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Stres test

Sinan Hatipoglu, Huseyin Yildiz, Ertan Bulbuloglu, Ismail Coskuner, Ergul Belge Kurutas, Filiz Hatipoglu, Harun Ciralik, Mehmet Sait Berhuni
AIM: To evaluate the protective effects on kidney tissue of frequently used intravenous anesthetics (ketamine, propofol, thiopental, and fentanyl) in rats with obstructive jaundice. METHODS: There is an increased incidence of postoperative acute renal failure in patients with obstructive jaundice. Thirty-two Wistar-albino rats were randomly divided into four equal groups. Laparatomy was performed on each animal in the four groups and common bile ducts were ligated and severed on day 0...
March 28, 2014: World Journal of Gastroenterology: WJG
Sabina Kolbl, Attila Paloczi, Jože Panjan, Blaž Stres
The primary aim of the study was to develop and validate an in-house upscale of Automatic Methane Potential Test System II for studying real-time inocula and real-scale substrates in batch, codigestion and enzyme enhanced hydrolysis experiments, in addition to semi-continuous operation of the developed equipment and experiments testing inoculum functional quality. The successful upscale to 5L enabled comparison of different process configurations in shorter preparation times with acceptable accuracy and high-through put intended for industrial decision making...
February 2014: Bioresource Technology
Sibel Özkurt, Esma Öztürk, Ali İhsan Yildiz, Neşe Dursunoğlu, Osman Özdel, Beyza Akdağ, Figan Çulha Ateşci
INTRODUCTION: Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS) might cause neuropsychiatric problems as well as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular complications. Daily life of the patients are effected and their quality of life decreases. In the present study, we aimed to evaluate anxiety and depression and to test their ability to cope with strees in patients with OSAS. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The patients with OSAS suspect admitting to our sleep laboratuary, were classed as simple snoring, mild-moderate and severe OSAS according to their apnea-hypopnea index (AHI)...
2013: Tüberküloz Ve Toraks
Domen Novak, Blaž Stres, Gasan Osojnik, Igor Skrjanec, Romana Marinšek-Logar
Degradation of brewery spent grain as a novel test substrate was explored in routine biochemical methane potential assays (BMP) using three different inocula. Significant differences in the initial biogas production rates from spent grain, methane yield coefficients and final spent grain degradation were observed between inocula. Initial and developed communities degrading novel substrate showed significant differences in archaeal community fingerprints. Differences were observed irrespective of substrate identity (no substrate, glucose, spent grain) providing evidence of a significant general influence of BMP incubation on the microbial phylotypes...
March 2011: Acta Chimica Slovenica
Hakan Yetimalar, Türkan Eraslan, Kasap Burcu, Aşkin Yildiz, Külal Qukurova, Adnan Keklik, Hülya Yildirim, Asian Yildirim
OBJECTIVE: Our aim was to compare the effectivenesses and influences on life quality rates of patients who underwent Burch Colposuspension or Colporaphy Anterior-Kelly Plication for the surgical treatment of stress urinary incontinence (SUI). MATERIALS AND METHODS: 81 patients who applied to Izmir Ataturk Training and Research Hospital 3rd Obstetrics and Gynecology Department between the dates of January 2006 and June 2007 with complaints of urinary leakage and were diagnosed as SUI were included to our study...
2011: Akusherstvo i Ginekologii︠a︡
Nan Zhang, Fei Wang, Xiangzong Meng, Saifan Luo, Qiyun Li, Hongyun Dong, Zhengkai Xu, Rentao Song
Dunaliella is a group of green algae with exceptional stress tolerance capability, and is considered as an important model organism for stress tolerance study. Here we cloned a TPS (trehalose-6-phosphate synthase) gene from Dunaliella viridis and designated it as DvTPS (D. viridis trehalose-6-phosphate synthase/phosphatase).The DvTPS cDNA contained an ORF of 2793 bp encoding 930 aa. DvTPS had both TPS and TPP domain and belonged to the Group II TPS/TPP fusion gene family. Southern blots showed it has a single copy in the genome...
April 2011: Molecular Biology Reports
Blaž Stres, Laurent Philippot, Jadran Faganeli, James M Tiedje
Few studies have been conducted on adaptations of microbial communities to low and fluctuating temperatures using environmentally relevant conditions. In this study, six Himalayan and two temperate soils were selected as candidates for low-temperature/freeze-thaw (FT)-adapted and susceptible soils, respectively. Redundancy analysis with forward selection was used to create a model of environmental parameters explaining variability in the initial microbial abundance and 4 °C activities. The best predictor was soil carbon, explaining more than 74% of data variability (P=0...
