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Rea Lehner, Joshua H Balsters, Alexandra Bürgler, Todd A Hare, Nicole Wenderoth
Obese individuals have been shown to exhibit abnormal sensitivity to rewards and reward-predicting cues as for example food-associated cues frequently used in advertisements. It has also been shown that food-associated cues can increase goal-directed behavior but it is currently unknown, whether this effect differs between normal-weight, overweight, and obese individuals. Here, we investigate this question by using a Pavlovian-to-instrumental transfer (PIT) task in normal-weight ( N  = 20), overweight ( N  = 17), and obese ( N  = 17) individuals...
2017: Frontiers in Psychiatry
Simone Bürgler, David Nadal
Precursor B acute lymphoblastic leukemia (BCP-ALL), the most common childhood malignancy, arises from an expansion of malignant B cell precursors in the bone marrow. Epidemiological studies suggest that infections or immune responses to infections may promote such an expansion and thus BCP-ALL development. Nevertheless, a specific pathogen responsible for this process has not been identified. BCP-ALL cells critically depend on interactions with the bone marrow microenvironment. The bone marrow is also home to memory T helper (Th) cells that have previously expanded during an immune response in the periphery...
December 2017: Molecular and Cellular Pediatrics
Ján Rusz, Shunsuke Muto, Jakob Spiegelberg, Roman Adam, Kazuyoshi Tatsumi, Daniel E Bürgler, Peter M Oppeneer, Claus M Schneider
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October 5, 2016: Nature Communications
Ján Rusz, Shunsuke Muto, Jakob Spiegelberg, Roman Adam, Kazuyoshi Tatsumi, Daniel E Bürgler, Peter M Oppeneer, Claus M Schneider
Rapid development of magnetic nanotechnologies calls for experimental techniques capable of providing magnetic information with subnanometre spatial resolution. Available probes of magnetism either detect only surface properties, such as spin-polarized scanning tunnelling microscopy, magnetic force microscopy or spin-polarized low-energy electron microscopy, or they are bulk probes with limited spatial resolution or quantitativeness, such as X-ray magnetic circular dichroism or classical electron magnetic circular dichroism (EMCD)...
2016: Nature Communications
Julia M Lewis, Christina D Bürgler, Marianna Freudzon, Kseniya Golubets, Juliet F Gibson, Renata B Filler, Michael Girardi
UVB light is considered the major environmental inducer of human keratinocyte (KC) DNA mutations, including within the tumor-suppressor gene p53, and chronic exposure is associated with cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma formation. Langerhans cells (LCs) comprise a dendritic network within the suprabasilar epidermis, yet the role of LCs in UVB-induced carcinogenesis is largely unknown. Herein we show that LC-intact epidermis develops UVB-induced tumors more readily than LC-deficient epidermis. Although levels of epidermal cyclopyrimidine dimers following acute UVB exposure are equivalent in the presence or absence of LCs, chronic UVB-induced p53 mutant clonal islands expand more readily in association with LCs, which remain largely intact and are preferentially found in proximity to the expanding mutant KC populations...
November 2015: Journal of Investigative Dermatology
Michael B Soyka, David Holzmann, Tomasz M Basinski, Marcin Wawrzyniak, Christina Bannert, Simone Bürgler, Tunc Akkoc, Angela Treis, Beate Rückert, Mübeccel Akdis, Cezmi A Akdis, Thomas Eiwegger
BACKGROUND: Chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS) is characterized by epithelial activation and chronic T-cell infiltration in sinonasal mucosa and nasal polyps. IL-33 is a new cytokine of the IL-1 cytokine family that has a pro-inflammatory and Th2 type cytokine induction property. The role of IL-33 in the pathomechanisms of CRS and its interaction with other T cell subsets remain to be fully understood. METHODS: The main trigger for IL-33 mRNA expression in primary human sinonasal epithelial cells was determined in multiple cytokine and T-cell stimulated cultures...
2015: PloS One
V Sluka, A Kákay, A M Deac, D E Bürgler, C M Schneider, R Hertel
The gyrotropic rotation around the equilibrium position constitutes the fundamental excitation of magnetic vortices in nanostructures. The frequency of this mode varies with material and sample geometry, but is independent of the vortex handedness and its core direction. Here, we demonstrate that this degeneracy is lifted in a spin-torque oscillator containing two vortices stacked on top of each other. When driven by spin-polarized currents, such devices exhibit a set of dynamic modes with discretely split frequencies, each corresponding to a specific combination of vorticities and relative core polarities...
