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Jianwei Gao, Xiangyu Qiu, Xinying Li, Hang Fan, Fang Zhang, Tangfeng Lv, Yong Song
Exosomes are membrane-bound, virus-size vesicles present in circulating blood. Tumor cells are avid producers of exosomes, which are thought to mimic molecular features of parent tumor cells. T-cell Immunoglobulin- and Mucin-domain-containing molecule 3 (Tim-3) is one of the next generation immune checkpoints and can be activated by its ligand Galectin-9, negatively regulating anti-tumor immune response. However, the characteristics of plasma exosomal Tim-3/Galectin-9 (Exo-T/G) in cancer remained unknown. Our study aimed to investigate the expression patterns and clinical value of plasma exosomal total protein (Exo-pro) and Exo-T/G in non-small cell lung caner (NSCLC)...
February 13, 2018: Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications
Xiaonan Liu, Chao Zhang, Kewu Liu, Han Wang, Chaoxia Lu, Hang Li, Kai Hua, Juanli Zhu, Wenli Hui, Yali Cui, Xue Zhang
Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) are closely related to genetic diseases, but current SNP detection methods, such as DNA microarrays that include tedious procedures and expensive, sophisticated instruments, are unable to perform rapid SNPs detection in clinical practice, especially for those multiple SNPs related to genetic diseases. In this study, we report a sensitive, low cost, and easy-to-use point-of-care testing (POCT) system formed by combining amplification refractory mutation system (ARMS) polymerase chain reaction with gold magnetic nanoparticles (GMNPs) and lateral flow assay (LFA) noted as the ARMS-LFA system, which allow us to use a uniform condition for multiple SNPs detection simultaneously...
February 16, 2018: Analytical Chemistry
Chih-Ying Deng, Yu-Hsiang Juan, Yun Chung Cheung, Yu-Ching Lin, Yung-Feng Lo, GiGin Lin, Shin-Cheh Chen, Shu-Hang Ng
OBJECTIVE: To retrospectively analyse the quantitative measurement and kinetic enhancement among pathologically proven benign and malignant lesions using contrast enhanced spectral mammography (CESM). METHODS: We investigated the differences in enhancement between 44 benign and 108 malignant breast lesions in CESM, quantifying the extent of enhancements and the relative enhancements between early (between 2-3 minutes after contrast medium injection) and late (3-6 minutes) phases...
February 16, 2018: British Journal of Radiology
Hang Liu, Chengjun Pu, Xiaolu Yu, Ying Sun, Junhao Chen
This study evaluated and compared the removal of antibiotics by industrial-scale composting and anaerobic digestion at different seasons. Twenty compounds belonged to three classes of widely used veterinary antibiotics (i.e., tetracyclines, sulfonamides, and quinolones) were investigated. Results show that of the three groups of antibiotics, tetracyclines were dominant in swine feces and poorly removed by anaerobic digestion with significant accumulation in biosolids, particularly in winter. Compared to that in winter, a much more effective removal (> 97%) by anaerobic digestion was observed for sulfonamides in summer...
February 15, 2018: Environmental Science and Pollution Research International
Kenichiro Araki, Norio Kubo, Norihiro Ishii, Mariko Tsukagoshi, Takamichi Igarashi, Akira Watanabe, Hiroyuki Kuwano, Ken Shirabe
BACKGROUND: Massive bleeding during major hepatectomy is associated with greater mortality and morbidity.1 Our previous study shows that inferior vena cava (IVC) compression by tumor and an anterior approach without the liver-hanging maneuver (LHM) are risk factors for massive bleeding.2 The LHM is useful for controlling bleeding in deeper parenchymal transection planes.3 However, severe compression of the IVC by tumor makes it difficult to insert a hanging tape.4 The study shows a novel modified LHM strategy for severe IVC compression to minimize intraoperative bleeding...