November 2010: FEMS Microbiology Ecology
Bostjan Murovec, James M Tiedje, Blaz Stres
The exponential growth of available DNA sequences and the increased interoperability of biological information is triggering intergovernmental efforts aimed at increasing the access, dissemination, and analysis of sequence data. Achieving the efficient storage and processing of DNA material is an important goal that parallels well with the foreseen coding standardization on the horizon. This paper proposes novel coding approaches, for both the dissemination and processing of sequences, where the speed of the DNA processing is shown to be boosted by exploring more than the normally utilized eight bits for encoding a single nucleotide...
November 2010: Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine
Jette Led Sørensen, Ellen Løkkegaard, Marianne Johansen, Charlotte Ringsted, Svend Kreiner, Sean McAleer
UNLABELLED: OBJECTIVE. To implement and evaluate a simulation-based training program. DESIGN. Descriptive. STUDY PERIOD: June 2003-June 2006. SETTING. Obstetric Department, Copenhagen University Hospital, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Denmark. POPULATION. Two training sessions were provided for all health professionals including doctors, midwives, auxiliary nurses, and 147 out 156 participants (94%) took part in the first training session and 192 out possible 201 (96%) took part in the second session...
2009: Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica
Christopher M Jones, Blaz Stres, Magnus Rosenquist, Sara Hallin
Denitrification is a facultative respiratory pathway in which nitrite (NO2(-)), nitric oxide (NO), and nitrous oxide (N2O) are successively reduced to nitrogen gas (N(2)), effectively closing the nitrogen cycle. The ability to denitrify is widely dispersed among prokaryotes, and this polyphyletic distribution has raised the possibility of horizontal gene transfer (HGT) having a substantial role in the evolution of denitrification. Comparisons of 16S rRNA and denitrification gene phylogenies in recent studies support this possibility; however, these results remain speculative as they are based on visual comparisons of phylogenies from partial sequences...
September 2008: Molecular Biology and Evolution
Kristina Gruden, Marusa Pompe-Novak, Spela Baebler, Hana Krecic-Stres, Natasa Toplak, Matjaz Hren, Polona Kogovsek, Lisa Gow, Gary D Foster, Neil Boonham, Maja Ravnikar
Since their conception in the late 1990s, microarray techniques have become a tool of choice for monitoring pangenomic gene expression. Although there are a large number of variations on the basic methodology the general approach remains standard and involves the comparison of a "test" RNA with a "control" RNA; in this case "healthy" and "virus-infected" plants. The protocol itself can be broken down into five main parts: RNA extraction, cDNA synthesis, hybridization, array scanning, and data analysis. The method presented is optimized for use with arrays based on glass slides spotted with cDNA, in this case 15,264 cDNAs from Solanum tuberosum...
2008: Methods in Molecular Biology
Necat Yilmaz, Ozcan Erel, Muhsin Hazer, Cahit Bağci, Emine Namiduru, Ece Gül
Physical training is known to increase the antioxidant defence system and reduce exercise-induced oxidative stress. However, intense physical aerobic and anaerobic training with competition, such as those imposed on young professional basketball players can induce an increase of oxidative stress, which can be implicated with overtraining. The aim of this study was to test the effect of training and competition load on oxidative stress, antioxidant status, and vitamin levels in basketball players. Oxidative Stres Index (OSI 1), Total Peroxide (TPx) antioxidant (vitamin E, A and The total antioxidant status (TAC 1)), biochemical lipid parameters, as well as training results were measured...
April 2007: International Journal of Adolescent Medicine and Health
S Henry, D Bru, B Stres, S Hallet, L Philippot
Nitrous oxide (N2O) is an important greenhouse gas in the troposphere controlling ozone concentration in the stratosphere through nitric oxide production. In order to quantify bacteria capable of N2O reduction, we developed a SYBR green quantitative real-time PCR assay targeting the nosZ gene encoding the catalytic subunit of the nitrous oxide reductase. Two independent sets of nosZ primers flanking the nosZ fragment previously used in diversity studies were designed and tested (K. Kloos, A. Mergel, C. Rösch, and H...
August 2006: Applied and Environmental Microbiology
Maurice Beaumont, Denise Batéjat, Olivier Coste, Philippe Doireau, Françoise Chauffard, Marc Enslen, Didier Lagarde, Christophe Pierard
A long work schedule often results in sleep deprivation, sleepiness, impaired performance and fatigue. We investigated the residual effects of slow-release caffeine (SRC) on sleep, sleepiness and cognitive performance during a 42-hour recovery period following a 64-hour continuous wakefulness period in 16 healthy males, according to a double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled, crossover study. Three hundred milligrams of SRC or placebo was given twice a day at 21:00 and 9:00 during the first 48 h of wakefulness...
