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Data logger

Josef Virens, Alison Cree
Thermochron iButtons are commonly used by thermal biologists to continuously measure body temperature from animals. However, if unmodified, these devices are of a size that limits their use with very small animals. To allow iButtons to be used to study smaller species, methods have been previously described to miniaturise them by 61%. We present a method to reduce iButton mass by a further 71%. The modified devices have a shorter battery life, but the minimum size of vertebrates able to carry the devices is reduced from 28...
April 19, 2018: Journal of Experimental Biology
Paul D Williams, Gustavo Paixão
BACKGROUND: Livestock vaccines (LV) are often stored on-farm, in a refrigerator (fridge), prior to use and little is documented about the storage conditions during this period. As the quality of a vaccine can be impaired by storage at an incorrect temperature, the present study aimed to evaluate the on-farm performance of farm fridges to maintain the correct storage temperature. From January to August 2014, temperature data loggers were placed on selected farms fridges used to store LV (n = 20) in South-West England...
April 19, 2018: BMC Veterinary Research
Esha Kulkarni, Yasmine Abdallah, Dennis Hanseman, Deepak G Krishnan
PURPOSE: A common concern among oral and maxillofacial surgeons (OMSs) is progressive hearing loss throughout their careers. Although this has not been critically studied, there could be several factors that contribute to this detriment, including drills, saws, suction, music, and other sounds within the closed operating environment. This study observed the intensity of noise in operating rooms (ORs) and clinical settings during the use of drills, saws, surgical handpieces, and other tools...
March 14, 2018: Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Katie J Harrington, Suzan Pole-Evans, Micky Reeves, Marc Bechard, Melissa Bobowski, David R Barber, Kalinka Rexer-Huber, Nicolas Lecomte, Keith L Bildstein
Background: The extent to which seasonal changes in food availability affect small-scale movements in free-ranging populations of birds of prey is relatively little studied. Here we describe a seasonal "micro-migration" of a farm-island population of striated caracaras ( Phalcoboenus australis ) in the Falkland Islands in response to seasonal changes in the availability of seabird carcasses. We banded more than 450 individuals on Saunders Island, deployed archival and satellite GPS data loggers on 17 individuals, and monitored movements within and between two feeding areas on Saunders Island, a "marine-subsidized" site near seabird colonies and an anthropogenic "human-subsidized" farm site 16 km to the southeast...
2018: Movement Ecology
Sattamat Lappharat, Nutta Taneepanichskul, Sirimon Reutrakul, Naricha Chirakalwasan
STUDY OBJECTIVES: Epidemiological associations have demonstrated the effects of long-term air pollution to obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) through a physiological mechanism linking particulate matter exposure to OSA. This study aimed to determine the relationship between bedroom environmental conditions, OSA severity, and sleep quality. METHODS: Sixty-three participants were enrolled for an overnight polysomnography; OSA was diagnosed between May to August 2016. Personal characteristics and sleep quality were obtained by a face-to-face interview...
March 30, 2018: Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine: JCSM: Official Publication of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine
J D Kaufman, A M Saxton, A G Ríus
The objective of this study was to evaluate relationships between measurements of temperature-humidity index (THI) and rectal, vaginal, and udder surface temperatures in lactating cows exposed to heat stress (HS). In experiment 1, 12 multiparous and 8 primiparous Holstein cows experienced a THI ranging from 69 to 76 at 2000 to 1000 h and THI from 74 to 82 at 1000 to 2000 h (peaked at 82 from 1400 to 1800 h). Cows were exposed to HS 10 h daily for 21 d. Measurements of rectal temperature (RT) and udder surface temperature were collected at 1000 and 1500 h (±30 min)...
March 28, 2018: Journal of Dairy Science
Jalil Noroozi, Christian Körner
The Alborz mountains in N-Iran at 36° N rise from the Caspian Sea to 5671 m a.s.l., with warm-temperate, winter-deciduous forests in the lower montane belt in northern slopes, and vast treeless terrain at higher elevation. A lack of rainfall (ca. 550 mm at high elevations) cannot explain the absence of trees. Hence, it is an open question, which parts of these mountains belong to the alpine belt. Here we use bioclimatic data to estimate the position of the potential climatic treeline, and thus, define bioclimatologically, what is alpine and what is not...
