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Richard J Murdock, Shawn A Putnam, Soumen Das, Ankur Gupta, Elyse D Z Chase, Sudipta Seal
A clinically relevant magneto-optical technique (fd-FRS, frequency-domain Faraday rotation spectroscopy) for characterizing proteins using antibody-functionalized magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) is demonstrated. This technique distinguishes between the Faraday rotation of the solvent, iron oxide core, and functionalization layers of polyethylene glycol polymers (spacer) and model antibody-antigen complexes (anti-BSA/BSA, bovine serum albumin). A detection sensitivity of ≈10 pg mL(-1) and broad detection range of 10 pg mL(-1) ≲ cBSA ≲ 100 µg mL(-1) are observed...
January 16, 2017: Small
Jan Kuhnert, Arash Rahimi-Iman, Wolfram Heimbrodt
Layered transition-metal dichalcogenides have attracted great interest in the last few years. Thinned down to the monolayer limit they change from an indirect band structure to a direct band gap in the visible region. Due to the monolayer thickness the inversion symmetry of the crystal is broken and spin and valley are coupled to each other. The degeneracy between the two equivalent valleys, K and K', respectively, can be lifted by applying an external magnetic field. Here, we present photoluminescence measurements of CVD-grown tungsten disulphide (WS2) monolayers at temperatures of 2 K...
January 12, 2017: Journal of Physics. Condensed Matter: An Institute of Physics Journal
Dennis C Prieve, Benjamin A Yezer, Aditya S Khair, Paul J Sides, James W Schneider
After presenting a brief historical overview of the classic contributions of Faraday, Arrhenius, Kohlrausch, Bjerrum, Debye, Hückel and Onsager to understanding the conductivity of true electrolytes in aqueous solutions, we present an in-depth review of the 1933 work of Fuoss & Kraus who explored the effect of the solvent on electrolyte dissociation equilibria in either polar or nonpolar media. Their theory predicts that the equilibrium constant for dissociation decays exponentially with the ratio of the Bjerrum length λB to the ion-pair size a...
November 19, 2016: Advances in Colloid and Interface Science
Hua Li, Linxiu Jiang, Chaoqun Guo, Jianmin Zhu, Yongrong Jiang, Zhencheng Chen
The injection and ionization of volatile organic compounds (VOA) by an integrated chip is experimentally analyzed in this paper. The integrated chip consists of a needle-to-cylinder electrode mounting on the Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA) substrate. The needle-to-cylinder electrode is designed and fabricated by Lithographie, Galvanoformung and Abformung (LIGA) technology. In this paper, the needle is connected to a negative power supply of -5 kV and used as the cathode; the cylinder electrodes are composed of two arrays of cylinders and serve as the anode...
January 4, 2017: Sensors
M Gotz, L Karsch, J Pawelke
PURPOSE: To investigate the reduction of collection efficiency of ionization chambers (IC) by volume recombination and its correction in pulsed fields of very high pulse dose. METHODS: Measurements of the collection efficiency of a plane-parallel advanced Markus IC (PTW 34045, 1mm electrode spacing, 300V nominal voltage) were obtained for collection voltages of 100V and 300V by irradiation with a pulsed electron beam (20MeV) of varied pulse dose up to approximately 600mGy (0...
June 2016: Medical Physics
J Lamb, D Low, S Mutic, S Shvartsman, T Chmielewski, G Fought, A Sharma, J Dempsey
PURPOSE: To develop a method for isolating the radiofrequency waves emanating from linear accelerator components from the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system of an integrated MRI-linac. METHODS: An MRI-guided radiation therapy system has been designed that integrates a linear accelerator with simultaneous MR imaging. The radiofrequency waves created by the accelerating process would degrade MR image quality, so a method for containing the radiofrequency waves and isolating the MR imager from them was developed...
June 2016: Medical Physics
D Low, S Mutic, S Shvartsman, T Chmielewski, G Fought, A Sharma, J Dempsey
PURPOSE: To develop a method for isolating the MRI magnetic field from field-sensitive linear accelerator components at distances close to isocenter. METHODS: A MRI-guided radiation therapy system has been designed that integrates a linear accelerator with simultaneous MR imaging. In order to accomplish this, the magnetron, port circulator, radiofrequency waveguide, gun driver, and linear accelerator needed to be placed in locations with low magnetic fields. The system was also required to be compact, so moving these components far from the main magnetic field and isocenter was not an option...
