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Omolola C Betiku, Carl J Yeoman, T Gibson Gaylord, Benjamin Americus, Sarah Olivo, Glenn C Duff, Wendy M Sealey
A two-phase feeding study evaluating performance of rainbow trout and comparing luminal and mucosal gastrointestinal tract (GIT) bacterial community compositions when fed two alternative protein diets in two rearing systems was conducted. Alternative protein diets (animal protein and plant protein diets) balanced with crystalline amino acids: lysine, methionine and threonine or unbalanced, were fed to rainbow trout in two separate water systems (recirculating (RR) and flow-through (FF)) for a period of 16 weeks...
2018: PloS One
Pacharee Thongkamkoon, Nopporn Tohmee, Erin K Morris, Laksanee Inamnuay, Eric D Lombardini
Chlamydial infections in crocodiles have been described in several countries and in several different species. These are typically associated with severe pharyngitis and conjunctivitis, with death occurring secondary to compromise of the upper respiratory tract due to obstruction of the trachea. A population of ranched Siamese crocodiles in central Thailand experienced an epizootic of sudden death in juvenile animals. The affected animals had fulminant systemic disease primarily involving the liver and spleen but also affecting the kidneys, heart, and the whole of the respiratory tract...
January 1, 2018: Veterinary Pathology
Shizhen Ma, Chengtao Sun, Anette Hulth, Jiyun Li, Lennart E Nilsson, Yuqing Zhou, Stefan Börjesson, Zhenwang Bi, Zhenqiang Bi, Qiang Sun, Yang Wang
Objectives: To characterize the mobile colistin resistance gene mcr-5 in Aeromonas hydrophila from backyard pigs in rural areas of China. Methods: Pig faecal samples from 194 households were directly tested for the presence of mcr-5 by PCR assay and the phenotypic antimicrobial susceptibility profiles of the mcr-5-positive isolates were determined using the broth dilution method. The genomic location and transferability of mcr-5 were analysed by S1-PFGE with Southern blotting and DNA hybridization, and natural transformation, respectively...
April 11, 2018: Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy
Peng Huang, Jinlei Shi, Qingwen Sun, Xianping Dong, Ning Zhang
Lysozymes are known as ubiquitously distributed immune effectors with hydrolytic activity against peptidoglycan, the major bacterial cell wall polymer, to trigger cell lysis. In the present study, the full-length cDNA sequence of a novel sea urchin Strongylocentrotus purpuratus invertebrate-type lysozyme (sp-iLys) was synthesized according to the codon usage bias of Pichia pastoris and was cloned into a constitutive expression plasmid pPIC9K. The resulting plasmid, pPIC9K-sp-iLys, was integrated into the genome of P...
April 13, 2018: Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology
S M Colston, A Navarro, A J Martinez-Murcia, J Graf
Species of the Aeromonas genus can be found in numerous environmental milieus, including various water sources, and some species cause disease in animals. We present here the draft genome sequence for Aeromonas cavernicola DSM 24474T , a novel species isolated from a freshwater brook within a cavern in the Czech Republic.
April 12, 2018: Genome Announcements
S M Colston, A Navarro, A J Martinez-Murcia, J Graf
Aeromonas lusitana sp. nov. is an isolate derived from a study aimed at characterizing Aeromonas spp. from water sources used for recreation and agricultural purposes and assessing the implications these organisms have for human and animal health. We present here the 4.52-Mbp draft genome sequence of this novel species.
April 12, 2018: Genome Announcements
Saowalak Onming, Wilawan Thongda, Chao Li, Orathai Sawatdichaikul, Nichanun McMillan, Sirawut Klinbunga, Eric Peatman, Supawadee Poompuang
Cathepsin B is a lysosomal proteolytic enzyme that has been suggested to play a role in pathological processes of immune system. In this study, the full-length cDNA sequence of cathepsin B transcript in the giant river prawn Macrobrachium rosenbergii (MrCTSB) was obtained from 454 pyrosequencing of cDNAs from hepatopancreas and muscle. It was 1158 bp in length, containing an open reading frame (ORF) of 987 bp corresponding to 328 amino acids. The predicted molecular mass and pI of MrCTSB protein was 36...
