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Amiya Kumar Mukhopadhyay
Since the early days of cutaneous medicine, naming of the entities had remained a confusing subject. Earlier texts of all ancient civilisations are almost similar in this topic The Biblical controversy regarding the actual translational meaning of the original Hebrew term Zara 'at has become a centre of controversy amongst many research scholars of the medical history. Similar debate exists about the Ayurvedic term Kustha---- whether it meant leprosy or stood for a number of skin affliction is a matter of controversy...
November 2016: Indian Journal of Dermatology
Lydia Aziato, Hannah Antwi Ohemeng, Cephas N Omenyo
BACKGROUND: Beliefs surrounding pain during childbirth has biblical foundations that contribute to labour pain being viewed as a natural phenomenon. Contemporary health care promotes evidence-based labour pain management but the faith of the midwife may influence her midwifery practice regarding labour pain management. Therefore this study sought to gain in-depth insight into the experiences and perceptions of midwives regarding labour pain and the religious beliefs and practices influencing their care of women in labour in Ghana...
November 14, 2016: Reproductive Health
Naa-Solo Tettey, Pedro A Duran, Holly S Andersen, Carla Boutin-Foster
In order to effectively address cardiovascular disease among African Americans, evidence-based health information must be disseminated within a context aligned with the values and beliefs of the population. Faith-based organizations play a critical role in meeting the religious and spiritual needs of many African Americans. Additionally, faith-based organizations can be effective in health promotion. A manual was created by incorporating biblical scriptures relating to health messages drawn from existing health manuals oriented toward African Americans...
October 5, 2016: Journal of Religion and Health
Jamie Blevins
The Healthy Work Environment (HWE) Model, considered a model of standards of professional behaviors, was created to help foster an environment that is happy, healthy, realistic, and feasible. The model focuses on areas of PEOPLE and PRACTICE, where each letter of these words identifies core, professional qualities and behaviors to foster an environment amenable and conducive to accountability for one's behavior and action. Each of these characteristics is supported from a Christian, biblical perspective. The HWE Model provides a mental and physical checklist of what is important in creating and sustaining a healthy work environment in education and practice...
October 2016: Journal of Christian Nursing: a Quarterly Publication of Nurses Christian Fellowship
David T Mage, Maria Luisa Latorre, Alejandro G Jenik, E Maria Donner
INTRODUCTION: The cause of the sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is perhaps the oldest of unsolved mysteries of medicine, possibly dating back to Exodus in Biblical times when Egyptian children died in their sleep as if from a plague. It occurs when infants die unexpectedly with no sufficient cause of death found in a forensic autopsy, including death scene investigation and review of medical history. That SIDS is an X-linked recessive death from infectious respiratory disease of a physiologically anemic infant and not a simple anomalous cardiac or neurological condition is an extraordinary claim that requires extraordinary evidence...
2016: Frontiers in Neurology
Ian Blatchford
There is a fascinating tradition of depicting solar eclipses in Western art, although these representations have changed over time. Eclipses have often been an important feature of Christian iconography, but valued as much for their biblical significance as for the splendour of the physical event. However, as Western culture passed through the Renaissance and Enlightenment the depictions of eclipses came to reflect new astronomical knowledge and a thirst for rational learning well beyond the confines of the church and other elites...
September 28, 2016: Philosophical Transactions. Series A, Mathematical, Physical, and Engineering Sciences
Selim Suner
Erik Noji, mentioned, tongue in cheek, Noah as the first disaster manager during a lecture in 2005. The canonical description of "The Genesis Flood" does describe Noah as a master planner and executer of an evacuation of biblical proportions. After gaining knowledge of a potential catastrophic disaster he planned and executed an evacuation to mitigate the effects of the "Genesis Flood" by building the Ark and organizing a mass exodus. He had to plan for food, water, shelter, medical care, waste disposal and other needs of all the evacuees...
October 2015: Turkish Journal of Emergency Medicine
David Novak
This paper is a critical engagement with Freud's anthropological theory of the origins of law and religion, which Freud developed as his representation and development of the Oedipal myth. Freud's mythology, it is argued, is the theoretical result of the essentially narrative nature of psychoanalytical praxis. Freud's myth, especially its treatment of patricide as the original sin, is seen to be a displacement of the biblical myth of fratricide as the original sin. It is argued that the biblical myth is more coherent than Freud's myth, and that it corresponds to the reality of the human condition better than Freud's myth...
July 4, 2016: International Journal of Law and Psychiatry
Yedael Y Waldman, Arjun Biddanda, Maya Dubrovsky, Christopher L Campbell, Carole Oddoux, Eitan Friedman, Gil Atzmon, Eran Halperin, Harry Ostrer, Alon Keinan
Cochin Jews form a small and unique community on the Malabar coast in southwest India. While the arrival time of any putative Jewish ancestors of the community has been speculated to have taken place as far back as biblical times (King Solomon's era), a Jewish community in the Malabar coast has been documented only since the 9th century CE. Here, we explore the genetic history of Cochin Jews by collecting and genotyping 21 community members and combining the data with that of 707 individuals from 72 other Indian, Jewish, and Pakistani populations, together with additional individuals from worldwide populations...
October 2016: Human Genetics
Ruby Dunlap
Most nurses can describe a memorable patient, one who moved them deeply, and one who made them remember why they chose nursing as a calling. Thinking of a population with an emotional connection is usually more difficult. Current nursing practice includes the ability to serve a population or community as client. This article describes core functions of public health-assessment, policy development, and assurance, while offering biblical resources the Christian nurse has to consider a population with the same compassion as one does an individual...
