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"structured reporting"

Tulika Gupta, Mohammad Faizan Beg, Gopalan Rajaraman
Extensive ab initio CASSCF/RASSI-SO/SINGLE_ANISO/POLY_ANISO calculations have been undertaken on eight structurally similar previously synthesized [Cu(II)(L)(C3H6O)Ln(III)(NO3)3] (Ln = Dy (1), Tb (3), Ho (5), and Er (7)) and [V(IV)O(L)(C3H6O)Ln(III)(NO3)3] (Ln = Dy (2), Tb (4), Ho (6), and Er (8)) (here H2L = N,N'-bis(3-methoxysalicylidene)-1,3-diamino-2,2-dimethylpropane) complexes (crystal structures reported earlier). Our estimated exchange interactions (J) using the Lines model for complexes 1-8 (1.55 cm(-1), 0...
October 13, 2016: Inorganic Chemistry
Christian Molitor, Aleksandar Bijelic, Annette Rompel
The chemistry of polyoxometalates (POMs) in a protein environment is an almost unexplored but highly relevant research field as important biological and pharmacological attributes of certain POMs are based on their interactions with proteins. We report on the A-type Anderson-Evans polyoxotungstate, [TeW6O24](6-) (TEW), mediated crystallization of Coreopsis grandiflora aurone synthase (cgAUS1) using ∼0.24 mM protein and 1.0 mM TEW. The 1.78 Å crystal structure reveals the covalent binding of TEW to the protein under the formation of an unprecedented polyoxotungstate cluster, [TeW6O24O2(Glu)](7-) (GluTEW)...
October 11, 2016: Chemical Communications: Chem Comm
Ming-Che Lee, Kei-Shih Chuang, Tien-Cheng Hsu, Chien-Ding Lee
Collection of radiation dose derived from radiological examination is necessary not only for radiation protection, but also for fulfillment of structured reports. However, the material regarding of radiation dose cannot be directly utilized by the Radiological Information System (RIS) since it is generated and only stored in the Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS). In this paper, an integration reporting module is proposed to facilitate handling of dose information and structured reporting by providing two functionalities...
November 2016: Journal of Medical Systems
Dorothy A Sippo, Robyn L Birdwell, Katherine P Andriole, Sughra Raza
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
September 24, 2016: Journal of the American College of Radiology: JACR
Zhongwei Zhang, Yuee Xie, Qing Peng, Yuanping Chen
Inspired by the successful synthesis of three two-dimensional (2D) allotropes, the boron sheet has recently been one of the hottest 2D materials around. However, to date, phonon transport properties of these new materials are still unknown. By using the non-equilibrium Green's function (NEGF) combined with the first principles method, we study ballistic phonon transport in three types of boron sheets; two of them correspond to the structures reported in the experiments, while the third one is a stable structure that has not been synthesized yet...
November 4, 2016: Nanotechnology
Tali Samson, Esther Iecovich, Pesach Shvartzman
CONTEXT: Exposure to human suffering may have ramifications for the professional quality of life (ProQol) of palliative care teams. The ProQol scale was designed to assess both negative and positive work-related outcomes, and has been used recently for the evaluation of work-related outcomes among palliative care workers. However, the assessment of ProQol among Israeli hospice workers is scant. OBJECTIVES: Assessment of the psychometric properties and the factor structure of the Hebrew version of the 30-item ProQol questionnaire...
September 19, 2016: Journal of Pain and Symptom Management
Yuriy A Knirel, Xi Guo, Sof'ya N Senchenkova, Andrei V Perepelov, Bin Liu, Alexander S Shashkov
Based on the O-specific polysaccharides of the lipopolysaccharides (O-polysaccharides, O-antigens), strains of a clonal species Escherichia coli are classified into 184 O serogroups. In this work, structures of the O-polysaccharides of E. coli O69 and O146 were elucidated and gene clusters for their biosynthesis were characterized. The O-polysaccharides were released from the lipopolysaccharides by mild acid hydrolysis and studied by sugar analysis and one- and two-dimensional (1)H and (13)C NMR spectroscopy before and after O-deacetylation...