April 9, 2018: Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology. Part B, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Changsong Wu, Xiaoheng Zhao, Sarath Babu V, Gailing Yuan, Weimin Wang, Jianguo Su, Xiaoling Liu, Li Lin
The mannose receptor (MR) is a type I transmembrane protein. Its ectodomain has eight C-type lectin-like domains, which are able to recognize and mediate the phagocytosis of a wide range of pathogens. Comprehensive studies have revealed that mammalian MR is widely distributed in the mononuclear phagocyte system (MPS, previously known as the reticuloendothelial system) and play a key role both in the physiological clearance and cell activation. Hitherto, neither the MR distribution, nor the function of clearance and cell activation has been investigated in fish...
April 6, 2018: Fish & Shellfish Immunology
Zhendong Qin, V Sarath Babu, Ningqiu Li, Tairan Fu, Jinquan Li, Lizhu Yi, Lijuan Zhao, Jun Li, Yang Zhou, Li Lin
The emergence of multi antibiotic resistance by the pathogens and toxic impacts on host metabolism has opened new perspectives to rational novel vaccine techniques. Outbreaks of Aeromonas hydrophila in aquaculture caused high mortality throughout the world and resulted in the extensive economic loss in the aquaculture industry. In this study, we report the efficacy of anti-A. hydrophila IgY antibodies by passive vaccination and its prophylactic or therapeutic effects against A. hydrophila in blunt snout bream...
April 2, 2018: Fish & Shellfish Immunology
Hatem Kallel, Claire Mayence, Stéphanie Houcke, Cyrille Mathien, Hossein Mehdaoui, José María Gutiérrez, Bruno Megarbane, Didier Hommel, Dabor Resiere
In French Guiana, Bothrops atrox, Bothrops brazili, Bothrops bilineatus, Lachesis muta and Micrurus sp are responsible for most cases of snakebite envenomation. The clinical features in patients suffering from envenomations by viperid snakes involve local tissue damage and systemic manifestations, such as hemorrhage, coagulopathies and hemodynamic instability. We report a severe case of envenomation in a patient bitten by a large unidentified pit viper in French Guiana. Due to lack of antivenom, the patient only received symptomatic management...
April 2, 2018: Toxicon: Official Journal of the International Society on Toxinology
Jyoti M Gurung, Ayad A A Amer, Monika K Francis, Tiago R D Costa, Shiyun Chen, Anton V Zavialov, Matthew S Francis
Type III secretion systems harbored by several Gram-negative bacteria are often used to deliver host-modulating effectors into infected eukaryotic cells. About 20 core proteins are needed for assembly of a secretion apparatus. Several of these proteins are genetically and functionally conserved in type III secretion systems of bacteria associated with invertebrate or vertebrate hosts. In the Ysc family of type III secretion systems are two poorly characterized protein families, the YscX family and the YscY family...
2018: Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology
Temesgen Oljira, Diriba Muleta, Mulissa Jida
Biological wastewater treatment is economically feasible and ecofriendly. This study was aimed at isolating bacteria from brewery wastes and evaluating their bioremediation potential as individual isolate and/or their consortium in reducing the pollutants of brewery effluents. A total of 40 bacterial isolates were recovered and of these the three best isolates were selected. The selected bacteria were identified to genus level by using morphological and biochemical characteristics. Accordingly, the isolates were identified as Aeromonas sp...
2018: Biotechnology Research International
Savannah L Logan, Jacob Thomas, Jinyuan Yan, Ryan P Baker, Drew S Shields, Joao B Xavier, Brian K Hammer, Raghuveer Parthasarathy
Host-associated microbiota help defend against bacterial pathogens; however, the mechanisms by which pathogens overcome this defense remain largely unknown. We developed a zebrafish model and used live imaging to directly study how the human pathogen Vibrio cholerae invades the intestine. The gut microbiota of fish monocolonized by symbiotic strain Aeromonas veronii was displaced by V. cholerae expressing its type VI secretion system (T6SS), a syringe-like apparatus that deploys effector proteins into target cells...
April 2, 2018: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Li Zhou, Samwel Mchele Limbu, Fang Qiao, Zhen-Yu Du, Meiling Zhang
The use of antibiotics for anti-infection and growth promotion has caused the overuse of antibiotics in aquaculture. However, the benefit or risk of the long-term use of antibiotics on fish growth or health has not been fully addressed. In the present study, zebrafish were fed with sulfamethoxazole (SMX) or oxytetracycline (OTC) at the therapeutic concentrations (100 and 80 mg/kg body weight per day, respectively) for 6 weeks to mimic the long-term use of antibiotics. The digestive enzyme activities were higher in both antibiotic treatments, and higher oxygen consumption rate was found in OTC treated group...