2015: Nature Communications
Simone Bürgler, Aleix Gimeno, Anna Parente-Ribes, Dong Wang, Audun Os, Stephen Devereux, Peter Jebsen, Bjarne Bogen, Geir E Tjønnfjord, Ludvig A Munthe
Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) is a B cell malignancy associated with increased levels of inflammatory cytokines. Similarly, expression of CD38 on CLL cells correlates with CLL cell survival and proliferation, but the mechanisms that regulate CD38 expression and inflammatory cytokines remain unclear. We have recently demonstrated that patients have CLL-specific Th cells that support CLL proliferation. In this article, we show that CLL cells attract such Th cells, thereby establishing an Ag-dependent collaboration...
January 15, 2015: Journal of Immunology: Official Journal of the American Association of Immunologists
Julia M Lewis, Christina D Bürgler, Juliet A Fraser, Haihui Liao, Kseniya Golubets, Cynthia L Kucher, Peter Y Zhao, Renata B Filler, Robert E Tigelaar, Michael Girardi
Cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) is the most prevalent invasive malignancy with metastatic potential. The epidermis is exposed to a variety of environmental DNA-damaging chemicals, principal among which are polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) ubiquitous in the environment, tobacco smoke, and broiled meats. Langerhans cells (LCs) comprise a network of dendritic cells situated adjacent to basal, suprabasal, and follicular infundibular keratinocytes that when mutated can give rise to SCC, and LC-intact mice are markedly more susceptible than LC-deficient mice to chemical carcinogenesis provoked by initiation with the model PAH, 7,12-dimethylbenz[a]anthracene (DMBA)...
May 2015: Journal of Investigative Dermatology
Shunsuke Muto, Ján Rusz, Kazuyoshi Tatsumi, Roman Adam, Shigeo Arai, Vancho Kocevski, Peter M Oppeneer, Daniel E Bürgler, Claus M Schneider
Electron magnetic circular dichroism (EMCD) allows the quantitative, element-selective determination of spin and orbital magnetic moments, similar to its well-established X-ray counterpart, X-ray magnetic circular dichroism (XMCD). As an advantage over XMCD, EMCD measurements are made using transmission electron microscopes, which are routinely operated at sub-nanometre resolution, thereby potentially allowing nanometre magnetic characterization. However, because of the low intensity of the EMCD signal, it has not yet been possible to obtain quantitative information from EMCD signals at the nanoscale...
2014: Nature Communications
David Bürgler, Michael Medinger, Jakob Passweg, Arne Fischmann, Christoph Bucher
BACKGROUND: Acute gastrointestinal GvHD (GI-aGvHD) refractory to first-line treatment with systemic corticosteroids is resulting in death in the majority of patients. We prospectively assessed the feasibility and efficacy of regional intra-arterial steroid treatment in adult patients with severe (≥ grade III) GI-aGvHD not responding to first-line treatment. PATIENTS AND METHODS: Patients with more than +++ GI-aGvHD not responding to intravenous methylprednisolone at a dose of 2mg/kg/day were eligible for inclusion...
February 2014: Leukemia Research
Sarah Fahrendorf, Nicolae Atodiresei, Claire Besson, Vasile Caciuc, Frank Matthes, Stefan Blügel, Paul Kögerler, Daniel E Bürgler, Claus M Schneider
Magnetic molecules are potential functional units for molecular and supramolecular spintronic devices. However, their magnetic and electronic properties depend critically on their interaction with metallic electrodes. Charge transfer and hybridization modify the electronic structure and thereby influence or even quench the molecular magnetic moment. Yet, detection and manipulation of the molecular spin state by means of charge transport, that is, spintronic functionality, mandates a certain level of hybridization of the magnetic orbitals with electrode states...
2013: Nature Communications
Audun Os, Simone Bürgler, Anna Parente Ribes, Ane Funderud, Dong Wang, Keith M Thompson, Geir E Tjønnfjord, Bjarne Bogen, Ludvig A Munthe
There is increasing interest in the chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) microenvironment and the mechanisms that may promote CLL cell survival and proliferation. A role for T helper (Th) cells has been suggested, but current evidence is only circumstantial. Here we show that CLL patients had memory Th cells that were specific for endogenous CLL antigens. These Th cells activated autologous CLL cell proliferation in vitro and in human → mouse xenograft experiments. Moreover, CLL cells were efficient antigen-presenting cells that could endocytose and process complex proteins through antigen uptake pathways, including the B cell receptor...
August 15, 2013: Cell Reports
M F Tesch, M C Gilbert, H-Ch Mertins, D E Bürgler, U Berges, C M Schneider
An ultra-high vacuum compatible multipurpose chamber for magneto-optical reflection and transmission experiments with polarization analysis on magnetic systems is introduced. It is applicable in a broad photon energy range from the visible to the soft x-ray regime and for a wide angular range from grazing to normal incidence. It exploits a novel magnetization device based on rotating permanent magnets, which generates tuneable magnetic fields up to 570 mT in longitudinal, transverse and polar geometry. The unique combination of these features enables the feasibility of all typical magneto-optical spectroscopy techniques as T-MOKE, L-MOKE, P-MOKE, x-ray magneto optical linear dichroism, x-ray magnetic circular dichroism in reflection and Kerr polarization-spectroscopy, which is demonstrated for Co with focus on the Co 3p edges...
