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Ruth Steinberg, Lara Knüpffer, Andrea Origi, Rossella Asti, Hans-Georg Koch
About 30% of all bacterial proteins execute their function outside of the cytosol and have to be transported into or across the cytoplasmic membrane. Bacteria use multiple protein transport systems in parallel, but the majority of proteins engage two distinct targeting systems. One is the co-translational targeting by two universally conserved GTPases, the signal recognition particle (SRP) and its receptor FtsY, which deliver inner membrane proteins to either the SecYEG translocon or the YidC insertase for membrane insertion...
June 1, 2018: FEMS Microbiology Letters
(no author information available yet)
Although stratification in deep lakes was well discussed, few studies pay attention to thermal structure as well as itsinfluences on stratification of biochemical parameters in subtropical lakes in mountainous cities. Here, we studied the depth profile of temperature and biochemical parameters in Longjing Lake,a subtropical reservoir in a mountainous city. The thermal stratification became strong during summer. Biochemical parameters were strongly associated with thermal structure. Stratification started at 2~6 m depth with substantial decrease of dissolved oxygen (DO), biochemical oxygen demand (BOD5), chlorophyll a (Chla) and pH, corresponding to increase of total nitrogen (TN), ammonium (NH4+), nitrite (NO2-), total inorganic nitrogen (TIN), total phosphorus (TP) and soluble reactive phosphorus (SRP) with depth, and the majority of biochemical parameters showed slight variations from 12 m downward...
May 18, 2018: Water Environment Research: a Research Publication of the Water Environment Federation
Gopalakrishnan Sundaram, Theyagarajan Ramakrishnan, Harinath Parthasarathy, Manoj Raja, Samuel Raj
Aims: The aim of this study was to observe the sequelae of fenugreek adjunctive to nonsurgical periodontal therapy and its comparison to a group treated with scaling and root planing (SRP) and metformin alone by assessing their respective effects on periodontal parameters, glycemic status, and serum lipid levels. Materials and Methods: The study comprised eighty patients who were further divided into two groups. Each group consisted of 40 patients. Group 1 consisted of uncontrolled noninsulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM) patients with chronic generalized periodontitis, who received SRP and treatment with metformin...
March 2018: Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology
Jian Li, J Tian, Y B Wang, H Zhang
INTRODUCTION: The People's Republic of China has been successfully deploying medical teams to support the peacekeeping mission at the Level 2 Military Hospital in Mali since December 2013. The aim of this paper was to compare the current practice in Chinese Peacekeeping Level 2 Military Hospital with the severe trauma treatment standards reported in China. METHODS: A retrospective analysis was conducted between 26 April 2014 and 18 May 2016 using records stored in the Chinese Peacekeeping Level 2 Hospital (CHN L2)...
May 16, 2018: Journal of the Royal Army Medical Corps
K Grzech-Leśniak, A Sculean, Boris Gašpirc
The objective of this study was to evaluate the microbiological and clinical outcomes following nonsurgical treatment by either scaling and root planing, combination of Nd:YAG and Er:YAG lasers, or by Er:YAG laser treatment alone. The study involved 60 patients with generalized chronic periodontitis, randomly assigned into one of three treatment groups of 20 patients. The first group received scaling and root planing by hand instruments (SRP group), the second group received Er:YAG laser treatment alone (Er group), and the third group received combined treatment with Nd:YAG and Er:YAG lasers (NdErNd group)...
May 15, 2018: Lasers in Medical Science
Russell W H Kridel, Sean William Delaney
Septal perforation repair and septorhinoplasty (SRP) each present unique surgical challenges. However, in many instances, these procedures may be performed together successfully. In this study, the authors aim to determine the safety and effectiveness of combining primary or revision SRP and septal perforation repair via an open approach. A retrospective review was carried out of all consecutive patients who had SRP and septal perforation repair via an open approach between 1986 and 2017 in the senior author's practice...
May 15, 2018: Facial Plastic Surgery: FPS
Sarita Kumari Yadav, Gayasuddin Khan, Monika Bansal, Sathish Thokala, Gunjan Vasant Bonde, Mansi Upadhyay, Brahmeshwar Mishra
Considering alarming projections in the prevalence of periodontitis, following study was undertaken to develop chitosan-vanillin cross-linked microspheres loaded in-situ gel (MLIG) implants containing ornidazole and doxycycline hyclate for the treatment of pocket infections. Firstly, microspheres were formulated and optimized using response surface methodology for particle size <50 μm, entrapment efficiency >80%, in-vitro drug release (T80% ) >7 days and acceptable mucoadhesion. Further, MLIG were optimized for gelation temperature of 34-37 °C and viscosity <1000 cps respectively...