September 19, 2016: Glycoconjugate Journal
Marcello Zappia, Alberto Aliprandi, Simona Pozza, Fabio Martino Doniselli, Salvatore Gitto, Luca Maria Sconfienza
OBJECTIVES: To define when an ultrasound examination of the shoulder can be considered complete and how many examinations currently performed in Italy are actually complete according to that definition. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Reports and images of previously performed ultrasound examinations of the shoulder of patients seen in 2014 for interventional procedures were reviewed for the following items, according to guidelines published by the European Society of Musculoskeletal Radiology: long biceps, subscapularis, supraspinatus, external rotators, acromioclavicular joint, subacromial bursa, subacromial space, coraco-acromial ligament, and the posterior recess...
September 16, 2016: Skeletal Radiology
Maria Luiza S Mello, Eli Heber M Dos Anjos, Benedicto de Campos Vidal, Jerome G Rozen
A previous study has not revealed the participation of a mucous component in the cocoon wall of the solitary bee, Lithurgus chrysurus, differing from the cocoon structure reported for many other bee species. However, uncertainty remains, because only the median and rear zones of this cocoon type have thus far been analyzed. Here, we studied the front zone of this cocoon, searching its components and their organization, to fill this knowledge gap. Topochemical assays, polarization microscopy and Fourier transform-infrared (FT-IR) microspectroscopy were used to study cross sections from L...
November 2016: Micron: the International Research and Review Journal for Microscopy
Kimberly Carmony, Wooin Lee, Kyung Bo Kim
New high-resolution crystal structures reported by Schrader and colleagues refine our understanding of how peptide epoxyketone anticancer drugs inactivate their target: the human proteasome. These findings provide important clues for the design of next-generation proteasome inhibitor drugs.
September 8, 2016: Chembiochem: a European Journal of Chemical Biology
James E Noble, Emiliana De Santis, Jascindra Ravi, Baptiste Lamarre, Valeria Castelletto, Judith Mantell, Santanu Ray, Maxim G Ryadnov
A de novo topology of virus-like assembly is reported. The design is a trifaceted coiled-coil peptide helix, which self-assembles into ultrasmall, monodisperse, anionic virus-like shells that encapsulate and transfer both RNA and DNA into human cells. Unlike existing artificial systems, these shells share the same physical characteristics of viruses being anionic, nonaggregating, abundant, hollow, and uniform in size, while effectively mediating gene silencing and transgene expression. These are the smallest virus-like structures reported to date, both synthetic and native, with the ability to adapt and transfer small and large nucleic acids...
September 21, 2016: Journal of the American Chemical Society
Flavio Barbosa, Agma Jucci Traina, Valdair Francisco Muglia
BACKGROUND: A structured report for imaging exams aims at increasing the precision in information retrieval and communication between physicians. However, it is more concise than free text and may limit specialists' descriptions of important findings not covered by pre-defined structures. A computational ontological structure derived from free texts designed by specialists may be a solution for this problem. Therefore, the goal of our study was to develop a methodology for structuring information in radiology reports covering specifications required for the Brazilian Portuguese language, including the terminology to be used...
2016: Applied Clinical Informatics
Manfred S Weiss, Kay Diederichs, Randy J Read, Santosh Panjikar, Gregory D Van Duyne, A Gregory Matera, Utz Fischer, Clemens Grimm
A recent publication by Seng et al. in this journal reports the crystallographic structure of refolded, full-length SMN protein and two disease-relevant derivatives thereof. Here, we would like to suggest that at least two of the structures reported in that study are incorrect. We present evidence that one of the associated crystallographic datasets is derived from a crystal of the bacterial Sm-like protein Hfq and that a second dataset is derived from a crystal of the bacterial Gab protein. Both proteins are frequent contaminants of bacterially overexpressed proteins which might have been co-purified during metal affinity chromatography...
August 29, 2016: Human Molecular Genetics
Pedro Matos, Luis A Bastiao Silva, Tiago Marques Godinho, Carlos Costa
The standardization of data structures for clinical observations in medical imaging environments is a relatively recent effort. DICOM standard defines a set of supplements for different medical reports denominated as Structured Reports (SR). In 2013, Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) also followed this trend by publishing the profile Management of Radiology Report Templates (MRRT). However, the generalized adoption of these normalized reports has been delayed due to several factors. In fact, numerous medical institutions still use proprietary formats that do not promote sharing and remote access...
