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symptom magnification

Matthew Shillito, Maximillian Soong, Nicholas Martin
PURPOSE: The literature suggests that radiographs may be unnecessary in the initial evaluation of lateral epicondylitis because treatment is rarely altered as a result of the radiographic findings. The most commonly reported radiographic finding is calcification at the lateral epicondyle. Our goal was to perform a quantitative and qualitative analysis of this finding to determine its importance and possible relationship with various clinical factors and patient-reported measures. METHODS: All patients diagnosed with lateral epicondylitis by a single surgeon during a 5-year period were retrospectively reviewed...
April 12, 2017: Journal of Hand Surgery
Xiu-Peng Zhang, Yang Liu, Di Zhang, Qin Zheng, Chen Wang, Liang Wang, Qing-Chang Li, Xue-Shan Qiu, En-Hua Wang
BACKGROUND: Imaging and histology of clear-cell ependymoma and cerebellum-based hemangioblastoma are similar; distinguishing between them is a diagnostic challenge. CASE PRESENTATION: A 62-year-old Chinese woman presented with an intermittent headache of 8 years' duration. Computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging revealed a mass in the cerebellum. Neurological imaging suggested hemangioblastoma (HB). Histologically, the tumor included cellular and paucicellular areas, in which cells were arranged in nests or diffusely distributed; and a highly vascular area, in which tumor cells were arranged in clusters and separated by capillaries...
March 20, 2017: Diagnostic Pathology
Motohiko Suzuki, Yoshihisa Nakamura, Shinya Ozaki, Makoto Yokota, Shingo Murakami
OBJECTIVES: Endoscopic approach provides excellent magnification and visualization, and a purely transnasal approach is minimally invasive method. However, it is very difficult to repair anterior and lateral fractures with the previous transnasal endoscopic approaches, since repair of orbital fractures is managed through the middle meatus and ostium from the posterior side of the nasolacrimal duct with side-viewing endoscope and curved instruments. Therefore, the authors used modified transnasal endoscopic approach as an alternative for repair of orbital floor fractures in order to effectively reach the lateral or anterior fracture of the orbital floor with straight endoscope and instruments endoscopically...
January 18, 2017: Journal of Craniofacial Surgery
Clemens Weber, Greger Lønne, Vidar Rao, Asgeir S Jakola, Ole Solheim, Ulf Nerland, Ivar Rossvoll, Øystein P Nygaard, Wilco C Peul, Sasha Gulati
BACKGROUND: Symptomatic lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS) is the most common reason for lumbar surgery in the elderly. There is growing evidence that decompressive surgery offers an advantage over non-surgical management for selected patients with persistent severe symptoms. Based on treatment traditions, open laminectomy has been the gold standard surgical treatment, but various other surgical and non-surgical treatments for LSS are widely used in clinical practice. Therefore, we conducted a survey study to capture potential diversities in surgeons' management of LSS in Norway...
January 2017: Acta Neurochirurgica
V D'Orazi, A Panunzi, E Di Lorenzo, Al Ortensi, M Cialini, S Anichini, A Ortensi
AIM: The use of microsurgical technique and loupes magnification as a support to traditional surgery can help surgical performance and prevent complications in thyroid surgery. PATIENTS AND METHODS: Between January 2004 and December 2014, 782 patients with thyroid diseases were operated by our team with microsurgical technique and loupes magnification 4.5x. All patients had pre and postoperative vocal cords assessment and calcemia and the collected data were analysed...
May 2016: Il Giornale di Chirurgia
D Rice, S Mehta, A Shapiro, J Pope, M Harth, P Morley-Forster, K Sequeira, R Teasell
Background. Patients diagnosed with chronic pain (CP) and rheumatoid arthritis (RA) represent two samples with overlapping symptoms, such as experiencing significant pain. Objectives. To compare the level of psychological distress among patients diagnosed CP attending a specialist pain clinic with those attending a specialist RA clinic. Measures. A cross-sectional study was conducted at an academic specialist chronic pain and rheumatology clinic. Participants. 330 participants included a CP group (n = 167) and a RA group (n = 163) completed a booklet of questionnaires regarding demographic characteristics, duration, and severity of their pain...
2016: Pain Research & Management: the Journal of the Canadian Pain Society
Geneviève Chaput, Susanne P Lajoie, Laura M Naismith, Gilles Lavigne
Background. Identifying which patients are most likely to be at risk of chronic pain and other postconcussion symptoms following mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI) is a difficult clinical challenge. Objectives. To examine the relationship between pain catastrophizing, defined as the exaggerated negative appraisal of a pain experience, and early MTBI outcome. Methods. This cross-sectional design included 58 patients diagnosed with a MTBI. In addition to medical chart review, postconcussion symptoms were assessed by self-report at 1 month (Time 1) and 8 weeks (Time 2) after MTBI...