May 7, 2018: International Journal of Biological Macromolecules
Arjun Sivaraman, Peter Scardino, James Eastham
Purpose: To describe the salvage radical prostatectomy (sRP) experience in patients presenting with recurrent, clinically localized prostate cancer after multiple failed local treatments. Materials and Methods: Among the 251 sRP performed during 2000-2016, 11 patients had failed multiple local therapies. We describe baseline clinical characteristics at primary cancer diagnosis and prior to sRP, surgical information, complications and oncological outcomes. Results: The mean±standard deviation age at sRP was 65±5 years and the median (interquartile range) serum prostate-specific antigen (PSA) level was 2 (1...
May 2018: Investigative and Clinical Urology
Jiake Li, Zheng Liang, Yajiao Li, Peng Li, Chunbo Jiang
Excessive phosphorus (P) contributes to eutrophication by degrading water quality and limiting human use of water resources. Identifying economic and convenient methods to control soluble reactive phosphorus (SRP) pollution in urban runoff is the key point of rainwater management strategies. Through three series of different tests involving influencing factors, continuous operation and intermittent operation, this study explored the purification effects of bioretention tanks under different experimental conditions, it included nine intermittent tests, single field continuous test with three groups of different fillers (Fly ash mixed with sand, Blast furnace slag, and Soil), and eight intermittent tests with single filler (Blast furnace slag mixed with sand)...
2018: PloS One
Gabriela Alarcón, Jennifer H Pfeifer, Damien A Fair, Bonnie J Nagel
Ineffective reduction of functional connectivity between the default mode network (DMN) and frontoparietal network (FPN) during cognitive control can interfere with performance in healthy individuals-a phenomenon present in psychiatric disorders, such as depression. Here, this mechanism is studied in healthy adolescents by examining gender differences in task-regressed functional connectivity using functional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and a novel task designed to place the DMN-supporting self-referential processing (SRP)-and FPN-supporting cognitive control-into conflict...
2018: Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience
Taleghani Ferial, Gita Rezvani, Birjandi Mahnaz, Valizadeh Maryam
PURPOSE: To investigate the effects of daily intake of green tea herbal on clinical criteria in Periodontitis. METHODS: Thirty patients with chronic periodontitis were randomly divided into control and experimental groups after scaling and root planning(SRP). [u1]Experimental group consumed green tea herbal for 6 weeks and the control group received no intervention. Clinical indices were measured before and 6 weeks after the intervention, and compared for each groups by non-parametric Wilcoxon test and between two groups by Man-Witheny test...
April 30, 2018: Journal of Stomatology, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Sahu Ipshita, Ida G Kurian, Pankaj Dileep, Shatrughan Kumar, Priyanka Singh, Avani R Pradeep
AIM: Alendronate (ALN) has antiresorptive and osteostimulative properties. The major component of aloe vera (AV) gel is acemannan, which has been found to have osteogenic properties. The aim of the present study is to explore the effectiveness of 1% ALN and AV gel as an adjunct to scaling and root planing (SRP) in chronic periodontitis patients with class II furcation defects. METHODS: Ninety volunteers were randomly assigned to three treatment groups: (a) SRP plus placebo gel; (b) SRP plus 1% ALN gel; and (c) SRP plus AV gel...
May 2, 2018: Journal of Investigative and Clinical Dentistry
Sarah Haßdenteufel, Nicholas Johnson, Adrienne W Paton, James C Paton, Stephen High, Richard Zimmermann
Protein transport into the mammalian endoplasmic reticulum (ER) is mediated by the heterotrimeric Sec61 channel. The signal recognition particle (SRP) and TRC systems and Sec62 have all been characterized as membrane-targeting components for small presecretory proteins, whereas Sec63 and the lumenal chaperone BiP act as auxiliary translocation components. Here, we report the transport requirements of two natural, small presecretory proteins and engineered variants using semipermeabilized human cells after the depletion of specific ER components...