2016: Studies in Health Technology and Informatics
Shan Shan, Haowei Min, Ting Liu, Dunquan Jiang, Zihe Rao
Trehalose serves as a key structural component in the cell wall of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. M. tuberculosis trehalose-6-phosphate phosphatase (MtbTPP), an essential enzyme in the trehalose biosynthesis OtsAB pathway, catalyzes the dephosphorylation of trehalose-6-phosphate (trehalose-6-P) to generate trehalose, and plays a critical role in M. tuberculosis survival-associated cell wall formation and permeability. Therefore, MtbTPP (OtsB2) is considered a promising potential target for discovery of antimicrobial drugs...
August 29, 2016: FASEB Journal: Official Publication of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology
Lorenzo Faggioni, Francesca Coppola, Riccardo Ferrari, Emanuele Neri, Daniele Regge
OBJECTIVES: To assess the opinion on structured reporting (SR) and its usage by radiologist members of the Italian Society of Medical Radiology (SIRM) via an online survey. METHODS: All members received an email invitation to join the survey as an initiative by the SIRM Imaging Informatics Chapter. The survey included 10 questions about demographic information, definition of radiological SR, its usage in everyday practice, perceived advantages and disadvantages over conventional reporting and overall opinion about SR...
August 29, 2016: European Radiology
E Frampas, A David, N Regenet, Y Touchefeu, J Meyer, O Morla
Pancreatic ductal carcinoma is one of the deadliest cancers in the world. The only hope for prolonged survival still remains surgery with complete R0 resection even if most patients will promptly develop metastases and/or local relapses. Due to the silent nature of the disease, fewer than 20% of patients are eligible for a curative-intent resection. As no gain in survival is expected in case of residual tumor, imaging plays a major role for diagnosis and staging to select patients who will undergo surgery. Multidetector-row computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging are the key stones and radiologists must be aware of imaging protocols, standardized terms and critical points for structured reporting to assess the tumor staging, minimize potential the morbidity associated with surgery and offer patients the best therapeutic strategy...
August 23, 2016: Diagnostic and Interventional Imaging
Ida Cervin, Jesper Molin, Claes Lundström
BACKGROUND: Today, pathology reporting consists of many separate tasks, carried out by multiple people. Common tasks include dictation during case review, transcription, verification of the transcription, report distribution, and report the key findings to follow-up registries. Introduction of digital workstations makes it possible to remove some of these tasks and simplify others. This study describes the work presented at the Nordic Symposium on Digital Pathology 2015, in Linköping, Sweden...
2016: Journal of Pathology Informatics
Chin-Yuan Chang, Jeremy R Lohman, Hongnan Cao, Kemin Tan, Jeffrey D Rudolf, Ming Ma, Weijun Xu, Craig A Bingman, Ragothaman M Yennamalli, Lance Bigelow, Gyorgy Babnigg, Xiaohui Yan, Andrzej Joachimiak, George N Phillips, Ben Shen
C-1027 is a chromoprotein enediyne antitumor antibiotic produced by Streptomyces globisporus. In the last step of biosynthesis of the (S)-3-chloro-5-hydroxy-β-tyrosine moiety of the C-1027 enediyne chromophore, SgcE6 and SgcC compose a two-component monooxygenase that hydroxylates the C-5 position of (S)-3-chloro-β-tyrosine. This two-component monooxygenase is remarkable for two reasons. (i) SgcE6 specifically reacts with FAD and NADH, and (ii) SgcC is active with only the peptidyl carrier protein (PCP)-tethered substrate...
September 13, 2016: Biochemistry
Kim V Fendrich, Robert T Downs, Marcus J Origlieri
The crystal structure of ruizite, ideally Ca2Mn(3+) 2[Si4O11(OH)2](OH)2·2H2O [dicalcium dimanganese(III) tetra-silicate tetra-hydroxide dihydrate] was first determined in space group A2 with an isotropic displacement parameter model (R = 5.6%) [Hawthorne (1984 ▸). Tschermaks Mineral. Petrogr. Mitt. 33, 135-146]. A subsequent refinement in space group C2/m with anisotropic displacement parameters for non-H atoms converged with R = 8.4% [Moore et al. (1985 ▸). Am. Mineral. 70, 171-181]. The current study reports a redetermination of the ruizite structure by means of single-crystal X-ray diffraction data of a natural sample from the Wessels mine, Kalahari Manganese Field, Northern Cape Province, South Africa...
July 1, 2016: Acta Crystallographica. Section E, Crystallographic Communications
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