2016: Pain Research & Management: the Journal of the Canadian Pain Society
Wesley P Gilliam, Julia R Craner, Eleshia J Morrison, Jeannie A Sperry
OBJECTIVE: Although reducing pain catastrophizing has been shown to contribute to functional improvement in patients receiving interdisciplinary pain care, little is known about how changes in the different dimensions of pain catastrophizing uniquely contribute to improvement in outcome. The study examined the unique relationship between changes in the 3 distinct factors of pain catastrophizing-helplessness, rumination, and magnification-and changes in pain outcomes. MATERIALS AND METHODS: In this nonrandomized study, 641 patients who completed treatment in a 3-week interdisciplinary pain rehabilitation program between the years 2013 and 2014 completed a battery of psychometrically validated measures of pain catastrophizing, pain severity, pain interference, mental and physical health-related quality of life, and depressive symptoms at pretreatment and posttreatment...
May 2017: Clinical Journal of Pain
Sunil Kim, Hoiin Jung, Sooyun Kim, Su-Jung Shin, Euiseong Kim
INTRODUCTION: The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of an isthmus on the success rate of surgically treated molars. METHODS: The study included 106 maxillary and mandibular first molars with endodontic lesions limited to the periapical area. Endodontic microsurgical procedures were performed according to the Yonsei protocol reported in a previous study. When an isthmus was observed after a high-magnification inspection, it was included in the retrograde preparation design...
July 2016: Journal of Endodontics
N V Zaytseva, M A Zemlyanova, V N Zvezdin, A A Dovbysh, I V Gmoshinsky, S A Khotimchenko, T I Akafieva
The aim of the study was to evaluate the safe doses of commercially available nanosized colloidal silver (NCS), stabilized with polyvinilpirrolidone (PVP, food additive E1201) when administered in gastrointestinal tract of rats in the 92-day experiment in terms of the morphological changes in the internals of animals. The sample studied contained non-aggregated nanoparticles (NPs) of silver belonging to size fractions with a diameter of less than 5 nm, 10-20 nm or 50-80 nm. 80% of NPs were inside the range of hydrodynamic diameters 10...
2016: Voprosy Pitaniia
Dimitrios Papoutsis, Hope K Haefner, Christopher P Crum, Anthony W Opipari, Barbara D Reed
OBJECTIVES: To identify whether mast cell densities in vulvar biopsies from the vestibule are associated with vulvodynia. METHODS: We enrolled 100 women aged 19 to 59 years with confirmed vulvodynia cases, 100 racially matched controls, and 100 black control women. All had vulvar biopsies performed at the 7 o'clock position of the vestibule, which were then immunostained to detect c-KIT protein. The numbers of c-KIT positive mast cells per ×400 magnification field were manually counted, and t tests and logistic regression were used to assess the association with case-control status...
July 2016: Journal of Lower Genital Tract Disease
R Ravinder, Onnureddy Kaipa, Vijay Simha Baddela, Eshu Singhal Sinha, Prashant Singh, Varij Nayan, Chandra Sekhar Naidu Velagala, Rubina Kumari Baithalu, Suneel Kumar Onteru, Dheer Singh
Estrus detection is a major problem in buffalo husbandry because of inconsistent expression of estrous signs at different seasons, and a high prevalence of the silent heat and postpartum anestrus in this species. Around 50% of the estrus events in buffaloes are currently undetected in the field conditions, resulting in a huge economic loss. Although the cervicovaginal fluid fern patterns confirm the estrus for a breeding decision, the fluid discharge is absent during the silent-heat condition. Therefore, the present study focused on the crystallization patterns of the saliva as an alternative method for estrus detection in buffaloes...
September 15, 2016: Theriogenology
Gregory Bain, Prince Gupta, Joideep Phadnis, Prahalad K Singhi
The humeral supracondylar process and Struthers ligament comprise a relatively rare but well-known anatomic variant. They are usually asymptomatic but may produce clinical symptoms related to compression of the median nerve or brachial artery below the ligament. Previously, surgery has been performed with an open ligament release and supracondylar process excision. This article reports on the use of endoscopic findings and the method of ligament release and process excision. Endoscopy is a minimally invasive technique that provides excellent visualization and enables the surgeon to perform dissection with magnification and precision...