February 14, 2018: Annals of Surgical Oncology
Hang-Jae Lee, Yuong-Nam Lee, Anthony R Fiorillo, Junchang Lü
Four heteropod lizard trackways discovered in the Hasandong Formation (Aptian-early Albian), South Korea assigned to Sauripes hadongensis, n. ichnogen., n. ichnosp., which represents the oldest lizard tracks in the world. Most tracks are pes tracks (N = 25) that are very small, average 22.29 mm long and 12.46 mm wide. The pes tracks show "typical" lizard morphology as having curved digit imprints that progressively increase in length from digits I to IV, a smaller digit V that is separated from the other digits by a large interdigital angle...
February 15, 2018: Scientific Reports
Yi Zhang, Lin Xie, Jeongwoo Kim, Alex Stern, Hui Wang, Kui Zhang, Xingxu Yan, Linze Li, Henry Liu, Gejian Zhao, Hang Chi, Chaitanya Gadre, Qiyin Lin, Yichun Zhou, Ctirad Uher, Tingyong Chen, Ying-Hao Chu, Jing Xia, Ruqian Wu, Xiaoqing Pan
Emergent physical properties often arise at interfaces of complex oxide heterostructures due to the interplay between various degrees of freedom, especially those with polar discontinuities. It is desirable to explore if these structures may generate pure and controllable spin currents, which are needed to attain unmatched performance and energy efficiency in the next-generation spintronic devices. Here we report the emergence of a spin-polarized two-dimensional electron gas (SP-2DEG) at the interface of two insulators, SrTiO 3 and PbZr 0...
February 15, 2018: Nature Communications
Hang Sun, Shan Zeng, Yinxing Shang, Qinrong He
Developing an effective and reliable method for trace arsenic (As) detection is a prerequisite for improving the safety of drinking water. In this paper, we designed and prepared Ag@Fe3O4 core-shell nanoparticles (NPs), which were then used as Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS) probe for trace arsenate (As(V)) detection. The Ag@Fe3O4 core-shell NPs were prepared by in situ growth of Fe3O4 NPs on the surface of AgNPs, which can effectively combine the strong adsorption ability of Fe3O4 nanoshells to As(V) with high SERS activity of Ag nanocores to decrease the detection limit...
February 1, 2018: Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
Xueting Ye, Jing Xie, Hang Huang, Zhexian Deng
BACKGROUND/AIMS: Melanoma antigen A6 (MAGEA6) is a cancer-specific ubiquitin ligase of AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK). The current study tested MAGEA6 expression and potential function in renal cell carcinoma (RCC). METHODS: MAGEA6 and AMPK expression in human RCC tissues and RCC cells were tested by Western blotting assay and qRT-PCR assay. shRNA method was applied to knockdown MAGEA6 in human RCC cells. Cell survival and proliferation were tested by MTT assay and BrdU ELISA assay, respectively...
February 9, 2018: Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry
Cheng-Maw Ho, Go Wakabayashi, Chi-Chuan Yeh, Rey-Heng Hu, Takanori Sakaguchi, Yasushi Hasegawa, Takeshi Takahara, Hiroyuki Nitta, Akira Sasaki, Po-Huang Lee
Background: Liver resection is a complex procedure for trainee surgeons. Cognitive task analysis (CTA) facilitates understanding and decomposing tasks that require a great proportion of mental activity from experts. Methods: Using CTA and video-based coaching to compare liver resection by open and laparoscopic approaches, we decomposed the task of liver resection into exposure (visual field building), adequate tension made at the working plane (which may change three-dimensionally during the resection process), and target processing (intervention strategy) that can bridge the gap from the basic surgical principle...
