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Carlotta Mutti, Federica Barocco, Lucia Zinno, Anna Negrotti, Marco Spallazzi, Giovanni Pavesi, Simona Gardini, Paolo Caffarra
Anti-N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor (anti-NMDAR) encephalitis is an autoimmune encephalitis mainly affecting young women. We report a case of a mild paraneoplastic anti-NMDAR encephalitis in a 31-year-old female with an ovarian immature teratoma. The patient exhibited a severe short-term episodic memory impairment and psychiatric symptoms. A detailed diagnostic work-up including complete clinical and laboratory examinations, neuropsychological assessments, and neuroradiological investigations has been done at the onset and during follow-up...
December 2017: Neurological Sciences
Sayaka Takemoto-Kimura, Kanzo Suzuki, Shin-Ichiro Horigane, Satoshi Kamijo, Masatoshi Inoue, Masayuki Sakamoto, Hajime Fujii, Haruhiko Bito
Neuronal activity induces intracellular Ca(2+) increase, which triggers activation of a series of Ca(2+) -dependent signaling cascades. Among these, the multifunctional Ca(2+) /calmodulin-dependent protein kinases (CaMKs, or calmodulin kinases) play key roles in neuronal transmission, synaptic plasticity, circuit development and cognition. The most investigated CaMKs for these roles in neuronal functions are CaMKI, CaMKII, CaMKIV and we will shed light on these neuronal CaMKs' functions in this review. Catalytically active members of CaMKs currently are CaMKI, CaMKII, CaMKIV and CaMKK...
June 2017: Journal of Neurochemistry
Antonietta Fava, Carmen Colica, Massimiliano Plastino, Demetrio Messina, Dario Cristiano, Carlo Opipari, Antonio Vaccaro, Gaetano Gorgone, Francesca Bosco, Alessandra Fratto, Matteo De Bartolo, Domenico Bosco
Several epidemiological studies have shown that Diabetes Mellitus (DM) or Insulin Resistance (IR) increases the risk of dementia. Besides, some authors suggested that poor glucose control to be associated with worse cognitive function. We aimed to assess cognitive functions and IR-degree over time in diabetic. We also evaluated whether a greater magnitude of cognitive decline could be related with their IR degree. We enrolled 335 diabetic patients and 142 non-diabetic subjects; participants were subdivided into three groups in accordance with their IRdegree assessed by Homa-Index (HI): Normal-HI (non-diabetic NHI < 2,6), Moderate-HI (MHI > 2,6 < 10) and High-HI (HHI > 10)...
June 2017: Metabolic Brain Disease
Keiko Tamaki, Jiro Fukae, Kaori Koga, Akihito Nagatoshi, Akihiko Ueda, Shinji Ouma, Yukio Ando, Yoshio Tsuboi
A 57-year-old man developed migraine at the age of 25 years. Thereafter, he developed depression at the age of 50 years, and was admitted to a psychiatric hospital at the age of 54 years because of deteriorating depression. He returned to his work after receiving treatment for depression; however, he made mistakes several times in his work. He was referred to our hospital for further neurological evaluation. The results of the neurological examination performed on admission were unremarkable. His Mini Mental State Examination (MMSE) score was 24/30, and neuropsycological evaluations revealed executive dysfunction...
December 2015: Brain and Nerve, Shinkei Kenkyū No Shinpo
Charles Béguelin, Miriam Vázquez, Manuel Bertschi, Sabine Yerly, Denise de Jong, Andri Rauch, Alexia Cusini
INTRODUCTION: HIV-1 viral escape in the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) despite viral suppression in plasma is rare [1,2]. We describe the case of a 50-year-old HIV-1 infected patient who was diagnosed with HIV-1 in 1995. Antiretroviral therapy (ART) was started in 1998 with a CD4 T cell count of 71 cells/ìL and HIV-viremia of 46,000 copies/mL. ART with zidovudine (AZT), lamivudine (3TC) and efavirenz achieved full viral suppression. After the patient had interrupted ART for two years, treatment was re-introduced with tenofovir (TDF), emtricitabin (FTC) and ritonavir boosted atazanavir (ATVr)...
2014: Journal of the International AIDS Society
Hiroshi Morioka, Shuji Kishida, Akifumi Imamura, Noritaka Sekiya, Naoki Yanagisawa, Akihiko Suganuma, Atsushi Ajisawa
BACKGROUND: HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders (HAND) have emerged as a problem among HIV-infected individuals in the era of antiretroviral therapy. However, there are insufficient data on HAND regarding its prevalence and clinical features in Japan. METHODS: A test battery composed of eight neuropsycological tests proposed by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW test battery) was applied to assess 30 subjects at Tokyo Metropolitan Komagome Hospital...
