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Pain killer

Ting-Hua Yang, Chung-Hong Hu, Hsiou-Hsin Tsai
INTRODUCTION: Pyoderma gangrenosum (PG) is a neutrophilic dermatosis that may be associated with systemic diseases. The association of PG with lymphoid malignancies has rarely been reported. Extranodal natural killer/T-cell lymphoma (ENKTL) is a rare but aggressive entity with a poor prognosis. Here, we report the case of a patient who had idiopathic PG refractory to systemic steroids and subsequently developed ENKTL. CASE REPORT: A 70-year-old man presented with a 2-month history of intermittent fever and multifocal painful papules, plaques, and ulcerations on his extremities...
October 2016: Medicine (Baltimore)
Yasir Mehmood, Humayun Riaz, Hammad Yousaf, Syed Atif Raza, Rana Khalid Mahmood, Zia Mohy-Ud-Din Khan, Noviara Saleem
Present investigation concern with combination of two drugs for the treatment of gout. One of these drug (naproxen sodium) is pain killer which is sustain their action within the body for 12 hours and the other drug (colchicine) is anti-gout, which release as conventional dosage. After oral administration naproxen will act as sustain release dosage and increase patient compliance about six batches of tablet were developed and evaluate .For the sustain release action polymers Methocel K4M and HPMCK15were used...
September 2016: Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Jun-Ying Du, Yi Liang, Jun-Fan Fang, Yong-Liang Jiang, Xiao-Mei Shao, Xiao-Fen He, Jian-Qiao Fang
Exogenous and endogenous opioids have been shown to modulate the immune system. Morphine-induced immunosuppression has been investigated extensively. However, the immune-regulating function of endogenous opioid peptides is unclear. The present study aimed to evaluate the difference in effects on cellular immune function between recombinant rat β-endorphin (β-EP; 50 µg/kg) and plant source morphine (10 mg/kg) via intraperitoneal injection treatment in a rat model of bone cancer pain. Walker 256 cells were injected into a tibial cavity injection to establish the bone cancer pain model...
October 2016: Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine
Darija Mahović, Fanika Mrsić
Dear Editor, the practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine described psoriasis some 2000 years ago (1). Psoriasis vulgaris is a common, chronic inflammatory skin disease whose worldwide prevalence ranges from 0.1-3% (2,3). Understanding the role of the immune system in psoriasis and the interplay between the innate and adaptive immune system has helped to manage this complex disease, which affects patients far beyond the skin changes themselves (2). In addition to the usual and widely accepted methods of treatment of psoriasis, including topical therapies, phototherapy, and conventional and biological systemic therapies, data can be found in the literature that suggest a favorable effect of acupuncture on the course of psoriasis (4,5)...
August 2016: Acta Dermatovenerologica Croatica: ADC
Alen Karic
INTRODUCTION: Degenerative aortic stenosis (AS) is the most frequent cause among aortic valve stenotic changes. Mini Sternotomy Aortic Valve Replacement is a replacement of aortic valve through upper partial sternotomy. AIM: The aim of this approach is to improve postoperative convalescence by leaving pleural spaces closed and do not compromise respiratory function, to decrease bleeding, and reduce post op ventilation time and ICU stay. All these advantages decrease cost during hospital stay by reducing ICU stay, respiration time, bleeding and using blood products, pain killers and shortening hospital stay...
June 2016: Medical Archives
Michael E Hyland, Claire Hinton, Charlotte Hill, Ben Whalley, Rupert Cm Jones, Anthony F Davies
As the cause of fibromyalgia is controversial, communicating with patients can be challenging, particularly if the patient adopts the narrative 'I am damaged and so I need a more powerful pain killer'. Research shows that providing patients with alternative narratives can be helpful, but it remains unclear what particular narratives are most acceptable to patients and at the same time provide a rationale for evidence based psychological and exercise interventions. This article described the development of a new narrative and the written comments made about the narrative by fibromyalgia patients...