April 2, 2018: Zebrafish
Chirhakarhula E Chubaka, Harriet Whiley, John W Edwards, Kirstin E Ross
To address concern regarding water sustainability, the Australian Federal Government and many state governments have implemented regulatory mechanisms and incentives to support households to purchase and install rainwater harvesting systems. This has led to an increase in rainwater harvesting in regional and urban Australia. This review examines the implementation of the regulatory mechanisms across Australia. In addition, the literature investigating the potential health consequences of rainwater consumption in Australia was explored...
2018: Journal of Environmental and Public Health
Yuan Fang, Xiao-Yan Xu, Yubang Shen, Jiale Li
The Gadd45aa and Gadd45 ab genes are members of the Gadd45 family, which are critically involved in immunological and apoptosis functions. In this study, we isolated and characterized Gadd45aa and Gadd45 ab cDNA from grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella) (designated CiGadd45aa and CiGadd45 ab). The CiGadd45aa and CiGadd45 ab fragments spanned 1272 bp/1248 bp, which contained 474 bp/480 bp open reading frames encoding 157/159 amino acid proteins. BLAST analysis revealed that CiGadd45aa and CiGadd45 ab shared high similarity with known Gadd45a sequences...
March 29, 2018: Fish & Shellfish Immunology
Rocío Contreras Sánchez-Matamoros, Antonio M Gil-Serrano, M Rosario Espuny, Francisco Javier Ollero, Manuel Megías, Miguel A Rodríguez-Carvajal
Aeromonas sp. AMG272 is a Gram-negative bacterium that has been isolated from agricultural soil and studied for its plant growth-promoting activities. Structures of the O-specific polysaccharide chain of the AMG272 lipopolysaccharide and its capsular polysaccharide were elucidated using GLC-MS and NMR spectroscopy. The structure of the O-specific polysaccharide, →4)-α-l-Rhap-(1 → 3)-β-d-GlcpNAc-(1→, has been found in other Aeromonas strains and related bacteria, whereas the structure of the capsular polysaccharide has not been reported before: →6)[β-d-Fucp3NAc4Ac-(1 → 3)]-α-d-GlcpNAc-(1 → 4)-α-d-Galp-(1 → 3)-α-d-GalpNAc-(1 → 4)-α-d-Galp-(1 → ...
March 20, 2018: Carbohydrate Research
Wanxin Li, Farman Ali, Qilan Cai, Zujie Yao, Lina Sun, Wenxiong Lin, Xiangmin Lin
In recent years, Aeromonas hydrophila, which has been classified as a food borne pathogen, has presented with increased levels of antibiotic resistance, with the mechanisms of this resistance being poorly understood. In this study, iTRAQ coupled mass spectrometry was employed to compare differentially expressed proteins in chlortetracycline (CTC) resistant A. hydrophila relative to a control strain. Result showed that a total of 234 differential proteins including 151 down-regulated and 83 up-regulated were identified in chlortetracycline resistance strain...
March 28, 2018: Journal of Proteomics
Heather L Walsh, Vicki S Blazer, Geoffrey D Smith, Michael Lookenbill, David A Alvarez, Kelly L Smalling
Evidence of disease and mortalities of young of the year (age-0) Smallmouth Bass Micropterus dolomieu has occurred during the late spring and summer in many parts of the Susquehanna River watershed since 2005. To better understand contributing factors, fish collected from multiple areas throughout the watershed as well as out-of-basin reference populations (Allegheny and Delaware River basins; experimental ponds, Kearneysville, West Virginia) were examined grossly and histologically for abnormalities. Tissue contaminant concentrations were determined from whole-body homogenates, and water contaminant concentrations were estimated using time-integrated passive samplers at selected sites...
March 2018: Journal of Aquatic Animal Health
Jin Liu, Yuhao Dong, Nannan Wang, Shougang Li, Yuanyuan Yang, Yao Wang, Furqan Awan, Chengping Lu, Yongjie Liu
Persistence of Aeromonas hydrophila in aquatic environments is the principle cause of fish hemorrhagic septicemia. Protistan predation has been considered to be a strong driving force for the evolution of bacterial defense strategies. In this study, we investigated the adaptive traits of A. hydrophila NJ-35, a carp pathogenic strain, in response to Tetrahymena thermophila predation. After subculturing with Tetrahymena , over 70% of A. hydrophila colonies were small colony variants (SCVs). The SCVs displayed enhanced biofilm formation, adhesion, fitness, and resistance to bacteriophage infection and oxidative stress as compared to the non- Tetrahymena- exposed strains...
2018: Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology
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