June 2016: Medical Physics
Alex Risos, Nicholas Long, Arvid Hunze, Gideon Gouws
Interdigitated dielectrometry sensors (IDS) are capacitive sensors investigated to precisely measure the relative permittivity ( ϵ r ) of insulating liquids. Such liquids used in the power industry exhibit a change in ϵ r as they degrade. The IDS ability to measure ϵ r in-situ can potentially reduce maintenance, increase grid stability and improve safety. Noise from external electric field sources is a prominent issue with IDS. This paper investigates the novelty of applying a Faraday cage onto an IDS as a 3D shield to reduce this noise...
December 31, 2016: Sensors
Zhe Zhang, Haibin Tang, Zun Zhang, Joseph Wang, Shuai Cao
We present a new Retarding Potential Analyzer (RPA) design that is capable of measuring keV-level energy, high-density plasma beams. This instrument overcomes the limitations of existing RPAs and can operate in plasmas with densities in excess of 1 × 10(15) m(-3) and ion energies up to 1200 eV. The RPA design parameters were determined by analyzing the electron density and temperature, the sheath thickness, and the ion density in the beam based on the Faraday probe and Langmuir probe measurements. A previously unobserved grid spacing arcing phenomenon was observed in experiments...
December 2016: Review of Scientific Instruments
Jiang-Tao Yu, He-Ping Li, Qiu-Yue Nie, Zhi-Yong Zou, Hai-Qing Liu, Cheng-Yu Bao, Yin-Xian Jie, Zhan-Xian Li
Stability of the intermediate frequency (IF) in the far-infrared polarimeter-interferometer diagnostic system is critically important for the long pulse discharge experiments on the EAST tokamak. In this note, a real-time remote/local IF stability control system is described. The measured plasma parameters, including the Faraday rotation angle, electron density, lower hybrid wave, and plasma current, are obtained with the aid of this newly developed IF stability control system.
December 2016: Review of Scientific Instruments
Yinming Shao, Kirk W Post, Jhih-Sheng Wu, Siyuan Dai, Alex James Frenzel, Anthony R Richardella, Joon Sue Lee, Nitin Samarth, Michael M Fogler, Alexander V Balatsky, Dmitri E Kharzeev, Dimitri N Basov
Using magneto-infrared spectroscopy, we have explored the charge dynamics of (Bi,Sb)2Te3 thin films on InP substrates. From the magneto-transmission data we extracted three distinct cyclotron resonance (CR) energies that are all apparent in the broad band Faraday rotation (FR) spectra. This comprehensive FR-CR data set has allowed us to isolate the response of the bulk states from the intrinsic surface states associated with both the top and bottom surfaces of the film. The FR data uncovered that electron- and hole-type Dirac fermions reside on opposite surfaces of our films, which paves the way for observing many exotic quantum phenomena in topological insulators...
December 29, 2016: Nano Letters
Chengfeng Xie, Jun Tang, Danfeng Cui, Dajin Wu, Chengfei Zhang, Chunming Li, Yongqiu Zhen, Chenyang Xue, Jun Liu
The resonant microsphere gyroscope is proposed based on a double Faraday rotator system for the resonant microsphere gyroscope (RMSG) that is characterized by low insertion losses and does not destroy the reciprocity of the gyroscope system. Use of the echo suppression structure and the orthogonal polarization method can effectively inhibit both the backscattering noise and the polarization error, and reduce them below the system sensitivity limit. The resonance asymmetry rate dropped from 34.2% to 2.9% after optimization of the backscattering noise and the polarization noise, which greatly improved the bias stability and the scale factor linearity of the proposed system...
October 15, 2016: Optics Letters
Adam Kirrander, Russell S Minns
Correction for 'Highlights from Faraday Discussion 193: Ultrafast Imaging of Photochemical Dynamics, Edinburgh, 2016' by Adam Kirrander and Russell S. Minns, Chem. Commun., 2016, 52, 13631-13636.