July 2016: Journal of Christian Nursing: a Quarterly Publication of Nurses Christian Fellowship
Matthew Zhang, Sarah Tanaka, Michael Mercier, Matthew Hollar, Jeanie D Ling, Anthony Gregory, Behin Barahimi
OBJECTIVE: This review demonstrates the gender and racial disparities among patients who have committed ocular autoenucleation. DESIGN: Peer-reviewed articles were identified and reviewed on the basis of a literature search in PubMed/MEDLINE and Ovid/EMBASE databases from all available literature to date. RESULTS: We identified 60 cases of autoenucleation published in contemporary literature with nine attempted cases. The ratio of men to women who have committed autoenucleation is 8:1...
2016: Seminars in Ophthalmology
Susan L Schoenbeck
The losses patients experience are spiritual, as well as physical, events. Christian nurses are ideally situated to integrate calming biblical truths into dialogue with patients and family members when appropriate. This article discusses how Scripture can be used at the bedside with patients or families who want this type of spiritual care. Examples are presented from the author's nursing practice.
April 2016: Journal of Christian Nursing: a Quarterly Publication of Nurses Christian Fellowship
Shira Faigenbaum-Golovin, Arie Shaus, Barak Sober, David Levin, Nadav Na'aman, Benjamin Sass, Eli Turkel, Eli Piasetzky, Israel Finkelstein
The relationship between the expansion of literacy in Judah and composition of biblical texts has attracted scholarly attention for over a century. Information on this issue can be deduced from Hebrew inscriptions from the final phase of the first Temple period. We report our investigation of 16 inscriptions from the Judahite desert fortress of Arad, dated ca 600 BCE-the eve of Nebuchadnezzar's destruction of Jerusalem. The inquiry is based on new methods for image processing and document analysis, as well as machine learning algorithms...
April 26, 2016: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Naa-Solo Tettey, Pedro A Duran, Holly S Andersen, Niajee Washington, Carla Boutin-Foster
African-Americans are disproportionately impacted by cardiovascular disease (CVD). Faith-based institutions provide a non-traditional route for health education targeted at African-Americans. This paper describes HeartSmarts, a faith-based CVD education program. Evidence-based literature was used to develop a curriculum, which was tailored by integrating biblical scripture representing aspects of health behaviors. Eighteen church peer-educators were recruited to participate in a 12-week training. They then disseminated the faith-based curriculum to members of their congregations...
June 2016: Journal of Religion and Health
Rachel Meyer, Sukumar P Desai
News of the successful use of ether anesthesia on October 16, 1846, spread rapidly through the world. Considered one of the greatest medical discoveries, this triumph over man's cardinal symptom, the symptom most likely to persuade patients to seek medical attention, was praised by physicians and patients alike. Incredibly, this option was not accepted by all, and opposition to the use of anesthesia persisted among some sections of society decades after its introduction. We examine the social and medical factors underlying this resistance...
October 2015: Journal of Anesthesia History
Cheryl L Crisp
When a child has a life-limiting illness, parents' goals and strategies for their child's life may need to be drastically altered, especially if early death looms. This article reviews literature and research about how families employ faith, hope, spirituality, and biblical perspectives as their child becomes critically ill and faces death. Suggestions are made for best caring practices for families and children encountering this difficult journey.
January 2016: Journal of Christian Nursing: a Quarterly Publication of Nurses Christian Fellowship
D Haslam
AIMS: To describe the treatment of obesity from ancient times to present day. METHODS: Articles reporting the development of anti-obesity therapies were identified through a search for 'anti-obesity' AND 'pharmacotherapy' AND 'development' within the title or abstract on PubMed and 'obesity' in Relevant articles and related literature were selected for inclusion. RESULTS: Stone-age miniature obese female statuettes indicate the existence and cultural significance of obesity as long as 30,000 years ago...
March 2016: International Journal of Clinical Practice
Andrzej Grzybowski, MaƂgorzata Nita
For many years, the biblical term tzaraat has referred to leprosy. In fact, the disease or diseases described under this name have no relationship to leprosy, as it was known in the Middle Ages or today; moreover, the term referred not only to skin disease, but also to the state of the ritual impurity and punishment for the sins. Although the real nature of tzaraat remains unknown, the differential diagnosis might include the following: Psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, favus, dermatophyte infections, nummular dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, pityriasis rosea, crusted scabies, syphilis, impetigo, sycosis barbae, alopecia areata, furuncles, scabies, neurodermatitis, scarlet fever, lupus erythematosus, lichen sclerosus et atrophicus, folliculitis decalvans, morphea, sarcoidosis, and lichen planopilaris...
January 2016: Clinics in Dermatology
Andrzej Grzybowski, Marcos Virmond
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
January 2016: Clinics in Dermatology
Edward Gillin
Naval architect John Scott Russell heralded the Great Eastern steamship as a beacon of modern science and used it to promote his own approaches to shipbuilding among Britain's science elites. While Russell defined the project through a rhetoric of science, to popular audiences the ship was analogous to biblical teachings, embodying profound moral lessons. This article places Russell's projections within this wider cultural context of religious interpretation and argues that in Victorian Britain the right to define the meaning of engineering spectacles was not the exclusive privilege of men of science, but open to broader cultural understandings...
October 2015: Technology and Culture
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