March 2014: Kansenshōgaku Zasshi. the Journal of the Japanese Association for Infectious Diseases
Cristiana Cipriani, Elisabetta Romagnoli, Mirella Cilli, Sara Piemonte, Jessica Pepe, Salvatore Minisola
The clinical picture of primary hyperparathyroidism (PHPT) has changed over the last three decades and many asymptomatic patients are now diagnosed through the unexpected finding of high serum calcium levels. However, though not yet considered as typical features of the disease and therefore not included in the guidelines for surgery, many data are available on neuropsycological manifestations and their impact on quality of life in asymptomatic patients. PHPT patients indeed show early experience nonspecific symptoms, such as weakness, depression, sleep disturbance, memory loss and anxiety...
February 2014: Expert Review of Pharmacoeconomics & Outcomes Research
Ayşe İpek Kalafatçılar, Özlem Tüfekçi, Hale Ören, Semra Hız, Handan Güleryüz, Aynur Akay, Esmahan Orçim, Yüksel Olgun, Gülersu İrken
The neurologic dysfunctions caused by treatment may affect health and quality of life in survivors of childhood leukemia. The objective of this study was to identify the neuropsychological late effects of leukemia treatment to provide an assessment about the degree and incidence of these late effects. Neurological and ophtalmological examination, cranial magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), auditory and neurocognitive tests, and questionnaires of quality of life were performed to 44 acute leukemia survivors at least 5 years after diagnosis...
March 2014: Pediatric Hematology and Oncology
Maurizio Gallucci, Andrea Zanardo, Matteo Bendini, Francesco Di Paola, Paolo Boldrini, Enzo Grossi
BACKGROUND: The role of folate and homocysteine in brain atrophy associated with Alzheimer's disease is not completely understood. OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to investigate the relationships between serum folate and homocysteine levels and the degree of cortical-subcortical and hippocampal atrophy in a first relatively preliminary sample of the Treviso Dementia (TREDEM) study using a potent data mining method. METHODS: Physiological data, biochemical parameters, clinical assessment data, brain atrophy severity assessed with CT scans, and neuropsycological and disability data were assessed in a group of 232 outpatients (93 men and 139 women, aged 40...
2014: Journal of Alzheimer's Disease: JAD
Rita Bella, Raffaele Ferri, Giuseppe Lanza, Mariagiovanna Cantone, Manuela Pennisi, Valentina Puglisi, Luisa Vinciguerra, Concetto Spampinato, Tommaso Mazza, Giulia Malaguarnera, Giovanni Pennisi
Vascular cognitive impairment-no dementia (VCI-ND) is a condition at risk for future dementia and should be the target of preventive strategies. Recently, an enhanced intracortical facilitation observed in VCI-ND patients was proposed as a candidate neurophysiological marker of the disease process. The aim of this study was to monitor the excitability of the motor cortex and the functioning of excitatory/inhibitory intracortical circuits in patients with VCI-ND after a follow-up period of approximately 2 years, in order to pick out early markers of disease progression into dementia...
February 8, 2013: Neuroscience Letters
Pierfrancesco Grima, Massimiliano Fabbiani, Nicoletta Ciccarelli, Mariangela Tana, Salvatore Farina, Manuela Colafigli, Annalisa Mondi, Roberto Cauda, Simona Di Giambenedetto
OBJECTIVES: Despite the introduction of combined antiretroviral therapy (cART), the prevalence of HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders (HANDs) remains high. Aim of the study was to investigate the potential relationship between ophthalmic artery resistance index (OARI), a marker of subclinical cerebrovascular disease, and cognitive performance. METHODS: We performed a cross-sectional cohort study by consecutively enrolling HIV-infected patients during routine outpatient visits...
November 2012: Journal of Infection
M Ipek, H Hilal, T Nese, M Aynur, E Gazanfer
RATIONALE: The adult brain maintains the ability for reorganization or plasticity throughout life. Non-invasive techniques such as functional magnetic resonance imaging (f-MRI), Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) and magnetoencephalography could be used to show recovery of function after stroke. OBJECTIVE: Explanation of neuronal plastisity and intra-hemisferic reorganization with functional recovery of a case who has total extensive damage on the left hemisphere...
August 15, 2011: Journal of Medicine and Life
Gabriel Arismendi-Morillo, Mary Fernández-Abreu
BACKGROUND: Studies suggest a link between chronic kidney disease and cognitive impairment. Skin biopsy is hire in the study of leucoaraiosis since permit establish the responsible vascular pathology of subcortical white matter changes because the pathological hallmark is systemic. The aim was to study the ultrastructural changes of cutaneous small vessel of patients aged up to 50 years with chronic kidney disease (CKD) and vascular cognitive impairment (VCI). METHODS: Clinical, laboratorial, cerebral imaging, neuropsycological evaluation for executive functions (Clox test), and skin biopsy to 4 patients aged up to 50 years with CKD and VCI were done...