February 2016: Arthroscopy Techniques
H J Ruan, A H Huang, S Cheng, G X Fu
OBJECTIVE: To study the clinicopathologic features and differential diagnosis of solitary fibrous tumor (SFT) in the urogenital system. METHODS: The clinical data and pathologic characteristics of eight cases of SFT in the urogenital system were analyzed, and the relevant literature was reviewed. RESULTS: The cohort included six male and two female patients, with age of onset ranging from 25 to 80 years. Five occurred in the kidney (three in the right kidney), one case each occurred in the bladder, the prostate and the spermatic cord...
April 8, 2016: Zhonghua Bing Li Xue za Zhi Chinese Journal of Pathology
Volker Meves, Angelika Behrens, Jürgen Pohl
In the esophagus two different kinds of primary neoplasias may arise: squamocellular carcinomas (SCC) and esophageal adenocarcinomas (EAC). Although both types of carcinoma are rare diseases, especially the incidence of EAC rose in the last years. The management of esophageal cancer is challenging. There are no specific symptoms of early esophageal cancers. Due to this fact, most of the esophageal cancers are found incidentally, and only 12.5% of esophageal tumors are endoscopically resectable. Gastroscopy is the gold standard for the diagnosis of esophageal cancer...
October 2015: Viszeralmedizin
Eitaro Hiejima, Hiroshi Nakase, Minoru Matsuura, Yusuke Honzawa, Hirokazu Higuchi, Satoshi Saida, Katsutsugu Umeda, Hidefumi Hiramatsu, Souichi Adachi, Kazushi Izawa, Tomoki Kawai, Takahiro Yasumi, Ryuta Nishikomori, Toshio Heike
BACKGROUND AND AIM: Acute gastrointestinal graft-versus-host disease (GI-GVHD) is a major cause of morbidity and mortality after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT). There are very few studies on specific endoscopic findings in pediatric acute GI-GVHD. The aim of this retrospective case-control study was to elucidate the characteristic endoscopic findings in pediatric acute GI-GVHD that improve the diagnostic accuracy of endoscopy. METHODS: All consecutive patients under 18 years of age who underwent allogeneic HSCT in Kyoto University Hospital from May 2003 to October 2014 were identified retrospectively...
July 2016: Digestive Endoscopy: Official Journal of the Japan Gastroenterological Endoscopy Society
Ipek Mumcuoglu, Feyza Cetin, Funda Dogruman Al, Ilkiz Oguz, Neriman Aksu
BACKGROUND: Previously published studies of microsporidial infections have primarily focused on immunodeficient or immunocompromised patients. Data regarding infections caused by this microorganism in immunocompetent subjects are lacking. In the present study, we investigated the prevalence of microsporidia in healthy individuals and immunocompetent patients with acute and chronic diarrhea. METHODS: The study included stool samples from 74 patients with acute diarrhea, 41 patients with chronic diarrhea, and 88 healthy volunteers...
February 2016: Infectious Diseases
Rebecca Overbury, Maureen A Murtaugh, Aryeh Fischer, Tracy M Frech
Raynaud's phenomenon is a clinical symptom that can commonly present to a primary care provider or generalist. Proper identification of an underlying connective tissue disease in a patient with Raynaud's could allow for the prevention of possible critical digital ischemia. Capillaroscopy is a tool which can identify abnormalities associated with connective tissue disease. Patients presenting with a complaint of Raynaud's phenomenon were assessed with capillaroscopy. In twenty consecutive Raynaud patients, 8 digits were assessed by a ×200 magnification dermatoscope and an image was obtained...
December 2015: Clinical Rheumatology
Ömer Hızlı, Serdar Kaya, Patricia A Schachern, Geeyoun Kwon, Michael M Paparella, Sebahattin Cureoglu
OBJECTIVES/HYPOTHESIS: To determine if peripheral vestibular otopathology is present in human temporal bones with otosclerosis. STUDY DESIGN: Comparative human temporal bone study. METHODS: Seventy-four human temporal bones from 46 subjects with otosclerosis (mean age of 61 ± 18 years) and 20 within histologically normal limits from 17 subjects (mean age of 59 ± 14 years) were included in this study. Temporal bones with otosclerosis were divided into those with and without endosteal involvement...
March 2016: Laryngoscope
Chad W Whited, Seth H Dailey
The evaluation of the dysphonic patient begins with a complete understanding of the laryngeal anatomy and physiology of voice production. A thorough history must be taken regarding the dysphonia qualities, alarming symptoms, and confounding factors. The complete head and neck examination culminates in a detailed visualization of the vocal folds using image-capturing laryngoscopy as well as stroboscopy or high-speed digital imaging to fully evaluate the viscoelastic properties of the vocal fold cover-body structure and function...
August 2015: Otolaryngologic Clinics of North America
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