2018: Alpine Botany
Per Peetz Nielsen, Ilaria Fontana, Karen Helle Sloth, Marcella Guarino, Harry Blokhuis
To validate the accuracy of 2 commercially available activity loggers in determining lying, standing, walking, and number of steps in dairy cows, 30 cows were fitted with the CowScout Leg (GEA Farm Technologies, Bönen, Germany) system and the IceTag (IceRobotics Ltd., Edinburgh, Scotland) system. The CowScout Leg logger reports standing and lying in 15-min periods, whereas the IceTag logger reports standing and lying every second. To make data comparable, the IceTag data were therefore also summarized over 15-min periods corresponding to the paired CowScout Leg sensor...
March 14, 2018: Journal of Dairy Science
Cynthia L Miltenburg, Todd F Duffield, Dorothee Bienzle, Elizabeth L Scholtz, Stephen J LeBlanc
The determinants of metabolic and reproductive health disorders in the peripartum period and the degree to which feeding and lying space and management can influence health are only partially understood. The objective of this randomized controlled study was to determine whether providing noncompetitive feeding and lying access in the close-up dry period improves health and immune function. Forty-eight Holstein cows of all parities were randomly assigned to a treatment group of 6 to 10 cows in 1 pen with either 80% cows to stalls and 90 cm of feeding space per cow (understocked) or 120% stocking density and 45 cm of feeding space per cow (overstocked) for 3 wk before expected calving...
March 14, 2018: Journal of Dairy Science
Laurie L Wellman, Mairen E Fitzpatrick, Amy M Sutton, Brook L Williams, Mayumi Machida, Larry D Sanford
The basolateral nucleus of the amygdala (BLA) plays a significant role in mediating individual differences in the effects of fear memory on sleep. Here, we assessed the effects of antagonizing corticotropin releasing factor receptor 1 (CRFR1) after shock training (ST) on fear-conditioned behaviors and sleep. Outbred Wistar rats were surgically implanted with electrodes for recording EEG and EMG and with bilateral guide cannulae directed at BLA. Data loggers were placed intraperitoneally to record core body temperature...
March 1, 2018: Hormones and Behavior
Yolanda D Tseng, Nathan W Gouwens, Simon S Lo, Lia M Halasz, Phil Spady, Irina Mezheritsky, Elizabeth Loggers
PURPOSE: We examined radiation therapy (RT) use within the last year of life (LYOL). As palliative RT (PRT) has been well studied in patients with ≥6-week life expectancies, we hypothesized that PRT use would be constant over the LYOL, except for the last 30 days, when use would decline given lack of prospective data supporting it. MATERIALS AND METHODS: At a single institution, 870 cancer patients died between October 2, 2014, and September 30, 2015, and had ≥3 evaluation and management visits within the LYOL...
January 31, 2018: International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics
H W Neave, J Lomb, D M Weary, S J LeBlanc, J M Huzzey, M A G von Keyserlingk
Metritis is common in the days after calving and can reduce milk production and reproductive performance. The aim of this study was to identify changes in feeding and social behavior at the feed bunk, as well as changes in lying behavior before metritis diagnosis. Initially healthy Holstein cows were followed from 3 wk before to 3 wk after calving. Behaviors at the feed bunk were recorded using an electronic feeding system. Lying behavior was recorded using data loggers. Metritis, based upon the characteristics of vaginal discharge at d 3, 6, 9, 12 and 15 after calving, was diagnosed in 74 otherwise healthy cows...
February 21, 2018: Journal of Dairy Science
Michelle Thompson, Susan Cunningham, Andrew E McKechnie
Deserts are physiologically challenging environments for birds, with scarce, unpredictable water resources combined with air temperatures (Tair ) regularly exceeding avian body temperature (Tb ). For arid-zone birds, mismatches between water supply and demand are a constant threat, yet interspecific variation in trade-offs between hyperthermia avoidance and dehydration avoidance remain poorly understood, particularly for free-ranging individuals. We examined behavioural and physiological responses to high Tair in nine species representing three orders that vary substantially in their heat dissipation thresholds, specifically pant50 , the Tair at which panting behaviour is present in 50% of observations...