August 2016: British Journal of Pain
Bao-Hua Yu, Ruo-Hong Shui, Wei-Qi Sheng, Chao-Fu Wang, Hong-Fen Lu, Xiao-Yan Zhou, Xiong-Zeng Zhu, Xiao-Qiu Li
PURPOSE: To investigate the clinicopathological features, survival and prognostic factors of primary intestinal extranodal natural killer/T-cell lymphoma, nasal type (PI-ENKTCL). METHODS: Clinical and histological characteristics of PI-ENKTCL cases were retrospectively evaluated. Immunohistochemical phenotype and status of Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) and T-cell receptor (TCR) gene rearrangement were examined. The overall survival and prognostic parameters were also analyzed...
2016: PloS One
Elham Abbasloo, Hamid Najafipour, Saeed Esmaeili-Mahani
Pain represents a major contributing factor to the individual's quality of life. Although pain killers as opioids, endogenous or exogenous peptides can decrease pain perception, the chronic use of them leads to antinociceptive tolerance. It has been demonstrated that neuropeptide apelin has potent antinoceptive effect. However, the possibility of the induction of its antinociceptive tolerance has not yet been clarified. The tail-flick test was used to assess the nociceptive threshold. All experiments were carried out on male Wistar rats which received intrathecal apelin for 7days...
August 6, 2016: Neuropeptides
Elise Davoine, Andreas Kleinschmidt
Although with an 11% prevalence migraine is a major public health problem, many patients are not satisfied with its handling by medical professionals. Migraine is a clinical diagnosis based on typically lateralized throbbing headache with nausea and/or photo- and phonophobia. It can in some be preceded by an aura with transient focal neurological symptoms. There are several "red flags" of clinical presentation, however, that should induce further examination with brain imaging studies. Treatment is based on identifying and avoiding provoking factors, on treating attacks with rescue medication (simple pain killers or triptans), on identifying conditions for a prophylactic treatment by one of several possible substance classes, and most importantly, on establishing a solid therapeutic relationship with the patient...
June 22, 2016: Revue Médicale Suisse
Bjoern Horing, Nathan D Newsome, Paul Enck, Sabarish V Babu, Eric R Muth
BACKGROUND: Placebo effects are mediated by expectancy, which is highly influenced by psychosocial factors of a treatment context. These factors are difficult to standardize. Furthermore, dedicated placebo research often necessitates single-blind deceptive designs where biases are easily introduced. We propose a study protocol employing a virtual experimenter - a computer program designed to deliver treatment and instructions - for the purpose of standardization and reduction of biases when investigating placebo effects...
2016: BMC Medical Research Methodology
Wei Li, Yaomei Wang, Daniel B Kellner, Lingdi Zhao, Linping Xu, Quanli Gao
The present study aimed to investigate the efficacy of RetroNectin-activated cytokine-induced killer cell (R-CIK) therapy in advanced hepatocellular carcinoma patients as compared with conventional chemotherapy, a comparison that has not yet been thoroughly studied. From January 2010 to October 2013, 74 patients with an initial diagnosis of advanced hepatocelluar carcinoma were enrolled in the study. Patients were assigned to one of two treatment arms: patients in arm 1 (n=37) received R-CIK treatment as the first line therapy, whereas those in arm 2 (n=37) received chemotherapy as the first line treatment...
July 2016: Oncology Letters
Wendy Z W Teo, B Sonny Bal
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
September 2016: Clinical Orthopaedics and related Research
Paul D Nesbitt, Leanne Dupley, Paul Dunkow, S Murugesan
Colorectal Carcinoma is the second biggest killer after lung and bronchial carcinoma. Due to its insidious onset and late manifestation of symptoms a national screening programme was started in 2006 within the UK. We present a rare case of colorectal adenocarcinoma mimicking osteosarcoma and presenting as hip pain at initial consultation in the orthopaedic clinic. Further adding to the rarity of this case is that of an apparent bony metastasis in isolation. Our case demonstrates the vital role that histological sampling plays in the diagnosis and treatment of carcinomatous disease...