December 22, 2016: Chemical Communications: Chem Comm
M Oliva, F Navarro, F Hrbáček, A Hernández, D Nývlt, P Pereira, J Ruiz-Fernández, R Trigo
The Antarctic Peninsula (AP) is often described as a region with one of the largest warming trends on Earth since the 1950s, based on the temperature trend of 0.54°C/decade during 1951-2011 recorded at Faraday/Vernadsky station. Accordingly, most works describing the evolution of the natural systems in the AP region cite this extreme trend as the underlying cause of their observed changes. However, a recent analysis (Turner et al., 2016) has shown that the regionally stacked temperature record for the last three decades has shifted from a warming trend of 0...
December 12, 2016: Science of the Total Environment
André Schella, Stephan Herminghaus, Matthias Schröter
We study the effect of humidity on the charge accumulation of polymer granulates shaken vertically in a stainless steel container. This setup allows us to control the humidity level from 5% to 100%RH while performing automated charge measurements in a Faraday cup directly connected to the shaking container. We find that samples of approximately 2000 polymer spheres become highly charged at low humidity levels (<30%RH), but acquire almost no charge for humidity levels above 80%RH. The transition between these two regimes does depend on the material, as does the sign of the charge...
January 4, 2017: Soft Matter
Naresh Sampara, Tristan Gilet
Droplets can bounce indefinitely on a liquid bath vertically vibrated in a sinusoidal fashion. We here present experimental results that extend this observation to forcing signals composed of a combination of two commensurable frequencies. The Faraday and Goodridge thresholds are characterized. Then a number of vertical bouncing modes are reported, including walkers. The vertical motion can become chaotic, in which case the horizontal motion is an alternation of walk and stop.
November 2016: Physical Review. E
Liang Wu, M Salehi, N Koirala, J Moon, S Oh, N P Armitage
Topological insulators have been proposed to be best characterized as bulk magnetoelectric materials that show response functions quantized in terms of fundamental physical constants. Here, we lower the chemical potential of three-dimensional (3D) Bi2Se3 films to ~30 meV above the Dirac point and probe their low-energy electrodynamic response in the presence of magnetic fields with high-precision time-domain terahertz polarimetry. For fields higher than 5 tesla, we observed quantized Faraday and Kerr rotations, whereas the dc transport is still semiclassical...
December 2, 2016: Science
Carlo Santoro, Francesca Soavi, Catia Arbizzani, Alexey Serov, Sadia Kabir, Kayla Carpenter, Orianna Bretschger, Plamen Atanassov
In this work, four different supercapacitive microbial fuel cells (SC-MFCs) with carbon brush as the anode and an air-breathing cathode with Fe-Aminoantipyrine (Fe-AAPyr) as the catalyst have been investigated using galvanostatic discharges. The maximum power (Pmax) obtained was in the range from 1.7 mW to 1.9 mW for each SC-MFC. This in-series connection of four SC-MFCs almost quadrupled Pmax to an operating voltage of 3025 mV and a Pmax of 8.1 mW, one of the highest power outputs reported in the literature...
December 1, 2016: Electrochimica Acta
Sijie Guo, Siqi Zhao, Jin Gao, Cheng Zhu, Xiuqin Wu, Yijun Fu, Hui Huang, Yang Liu, Zhenhui Kang
Electrochemical reduction of CO2 is a key component of many prospective artificial technologies for renewable carbon-containing fuels, but it still suffers from the high overpotentials required to drive the process, low selectivity for diversiform products and the high cost of the catalyst. Here, we report that Cu-CDots nanocorals is a highly efficient, low-cost and stable electrocatalyst for CO2 reduction in aqueous solution. The major product of CO2 reduction on the Cu-CDots nanocorals is HCOOH with an inconceivable low overpotential of 0...
January 7, 2017: Nanoscale
S Yamamoto, K Ogawa, M Isobe, D S Darrow, S Kobayashi, K Nagasaki, H Okada, T Minami, S Kado, S Ohshima, G M Weir, Y Nakamura, S Konoshima, N Kemmochi, Y Ohtani, T Mizuuchi
A Faraday-cup type lost-fast ion probe (FLIP) has been designed and installed in Heliotron J for the purpose of the studies of interaction between fast ions and MHD instabilities. The FLIP can measure the co-going fast ions whose energy is in the range of 1.7-42.5 keV (proton) and pitch angle of 90(∘)-140(∘), especially for fast ions having the injection energy of neutral beam injection (NBI). The FLIP successfully measured the re-entering passing ions and trapped lost-fast ions caused by fast-ion-driven energetic particle modes in NBI heated plasmas...
November 2016: Review of Scientific Instruments
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