2005: Neuropsychobiology
B Enjalbert, J L Parrou, M A Teste, J François
Genes involved in storage carbohydrate metabolism are coordinately induced when yeast cells are subjected to conditions of stress, or when they exit the exponential growth phase on glucose. We show that the STress Responsive Elements (STREs) present in the promoter of GSY2 are essential for gene activation under conditions of stress, but dispensable for gene induction and glycogen accumulation at the diauxic shift on glucose. Using serial promoter deletion, we found that the latter induction could not be attributed to a single cis -regulatory sequence, and present evidence that this mechanism depends on combinatorial transcriptional control by signalling pathways involving the protein kinases Pho85, Snf1 and PKA...
July 2004: Molecular Genetics and Genomics: MGG
Howard A Cooper, James A de Lemos, David A Morrow, Marc S Sabatine, Sabina A Murphy, Carolyn H McCabe, C Michael Gibson, Elliott M Antman, Eugene Braunwald
BACKGROUND: Because rescue intervention may improve the outcome of patients who fail to achieve epicardial reperfusion after fibrinolytic administration for acute ST-elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI), simple noninvasive measures of infarction-related artery (IRA) patency are needed. The sum of ST-segment resolution (sum-STRES) has a high positive predictive value (PPV) for a patent IRA, but is quite time-consuming. METHODS: We retrospectively developed a very simple assessment that requires only the measurement of ST-segment deviation in a single electrocardiographic lead on a single electrocardiogram (ECG) 90 minutes after fibrinolytic administration...
November 2002: American Heart Journal
E M Antman, H A Cooper, C M Gibson, J A de Lemos, C H McCabe, R P Giugliano, P Coussement, S Murphy, J Scherer, K Anderson, F Van de Werf, E Braunwald
BACKGROUND: When evaluating new reperfusion regimens for ST elevation MI, it is important to adjust for factors that influence the likelihood of achieving normal epicardial flow and complete ST resolution. METHODS AND RESULTS: A total of 610 patients from TIMI 14 contributed to the angiographic analyses. The electrocardiographic analyses were based on 544 patients from TIMI 14 and 763 patients from InTIME-II. For each hour from onset of symptoms to initiation of pharmacological reperfusion, the odds of achieving TIMI 3 flow at 90 min or complete ST resolution at 60-90 min decreased significantly (P=0...
June 2002: European Heart Journal
M Beaumont, D Batejat, C Pierard, O Coste, P Doireau, P Van Beers, F Chauffard, D Chassard, M Enslen, J B Denis, D Lagarde
Some long work or shift work schedules necessitate an elevated and prolonged level of vigilance and performance but often result in sleep deprivation (SD), fatigue and sleepiness, which may impair efficiency. This study investigated the effects of a slow-release caffeine [(SRC) at the daily dose of 600 mg] on vigilance and cognitive performance during a 64 h continuous wakefulness period. Sixteen healthy males volunteered for this double-blind, randomised, placebo controlled, two-way crossover study. A total of 300-mg SRC or placebo (PBO) was given twice a day at 21:00 and 9:00 h during the SD period...
December 2001: Journal of Sleep Research
E Rosnet, C Le Scanff, M S Sagal
The purpose of this research is to explore the relationships between self-image and personality characteristics with cognitive impairment in an isolated group during wintering. Cognitive performance is measured with the Stres Battery (SB), self-image by Abraham's Matrix of Intra- and Inter-Processes in Groups (MIPG), and interpersonal characteristics by the usual personality inventories. Results show that good cognitive performances are related to discordances between the real self and the ideal self and that bad performances are related to harmony between these two images...
January 2000: Environment and Behavior
D C Cui, J Geng
General character and rules of changes in psychic stress, and effects of psychic care with procedural and sensory information on these changes were observed in 600 patients with surgery, including general surgery, urinary surgery and gynecologic surgery. 300 cases were in experimental group, others were in two control groups, each group, with 150 cases. The results showed that: 1. after admission, as the approach of the date of operation the stress reaction increased graduatedlly, anxiety, fear and blood pressure reached the top in the night before operation, all of these changes went down as the performance of operation...
December 1996: Zhonghua Hu Li za Zhi, Chinese Journal of Nursing
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