May 1, 2018: Cell Reports
Gregor J Petersilka, Nicole B Arweiler, Joachim Otto, Tobias Wittig
OBJECTIVES: Evaluation of the safety and efficacy of a topical lidocaine gel 2% (LG) during scaling and root planing (SRP) and professional mechanical plaque removal (PMPR). MATERIALS AND METHODS: The anesthetic effects as well as unwanted effects of LG prior to or during SRP and PMPR were evaluated in an observational, non-randomized, non-interventional study design. A total of 385 treatments were recorded in 68 study centers all over Germany. Rating of the anesthetic effect of LG by treating personnel and patients using a four-item verbal rating scale (VRS), tolerability, safety (adverse effects), and need for additional local injection anesthesia (ALI)...
May 1, 2018: Clinical Oral Investigations
Amihai Karniel, Devid Mrusek, Wieland Steinchen, Orly Dym, Gert Bange, Eitan Bibi
Much of our knowledge on the function of proteins is deduced from their mature, folded states. However, it is unknown whether partially synthesized nascent protein segments can execute biological functions during translation and whether their premature folding states matter. A recent observation that a nascent chain performs a distinct function, co-translational targeting in vivo, has been made with the E. coli signal recognition particle (SRP)-receptor FtsY, a major player in the conserved pathway of membrane protein biogenesis...
April 25, 2018: Journal of Molecular Biology
Zhi Wei Li, Li Tuo Cui
In order to study the relationship between zooplankton community structure and environmental factors in Tangshan Bay, the zooplankton community structure and environmental factors were investigated in 2015 April (spring), July (summer), October (autumn) and December (winter). The temporal and spatial variation of zooplankton community structure and its main environmental driving factors were analyzed by means of multivariate analysis and correlation analysis. The results showed that the main environmental factors affecting the abundance of zooplankton in Tangshan Bay were DIN, SS, temperature and Chla...
November 2017: Ying Yong Sheng Tai Xue Bao, the Journal of Applied Ecology
Gaëlle J S Talhouarne, Joseph G Gall
We report that 7SL, the RNA component of the signal recognition particle (SRP), is an abundant ncRNA in mature red blood cells (RBCs) of human, mouse, and the frog Xenopus. 7SL RNA in RBCs is not associated with the canonical proteins of the SRP. Instead, it co-immunoprecipitates from a lysate of RBCs with a number of membrane-binding proteins. Human and mouse RBCs also contain a previously undescribed 68 nt RNA, sRN7SL, derived from the "S domain" of 7SL RNA. We discuss the possibility that 7SL RNA is selectively protected from nucleases by association with the RBC membrane...
April 23, 2018: RNA
Leandro Chambrone, Umberto D Ramos, Mark A Reynolds
OBJECTIVE: This systematic review assesses the efficacy of infrared laser therapy used alone or as an adjunct to nonsurgical or surgical periodontal therapy, on clinical and patient-centered outcomes in patients with periodontitis. METHODS: Randomized clinical trials (RCTs) with a follow-up duration ≥ 3 months that evaluated root surface debridement (i.e., scaling and root debridement with or without surgical access) to laser therapy alone or laser therapy plus root surface debridement for the treatment of adult patients (≥18 years old) with moderate to severe aggressive or chronic periodontitis were considered eligible for inclusion...
April 22, 2018: Journal of Periodontology
Takashi Matsumura, Fumihiro Nakano, Hitoshi Matsumoto, Outa Uryu, Yoichi Hayakawa
Growth-blocking peptide (GBP) and stress-responsive peptide (SRP) are insect cytokines whose expression levels are elevated by various stressful conditions such as parasitization and high or low temperatures. Both GBP and SRP are synthesized as precursors and released into the hemolymph, where they are enzymatically processed to active peptides. Injection of active GBP or SRP into early last instar larvae elicits a reduction in feeding and consequent growth retardation in the armyworm Mythimna separata. Although such functions are thought to benefit insects under stressful conditions by affecting their physiologies and behaviors, the relationship between GBP and SRP remains elusive...
April 19, 2018: Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Adam J Dobson, Xiaoli He, Eric Blanc, Ekin Bolukbasi, Yodit Feseha, Mingyao Yang, Matthew D W Piper
Dietary restriction (DR) extends animal lifespan, but imposes fitness costs. This phenomenon depends on dietary essential amino acids (EAAs) and TOR signalling, which exert systemic effects. However, the roles of specific tissues and cell-autonomous transcriptional regulators in diverse aspects of the DR phenotype are unknown. Manipulating relevant transcription factors (TFs) specifically in lifespan-limiting tissues may separate the lifespan benefits of DR from the early-life fitness costs. Here, we systematically analyse transcription across organs of Drosophila subjected to DR or low TOR and predict regulatory TFs...
2018: NPJ Aging and Mechanisms of Disease
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