February 19, 2018: Physiology & Behavior
Stamatelopoulou Asimina, D Chapizanis, S Karakitsios, P Kontoroupis, D N Asimakopoulos, T Maggos, D Sarigiannis
Nowadays, the advancement of mobile technology in conjunction with the introduction of the concept of exposome has provided new dynamics to the exposure studies. Since the addressing of health outcomes related to environmental stressors is crucial, the improvement of exposure assessment methodology is of paramount importance. Towards this aim, a pilot study was carried out in the two major cities of Greece (Athens, Thessaloniki), investigating the applicability of commercially available fitness monitors and the Moves App for tracking people's location and activities, as well as for predicting the type of the encountered location, using advanced modeling techniques...
February 20, 2018: Environmental Monitoring and Assessment
Sam L Cox, Florian Orgeret, Mathieu Gesta, Charles Rodde, Isaac Heizer, Henri Weimerskirch, Christophe Guinet
Biologging technologies are changing the way in which the marine environment is observed and monitored. However, because device retrieval is typically required to access the high-resolution data they collect, their use is generally restricted to those animals that predictably return to land. Data abstraction and transmission techniques aim to address this, although currently these are limited in scope and do not incorporate, for example, acceleration measurements which can quantify animal behaviours and movement patterns over fine-scales...
January 2018: Methods in Ecology and Evolution
Gregory T Taylor, Joshua T Ackerman, Scott A Shaffer
Egg turning behavior is an important determinant of egg hatchability, but it remains relatively understudied. Here, we examined egg turning rates and egg temperatures in Forster's terns (Sterna forsteri). We used artificial eggs containing a data logger with a 3-D accelerometer, a magnetometer, and a temperature thermistor to monitor parental incubation behavior of 131 tern nests. Overall, adults turned their eggs an average (±SD) of 3.8 ± 0.8 turns h-1, which is nearly two times higher than that of other seabirds...
2018: PloS One
Allison A Baczynski, Pratigya J Polissar, Dieter Juchelka, Johannes Schwieters, Andreas Hilkert, Roger E Summons, Katherine H Freeman
RATIONALE: We report modifications to compound-specific isotope analyses (CSIA) to enable high-precision isotopic analysis of picomoles of carbon for intact organic molecules. This sample size is two orders of magnitude below the amounts required for commercial systems. The greatly enhanced sensitivity of this system expands molecular isotope studies and applications previously prohibited by low concentrations and small samples. METHODS: We utilize the resolving power and low volumetric flow rates of narrow-bore capillary GC to improve sample transfer efficiency while maintaining narrow peak widths...
February 15, 2018: Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry: RCM
Nozomi Nishiumi, Ayane Matsuo, Ryo Kawabe, Nicholas Payne, Charlie Huveneers, Yuuki Y Watanabe, Yuuki Kawabata
Although animal-borne accelerometers are effective tools for quantifying the kinematics of animal behaviors, quantifying burst movements of small and agile aquatic animals remains challenging. To capture the details of burst movements, accelerometers need to sample at a very high frequency, which will inevitably shorten the recording duration or increase the device size. To overcome this problem, we developed a high-frequency acceleration data-logger that can be triggered by a manually-defined acceleration threshold, thus allowing the selective measurement of burst movements...
February 14, 2018: Journal of Experimental Biology
Martin Geyer, Ulrike Praeger, Ingo Truppel, Holger Scaar, Daniel A Neuwald, Reiner Jedermann, Klaus Gottschalk
In cold storage facilities of fruit and vegetables, airflow is necessary for heat removal. The design of storage facilities influences the air speed in the surrounding of the product. Therefore, knowledge about airflow next to the product is important to plan the layout of cold stores adapted to the requirements of the products. A new sensing device (ASL, Air speed logger) is developed for omnidirectional measurement of air speed between fruit or vegetables inside storage bins or in bulk. It consists of four interconnected plastic spheres with 80 mm diameter each, adapted to the size of apple fruit...
February 13, 2018: Sensors
Eileen Wilson, Cong Zhu, Susan Galea, Ann Marko, Veronica Victoria Urdaneta, Walter Straus
BACKGROUND: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) coordinates the Vaccines For Children (VFC) program, which provides free vaccines to qualified children in the US. In 2009, the CDC issued Vaccine Storage Requirements, which were later replaced (2012) with an interim guidance and toolkit for vaccine storage and handling. The guidance called for use of Digital Data Loggers (DDL) to monitor vaccine storage temperatures. We describe a change in frequency of Incorrect Product Storage Reports (IPSRs) following issuance of the 2009 CDC guidance...
February 8, 2018: Vaccine
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