2018: Journal of Visualized Surgery
Yu Xie, Hang Zhang, Xing-Jun Guo, Ye-Chen Feng, Rui-Zhi He, Xu Li, Shuo Yu, Yan Zhao, Ming Shen, Feng Zhu, Xin Wang, Min Wang, Asha Balakrishnan, Michael Ott, Feng Peng, Ren-Yi Qin
Cholangiocarcinoma (CCA) is a cancer type with high postoperative relapse rates and poor long-term survival largely due to tumor invasion, distant metastasis, and multidrug resistance. Deregulated microRNAs (miRNAs) are implicated in several cancer types including CCA. The specific roles of the miRNA let-7c in cholangiocarcinoma are not known and need to be further elucidated. In our translational study we show that microRNA let-7c expression was significantly downregulated in human cholangiocarcinoma tissues when compared to adjacent tissues of the same patient...
February 14, 2018: Cell Death & Disease
Wanze Tang, Weilie Ma, Hang Ding, Margarita Lin, Le Xiang, Guorong Lin, Zhizhen Zhang
HDL apolipoprotein A-1-mediated cholesterol efflux pathway requires multiple cellular proteins and signal transduction pathways, including adenylyl cyclase (AC) / cAMP signaling. Due to the existence of multiple transmembrane AC isoforms, it was not known how many AC isoforms are expressed and which ones are essential for cholesterol efflux in macrophage foam cells. These questions were investigated in THP-1 macrophages in this study. QRT-PCR detected mRNAs for all nine transmembrane AC isoforms, but only the mRNA and protein of AC1 isoform were consistently upregulated by cholesterol loading and apoA-1...
February 14, 2018: Journal of Lipid Research
Yan-Sheng Huang, Chao-Yuan Ge, Hang Feng, Hai-Ping Zhang, Xing-Bang Niu, Shao-Yan Shi, Zi-Qi Zhu, Ding-Jun Hao
BACKGROUND This study aimed to explore the feasibility and efficacy of bone cement-augmented short-segmental pedicle screw fixation in treating Kümmell disease. MATERIAL AND METHODS From June 2012 to June 2015, 18 patients with Kümmell disease with spinal canal stenosis were enrolled in this study. Each patient was treated with bone cement-augmented short-segment fixation and posterolateral bone grafting, and posterior decompression was performed when needed. All patients were followed up for 12-36 months...
February 14, 2018: Medical Science Monitor: International Medical Journal of Experimental and Clinical Research
Leonardo P de Carvalho, Alan Fong, Richard Troughton, Bryan P Yan, Chee-Tang Chin, Sock-Cheng Poh, Melissa Mejin, Nancy Huang, Aruni Seneviratna, Chi-Hang Lee, Adrian F Low, Huay-Cheem Tan, Siew-Pang Chan, Christopher Frampton, A Mark Richards, Mark Y Chan
Studies on platelet reactivity (PR) testing commonly test PR only after percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) has been performed. There are few data on pre- and post-PCI testing. Data on simultaneous testing of aspirin and adenosine diphosphate antagonist response are conflicting. We investigated the prognostic value of combined serial assessments of high on-aspirin PR (HASPR) and high on-adenosine diphosphate receptor antagonist PR (HADPR) in patients with acute coronary syndrome (ACS). HASPR and HADPR were assessed in 928 ACS patients before (initial test) and 24 hours after (final test) coronary angiography, with or without revascularization...
February 2018: Thrombosis and Haemostasis
Gi-Hun Lee, Youngjoon Suh, Joong Yull Park
A spheroid culture is a useful tool for understanding cellular behavior in that it provides an in vivo-like three-dimensional environment. Various spheroid production methods such as non-adhesive surfaces, spinner flasks, hanging drops, and microwells have been used in studies of cell-to-cell interaction, immune-activation, drug screening, stem cell differentiation, and organoid generation. Among these methods, microwells with a three-dimensional concave geometry have gained the attention of scientists and engineers, given their advantages of uniform-sized spheroid generation and the ease with which the responses of individual spheroids can be monitored...
