prometra (Promocion de la medicina tradicional amazonica) Traditional Medical Practitioners (TMPs) of Uganda and for search of new antiplasmodial herbal medicines (HMs) for further phytochemical analysis. MATERIALS AND METHODS: In this study, semi structured guided open and close ended questionnaires were used. Focus group discussions were conducted and key informants were chosen within the TMPs who helped in further discussions of how the herbal remedies where collected, prepared and administered...
August 8, 2014: Journal of Ethnopharmacology
L Robles, J Balmaña, I Barrel, S Grandes, B Graña, C Guillén, H Marcos, D Ramírez, E Redondo, J Sánchez
INTRODUCTION: It is believed that 5% of all cancers are hereditary, on being caused by mutations in the germinal line in cancer susceptibility genes. The hereditary pattern in the majority of cases is autosomal dominant. Genetic tests are only recommended to individuals whose personal or family history is highly suggestive of a hereditary cancer. The appropriate assessment of these individuals and their families must be performed in Cancer Genetic Counselling Units (UCGC). MATERIAL AND METHODS: Representatives of the Spanish Medical Oncology Society (Sociedad Española de Oncología Médica [SEOM]) and the three primary care scientific societies: Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine (Sociedad Española de Medicina de Familia y Comunitaria [SEMFyC]), Spanish Society of Primary Care Physicians (Sociedad Española de Médicos de Atención Primaria [SEMERGEN]) and the Spanish Society of General and Family Doctors (Sociedad Española de Médicos Generales y de Familia [SEMG]), met to prepare this consensus document on hereditary cancer...
July 2013: Semergen
J A Gil Campoy, C González Oria, M Fernández Recio, F Gómez Aranda, C M Jurado Cobo, J A Heras Pérez
Headache is one of the most frequent reasons for consultation in our health centers, something which should not be surprising if we consider that is one of the most common symptoms experienced by the population. The main concern of the family physician and emergency physician is to reach a correct diagnosis by clinical history and a basic neurological examination and adapted to the time and means at its disposal. In case of diagnostic doubts or suspected secondary headache, the primary care physician or emergency medical have to refer the patient to be studied and/or treated for Neurology services, such referral shall be made with varying degrees of urgency depending on the presence, or not, of symptoms or signs of alarm...
May 2012: Semergen
María Teresa Delgado Marroquín, Sophia Denizon Arranz, Antonio Monreal Hijar, Amando Martín Zurro, Ángel Otero Puime, Xavier Mundet Tuduri, Pablo Alonso-Coello, Josep Jiménez Villa
AIM: Family medicine deals with certain aspects and perspectives that are often left behind in the training of other levels of care, thus the need for medical students to make contact with Primary Care is of increasing importance. The aim of this study is to evaluate the reliability of the questionnaire of the UNIMEDIFAM group (FIS PI070975) for the long-term outcome of expectations and knowledge about family medicine. DESIGN: Reliability of a questionnaire. SETTING: University of Zaragoza...
May 2013: Atencion Primaria
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