2016: Journal of Surgical Case Reports
Diwakar R Sarma, Sabu S Jeyasekharan
Penetrating abdominal trauma is a major killer worldwide. Various modes and mechanisms of injury have been described in world literature. We describe an unusual case of penetrating intra-abdominal injury caused by a 2-ft-long needle fish at sea. The mode and mechanism of injury is rare and the consequences life threatening. There is paucity in the literature of such trauma and its presentation. This case report describes injury sustained by a fisherman at sea by a needle fish, causing biliary peritonitis from an isolated penetrating injury to the gallbladder...
April 2016: Indian Journal of Surgery
InCheul Jeung, Keunyoung Cheon, Mee-Ran Kim
Endometriosis causes significant chronic pelvic pain, dysmenorrhea, and infertility and affects 10% of all women. In endometriosis, ectopic endometrium surviving after retrograde menstruation exhibits an abnormal immune response characterized by increased levels of activated macrophages and inflammatory cytokines. Particularly, dysfunctional natural killer (NK) cells play an important role in the pathogenesis of the disease by either facilitating or inhibiting the survival, implantation, and proliferation of endometrial cells...
2016: BioMed Research International
W Grander
Malignant hyperthermia is a life-threatening disease caused by derangement of the autonomic nerve system and hypermetabolism of the peripheral musculature. Commonly body core temperatures of more than 40 °C will be found in this disease which is caused mostly by psychopharmacological drugs like antidepressants, neuroleptics but also antibiotics, pain killers, anti-Parkinson drugs, and volatile anesthetics. The inducers of malignant hyperthermia interact with postsynaptic receptors (serotonin, anticholinergics) or muscular intracellular structures responsible for calcium utilization (volatile anesthetics, succinylcholine)...
June 2016: Medizinische Klinik, Intensivmedizin und Notfallmedizin
Ken Sun, Yan Shi, Honghan Chen, Xiaoyu Wang, Zhaohui Li
The presence and persistency of pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs) in the environment attracted great attention recently. Among them, antibiotics and pain-killers accounted for a large quantity. Although many works were devoted to the investigation of their removal in wastewater treatment processes, most of the PPCPs studied were of cationic nature. The net repulsive interactions between anionic PPCPs and negatively charged sorbents make them difficult to be removed in wastewater treatment. In this study, 2:1 clay minerals illite and montmorillonite (MMT) were modified with different amounts of cationic surfactant cetyltrimethylammoium bromide (CTAB)...
May 12, 2016: Journal of Hazardous Materials
Dominik Mischkowski, Jennifer Crocker, Baldwin M Way
Simulation theories of empathy hypothesize that empathizing with others' pain shares some common psychological computations with the processing of one's own pain. Support for this perspective has largely relied on functional neuroimaging evidence of an overlap between activations during the experience of physical pain and empathy for other people's pain. Here, we extend the functional overlap perspective to the neurochemical level and test whether a common physical painkiller, acetaminophen (paracetamol), can reduce empathy for another's pain...
September 2016: Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience
Joon-Shik Shin, Jinho Lee, Me-Riong Kim, Jaehoon Jung, Byung-Cheul Shin, Myeong Soo Lee, In-Hyuk Ha
OBJECTIVES: This study aimed to investigate the short-term effect of hospital-based intensive nonsurgical treatment in lumbar intervertebral disc herniation (IDH) inpatients admitted to an integrated hospital that offers both complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) and conventional medicine treatment. DESIGN: A prospective observational study. SETTINGS: A private Korean medicine hospital inpatient setting in Korea. PATIENTS: A total of 524 inpatients diagnosed with lumbar IDH admitted from June 1, 2012, to May 31, 2013...
July 2016: Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine: Research on Paradigm, Practice, and Policy
Vasiliki Mitsi, Venetia Zachariou
The midbrain dopamine center comprises a key network for reward, salience, motivation, and mood. Evidence from various clinical and preclinical settings points to the midbrain dopamine circuit as an important modulator of pain perception and pain-induced anxiety and depression. This review summarizes recent findings that shed light to the neuroanatomical, electrophysiological and molecular adaptations that chronic pain conditions promote in the mesolimbic dopamine system. Chronic pain states induce changes in neuronal plasticity and functional connectivity in several parts of the brain reward center, including nucleus accumbens, the ventral tegmental area and the prefrontal cortex...
May 14, 2016: Neuroscience
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