January 28, 2018: Journal of Visualized Experiments: JoVE
Pham Gia Vu, Trinh Anh Truc, Nguyen Thuy Chinh, Do Quang Tham, Tran Huu Trung, Vu Ke Oanh, To Thi Xuan Hang, Marjorie Olivier, Thai Hoang
In this study, carbon nanotubes (CNTs)/ZnO composites had been prepared using the sol-gel method and then incorporated into an epoxy resin for reinforcement of mechanical and electrical properties. Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR), X-ray diffraction (XRD) Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (FE-SEM) analyses show that the ZnO nanoparticles deposited on CNTs were crystallized in a hexagonal wurtzite structure. Average particle size of ZnO deposited on the CNT was about 8 nm. The mechanical and dielectric properties of epoxy containing CNTs/ZnO were investigated in comparison to epoxy resin and epoxy resin containing only CNT or ZnO nanoparticles...
April 1, 2018: Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
Vu Thi Hai Van, To Thi Xuan Hang, Pham Thi Nam, Nguyen Thu Phuong, Nguyen Thi Thom, Didier Devilliers, Dinh Thi Mai Thanh
Silica/polypyrrole nanocomposites without dopant (SiO2/PPy) and with oxalate dopant (SiO2/PPyOx) were synthesized using polymerization of pyrrole in the presence of nano SiO2. Synthesized SiO2/PPy and SiO2/PPyOx were characterized by FTIR, SEM, TEM and EDX and their electrical conductivities were determined by CV method through the two-point-electrode without electrolyte. The corrosion protection performance of polyvinylbutyral (PVB) coatings containing SiO2/PPyOx was evaluated and compared with that of pure PVB coatings and of PVB coatings containing SiO2/PPy by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy and adhesion measurement...
June 1, 2018: Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
Ming Lei, Cen Sun, Chan Zou, Hang Mi, Chunbo Wang
The NO emission characteristics of Datong bituminous coal and Yangquan anthracite in O2/H2O/CO2atmospheres were investigated by using a fixed-bed reactor system, and the emission characteristics were compared with the experimental results from O2/N2and O2/CO2atmospheres, especially at low O2concentrations and high temperatures. The results showed that NO emissions of pulverized coal in O2/CO2environments were less than those in the O2/N2environments, regardless of the O2concentration and the furnace temperature...
February 13, 2018: Environmental Science and Pollution Research International
Seo-Jin Lee, Mu-Yeong Lee, Liang-Kong Lin, Y Kirk Lin, Yuchun Li, E-Hyun Shin, Sang-Hoon Han, Mi-Sook Min, Hang Lee, Kyung Seok Kim
Many peninsulas in the temperate zone played an important role as refugia of various flora and fauna, and the southern Korean Peninsula also served as a refugium for many small mammals in East Asia during the Pleistocene. The Asian lesser white-toothed shrew, Crocidura shantungensis, is a widely distributed species in East Asia, and is an appropriate model organism for exploring the role of the Korean Peninsula as a refugium of small mammals. Here, we investigated phylogenetic relationships and genetic diversity based on the entire sequence of the mitochondrial cytochrome b gene (1140 bp)...
February 13, 2018: Genetica
Bo Hang, Yunshan Wang, Yurong Huang, Pin Wang, Sasha A Langley, Lei Bi, Altaf H Sarker, Suzaynn F Schick, Christopher Havel, Peyton Jacob, Neal Benowitz, Hugo Destaillats, Xiaochen Tang, Yankai Xia, Kuang-Yu Jen, Lara A Gundel, Jian-Hua Mao, Antoine Snijders
Exposure to thirdhand smoke (THS) is a recently described health concern that arises in many indoor environments. However, the carcinogenic potential of THS, a critical consideration in risk assessment, remains untested. Here we investigated the effects of short-term early exposure to THS on lung carcinogenesis in A/J mice. Forty weeks after THS exposure from 4 to-7 weeks of age, the mice had increased incidence of lung adenocarcinoma, tumor size and multiplicity, compared to controls. In vitro studies using cultured human lung cancer cells showed that THS exposure induced DNA double-strand breaks and increased cell proliferation and colony formation...
February 12, 2018: Clinical Science (1979-)
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