June 20, 2013: Applied Optics
Marko Nedeljkovic, Christina Bürgler, Petra H Wirtz, Roland Seiler, Konrad M Streitberger, Brigitte Ausfeld-Hafter
In recent years, Taiji has been frequently investigated and considered as a stress management intervention. Although health care providers' appraisals and consumers' expectations are regarded as essential for treatment outcome, little attention has been drawn to this issue in Taiji research. In our study we have conducted two surveys to explore beginners' (n = 74) expectations and teachers' (n = 136) appraisals of their Taiji courses in general as well as more particularly related to stress management. Qualitative data analysis revealed that beginners mainly expected to learn a new method that is applicable in their daily life to foster peace of mind and to enhance their stress management...
2012: Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine: ECAM
S Heedt, C Morgan, K Weis, D E Bürgler, R Calarco, H Hardtdegen, D Grützmacher, Th Schäpers
We report on the conditions necessary for the electrical injection of spin-polarized electrons into indium nitride nanowires synthesized from the bottom up by molecular beam epitaxy. The presented results mark the first unequivocal evidence of spin injection into III-V semiconductor nanowires. Utilizing a newly developed preparation scheme, we are able to surmount shadowing effects during the metal deposition. Thus, we avoid strong local anisotropies that arise if the ferromagnetic leads are wrapping around the nanowire...
September 12, 2012: Nano Letters
Norbert Meyer, Janine Christoph, Heidi Makrinioti, Philippe Indermitte, Claudio Rhyner, Michael Soyka, Thomas Eiwegger, Maciej Chalubinski, Kerstin Wanke, Hiroyuki Fujita, Paulina Wawrzyniak, Simone Bürgler, Sherrie Zhang, Mübeccel Akdis, Günter Menz, Cezmi Akdis
BACKGROUND: IL-32 is a proinflammatory cytokine involved in various chronic inflammatory diseases. Chronic airway inflammation in asthmatic patients results in structural airway changes, including angiogenesis. Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) is a key inducer of angiogenesis in the airways of asthmatic patients. OBJECTIVE: The aim of the study was to investigate the expression and function of IL-32 in patients with angiogenesis and asthma. METHODS: The expression and regulation of IL-32 in normal human bronchial epithelial (NHBE) cells was analyzed by using RT-PCR, ELISA, Western blotting, immunofluorescent staining, and flow cytometry...
April 2012: Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
K M Seemann, F Freimuth, H Zhang, S Blügel, Y Mokrousov, D E Bürgler, C M Schneider
An angle dependent analysis of the planar Hall effect (PHE) in nanocrystalline single-domain Co(60)Fe(20)B(20) thin films is reported. In a combined experimental and theoretical study we show that the transverse resistivity of the PHE is entirely driven by anisotropic magnetoresistance (AMR). Our results for Co(60)Fe(20)B(20) obtained from first principles theory in conjunction with a Boltzmann transport model take into account the nanocrystallinity and the presence of 20 at. % boron. The ab initio AMR ratio of 0...
August 19, 2011: Physical Review Letters
Mareike Altgassen, Julie D Henry, Stefanie Bürgler, Matthias Kliegel
This study investigated the impact of emotional valence on event-based prospective memory performance in depression. Thirty individuals with depression and 29 healthy adults performed a prospective memory task in which the emotional valence of the prospective targets was manipulated (positive, neutral, negative). Collapsed across all valence conditions, healthy adults outperformed individuals with depression in the prospective memory task. This effect was qualified by planned contrasts indicating that the two groups only differed when responding to positively valenced cues, reflecting a positivity effect in healthy adults...
October 2011: Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology
Mübeccel Akdis, Simone Burgler, Reto Crameri, Thomas Eiwegger, Hiroyuki Fujita, Enrique Gomez, Sven Klunker, Norbert Meyer, Liam O'Mahony, Oscar Palomares, Claudio Rhyner, Nadia Ouaked, Nadia Quaked, Anna Schaffartzik, Willem Van De Veen, Sabine Zeller, Maya Zimmermann, Cezmi A Akdis
Advancing our understanding of mechanisms of immune regulation in allergy, asthma, autoimmune diseases, tumor development, organ transplantation, and chronic infections could lead to effective and targeted therapies. Subsets of immune and inflammatory cells interact via ILs and IFNs; reciprocal regulation and counter balance among T(h) and regulatory T cells, as well as subsets of B cells, offer opportunities for immune interventions. Here, we review current knowledge about ILs 1 to 37 and IFN-γ. Our understanding of the effects of ILs has greatly increased since the discoveries of monocyte IL (called IL-1) and lymphocyte IL (called IL-2); more than 40 cytokines are now designated as ILs...
March 2011: Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
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