August 2010: Ultrastructural Pathology
Fernández-Martínez M, A Molano, J Castro, J J Zarranz
OBJECTIVE: The study aimed to describe the prevalence of Neuropsychiatric symptoms (NPS) in Alzheimer's disease (AD), amnestic mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and controls using the 12-item Neuropsychiatric Inventory (NPI) and to analyze the relationships between neuropsychiatric symptoms with specific neuropsychological tests. PATIENTS AND METHODS: We prospectively studied 485 patients from the Memory Unit in Cruces Hospital (Spain), 344 met the criteria of NINCDS-ADRDA for probable AD (99 were classified as mild and 245 as moderate-severe), 91 for MCI and 50 were controls...
September 2010: Current Alzheimer Research
A Taravari, P Traubner, S Gortha, I Petrov, V Petrova, M Ismajli-Marku
UNLABELLED: The aim of this paper is to analyze the results of correlation of clinical symptoms and their characteristics with the results of neurophysiologic, neuropsycologic investigations and short genetic analyses in patients with Idiopathic Parkinson's disease (IPD). MATERIAL AND METHODS: The paper is a prospective and retrospective study of 15 IPD patients and 25 patients with different forms of parkinsonism. RESULTS: Patients with idiopathic Parkinson's disease had all cardinal symptoms characteristic for the disease: tremor, rigidity and reduced postural reflexes in 100%...
2010: Bratislavské Lekárske Listy
Alessandro Ghezzo, Franca R Guerini, Elisabetta Bolognesi, Michela Matteoli, Salvatorica Manca, Stefano Sotgiu, Maurizio Bejor, Mario Clerici, Matteo Chiappedi
Synaptosomal-associated protein of 25 KD (SNAP-25) is a protein that participates in synaptic vesicle exocytosis through the formation of a SNARE complex; SNAP-25 also plays a pivotal role in modulating calcium homeostasis through negative regulation of voltage-gated calcium channels. SNAP-25 has been involved in different neuropsychiatric disorders, including attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. There are well known physiological gender differences in many neuropsychological skills, and there are even more striking gender differences in patients with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and autism spectrum disorders...
December 2009: Medical Hypotheses
Ben Zhang, Jing Liao, Zheng-Rong Wang, Yun Chen, Jian-wen Gu, Li-gang Chen, Jun Fang
OBJECTIVE: To investigate the common characteristics of the patients, relapse reasons of patients before and after surgery, evaluate the relapse rate and its impact factors, and therapeutic effect of patients accepted stereotactic surgery to treat opiate dependence in Sichuan. METHODS: An investigation, using uniform questionnaires by face-to-face and telephone interview, and gaining data from medical records of patients, was conducted in Mar to Jun 2005, in Sichuan Province...
September 2006: Wei Sheng Yan Jiu, Journal of Hygiene Research
Yuji Tanaka, Hiroshi Nishida, Rumiko Hayashi, Takashi Inuzuka, Mika Otsuki
We have reported a very rare case of a patient with callosal disconnection syndrome due to acute disseminated enchephalomyelitis (ADEM). A 54-year-old right-handed woman developed sudden consciousness disturbance and fever after 2 weeks when she had common cold. She did not have a history of stuttering. On admission, the neurological finding showed consciousness disturbance, and exaggerated muscle stretch reflex in four extremities without meningeal irritation. The cerebrospinal fluid examination revealed the cell counts of 273/mm3, the protein of 348 mg/dl and the myelin basic protein 18...
January 2006: Rinshō Shinkeigaku, Clinical Neurology
M M Fontanella, L Bergamasco, P Perozzo, L Priano, S Vighetti, F Griva, C A Pagni
BACKGROUND: We evaluated high cerebral functions 6 months after surgery for bleeding ACoA aneurysms comparing neurophysiological and neuropsycological tests. METHODS: Twelve patients were chosen among a series of cases operated on in the first 48 hours after ACoA aneurysm bleeding. All of them were in Hunt-Hess grade I or II. We excluded patients over 65 years, or with intracranial haematomas, intraventricular haemorrhage, hydrocephalus, or with multiple or giant aneurysms...
June 2000: Journal of Neurosurgical Sciences
M Vercelletto, C Delchoque, C Magne, M Huvet, S Lanier, J R Feve
A prospective psychometric study was conducted in 16 patients who recently developed classic sporadic amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and had no signs of anxiety or depression. Tests included PM38, MMS, Rey word and Rey image tests, span, Stroop test, verbal fluency, Wisconsin test and London Tower test coupled with 99m Tc HMPAO tomography. Results demonstrated that the patients had no intellectual degradation nor visual constructive disorders but had disturbed verbal and visual memory with a reduced verbal fluency (particular bulbar forms), perseverance errors on the Wisconsin test (half of the cases) and an increased number of movements in the London Tower test...
February 1999: Revue Neurologique
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